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The Relationship Checker: How Compatible Are You?

Fiona MacKay Young, Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth

The Relationship Checker: How Compatible Are You?

Fiona MacKay Young, Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth

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19 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. 1 About this course

    • 2. 2 Introduction

    • 3. 3 #1 Honesty & Integrity

    • 4. 4 Quiz 1 Honesty & Integrity Quiz

    • 5. 5 #2 Loyalty & Sincerity

    • 6. 6 #3 Humor Sense of Fun

    • 7. 7 Quiz 2 Sincerity, Loyalty & Humor Quiz

    • 8. 8 #4 Loving, Passionate, Romantic

    • 9. 9 Quiz 3 loving passionate romantic quiz

    • 10. 10 #5 Kind and Caring

    • 11. 11 #6 Outgoing

    • 12. 12 Quiz 4 Kind, Caring & Outgoing

    • 13. 13 #7 Active

    • 14. 14 #8 Easy Going

    • 15. 15 Quiz 5 Active & Easy Going Quiz

    • 16. 16 #9 Intelligence

    • 17. 17 #10 Open Minded and Open Communication

    • 18. 18 Quiz 6 Intelligence, Open Minded, Open Communication Quiz

    • 19. 19 Top Ten Chart, Q&A

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About This Class

You can get an idea of how a romance is going to go, or discover how to deepen as existing relationship by looking at the handwriting of both people.  Here we will look at the Top Ten things our survey of 200 daters told us that they most wanted to know about their dates and how to identify those in writing.

You will learn how to identify how romantic and how passionate a date will be, as well as how honest, kind, fun, outgoing and active they are, and more. Clear, easy to understand illustrations and quizzes to check your understanding, this is a great way to get closer, to see your way to making this relationship all you want it to be. You will also find some tips on how to get the writing of your date to get going on this adventure.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fiona MacKay Young

Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth


I've been involved for over 20 years in helping people move ahead with their lives through identifying their gifts, strengths and overcoming blocks or limitations. It is my goal to inspire those I meet to develop their potential to the fullest.

There are a wide variety of ways to do these things, and I love to explore, adapt and create new ways.

As a Graphologist and Grapho-Therapist (Handwriting Analysis),

And also as a Career Counselor and Personal Development & Law of Attraction Coach,

I love nothing more than to help people be the very best they can be, to realize their hopes and dreams and love their lives. 

I also love 'techie' things, and have worked as a Graphic Designer, creating websites (WordPress) and creating videos fo... See full profile

