The Science of Deduction - 7 Techniques to Deduce like Sherlock Holmes | Cristodulo Andrei | Skillshare

The Science of Deduction - 7 Techniques to Deduce like Sherlock Holmes

Cristodulo Andrei

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3 Videos (22m)
    • The Science of Deduction 7 Tec

    • How To Think Like Sherlock Holme

    • HOW TO OBSERVE like Sherlock Hol


About This Class

You will learn about the science of deduction and 7 of the best techniques Sherlock Holmes uses personally in his strategy to make deductions. Deductive reasoning is a skill that requires many hours of practice to perform without cognitive thinking, so don't give up upon your first few tries. The first tip is to observe their demeanor, and this is especially important because you can rule out ideas if you know a person's general habits. The second tip is to use the process of elimination by the data you have gathered from the initial observations. After watching this video, you will understand the importance of visualizing and verbalizing as well, which are supremely important upon cultivating your deduction skills and methods. Any good detective and mentalist know these 7 great tips and will follow them daily, and eventually they become second nature habits that are automatically followed subconsciously. Deduction is the art of reasoning backwards, determining a cause from an observable effect. In doing this however, there are a lot of variables that come into play, and many times we have to establish something basic to determine something more complex. This video is referring to both the BBC Sherlock Holmes played by Benedict Cumberbatch as well as the movies in which Robert Downey Jr. played. I hope you guys enjoy this new style, which is specifically for auditory learners and to put on as background music while performing a secondary task to increase the value of the task with learning





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