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The Ritual - Advanced Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

teacher avatar Andrei Oprinca, Graphic designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. The Ritual Demo English

    • 2. The Ritual - Full tutorial

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About This Class

Advanced Photoshop manipulation tutorial where I show you how I created a sci-fi scene in Photoshop. I will show you how I created the illuminated symbols and how I created the floating stones. On this tutorial I’ll use standard manipulation techniques from my workflow to create this dark and intriguing manipulation. 

The tutorial is made with Photoshop CC. You can use any version of Photoshop but the final result may not have the same color tones.


  • You will need a computer with Windows or Mac OS
  • Minimum RAM memory for smooth running: 8GB
  • Photoshop CS6 or CC (previous versions work as well with minor changes)

What will I learn in this course?

You will learn to create a manipulation from beginning to end. You will see the workflow I use and how I created illuminated symbols on stone as well as light effects and a color tones.

Who is it aimed at?

This course is for advanced users who are familiar with basic Photoshop tools and techniques.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrei Oprinca

Graphic designer


I'm Andrei. I'm a graphic designer with 10 years of Photoshop experience specialized in photo manipulation.

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1. The Ritual Demo English: Hello, everybody. Welcome to India with PST box on Monday and today I'm gonna show how I made this in for the shop using stock images. This is gonna be an advanced tutorial, and you will need for the shop CC to make this. I guess you can use for the shop CS six as well with some tweaks. But I recommend full shops. Year six for this one. I said, It's something a little more advanced. We're going to use the same techniques, but it's a little more advanced than my previous tutorials. Anyways, Donald Duck Stock folder on stock resource is that I use for this and let's get started. 2. The Ritual - Full tutorial: Hello, everybody. Welcome to India with PST box on Monday and today I'm gonna show how I made this in for the shop using stock images. This is gonna be an advanced tutorial, and you will need for the shop cc to make this. I guess you can use for the shop CS six as well with some tweaks. But I recommend full shops. Year six for this one. I said, it's something a little more advanced. We're going to use the same techniques, but it's a little more advanced than my previous tutorials. Anyways, Donald Duck stock folder on Stock resource is that I use for this and let's get started. Great self. This we're gonna start with creating the background as usually when I worked with manipulations and then I'm gonna show you how I made this stone. This is actually a three D render which I rendered myself. But first, let's create the background on We're gonna get to that in just a second. That means just look for my fuller hearing inside a stock fuller, you'll find all the images that you will need for this. If something is missing, you'll find you're gonna find anyway, here s so I I started with this image. I got it from a splash dot com and I just all double create Teoh. Unlock this and then I used the quick selection toe Teoh, select the sky Because I do like this. I wanted to get the night scene, so just use the quick selection to to select the sky. First of all, sorry for the noise is that you're hearing there's people working around my house here, so I hope I can eliminate the noises. But anyways, let's continue. So once you have the selection, press Ault and clean the layer mosque icon, this will get rid of the sky. Will have to make some touch ups, your honor on the edges. But let's add the new sky suppress controlled man. Oh, and I used this image because I like to the sky on it. So space that underneath you see it's pretty small. So actually, before he plays this guy, let's make this The whole image is a little smaller because it's almost 8000 pixels wide. So let's make it 3500. Maybe something like that, OK, and now let's drag that image in here. Let's go to our stock folder and this is my sky. I mean, I'm gonna drop it in here, and I can say it's a little if it's a little better, we still have to make it a little bigger. So let's do that and dry it underneath. We don't need the sea over there, but if it's a little visible, doesn't it? Doesn't matter cause we're gonna put that stone over here is gonna hide most of it. Make sure the sky is looking nice, and that's pretty much it. Let's name this sky on this one, BG for background and the letter mosque of the BG. Later, I'm gonna use the brush. I'm gonna present Beaky and use any kind of project. Use this wet brush 100% and just get rid of this of this white business were trees. If you want to put another image here with trees around on the horizon, you can do that. I wanted to keep it simple, cause it's especially for tutorial. It's gonna be pretty A little, I think, talking about maybe an hour so we'll see. And okay, we have the bag around here. We have to make some touch ups may be here, but as I said, this part of a here, we're gonna be hidden because of that rock that we're gonna put on there. What