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1. 1 About this course: I feel Michael Young and welcome to the relationship checker. How compatible are you? Did you know that your handwriting tells exactly how well you'll get along with somebody else? So if you have their handwriting and your handwriting and you compare the two you comptel very, very, exactly how well people will get along. You can tell where they are compatible. You can tell where they're not compatible. And, of course, to get alone with someone, you don't necessarily want them to be exactly the same issue. That would be just too much of the same. So by looking at the handwriting, you can look and see who this person is compared with who you are and decide. Do I like this? Do I not like this? But the other grated front. Each of it is that if you understand you both yourself but more especially the other person , because you've already understand yourself pretty well, I hold you understand the other person is so much better that even if you don't change it, even if they don't change, just by understanding why they behave the way they do can make a huge difference to you could start to appreciate it. You can start your maybe find humorous some things that you do. But what were the other? You can get along so much easier with someone once you really understand them. And that's what this course is all about. Because handwriting shows the entire personality. And by looking at your writing and get someone else's writing, you can quickly tell how compatible the two of you are. You can do it with more than two, but I'm assuming yours will be to For this I we did a survey off 200 people, 100 meth on 100 women, only day TC on. We asked them to tell us the top 10 traits. What did it most 10 most important things for you to be able to know have become passable with you want to know about a partner or a date on this is a listed came up with. And then at the end of the course, there are some questions that the same people want to toe ask, and I tell you where to find the answers within the course. So the tat top 10 are honesty and integrity came out by far as number one, because you want to know that you can trust a partner obviously on so it comes out. Use number one showing how to identify. You can see if they're totally, absolutely honest if they just don't quite know what's going on. Half the time are just how Honesty Integrity Works act in their life will show the next fall. Was loyalty very important to know or something is going to be loyal humor. It's nice, fails the laugh with someone loving, passionate romantic. Well, if it's a relationship that's going to be important, and maybe some of you will be jumping to less afford to begin with because that that's number four kind and carry less passionate is still important to relationship. Are the outgoing now? If you're not going, you may want someone is outgoing. But if you're not our boy, it's just it's important to know these traits because thrill, to identify someone you want, who's not terribly, terribly outgoing, active? Who wants a couch potato? But on the other hand, do you really want to climb mountains? Maybe you do. Maybe you don't. The handwriting will tell how active this person hits. Easy going. I think everyone always like someone who's easygoing. Intelligence on the last two came out just a draw. Same score, open minded and open communications. So I put them both in a summer 10. They both begin with open as well. So you actually getting 11 for the process. So that's the top 10 on. There are Christians throughout just a track that your understanding what, what's being taught, What's we showed in the previous videos? And, as I say, this questions answered at the end. So let's get going on. Find out about the relationship chapter. How compatible are that? Just as a P s to the previous video? If you're wondering, I've seen a practicing certified graphologist for over 30 years working in all areas of the business, including giving compatibility readings to come flys couples 2. 2 Introduction: introduction. You meet someone online at a speed dating event in a more conventional way at the grocery store, in a coffee shop. As a party, they seem very nice. They look yummy. You chat, you date it looks good. There certain quantities about this purse that you just love. But sooner or later all falls apart and you find out that this was not Mr or Miss right. After all, how often has have happened to you. All your hopes and dreams invested in the possibilities of this relationship are shattered . Sometimes it happens on the second date. Sometimes it happens much much later. The later it happens, the more difficult it is to end it, pick up the pieces and move on. Have you ever thought What a waste of time Have you heard yourself saying, If only I had known it can take anything for a few ours to more typically several months or even several years to get to know someone well enough to find out if you're right for each other, but you can know much, much earlier. You can find out more about your date in 10 minutes. They might otherwise due in 10 years. Really imagine sitting down with your dates Mother on best friend and have both tell you perfectly honestly all the know about him or her as well as thes. Two people know and understand him or her. You can to immediately without their help. And you can find out all this as soon as you can get a sample off his or her writing. Handwriting analysis is used to help in over 90% of hiring decisions in Europe and parts of the Middle East to show us a compatibility off job napkins to the job duties on requirements. Why? Because it shows personalities so clearly and accurately. All the things that it could be really difficult to find out at an interview are laid out plate and simply in the handwriting analysis report. It's also used to check the compatibility of people going into business partnerships with each other. Why? Because it clearly shows the strengths and weaknesses of each were comparatively, where compatibility will exist on where friction is likely to occur. Thes same techniques can accurately and quickly show where two people in or considering a relationship will get along well on where the sparks are likely to fly a survey of 100 men on 100 women ages between 25 55. Active on the dating scene, I asked them to name the most important qualities they would like to find in a potential mate. Our date. That's what this course is all about, helping you find out all the good as well as the not so good things about your date quickly and easily added a fun way. It can really help put you on the right track. Is this your Mr Arm is right? Perhaps you one re how on earth to get a sample off your dates. Writing It's really quite easy. You may receive a valentine, a birthday card or another greeting card from your date, or you can quite easily get them to supply you with a sample off the writing. If you say to your date, I would like a sample of your handwriting to check out. If you're right for me, you probably won't get a writing sample, and you probably won't have a date for long either. However, just memorize a few traits from this course. Tell your date your learning toe, analyze handwriting and you'd like to demonstrate what you've learned or better sill, do it at a social gathering and try out your new skill on several people at once, including your date. It could be a great icebreaker or party activity. Most people will be quite happy to give you a writing sample in return for an instant analysis. I've had people tearing out paper tablecloths at a barbecue to write samples for me to analyze on the number of samples scribbled on paper napkins I've been shown is beyond counting. If your date is still unsure, right something yourself and tell him or her all the good things you see in your own writing, then ask for their writing. Always sail traits in a positive light. This is not the place to mention anything negative. Be willing to show them which talk identifies which trait. Give them a few tickets of information pocket. The writing sample has study it in more depth later if you'd like to. If your date prince ask if they write their signature on a check and asked them to write that way, or at least to write their signature. Perhaps Internet dating is your preference who haven't even less way of knowing the perp what the person is really like. You may have to wait for a Valentine or a birthday card to see the writing, but it's worth the wait. Next, we'll look at why it's worth the wait. 3. 