The Science of Credible Writing

Dr Jeffrey Pittaway, Senior Teaching Fellow

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5 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Session 1 - the Imperative

    • 2. Session 2 - Claims, Lies & Damned Lies

    • 3. Session 3 - Getting Logical

    • 4. Session 4 - In Data we Trust

    • 5. Session 5 - Document Structure


About This Class

They didn't teach you how to write logically in school! So set yourself apart now by learning how to structure written paragraphs to maximise the credibility of everything from management reports to exam essays. This class, taught by a top management school professor, introduces you to a science and evidence -based approach to recognize, analyze and improve your professional writing with clear logic that is more persuasive to your audience. Not only will it help you to write strong essays in less time, and much more convincing management reports and presentations, credible writing is a rare skill that is in high demand in the job market.

Prerequisites: Nil. Prior experience writing English-language reports in a professional style (e.g., management or project reports) or essays (e.g., in school) is beneficial.