The Quick & Dirty Guide to Brush Lettering | Chris Glover | Skillshare

The Quick & Dirty Guide to Brush Lettering

Chris Glover, Professional Artist

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6 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Opening video and tools

    • 2. The Only Eight Strokes You Need to Know

    • 3. Turning Strokes into Letters

    • 4. Let's do Upper Case Letters

    • 5. Lettering Practice Game - Three of a Kind

    • 6. Final Project - Write your name THREE different ways


About This Class

Hey guys. I made this course because it's coming up on Christmas and wedding season and I know a lot of people love to DIY during this time. One of the best elements to a good DIY is knowing how to write pretty! This course will run through the basics of brush lettering with you, from tools of the trade and the eight basic strokes to beginning to develop your own style.





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Chris Glover

Professional Artist

Chris is an artist and writer currently living in the southern part of the United States.

She studied English and Fine Art at the University of Mississippi. Her writing focus was African American literature and her art focus was figure drawing.

Chris loves painting on her iPad along with using traditional media. She loves using charcoal, pastels, and oil paints the most.


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