3 #1 Honesty & Integrity: number one Honesty and integrity Number one and everybody's list was honesty and integrity . How do you know if your date is honest and trustworthy? This is something one needs to know. Not only about a date, but it's useful to know about anyone. Ah, boss, a fellow worker, a friend, a climbing a customer. The list never ends for honesty. As with any trait that are great, many supporting on reducing influences, for example, a self confident person is much more likely to be totally honest in a difficult situation. That is, someone with low self esteem and a great need for self approval. However, who will look only at the primary indicate trees off each trait on a state or the lack off it shows up in the circle letters the A C O at the circle part off a G on the tea, the formation office stem in the G and the D, for the purposes of identifying honesty is irrelevant. It doesn't matter. Looking closely at a circle letters Can you see any circles within the circle letters? Or is it just one clean circle and onto the next letter? The Ford Forward shows three circle letters that all the A ality and each shows a different honesty trait. Look at the look on the right side of the O. Wherever you see a lope in this position, on the right hand side of a loop is the indication off secrecy secrecy doesn't have to be evil or deliberately misleading. It may just be someone who's uncomfortable sharing personal information, but nevertheless, it's an indication off less than honesty. If you can be sure you're getting the whole truth, how can you comfortably base any decision on the information you receive from this person? You knowing that they just be a partial truth? The bigger Philip, the bigger the secrets again. This is not dishonesty in their basic sense, but it is not the whole truth, either. So OK, the writing on the left, the loops on all the those are absolutely huge. There are large loops on the right hand side, off each of the those, so that is big secrets. And when you look at the right hand example, there are loops on the right hand again for secrecy, but they're nowhere near as big as the example of the left, so smaller secrets being kept on the right. And here is another one that has a very large loop, another indication of secrecy. Look at the large right hand loop on the old. This writer has big secrets to keep. Don't be distracted by the huge not or loop on the capital. H. This has nothing to do with honesty or dishonesty, and it's an entirely different treat. We're only looking at the old here. Next, take a look at the A and forward What you notice about that letter? It has a look, doesn't it? Where is the loop once? The difference between the loop on the A on the look we just six happened on the O. The loop on the A is on the other side off the letter. It's on the left hand side of the letter, so it has a different meaning. A loop on the left side, a Circle letter is an indication off self deceit, and that in the A is self deceit. This is the writer who is deceiving herself and so not seeing the truth as it really is. So he's unable to repeat the truth as it is to anyone else, including you So the view you get this story you get, it's slanted and potentially by the writer, and there's example, off loops on the left. It's a rather awkward piece of writing, but nevertheless, Sir looks on the left off both the A's showing it an intentional deceit. Self deceit Again, it's not an intentional form of deceit, and very little self deceit probably does for a little harm in communications and relationships. But if it's strong, large loops on appears frequently. Then you have someone who really doesn't know themselves very well at all. Someone who sees the world through rules colored glasses or perhaps a less happy color but who will not see things as they really are. So the D there has a very large self deceit loop on the A has a much smaller one. When you find writing like this with a variety of traits, is just a matter off straight percentages? How often does the trade appear compared with how often it had the opportunity to appear? That is part of all the circle actors in the writing sample, approximately what percentage of secretive self deceit this will give you the intensity off each trait once in a page of writing is obviously not a major treat. The same treat, however recurring every time the appropriate letter Formacion is there makes it a very strong influence on the personality. If you come across a double loop, don't to be gently assume the worst. The double loop that is a loop on the left side of a circle on another loop on the right side, off a circle. Both in the same letter is the primary indication off intentional deceit. You see it in the olden there. The left loop is smaller than the large, but that really doesn't matter. It has two loops, but how many of us can claim that? We've never told a lie. Most of us bend the truth, hopefully upon rare occasions. So for intentionally seek to be present, it has to be a continuous trade happening throughout the writing, not just an isolated or occasional occurrence, and you'll see in contact. The whole has the double look, but A is a clean what we call a clean circle. It has no loops, so that person is not consistently telling lies. Obviously, you need a lot more writing to decide just how often they did lie. But in that one word there, half 50%. In this example, you will see intentional deceit with equal size loops on both sides of the O. Whether this person is regularly deceitful or not, we can tell because we only have the one letter to go on. This writer has four circle letters to show intentional deceit on to do Not. So this writer may lie sometimes, but it's certainly not a pathological liar. And the red Hours show point to the intentional deceit where there are two loops. Both of them have a much smaller loop on the left and the right. But as I mentioned before, that doesn't matter. It has two loops, and they also have two letters that do not have double loops. The A in, as is you might call a clean circle. It has a very slight loop on the right hand side of the ace of very slight self deceit, and on the left is a hook. We're great to get on to that one in just one minute. Another interesting feature, office thes both E samples, is the second see in contact on the A and half notice the way the left side of the sea on A is formed in a misshapen figure. Eight. This is the indication off the manipulator, someone who can get his or her own way when they want this Formacion may also appear on the last sight of circle letters and means the same when it appears there, manipulation can be done honestly with charm and charisma as someone just trying to get their own way. Or it could be done through dishonesty. But it's still the same, and they're manipulating others to get one's own way in this writing in both of thes writing examples because there's also intentional deceit is probably used dishonestly now in contact. We've got the manipulation, the sea and the dishonesty in the old and in have come. We've got the manipulation, the A and again that it's honestly is in the O on lastly, the trade. You want to see him writing honesty. It shows with circle letters A oh, and the circle part of D and G have no loops or hooks, but her just clean circles. So you see, they're all the circle letters there. There are no hoops. There's no loops. There's nothing there, just run circles. And then they're going to the next letter on the same again here. So the this thes ones all show honesty on that's what you want to find. 4. 4 Quiz 1 Honesty & Integrity Quiz: Quist. Number one honesty and integrity. So there's the three examples and what you're looking for in the circle. Letters are honesty, self deceit, secretiveness, intentional deceit and manipulation. So positivity you here as you have a look on the answers air on the next line. So the color, that's everything. The name and honesty, self deceit, etcetera is going to match. The color of the arrow will point to the trait. So first with honesty. There are two odysseys in the top example in the D and the A, which is clean circle letters. Three more clean circle after showing an ace in the middle example and 14 circle letters in the bottom ones. So honestly shows in all these samples next self deceit. The self deceit shows in a look on the left hand side of the writing and is in the D at the end off the first example, and it's in the A on Saturday, in the last example onto green arrows for secretiveness. There's three in the top example there loops on circle letters on the right hand side, and there's one in the bottom. Example is, well, intentional. Deceit shows only in the middle example, and you see it there on the 30 so it's a double circle a circle on the left hand, a circle on the right. This is kind of messy writing, but nevertheless the circles are there on manipulation is in. The same. Writing is in all the seas. It's a misshapen figure. Eight shape. So that's Hall of Circle letters policy. Self to see secretive is such still deceit and manipulation. 5. 