The Quick Start Guide to Procreate | Jeremy Hazel | Skillshare

The Quick Start Guide to Procreate

Jeremy Hazel, Education Through Creation

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18 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Unboxing/Basic User Interface

    • 2. What is Procreate?

    • 3. Creating a New Canvas

    • 4. File Management

    • 5. Importing from PC to IPad

    • 6. Exporting Back to PC

    • 7. Building the Procreate Platform

    • 8. Taking a Screenshot in Procreate

    • 9. Basics of Layers

    • 10. Basics of Brushes

    • 11. Basics of Color

    • 12. Basics of Transformation

    • 13. Basics of Selection

    • 14. Alpha Masking

    • 15. Cut Copy and Paste Functions

    • 16. Working with Gestures

    • 17. Bowling Ball Project

    • 18. Thank You

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About This Class

Tired of unboxing a program and having to spend 3 weeks to figure out how to use the thing……we were too.

People learn faster when they have a project, and so we developed the quick start guide to Procreate, so whether you are brand new to digital art, or just trying to figure out where the transformation tool is in this program…we have created a course that gets you up and creating through creating 2 projects .

Following this course you will be able to

  • Import and export in Procreate
  • Apply the principles to generate 2 pieces of portfolio art
  • Open adjust and select various layers
  • Generate non-destructive workflows
  • Create your own custom brushes
  • Learn to work between the ipad and PC if you are a PC user
  • Transform your art work to match your desired style
  • Identify and utilize 3 different sources of colors to improve your art right off the bat

Project based application is the key to quicker learning because

  • The projects force application for stronger recall
  • You spend more time working instead of searching for endless youtube tutorials all over everywhere

And the best part is IT IS TOTALLY FREE.

In this course you get

  • 18 videos……over 1.5 hours of content
  • All the downloadable files

This is not an advanced mastery course, or the type of course that has you spending 3 hours watching them demonstrate one technique….this is actionable technique for a creation based world

With over 8,000 students on the digital platform 7th Season Studios has mastered the art of online knowledge transfer and we are excited to share this new platform for our system.

Let’s hear what our students have to say

  • "Very helpful. Loving the course!"
  • "Nice. I love that you take the extra moment to explain the sub-steps or draw my focus to something that isn't obvious"
  • "Best teacher ever:))"