else? Let's make this scene a little darker. First, let's add a color look up adjustment layer. And for this, I used one of my presets on this one. Be a 21. You have this packet and Dalits as a premium member. You can download this from from the website. You. I'm gonna put this particular file in the resource is folder. So you get selected and all you need to do is just click. Here she was. Load three d lot And just look for this file dot cube and you'll find it in the stock folder along with the other images without the rest of the resource is and just add that and you can see how it changes the whole image. Next, I'm gonna add a hue saturation adjustment actually can put this to you can quit them to the BG late because we only need especially the hue saturation we only needed for for this from the So maybe I guess we could invert the order on and just clip hue saturation and just put this time minus 50 just to dissect her the whole thing and I can see look a little better, okay? It looks a little more. It fits a lot better with sky. Now, let's add that stone over there that I created Print this. Um, you'll find it here as a PNG file, but I already have it. I render days with blender and actually will find the blender file in here. Okay, this is my mouse. This is the rock itself. Okay? This is a three D object that I used and just created Two lights. Let me set this on rendered so you can see how it looks like. Okay, this is how it looks like. It will split the view and select the light so you can see this is the the blue light. Here. You can see the color of it that here, if I zoom in, you can see you can change the color. And I wanted to have this bluish tone because I guess of the I want to get a night scene. And I don't know, I think it looked battered in the yellow one and just a main light here, Teoh, do we eliminate toe element whole thing? And then I have the textures here. I'm not going to show how I made this. The textures. This is actually a three D object from the from the sketch fab website. And I got all the textures, but except accepting the red thing here, the text was just a black thing. And I created on a mission texture over here, which I created myself in photo shop. And then I hooked this into another shader. And then I mixed it with the rest of the textures. This basically just overlapped textures with different, like blend modes and properties. Okay. And that's how I got this rock. As I said, you have it as a PNG file, Andi, if you want to change the angle of it, you also have this file here, which you can open in blender and it will open just as you're seeking while, except it's on. It will be on the camera view and just can rotate this around as you want and change the lighting off of it if you want, But it's gonna be already textured so if you have blender blender, it's free. It's a free three D software, and you can render this however you want if you use it. But let's stick with the one that we already have here. So I'm gonna click on it and drag it over my campus right over here and put it there. But of course I have to be on top of everything here. Okay, so this is my rockets against. See? It's gonna hide the rest while the background over there. I'm gonna put it right over there. Now, what I want to do is change the color off the this tax year, whatever this thing is. And first I want to change the color. Using a hue saturation, you can press control menu, even if if it said this destructive, it doesn't really matter. So, like rats from here and change the hue to something more orange? Yeah, something like that. And click. OK, now I want to add some glow around this. So in order to do that, I'm gonna use layer styles, but I need a selection. So I have to make a selection based on this text on this color. Luckily, we have this solid color which makes it easy to select. So go to select and choose, um, color range. You can use other methods if you want, but this is OK for me Helps. Let's do it again. Select color range. And here you simple colors. You can try yellows or reds, but I'm gonna use sampled colors and I want to sample the colors myself. I'm going to change the selection preview to none so I can see the text right now on a zoom in like can right over here with the mouse, OK, and now it's just a matter off clicking around on this colors here, press and hold the shift key Quick on different parts of the image. Until you see this text to selected doesn't have to be a perfect selection, but most of it should be selecting with the fuzziness as you can play around. Don't increase this too much because you're going to select the background, which is not what we want. So the fuzziness about 33% or 40 on that's okay, I'm gonna click. Okay, this will make my selection and now I have to put the selection onto its own layers. I'm gonna create a new layer. And I'm gonna fill this with the same orange. Don't like that impressing whole old and backspace. Okay, so I have the same thing on its own layer. As you can see Now I'm gonna change the glamour of this to call to overly sorry. This will intensify the colors even more. And now I can use layer styles. Teoh add the glow and everything else in double quick. This will open the layer styles and I'm gonna choose Outer Glow and I with me quick, okay. And zoom in a little more so I can see it better. Now you can see the outer low. I have it on color Dodge and I