5 #2 Loyalty & Sincerity: number two sincerity. Next on the list of personality traits. Wanted it a date or a long term relationship. WAAS sincerity. This fits closely with honesty, but shows in handwriting and honesty, plus loyalty. So once you've evaluated the writing for honesty, next we have to look for loyalty to decide whether or not the writer is sincere. And this is a very easy treat to identify. Examine the I dots in the writing. Are they slashed, dashed, drawn in or just careful dots made by dabbing the pen on the page Once the rounded dot made by just placing the pan on the page, not moving it around, then removing it is the indication off loyalty. And there's some excellent examples. They're just dots. Any form of I thought, which has involved moving the pen in any way in any direction is not. Loyalty has with all treats how often it appears compared with how often it has. The chance will give the intensity off the trait. So there again are some lovely, loyal I dots. So look through all of the right to your examining. Are all the dots surrounded or some slash drone or missed? There's so slashed ones there, some drawn ones and there's some missing ones, each other meaning, but they're not part off. SIA lte next on to seeing if you can laugh together. 6. 6 #3 Humor Sense of Fun: number three humor A sense of fun. A sense of humor is very important to a great many people, naturally, a sense of humor. But a sense of humor compatible with their own humor is easy to identify from writing. Which type of humor on this compatibility to other types is a much more extensive proposition here will only discuss the major identifiers off humor. The initial stroke leading into each of the above words shows a sense of humor. The M in My Obviously shows it more strongly than the end in networking, but nevertheless both show the same trait. It only shows in the M and the end. It can either be the upper case or lower case. It doesn't matter or both, but only in the M and the end. Look for light hearted, curvy initial strokes on any M or n on humor is present. That's jokes must be flying in the air, not coming from the base side. The two in the last show humor. They've got the curvy flying stroke coming in. They want on the left. The M shows. Ah, laughing. A good sense of fun are only king sense of humor. The end has a flying stroke me that it goes to a sharp point going into the end. So that's more a dry sense of humor. But they're both a sense of humor. The two on the right are not. They're more hooks. They're not flourishes. The hooks. A small hook on the M is jealousy on the big hook. On the end is a desire for responsibility, but either way, their hooks, they go the wrong way. They're not humor. You'll see an initial stroke at the beginning, off the M and N here, the's started the baseline, so whether they're straight or curved, thes Windsor straight. But even if they were curved, they will never be an indication of humor. Because they start to the baseline, they have to be flying in the air for humor. There are various different kinds of humor some people consider sarcasm is humor. Some laughing puns, the wavy initials joke in the Yemen and indicate a good sense of fun and good humor in general terms. So if its absence, it doesn't mean your date doesn't have some kind of a sense of humor, but if she or he has it that it guarantees they will fund be fun to be with 7. 7 Quiz 2 Sincerity, Loyalty & Humor Quiz: quest. Number two sincerity, loyalty had humor. So there's three examples, and we're looking for loyalty, sincerity at humor. So pause a video if you want to have a better look and the answers throughout the next site . So the color off the word again it will be the color off the arrow. So the red arrows showing loyalty on the first word. Therefore, I dots and they're all just dots. So they're all foreign loyalty, so that one hasn't. The second example has one Eye doctor, which also shows loyalty on the third example have no, I don't at all, so they may be loyal. We just can't tell from this piece of writing. Sincerity shows where they are. I thoughts. They're loyal, as in the 1st 1 on Also know no t See your secrecy, no intentional deceit nor self deceit on. That's what this one has. All the circle letters are clean so that one shows sincerity. The second example has us secrecy in the word misfortunes, so we can't give sincerity to that one, although the A in many is clear. So it's not. It's not really insincere, but we can't give its sincerity and the bottom one A can doesn't qualify because it's got your eye dots on them for humor. The last example has two examples of humor on the M. Now I hope he didn't choose humor for many misfortunes because that is just, ah ah, long curve stroke. It doesn't wave up the hair. It's not humor. So that's loyalty, sincerity and humor. How did you do? 8. 8 #4 Loving, Passionate, Romantic: number four loving, passionate romantic. Ah, the stuff that movies air made off flowers and moonlit nights, tender kisses and sweet talk. So how can you tell your future Gate is the type to sweep you off your feet with romance. Please post the video now and look at this writing and write down. Or at least tell yourself, Watch of the most outstanding features office writing. Did you write down large loops and heavy writing? One obvious feature office sample, which is not relevant to being loving, passionate and romantic, is the lines of writing running into each other. It doesn't detract from it either harm of her lines of writing overlapping I, an indication off confusion of interests too much going on in the writer's life for adequate attention to be given to each now I guess you could. That could include you. But let's just ignore that treat for now and concentrate on the ones that are directly relevant. The large loops bean imagination. The upper loops are abstract imagination, which is the ability to come up with ideas. The lower loops me practical imagination are the ability to take an idea and bring it into reality. on the lower loops are by far larger in the sample, indicating strong material or physical imagination. This shows a writer who has a strong libido and a very interested in the physical side off the relationship. I will probably have some rather creative ideas to offer in that area. The right thing is heavy. Pressure is being applied when writing. This is the same idea as pressure being applied to your heart when something emotional happens. If feelings air pressed in deeply depth of feeling is shown in the heaviness off the writing, so emotion love romance will all be felt with intensity on a right hand slant shows a writer who will show what they're feeling, so the strong emotion felt will also be expressed. The Circle letters a O on the circle parts of D and G open or close have the same inference as a mouth open or close, and that you can't talk when your mouth is closed and you can talk when it's open. So open circle letters indicate talk itiveness and close circle letters indicate reticence or not talkative. The only circle letter in this writing is G, which is open, so not only will this writer feel deeply and be willing to express his or her feelings, but they will be for belies as well. Surely this is a great candidate for the sweet nothings category, then on to see how your date rates with kind and caring. 9. 9 Quiz 3 loving passionate romantic quiz: Chris three. Loving, passionate and romantic. So through their three examples for you to look at and we're looking for imagination, depth of feeling, moderate expressiveness and talk itiveness are reticent, so we'll look for talkative this because that's expressing your feelings. So have a look at those pasta video. If you like the answers here on the next flight. So, as always, the color off the word equals the color off the arrow. So starting off with imagination, that bottom example has a large loop on the on the bottom of the letter every time it has the chance to, so that strong, practical material physical imagination. Here we have to look so the F, which are moderate signs so some imagination material imagination. Here there is none in the top example. A tall is no abstract or physical imagination, no loops at all in the top one in the bottom one, the bottom right one. You'll see some big loops on the D's, but that has a totally different meaning, so that doesn't come into imagination. And the effort future has a bit of a look by the other. F doesn't so there's really not much abstract imagination in that one. If you go back to the bottom left, where local has small lips are the top they off large beginning and the B in urban eight to H is, most of them don't have lips, so there's no noticeable abstract imagination there, So the one with the most imagination is the bottom left. Depth of feeling will show with the Red Arrow on its A heaviness off. The writing on the bottom left is easily the heaviest writing. So go with the bottom left. The other two aren't too bad. None of them, however, in light writing by the Boston leftist. Definitely strongest moderate expressiveness goes with the slant and bottom left. One. I've given a dash taro because it's semi is half. It's slightly slanting towards the right, but not really so. A little bit of expression, not a lot. The top one has none, really, cause it's backhand slightly, so it's holding in rather than giving out the bottom right is the most emotionally expressive. The writing is the farthest right to the slab of all of the ones there. Target of a reticent shows in open circle. Letters on the bottom right has to AIDS that are open and none of the other ones have any open letters at all. So the ref other to you know they are top one doesn't really express their feelings at all . The bottom left will express their feelings, is the fact that they feel it deeply. The heavy writing and they show it slightly. The slant on their imagination, the material Pratt school physical imagination will show it, but they won't really verbalize it. The one that will verbalize it is the bottom right? Who is after the most emotional? So they'll short the most emotionally and over fertilizing the most. So probably the one for most romantic would be the one on the bottom left. 10. 