The Relationship Boot Camp - 21 Days to a Better Love Life

Patricia Thompson, PhD, Corporate Psychologist &Executive Coach,

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27 Videos (2h 53m)
    • 21 Day Relationship Boot Camp

    • #1 Course Overview: How to Get the Most Out of This Course

    • #2 Section One Overview: It All Starts With You

    • #3 Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness

    • #4 How Self Care Affects Your Relationship

    • #5 Be Aware of Your Attachment Style

    • #6 Can You See the Perfection in Your Partner?

    • #7 Strive to See Your Partner in a Positive Light

    • #8 Reconsider Your Attributions

    • #9 Section Two Overview: Communication

    • #10 Active Listening

    • #11 Opening Up

    • #12 Giving and Receiving Feedback

    • #13 Responding to Good News

    • #14 Apologizing

    • #15 Love Language

    • #16 Avoiding the 4 Relationship Killers

    • #17 - Section 3 Overview: Improving Your Interactions

    • #18 Find the Ideal Positivity Ratio

    • #19 Take Your Dates Up a Notch

    • #20 Learn How To Deal with Unsolvable Problems

    • #21 Deal With Financial Matters

    • #22 Power Dynamics

    • #23 Physical Affection

    • #24 Bringing Mindfulness to Your Relationship

    • #25 Giving Each Other Space

    • #26 Final Words of Wisdom


About This Class


Learn 21 scientifically-based keys to building your dream relationship with psychologist Dr. Patricia Thompson.

  • Do you yearn for more closeness in your relationship?
  • Has your marriage lost some of its spark?
  • Could your communication skills use some help?
  • Are you worried that you are inadvertently harming your love life?

Help is on the way!

In the 21-Day Relationship Boot Camp, you will learn about how to deal with all of these all of these issues and more. Taught by Dr. Patricia Thompson, an award-winning psychologist, coach, and author, this course breaks down scientific research into practical lessons that you and your partner can use to strengthen your relationship and experience more fulfillment.

(Not sure if your relationship could use a boost? Take this quiz).

Who is the Course For?

The course is for anyone in a relationship, whether it is long-term (or headed there) or a marriage. If both you and your partner want to take part, that is great; however, even if just one of you is taking the course, your relationship is likely to improve, because as you change, so will your relationship.

If you are not currently in a relationship, you will likely benefit from the course too, as you will learn all about the foundations of a healthy relationship. You will be able to reflect on past relationships to see why they may not have worked out, and put yourself to be in a better position for your next relationship.

How Does the Course Work?

Each day, you will watch a video lecture in which a research-based relationship tip is explained. Then, over the next 24 hours, you will complete a homework assignment in the companion workbook that you will download as part of the course materials. These assignments encourage you to self-reflect, experiment with new relationship behaviors, and deepen your insights about you and your partner. The course materials also include a downloadable audio exercise and a link to a relationship quiz.

In her work as a corporate psychologist, Dr. Thompson has found that problems in relationships often bled over into the professional lives of her clients. Therefore, she decided to draw on her background and training as a clinical psychologist to create this course.

You deserve to have a more fulfilling love life. Take this course and improve your relationship - starting today!

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Great class. Some techniques were things that you know, but could stand to be reminded. Others were very eye-opening. Thanks!





Patricia Thompson, PhD

Corporate Psychologist &Executive Coach,

Hello, I'm Patricia.

I'm an award-winning psychologist, management consultant, coach, and author who is passionate about helping my clients to achieve happiness and fulfillment. For over 15 years, I have worked with all sorts of clients ranging from students to Fortune 500 CEOS, to cultivate their innate talents and achieve success.

I am also the President of Silver Lining Psychology, a firm I founded, to share my knowledge about how to use the science of positive psychology to...

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