The Sales Stack: A B2B Sales Lead Generation Framework for Cold Email Outbound Marketing Automation

Nolan Clemmons, Founder & CEO of

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8 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Sales Stack

    • 2. Sales Stack part 1

    • 3. Sales Stack part 2: LeadFeeder

    • 4. Linkedin insights tag

    • 5. Sales stack Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel

    • 6. Sales Stack: Prospecting

    • 7. Sales Stack: Messaging & Outreach

    • 8. Sales stack: CRM

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About This Class

Around five years ago (2013), I was in big trouble.

Nothing that I was doing was generating any results. 

I began desperately looking for new marketing techniques so that I could get more customers.

Finally, I found a new startup that was offering free use of their product for beta testing.

After a call with the company's founder, I learned about a new, proven way to get more sales, and how to approach lead generation.

I loaded up the contacts, wrote some emails, and launched the campaign.

The next morning I was woken up with a call from a prospect expressing interest.

When I checked my inbox, it was filled with replies.

This continued for the next week or so, as prospects started to receive automated follow-ups.

"This is magic", I said to myself.

It's actually called outbound email, and it can deliver stellar results for your business when used properly.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Discover qualified leads via advanced account-based prospecting techniques

  • Automate and personalize outbound messaging at scale to accelerate sales and drive lead generation

  • Turn cold contacts into qualified appointments with minimal effort

  • Implement an email "cadence" (combined emails, follow-ups, and phone calls) that your team can use to elicit responses from unresponsive prospects

  • Use growth and productivity hacks that can save you and your team time valuable time

  • Get in Front of your ideal Customers through cold emailing.

  • Pitch more journalists to earn press and media appearances

  • Obtain more backlinks and mentions from bloggers, content creators, and influencers

Whether you are working for a startup, small business, SaaS platform, or are a part of an enterprise sales team, this course will show how to implement a "Sales Stack", or modern tools and technologies that can aid the rapid growth of your lead generation efforts

You'll get to watch HD screen demonstrations and how-to guides on how to successfully create and execute a new campaign from scratch - start to finish.

This includes detailed explanations on the do's and don't's of email campaign configuration that will prevent rookie mistakes that can erode goodwill and kill your brand's credibility.

You will see an overview of which tools you should include in your "stack", whether your team uses Salesforce or another CRM, and how they integrate with each other.

This course is designed for: Sales Development Representatives, Account Executives, Marketing Managers, Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs, PR professionals / Publicists, SEO agencies, and much more.