10 #5 Kind and Caring: number five kind and carry less intense and passionate but very important in day to day dealings and life together, our kindness and carry someone who will take you into account when making plans and doing things will consider your feelings. I look out for you. We will look a two traits that together will indicate someone who will be both kind and caring versus empathy, which the thesaurus describes as understanding, sympathy and compassion. The words summer shows empathy. Look at the baseline off a letter. No sharp angles, no retrace formations. What appears a succession off Soft you shapes are garlands. This softly curving, they sign, shows empathy. Here's some more examples of empathy. You see where all the red arrows point. They're lovely, rounded based curves that no ankles there at all. And again, in this example, all rounded at the base line where the lane would be. If you're writing online paper, it doesn't matter. What the tops of them are like is just the rounded edges around it. Curves at the bottom are empathy. Generosity also shows in our original same sample. Long finals. On the last letter on Dwight, spacing between the letters within script Seve along spaces between the different letters are not all crammed together there, well spread stout, the's air. The indications of generosity and generosity is an integral part of be willing to care about another person enough to be kind and caring. Ah, law. Flat stroke at the end of her word does not indicate generosity. Instead, it indicates caution. So there's one An apple. It's it's a long stroke, but it just runs along the baseline. It doesn't go up, and there's another one in the word caution for generosity. This joke has to curve upwards gently. As you see in this sample here, they're all heading up the way next on to outgoing this. 11. 11 #6 Outgoing: number six out going in North America. Outgoing. This is highly valued. It's the ability and desire to interact with your fellow human beings. This mayor be not be one of your top 10 introverts or those who prefer to spend time quietly on their own, obviously prefer partners who enjoy the same. But in the survey outgoing, this came out as number six in the top 10. Anyone can act out going. Some very strong introverts have learned the art of being are going on. They can be so perfectly genuinely. But although they may interact and do it well for a time, they'll still prefer to have more time away from the social scene. So by outgoing, we're looking at someone who loves to be in the midst of action. I will probably be lonely quickly if removed from it. Someone who will always like quite a bit of time alone is shown where the Lord Extender on G Y and J is just a stroke going downwards with no returns. Joke. This is called the loner stroke. I'm there to there. There are two more. This joke just goes down and stay stone. No curve, no loop this person may well be charming, friendly, and it didn't like to be with, but they will always leave their alone time. If you do too, then perhaps this is for you, but its outgoing it doesn't qualify. So we're looking for loops on the lorry extenders for art going or social. Here, you see some really small loops at the bottom of the Lorik senders. This is known as clannish, meaning that the writer will stick with his clan or family, whether blood, family or small, close family off friends. So this isn't really outgoing. The next one. We have our looks that do go back up to the baseline, but they're very narrow in comparison with the width of the rest of the letter. This show is a writer who is selective on the selective like planners like clannish beans. A writer will sick with a small group, but in this case, the friends will probably have some very strong common interest with the writer. So again, this isn't really outgoing. So for someone who enjoys being with other people, we look for loops at least us white as the rest of the letter, the wider the loops as we covered already, the more the practical our material three imagination and, in general, relate to the physical side of life, which can involve just generally socializing as well as romantic encounters. So that example there has. The loops on the wise are at least as white in the first, the first wise, slightly whiter than the rest of the letter, so that someone who likes socializing lights to be with people We previously looked at the slant to determine how much someone was show their feelings on. A strong left hand slant means they won't. It also means they won't be too happy around people for too long as that generally involves giving off yourself to some degree. So a strong backhand slant would not be outgoing either. The general rule of thumb has recovered already is that the slack indicates how expressive a person is likely to be, so that one is a mild right 10 cent on that one's a bit more off a right tan slant, a bit more expressive because it is much easier to communicate with someone when you can tell how they're feeling. So for I'm going, we want a mild to moderate right hand sent. That's right. We, which we saw previously, is someone who would probably be described by most who know them. That's outgoing. It will show their feelings as show they're enjoying themselves or having fun. That shows in the slant. They also enjoy being around people. Hasn't shown in the loop on energy not to any exaggerated except because the loop is just about the same with us a lecture, but who's recently outgoing and comfortable with others. The larger than Lord look, the more the writer will enjoy other people in his for her life. This writer will not want to have quite a many friends as our number four loving, passionate romantic writer, but will still enjoy friendships. Silver King at the same sample note how the writing slant slightly up to the right. This is optimism. Always agree. Trade is social relationships. The positive, cheerful outlook. Remember that first stack of traits we examined honesty. What can you see in this sample regarding that? Did you notice the to always have right hand knots? This is secrecy. On all the circle letters are close. This person keep secrets and knows how to keep their mouth shut the closed mouth meeting. Not talkative. A good friend can keep secrets. You can confide anything to them and know for sure it will go no farther. This outgoing individual will not be extremely talkative, but his friends probably trust and depend on him. Below is a sample repeated that were used for the loving romantic. How do you think this writer rates for outgoing answer, the writers shows a moderate right hand slammed so expressive and willing to get involved on the large loops. Large Lord groups show imagination on enjoyment of others. There's no optimists of showing, but that doesn't mean the opposite. This writer is not a tall, depressed so is showing excellent outgoing this. 12. 