use this color here. If it's too strong, simply just darken it. Something like that looks OK and you can see the savings that I have here. You don't have to make something really bright just enough to make this text stand out a little more. You can also choose drop shadow and instead of using color dodge used screen and the drop shadow I will using in this cage is as an outer globe because I said the setting off the distance to zero increase the size on this week. Read that. Well, well, of course we need something a lot more demon and that just like that. And if you deactivate, you can see it is just enough like that can copy the same settings here and what we have the text illuminated just like a neon looking text and have it on the color that we want. Okay, let's move on. Next next step is actually have to add a new color Look up here on the background cause I don't like how this looks like for me. It's to you bright. So let's and another color look up here on gonna use night from day Appreciate. It already comes with full shop and just drop the capacity to about 90% because we don't need something that dark 90 or 80 80% of this. Okay, Next, let's and, um, our guy over here standing and this Then we continue adding more details here. So let's press controlled meant Oh, and opened this image over here of this guy. And it is very easy to select. Used the quick selection tool squeak selection to make a brush a little smaller and just select him because we have that white on the background. It's easy to select all. Don't click here to remove this area from, well, the selection from this area, I then and just little more Zoom to fix this over here. Smaller brush. Alton Creek. Do you remove these from our selection? Okay, that looks nice. That's here on his shoulders right over here. We'll have to include this on the selection. Maybe with the Magic one tool, it will be easier to just select the white background. I is the quick selection to Okay, we're gonna fix down after record the little mosque. So let's click the later mosque icon. This will create my little mosque. Anyway, this guy's gonna be really small, so you won't be able to tell while Teoh see the small details. But its use a normal brushing, um, around brush like this, hard won and make the brush a little smaller and just brush these out. Get rid of that area. Okay? I have a selection. I'm gonna apply the layer mask like we can choose. Apply later, Mosque. And I'm gonna so like this guy with this marquee tool. Control X, don't save and put him right over here on top. This later one. It's the Texan. Let's named it rock text. And listen, this person, okay? Now I'm gonna convert this into a smart object. And for this 42 I'm gonna make it a little bigger, cause here on the when the original, the guys too small and we're gonna put some the symbols over here and it's they're not They're not gonna be invisible when you zoom in it 100% so well when you zoom out a little , so I'm gonna make this guy look a little bigger. Then on the original, we'll make it smaller, but not that small. So that's true. I'm gonna live it right over there and that small you can see on the original. It's a lot smaller. Looks better if it's smaller, actually. So that's can right over here, right over there. Now we're good to go, and we have to create the styles for the person. Now what I'm gonna do is double click, and I'm gonna adds maybe color overly on multiply. This will darken him. And there was too dark so here on. That's why I like to use layer styles because I can select different colors and I can see how it effects my object. Okay, multiply opacity. 100%. I have this bluish tone because the background is blue on that making integrate a little better. What else? Well, actually, I'm gonna add this darkness using the same color. Look up, and I'm gonna use the styles. Just add the light on him. So let's add a hue saturation first, because he's to say treated. Of course, we have to quit this to the person later because we don't want affect the rest of the layers. And I'm gonna drop the opacity of this situation. Sorry to minus 50 or something like that. Now I'm gonna add the color look up with the same setting day from night, day from night O night from day center. And keep this Teoh that saw the preset that I want right from day this one and see how now this darkens the guy too much. Even so, I'm gonna drop capacity a little bit if you don't have this preset or for whatever reason, If it doesn't work, just use a solid color on multiply and that's it again. And now the guys a little darker. One thing that I don't like is that it's difficult to tell that he's actually there. So I wanted to separate him from the background a little bit, and I added a real light using layer styles. I'm gonna go back to the layer styles of the personal here. I'm going to use an inner shadow, and I'm gonna put an angle, like maybe 20 or 30 degrees, like the light sources here on this rock, and it's sending light to his body over there. Distance. I will put it to about two or three pixels and a size 21 two pixels, not 21 two pixels and color dodge for the layer for the blend mode. OK, and you can see the light that I created gonna put a pass it 100% and get seats too bright . So I'm gonna select the color picker and drop drop the tone a little bit. And I wanted to have this yellowish tint. That's why have this yellow tone