The Science of Willpower, Habits, and Behavior Change

Jason Shen, Co-Founder at Ridejoy

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About This Class

This class is all about creating positive behavior change in ourselves.

Why is it so hard to change our behavior?

We struggle to stop doing things we know we shouldn't and when we finally get motivated to do better, it doesn't stick - we just slide back to our old ways. And when we are able to successfully change part of our behavior, we often not sure exactly how we did and thus have trouble replicating it.

What You'll Get

  • 3 hours of compelling, fast-pace live lectures (recorded video and PPT will be made available)
  • Key findings from the past 30 years of academic research on willpower and behavior change
  • Proven strategies for developing new habits or breaking bad ones
  • Access to dozens of full-text studies to review on your own
  • Common mistakes to avoid when changing behavior
  • Suprising strategies for extending our willpower in key moments
  • In-depth Q&A on your burning questions
  • Hands-on assignments that reinforce and clarify class material

The ultimate product of this class will be a a personal behavior change blueprint that you can use to change any behavior in your everyday life.

A growing body of research is revealing how we can most effectively change our behavior and build new habits. Whether it's eating better, working out consistently, sleeping earlier or something else - studies show that we really can change our behavior.

We'll start by looking at what we know about self-regulation (i.e. willpower) and how it works so we can understand why "trying harder" rarely leads to lasting change. Then we'll examine the new research on habit formation and how habits can effectively bypass willpower. We'll also look at ways to extend our self-control in times when we need it.

This class is not for the faint hearted. There will a lot of work between lectures and we will be going through a lot of material.

The coursework is based on numerous studies published in peer-reviewed journals by researchers leading institutions like Stanford and Darthmouth (you'll get summaries + access to full text). It's also informed by my personal experience in creating behavior change as an NCAA athlete, blogger and entrepreneur.

Changing our behavior is one of the most important and difficult things we can do. This class will arm you with the tools to make it happen

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Good class
Fabio Pinto

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This was an excellent class with interesting, compelling lectures and a treasure trove of resources. I appreciate all Jason did to offer so much and look forward to referring back to the materials. The course offers a practical, research-based approach to changing habits. I especially loved the "cheat sheet," which leaves you with a concise summary of key points to act on. I also appreciated the emphasis on focusing on changes that were doable, rather than over-reaching and giving up. The one area that might make a great class even better would be for more emphasis on students posting action plans and commenting on classmates' efforts. That could encourage more people to put the learning into practice right away and build momentum. However, Jason already went above and beyond to reinforce action. His emails and check-ins were supportive and motivating. Great class and one with materials you can use again and again as you strengthen your ability to change habits.
Caryn Ginsberg

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Jason Shen

Co-Founder at Ridejoy

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