12 Quiz 4 Kind, Caring & Outgoing: Quist number four kind, uncaring and outgoing. So there's the examples for this quiz, and here we're looking for empathy, generous sociability, emotional expressiveness and optimistic. So you passed the video. If you like to have a better look, the answers here on the next slide, because of the hours, will match the words the color off the words. So it's begin with empathy. The first example has great empathy on the left hand side, but where the arrows are towards the right, you'll find a few empathy curves on the baseline. But there are so quite sharp ones as well. So this person has moderate empathy. And the second example again, there are lots of empathy if they're not quite as rounded as the top ones, though not quite a strong, but they are all the way through and in the bottom one again, lots of empathy. Lots of curved lower lip so all of them have the curves on the baseline showing empathy. The next treat is generosity, and that shows a long tails on the ends of word before taking the pen off the paper and you'll see in the middle example on Gathered and Grandfather, there are send details on again in the last example on much on because and we've got two slides for the hour was here for the show you the personality traits because it would just get to plastered if they're all in one centre on to the next site. So here was starting with sociability. Sociability shows in long lower loops, white lower lips and the word gymnasium is being cut off. Ah, but gymnasium, the G N y show long, wide, lower loops. They do run into the war pillow, which makes a little bit confusing. But if you look carefully, there is still there, long white nor lose great imagination. They love being around other people, and they have a strong libido. The middle example has loops, but they're very narrow loops, so this is a traitor. Selective. This person will have friends but will be very selective. A few friends, a small gathering on the bottom one is the same. Selective again emotional expressiveness shows in the gold arrows there in the slant of the writing. So the top one has the further strikes. Lance will be the most emotionally expressive. The middle one is moderate on the bottom one is slightly emotionally expressive on optimism . Shows in lines of writing scientific outwards to the right have the only one that has it is the top one. And if you remember from the last sight, the only one the top example here didn't have with generosity. It had empathy as well. So it has empathy, sociability, emotionally expressive and optimistic. So off those three examples, this is definitely the one that is both kind caring on most south going. 13. 13 #7 Active: number seven active. Most people don't want to find their date is a couch potato, so they look for someone who is active. Energy, pure and simple, can be defined by just looking at the writing and seeing how much energy seems to have gone into writing it. Weak light or wavering script are very careful. Slow writing does not indicate energy, and that's example of careful, slow writing this very little energy in that, on the other hand, bold, sweeping script or even small script written fast or just gives you the feeling of energy is an active person, so there are two who are very active. The right is quite different, but you can see it's been written fast. A lot of energy put into writing it. I just feel feel how it would be to write that right to both of these samples on the previous slide show energy and intelligence, as does this sample there within quickly using energy, and you'll notice this one doesn't have a far right 10 slant, but it still uses lots of energy. They have creative shortcut, select reaffirmations to make the faster, but they're perfectly legible. They're intelligent, creative and active individuals who wrote thes. There's also a treat, which indicates a desire for physical activity. This is just a desire. Someone in a wheelchair are unable to be active for other reasons. Kandil still display this trait and the writing. It doesn't mean that they do anything active necessarily, although if there are no inhibitors, what can safely assume that they are physically active? Look at the lower case P in both samples. They're different. But what did they have in common? Both have a loop of the lower extender, the stem going below the baseline. This is the indicator offic desire for physical activity. Obviously, the writer off the second word workshop has more of this desire than the right off the first word, Pass says the P and Workshop has a much larger look, but both show that he saw her for physical activity. Nevertheless, it's interesting to note that the writer off pass has further right slant, so will express their feelings more on a new trait. Argumentative. That's what shown in a line extending about the circle part off the P, a writer who express his feelings freely but who will not do so verbally a closed circle letter who likes physical activity? The loop in the P and tends to be argumentative, the piece sticking above the top of the circle part. What do these things suggest to you? Perhaps this person might get judge into a physical fight of provocation. No such problem with the writer of workshop. This writer keeps her feelings pretty much themselves, as shown in the up and down slant has no inclination to argue there's no stem sticking out about the top of the P just a deep, felt heavy writing enjoyment off being active. 14. 14 #8 Easy Going: number eight. Easy going easygoing. Issa's much an absence of traits, including the previously mentioned trade of argumentative as this is a prescence off, um, the trace to look far as being present are that off yielding on moderate emotional expressiveness? No more than a moderate right hand sent the traits. You don't want to see our temper, irritability, extreme aggressiveness. The list could be much longer, but these are the primary indicators off someone who is not easy going on, of course, argumentative, which recovered in the last lesson. First that's examined the positives. Thes three writing samples show a lower case s which is very soft, totally lacking in angles. This is the writer of someone we describe as yielding someone who will go with flow and go along with others. Wishes in moderation. This can be a positive socially, but when it's really strong, it takes on a more negative characteristic in that the writer becomes someone unduly influenced by others on unable to stand on their own. So moderate yielding This contributes to be easy going. You would want to see their soft s sometimes, but not all of the time. Moderate emotionally expressiveness is also an asset while be withdrawn or totally objective, will be seen as others often as cold. This little graphic to entertain you on the topic. On the other hand, an inclination to go overboard emotionally at the drop of a word does not make personal relationships easy, either. Moderate, emotionally expressiveness is shown as mentioned previously in a moderate right hand slant . These negatives too easy going this our temper, irritability, extreme aggressiveness on this sample shows all three temper is shown in the T bar to the right of a tea stem, but not crossing it. The first tee bar has the T bar touching this them onto the right on the second hasn't detached. Both are indications off. Temper note. The T bar is also pointing downwards on this is a dominant take charge person. Irritability appears anywhere. There are Jiaping strokes in the writing frequently. This isn't I dot as in this sample, but it could be any frequently. Jiaping strokes. Aggressiveness is seen in the G, which is written more like a cue as the lorry extender doesn't cross the Stam. It'll on its return to the baseline but swings out aggressively through the right hand up this rice he has force, and energy is heavy pressured, showing depth of feeling. This is basically an angry on aggressive individual, although here we have all three traits someone writing sample. It's perfectly possible, of course, to find them separately. Below is another, more common but last drastic indication of temper. It's called a temper tick, because it's just that Ah, small, rigid initial tick in the script. Although the writing in the sample is not angular and angry looking, not the small, completely straight and richest strokes where the pen first touches the paper have it beginning off the words That's the temper ticks. This writer is not as hostile and aggressive as the last one, but he does have a temper. So for easy going, ISF are important to check for the absence off the negative traits than it is to find the positive ones. Author, both guilty on moderate emotional response of this will greatly enhance the trait 15. 