here. But that's too bright, something a little darker and less saturated like that Okay, Okay, Right now, let's make the shadow of him. I'm gonna use the easy technique which is creating a duplicate. Delete the effects right quick and chooses restaurants there. Because right now I have it as a smart object. And now, in a press control command, you with this layer selected and I'm gonna drop the lightness of it essentially creating a silhouette. Because if I had moved him around and see, I have the same version of him, but is a silhouette. And now just press control. Manti, right? Click and choose. Reported vertical working, my dear like like like it's a reflection. And now just right. Click and choose. Distort and just move this around there. This is his shadow. Okay, Now have the quicker later Moskowitz name Just start instead of person copy person shadow And I get the little mouse because I want Teoh fade this shadow away a little bit. I'm gonna start from here and right over there just a faded shadow and I'm going to select the lira and just blurt it a bit. Just a little bit. Blue gal. Gambler. One pixel is enough. You don't need more okay and fills them out That's going to see you. Honestly, Shadow. If it's too strong, just drop capacity of the whole layer. Just a little bit. About 70 or 75. And with that fate effect is gonna look a little more realistic. Okay, we have the basic thing over here. What we have left to add is the floating rocks around here and some symbols, and we're gonna show high. Made that in just a second. But first, let's create that beam of light over here on top. So let's go on top of everything and create a new layer on Let's name this, like, being and I created this light beam using the Grady int tool so selected, graded in from over here, click this icon to open the grate and editor so, like, black to white. And we're gonna create dog radiant ourselves. We're gonna use the screen blend mode for this. So one of the ends should be black, because I'm gonna use uh, okay, I'm going to use this reflected style. So I want the light beam to be this white part. And since I'm gonna change the blend mode to screen all everything that is black will go away. Okay, So all you need to do is change the transition here, change the light. Being this is just like watching at a cross section of it, just half of the beam. So here we want to have white. And here I'm gonna add a yellowish tone like this and around serum gonna add a orange, like so many. Maybe like that we're gonna see that works and select. As I said, this light is reflected. I think it's called reflected Grady in mode. Normal capacity 1%. And do something like this. If you create something like this instead, on energy, there's just could reverse of here and create again. We have too great a small Grady. And remember that the line that you create here, just half of it. So keep that in mind and create the beam of light like that. Maybe the white in this in the middle, it's too bright. I'm gonna use something else. I'm going to use this yellow instead. It was something a little brighter when this one a little more saturated like that. Now we can put this over there and do it again. Slept in the end elite. Andi, I'm gonna do it again. Yeah, that looks great. Now I'm gonna change the blend mode to a screen and you'll see that the background goes away and we don't have this be more flight here. It looks a little better, but we have to get them on a layer mosque for it. You're gonna see it in just a second. We don't need the bottom part. So instead of creating a layer mask, I will actually delete the whole thing. Because I need the layer mask for something else. And I cannot have two later mosques. I'm gonna get the the razor tool strength and 11 of the hardest 100%. I'm gonna use this. And here on the top, I'm gonna use the selection of the rock. So look for the rock layer control click. It's done nail. This would make the selection. And now I can safely delete this without caring about the edges. Okay. We have the beam of light over there for me. It's too flat. It's to clean. So I created the layer mask, and I'm gonna show how it made this. Just in case you wanna create this, I'm not sure how made this lines on it off. Course you could use. Actually, I didn't think about that. You could use the noise, the noise presets here. But you cannot choose the colors that you want to use. So that's why I used custom Grady in. And now on this layer mosque, I will create a fibres filter. So I'm gonna go to filter, render and choose fibers, and this is what it's gonna create for me. And since this is black and white is gonna act like and it's on, my layer mask is gonna create this sort of texture on the light. Okay, Use the same settings if you want, and click, OK, and you can see what we get now. This is not what I want. I'm gonna on link the layer mosque from it's clear, and I'm gonna play more filters to this. I'm gonna go to Filter Blur. I'm gonna choose motion blur and make sure you have an angle of 90 degrees and increase the distance quite a lot to stretch this like that. And now I'm gonna press control command T. And I'm gonna squeeze this with shift Ault and quick to resize towards the centre. Just squeeze these like that and then zooming 100% so you can see it better. And you can move this around until we get something like that. Okay, now it's too strong. So I'm gonna double click on the layer mosque and drop the density until I just see a few lines over there. Okay? And that's how I created the lines using the litmus there Just barely visible. But it's enough. If you cannot use a density here, if you don't have the setting over here or whatever, just press controlled man l This will open the levels while you have the layer mask selected, not the litter, the litter mosque. And simply increase this well, move the sliders here, especially the mid tones and this one output levels towards the white area until you get just a few lines and click, OK, and you have the same effect. Have to have some growth here. But we're going to do that later. Let's move on and add the floating rocks around there. So I'm gonna open this stock image of here. I got it from deposit photos not come, and I selected the great The background, the white background using a magic wand, Toe tolerance of about 10 is enough Used contiguous. Pick on the white background on the selection is created. Press all Could the layer mask icon. Otherwise it will get an inverted mask like this And you have to press control. May I? When it's like the background and create the little mosque, you have to press the old in order to create an inverted later Masaji. Now I have to refine this. I'm gonna write. We can choose, select and mask. And just as usually, shift asked. About 2025% includes the feather increase in salary and the contrast. Quite a lot. Teoh, sharpen the edges and probably increase the smoothness a little because I have some angles there, which I don't like, and just quick. Okay? And now right. We can apply the layer mask as we no longer needed. And I would just get a few rocks from here with them lasso tool, Select control. See? Go here. And with control V paste them. I'm gonna So I just five. You can get more of them if you want to control sea and control v Okay, so this five rocks, I'm gonna close that document now, and I'm gonna group downwards like all of them. Shift click. It's like multiple layers and control GTO. That and then the name this floating rocks. Now, um, we have to make them smaller and I have to add some layer starts to them. But first, let's make them smaller. Well, that's the activate all of them and just do it one by one, you have to create the illusion that there surrounding this big rock. So first we have to make them smaller with control t so that today this one control t and make them smaller like that, I do it another one, and we make it just a little bigger. The ones that should go behind it should be a little smaller than the ones that are in front. My A one trick. If you If you're not able to create the nice circle here, you can create a guide on the way you do. It is good. The nuclear get the elliptical marquee to hide the rocks for a second and creates a selection like this and imagine that the rocks should be standing on this line over here. Okay, So read the line that you won't in this election that you like. Well, that's like that, right? Click and choose stroke and choose here. Choose about two pixels. Is okay. A white color so we can see better against the background and click. Ok, and now we have the guide over there and all unity. Do Just put the rocks, the centers of the rocks on those on that line, and that's it. Let's put it this one over here. The 2nd 1 right over their 3rd 1 Well, here and now you can add as many rocks as you want and just line them with this selection over here. We're good to go. This one should be a little smaller because it's further away from the camera. I want to put this one right over here with four or five. That's enough. Gonna put that one over there. And this one slightly smaller. The same, this one. Okay, so let's now believe that guy that created and I will have the floating rocks around their off course. We have to integrate them into the background so we could use a layer. Well, actually, seems there inside a group. We can ads, um, style styles to the group's If you can add layer stars to one whole group. What you need to do, just select all layers and press controlled meant e and merge all there's into a single there or control right click and choose convert a smart object and that way there one all of them into one layer. And now you can apprise layer styles to the two layer and choose a color overlay on multiply and not too saturated. Something like that and some inner glow. Let's see glow right from here. Use color dodge and use something not re bright. You don't want to create something too bright, but just create some corn tour over them size above. You can see 35 range to 100. If you decrease the range, you will get this. If you like that, you can do it. But in my case, I wanna have it like that. And anyways, we're gonna add some lights over there. So don't worry. I'm gonna click OK now, and we're pretty much good watching us at some layers a layer style. Now, if you added the layer, the layer styles to the group Will you need to do is create this curves that I'm gonna create now and clip it to the group right there and clip it to the group. If you did what I just did here, using a smart object, all you can use a smart curves adjustment or simply create this to the floating rocks layer to her name now floating rocks. And I just wanna dark in them a little more and increase the contrast on the rocks and we're good to go next. Let's start