15 Quiz 5 Active & Easy Going Quiz: quest, Number five Active and easy going. So for active and easy going, we're looking for energy on the desire for physical activity and then for easy going. We're really more looking for the traits you don't want for easy going, which are argumentative, temper, irritability and aggressiveness. As usual, the color off the word equals the color off the arrow, so the top sample and the bottom one both show a definite desire. Definite energy, those lords of energy put into writing those. The middle one has a far right slant, but this no particular amount of energy put into it's on the top and bottom for energy. A desire for physical activity shows only in the middle. Example. It's a look on the P and these air quite big one says quite a strongest are for energy for activity. Physical activity showing there argumentative shows in a stroke off the P sam of a P, seeking out above the curved part of the P on all three peas in this example have argumentative, So this is quite an argumentative person. There's no argumentative any of the other samples and still looking at the top sample. There is temper every T bar has a temper. The T bar off to the right, whether its touching or not touchy. Still, with the top one here, it's ability that I is. Jab the I dot his job. It's not just a doctor, so this person is pretty argumentative has the temper, irritability. They've got lots of energy going for them. Uh, this might be somebody who gets in a fight once. No, while I would think. And then the last four we have a sound at the bottom is aggressive on that is the G, which swings out to the right instead of curving around and making a look. Looks like a cube, so that's aggressive. So for energy, the top in the bottom ones yes, a desire to be active would be the middle one. So all three of them kind of show Quite a lot of energy, though One that is least easy going is obviously the top one, with arguments of temporary irritability on the bottom. One has aggressive, so the most easy going one would be the one in the middle. How did you do with that? 16. 16 #9 Intelligence: number nine Intelligence Intelligence is relative. There aren't Miss Italy, some people who anybody would be hard put to claim as intelligence. But most people have their own brand of intelligence. Well, most of us are looking for is someone who's type of intelligence relates to our own, so rather and do a handwriting I Q tests will take a look here at the different thinking processes, how they work and how do you manifest themselves in behavior. The traditional I Q tests has a great many problems. It relies to a great extent on one's education. Someone who could read but has no other formal education is highly unlikely to score well in an I Q test, although it's perfectly possible that such a person is actually a genius. Handwriting looks that they're thinking on assessing potential. Thus, so long as he's educated enough to be able to write fluidly, no other education is taken into account. Here will only look at the main or base traits for intelligence. The thinking processes one kind of thinking is cumulative, are logical thinking. This is the person who accumulates all the facts, carefully building a wall of information. I will not make a decision until the wall is complete with no spaces are holes. Therefore, the information being complete will generate a sound unreliable conclusion. Logical thinking can take time. It takes time to make sure you have all the information you need. Sometimes a logical thinker can be labeled this slow, but in actual fact is have very thorough and reliable thinking process. Logical thinking is shown in rounded tops to the M and on the rounded part off the H on their some excellent examples there of logical thinking. Another intelligence is the investigative thinker, the writer who wants to find out the who, where, when, why, what and how off everything. This is a researcher. The person who digs into finding out a good example would be Charlotte Homes. Investigative thinking shows where the tops of the M and N are inverted V formations. I like to think of them as a pointed nose, sniffing its way to the source of information. The writing below shows excellent examples are investigative thinking. Look at the point of tops of the H and M. There are lots off them, especially EMS, and they're all very sharply pointed at the top The third type of thinking is keen comprehension. This is the writer that everyone thinks off as bright. A comprehensive thinker just seems to know she doesn't take time to look for information or to compile the available facts. She just comes out with the answer, seemingly from nowhere when coupled with other thinking processes, Keen comprehension can be excellent, but if it appears alone without other backup, he can indicate someone who tends to jump to conclusions on will very often be found to be wrong. Keen comprehension shows where the inverted V shapes off the investigative thinker are sharpened into needle like points. The spelling of this new immigrants is not perfect, but it won't check him long to improve. He's so quick to understand your things. Look at the needle sharp point on the three ends. They're retrace. They go up on the retrace part of the way down. That's the difference, Really. Investigative and king comprehension on the fourth and last thinking process can be found in the same writing or even the same letter as any of the other three On its analytical thinking. This is a tendency to take whatever information from whatever source has sift through it for usefulness on validity before using it. This type of thinker digs into the information to find out just how valuable is content. And it's an excellent stabilizer to any of the other thinking processes. Analytical thinking is showing for the base connection that m and are like the letter V. This is not to be confused with investigative thinking where the V formations and upside down on a peer of the top off the letter analysts cool appears at the bottom off the letters. It may be in the end and end, but it can be anywhere in the writing. So there are all the V formations at the base. Off the writing. There's one in and are there someone ends is one in an S a T on a space between an A in it had and so lots off him. Here is analytical thinking in combination with logical thinking. So you've got no logical thinking curve tops on the analytical via the base. This writer were carefully accumulate all the information available, then sift through it, analyzing for validity and usefulness. This will take time by the results will be a very thorough decision on compilation off information, this writing shows investigator thinking as we've already identified. But also look at the baseline off H and M. There are V formations Clearly see there, indicating analytical thinking analysts COLAs see most often, though, by no means solely with investigators thinking analytical investigative is a very common combination. So there's the V's at the baseline and you see the upside down V's on the top for investigative. The writer with those two traits go searching for information, then carefully tests and analyzes it before making use of it. Reporters, detective researchers All sorts would do well to with this type of thinking. He saw this right example earlier. Tastic sample off loyalty. Want thinking processes? Can you see in this hint? There are three of thumb. I'll just pause for a second to let you have a look. Okay, that's her keen comprehension Shown in the retracing on the top off the EMS Investigative thinking shown in the feed shapes on the top of Amazon ends an analyst golfing kick showing envy. Shapes on the baseline have been put arrows into all the analyst Coco's Awassa room. But everywhere this a V shape at the baseline is analytical thinking a mixture of all four thinking processes is someone who is a good problem solver, someone who skims the page with practically nor formation. On the other hand, as in the sample below, is that the time of writing? Not really thinking too hard or tall historial shapes. If you think while the thinking process is there's not really any cumulative, it's slightly cumulative. There's no investigative, there's no king comprehension. And there's about one analytical Vichy. So, really, that person isn't thinking much a tall now. It's not to say they never do. They may just be writing like that because they're in a hurry and not really thinking as he right. But some who always writes high that doesn't have the ability to problem solve, to think things are very well, asshole. Everyone who writes a great deal, we'll do this. It doesn't mean a lack your intelligence. It just means the writer is in a hurry. Doctors, for example, are notorious for their bad writing, but they're also often in a hurry. So bear in mind what situation waas when the writing was done. Before you identify too quickly whether someone is intelligent or not, How are someone who writes with Brad's clean oh, thinking processes visible even when writing carefully probably doesn't salve into thought a great deal it all. They only pick up the information they think they need, and no more than that. 17. 