adding those weird signs than we had toe and lights and particles. In order to add those weird signs, I used this chart of here. Um, I don't know what exactly this is. I search for the on the Internet. I don't even remember how I found how I found this. I just go believe it. Honestly. And I don't I don't think I'm gonna have a couple of problems for this because this is just weird text. And, um, what I will do now is invert this until I cause I need the white text and the black background because I'm gonna use the color dodge blend mode. So I'm gonna use the rectangular Mark Ito and star selecting weird characters from here. One advice that I give you is to use one column if you choose one. Stick with that. The reason for that is not because they're different characters. That doesn't really matter, but because they have different thicknesses. And when you make them smaller if you something that is really with thin and the lines are very fine, very thing you will not be able to see much of it. So, um, let's see which one I would use. I don't want to use this one because they're too thick. Maybe this one over here, I will use it. So just select one from their control X, this will help you know which one you already used. That's why I don't copy them. And let's start with the floating rocks. Actually, the floating rock should be a little darker. So let me you the color overly here, and yeah, there's something little dark around them now. Gonna create the new group. I'm gonna quit on you later. First control G and I'm gonna name this symbols. This led this group will contain all the symbols that I'm gonna add around here. I'm gonna pace this right in here. As I said, I'm gonna use the color Dodge Blandon. So since I'm gonna use the same bland mode on all these layers, I could use that on the group itself. I could change the blend mode of the group from passed through to Caller Dodge. And this will affect all the layers inside of this group. And all I need to do now is change the color off this symbol here. And you do that by pressing control year. This will open the hue saturation. She was colorized, and we have to drop the lightness. This will make that white darker. And from here, we choose the color with the here and now we saturate this and voila. You have the same kind of style as we have there. I want to make it a little bigger on. I'm gonna put this on the inside of this rocks. So basically facing the big rock, so this one should not have anything because it's facing Well, it's the back of the rocks. I'm gonna put this way over there. Well, let's go here. Copy another one. I'm gonna fast forward here cause it's the same process. You can see that this is a normal, but because the group is on the color dodge, it acts as the group. As if this would be on color Dodge again. All command your option. Command your option, control if your old control, if you're on a window Sorry. And this one I'm gonna put Just put it right over there. I'm gonna distorted control t the store. And when a squeeze it just like that and I'm gonna cut it, I'm gonna locate this rock with V Control Creek Control. Click the layer. This will make the selection. I'm gonna come back here. Let's see. I'm going to invert the selection shift, control I to invert the selection and go to select inverse because right now I have this rock selected and I want to select the background, Gonna select the razor with the geeky and oops, I regretted it twice. And just do something like that. Now, this select, I just want to see part of that because the rockets facing over there and have to create the illusion that is not facing it is not facing you, okay? And all its like the last one, and I'm gonna select this one. This is really weird. Control, X, go here. Basic right over there, And it's gonna be for this one. I need to make it a little bigger for this one. Control T and again, option command your old command you and could. Okay. And again, I'm gonna load the selection of the rocks. Shift the man I'm talking about. The selection e is like the razor and delete that part that was outside the rock. Okay, Have the signs. While the symbols on the rocks. I also play some symbols, as you can see right over here on the here on the ground. Okay, We're gonna add light effects later on. But let's keep adding this symbols. I'm going to select another column here. So this I'm gonna use this one, this one over here, and I'm gonna start with this symbol over here. So these are the symbols that I placed here, here and here, and we'll just a few ones randomly placed on the image. If you zoom in 1% you're going to see it better. And now I'm gonna add some symbols on this guy's back using exactly the same technique and inside the same group which you remember. I said on Color Dodge. And so let's do that, Lance Years another column with different signs. Maybe this one looks good. And when it's like this one, maybe this one control X You're here inside the symbols group based that over there control T you'll you'll see that on the original PSD file. Things are a bit more random and more chaotic because I was doing it while I was getting the ideas. I was just creating the layers. And it's not really that organized. I'm sure you on. It's too saturated, saturated and Teoh dark. And I want a different Yeah, okay, I'm just gonna add three for each side of his back. Okay, so we see that guy have