17 #10 Open Minded and Open Communication: number 10 open minded on open communication. These are actually two different traits, but he scored a tie for the number 10. First, let's consider open mindedness. This is the quality of being willing to listen to other people's ideas, no matter how diverse. Strange are in direct opposition to own ideas, they may be not only listen, but give January consideration to the merits of ideas presented to you. I'm sure you could all think of someone who just won't listen to anything that sauce in line with their own ideas. I mostly sure you've met people who will listen politely. But you know, even before you finish expressing your thoughts that there is no chance you will actually accept what you're saying on the Thursday individual to whom you can tell your most outlandish schemes and plans on, they will ponder them seriously and respond with what he genuinely think are the chances off success for your plan. These people, if they can see a way of it working out, are willing to go along with ideas completely different. Tow anything they've considered before. The's are the open minded ones to find out which reaction to expect from a writer. You just have to look at the lower case E. Look at several off him. Is the letter loops on the space within the loop? If so, how much space is there? It's a letter white with a great deal of white space inside. Does it have space? But not much? Or is it written in such a way that the loop is totally close? Maura Retracing than a loop notice. The ease is successful. In recent, there is no space showing inside the letter formacion at all. This person may or may not listen as your talk, but your chances of from accepting any new idea that is not very closely in accordance with their own is minimal. No exam in the E and live on Richt, and they can you see daylight inside the letter. Just this. A slight open space within the letter. These writers will listen. I'm probably think they're being open minded in considering what you say. But unless it's within their comfort zone, they're not likely to go along with what you propose in the end. And lastly, look or the words week and offered see the wide open spacing and the Lord Casey's. This is open minded. This person will listen and judge what you say on his own merits, not what they already have in their mind. So wide firm ations, lack of loops on the circle, letters on some open circle letters. This is the indication of open communication has shown an open mindedness. Open communication needs open mindedness, yes, but it also needs other forms of openness, openness about their lives themselves. We all know people who were described as open. This involves sub traits we've already covered on a new one. Obviously, secretiveness and openness are in direct conflict. However, it's possible to be open about most things and secretive about just one or a few. So writing samples may well have both traits appearing together, However, generally speaking, ah, lack of secretiveness or certainly no strong indication off secretiveness can be presence for openness to exist. And since we're talking about open communication, were also looking for a communicator. Communicators talk, so we want at least some open circles again. Remember the open and close mouth every circle Dusty's we open, but a reasonable number do. These are the two traits previously covered the new one is just a general open demeanor, which is showing in white for missions in the middle zone. The middle. So one is the area taken up by the lecture A or O. It doesn't include Laure extenders, for example, the extension and Aggie below the baseline nor upper extenders. For example, the upper extension off a k a. Poff, the lower case letters. And there's some lines showing you where the middle zone is so white, firm ations, lack of loops in the circle, letters and some open circle letters. This is an indication off open communication. So you see all the circle letters in this writing. There are no loops in any of them. They're all what we call clean circles. There are some open circles for talkative this who were going in the second line. The word things in the third line and the last word on the third line is P. E. A. I don't know what the rest of the word was going to be. The word great in the bottom line and changes in the bottom line. So there are several open circle letters, So this one has open communication. This writer, as open circles but not to white, not too talkative at a very open E for open mindedness on the entire writing is wide and open. She won't your feelings readily cause she has an upright slant and she needs a right hand slammed for expressive of feelings but will be very open and genuine and willing to participate. 18. 18 Quiz 6 Intelligence, Open Minded, Open Communication Quiz: Quist. Six Intelligence, open minded on open communication. So here the examples are what we're looking for. Here are the thinking processes, which are logical investigative king comprehension, analytical and also open minded and general openness. So it's always the color off. The word equals the color off the arrow. So let's start with logical. Logical is there rounder tops to em and end, and you'll see several more than just the hours are pointing to. There are several other ones, too, in this top example. So any rounded top to M Iran is logical. Then we're onto investigative. In the middle example, there's lots of investigators sharp points upside down V's in an M and N and then, in a positive example, is keen comprehension. So that's a sharp point, but it's retraced at least once. We retraced almost all the wayto and then analyst calls, the next one an analyst Coca Show with any of the other three, because those three are at the top of the letter and analytical shows at the bottom of the letter. So there is analytical in there on an end, which has a are a rounded, logical top at an analytical bottom on this. Lots of analysts cool V's at the baseline in the middle sample there, and there's one there in the bottom sample. So that's all the thinking process is now on to open mindedness. Open minded nurses, the pink arrows and it shows in the top sample where the E is open their space within the E . Now in the middle sample, there are some, but you'll notice. The middle sample has some other rather different ease. I have be the 1st 2 words the Ian have is like a backwards number three, and that's called a Greek E, which has its own meaning. But you can't have open mindedness where you have that. So there's a few regular open ease in the middle sample, and there's one in the last time. Police Well and general openness is open, writing that there's lots of space between the letters and the letters are white and the only one that really qualifies for that here is the 1st 1 So these are the traits for intelligence, open minded and open communication. How did you dio 19. 19 Top Ten Chart, Q&A: So there you have it. The top 10 qualities manner women really want in relationships on a CD. Integrity, sincerity, humor and sense of fun loving, romantic, kind and caring are going active, easy going intelligence, open minded on open communication, as well as asking for volunteers for qualities they would want in a date. We also asked them to tell us what specific questions they would like. Answered. Answers will direct you to the less of that which the answer can be found on. One answer that is new and not elsewhere in the course. The father This what? We came out with questions about your date. Does he have a sense of humor? Lesson three. Is he trustworthy? Lesson one. Does he have a temper? Less than eight relationships with family of friends lessons five and six. Is he creative, imaginative, less And four. Is he active? Adventurous Athletic Lesson seven. Does he or she like animals? Specifically, You can't tell that from writing, but someone is kind and caring is likely to like animals. So that's less than five. What's his or her idea of a great weekend? Well, that depends on what your idea of a great weekend is, but an indication is given by her talk. It of the person is Lesson one. How are you going? Lesson six. How active and energetic, less and seven and her passion is, um, nothing less. And for where does he see himself in five years? Local setting isn't covered in this course, but briefly, the hard bars on the Lord case t the higher the goals. So look for tea bars. Place the of the top of the stem for ambitious goals. And there are some examples there, off T bars, which are either at the top or pretty. Close the top off the tee stem for ambitious goals. Is he or she passionate, see loving, romantic lesson for and kind and caring less than five. Is he or she flexible are easy going That's less than eight is here. She, spontaneous, while spontaneous, is impulsive and impulsive. Joe's in a far right slant. I'm going as discussed in less than six. Is a moderate right? Slammed so impulsiveness would even be, ah, more right slanted writing. And there is an example there off a strong right hand slant, so that would be impulsive. It's reasonable that you're reluctant at first to trust what the handwriting says, but I encourage you to give it a chance. Try it out in situations off. Lesser importance first, if you must, but do try it out. It will prove itself valid every time to your wonderful relationship.