this now, this weird symbols on him. Now we're done with adding the symbols. Now we have to create the light effects for the whole thing. So first, we're going to start with the color dodge layer, some listening, this those light. And of course, we're gonna put it on color Dodge. And I'm gonna get the brush to. We're gonna use a soft brush, a normal round brush, and we're gonna set capacity to 50 and float too. 40 maybe. And we're gonna start with this rock over here. Select Norine, Still really dark. Will have to use really dark tones for this and just click a few times and you build up the effect around special around the joints just randomly here. And this is just something a little more saturated and brighter with the mouse. It's better, I think, just a few clicks over there and actually use something even brighter because we have the capacity pretty low. Just make the text stand out a little more. See that it's just brightens up things here. We're gonna do the same on this text over here. Here we have to increase the flow to 100% and just a couple of fix here and there. One and one and the same for this rocks here. Smaller brush. Just This will make things stand out a little more if it's too bright, Just use a darker tone on the color or just drop the opacity and the flow when your brush. And that said this is just to create a beautiful glow around those symbols over there and on the guys back. We don't Wait, don't do this. They're bright enough. And now we create a new layer for them. 40 for the glow. So I'm gonna need his little light, and we're gonna put it on screen. And here again, we have to use dark tones. Remember that we have the capacity to 50% of the flow to 100 just quick in some places, if it's still right just dark in the tone of your color of all of your brush on, just make this kind of blows around here the same. You were gonna create that inverted techniques. I'm gonna quick a few times they're here. A swell change, the brush according to the area where you're painting the size of it. And now I'm gonna use something brighter. Well, actually, quite a lot brighter. And use a small brushes for the inside of the text on the bars of it helps hearing either something a little bigger. Okay, just like I did here. And he will have to zoom in quite a lot and use a smaller brush if it doesn't look nice. Most likely it's because of the toes. So just drop it when this is has to be really a just a touch of off low and see where that are. One is out there. And the last one right over here. Just the touch of light. Bring thing. Hopes will have to great here one as well. See that now it looks like. But it won't have to be creative light over here for you have to go to the Dodge Light and do the same. I'm gonna use the selection of the rock control click on the rockets. Look selective. And I'm gonna Preston Trochmann age to hide the selection. It's still active, but I just wanted to hide it. And I'm gonna use a pretty bright own create a light over here like so And then something even brighter right over here like that. And on the glow light with the same selection active well into the same a dark tone to create the first girl light like that. Actually, we don't need a selection, so I'm gonna press control, Mandy, but under I'm gonna paint on the same layer a little light when I was a big brush that I'm gonna make it smaller. I will use a brighter tune, a couple of clicks and something really bright for the center of it, but more saturated. I'm going under because I want a century things a little more. Yeah. Okay, that looks a lot better. Yeah. So we're pretty much done. All that we have left to add is some particles, and I use another stock image. I'm gonna close this image because I no longer needed and we're not going to save it. And I use this image of this fire, which I also got from on splash dot com. And I used this particles to add a little more Some party going around here first. I don't know if you can see it on the video, but this is not black. I have breast control command L You will see that I have this gap here, which means this is not blacks. I'm gonna get the black eye drop until and click on this black area to convert this into pure black and now simply just select. You can use the marquee tool, the rectangular marquis one or the one that you, like on dislike the chunk of particles from here and you'll see, Go here and face this and use the screen blend mode to get rid of the the background. Just moving right over here. I'm gonna make it smaller, and I'm gonna select another chunk. I'm here, control C control you screen and make it smaller. Zoom in 100% so we can see it better. And I'm now I'm gonna slit the big one Big chunk with all of this. I don't want to fire some of its like fire control C and pasted writer here in a little screen. And this time I'm not gonna make it smaller ability like that. Well, just a little bit. It's a bit too big like that, and you can do the same for the guy. I think I added some particles for him as well. From down here, I think actually this part over here until c and just place that over there screen. And of course, you have to make this really small like that one on the 2nd 1 From whom here? Just a random particles. You can even use different images if you want. Oh, are multiple images, get different kinds of particles, said Is all screen again? We're moving right over here