The Pyramids Variations - Lesson Two | Bob Chappell . | Skillshare

The Pyramids Variations - Lesson Two

Bob Chappell ., Your Creative Keyboard Companion

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7 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. TPV Lesson Two Performance

    • 2. TPV2-1 Left-hand-over Patterns

    • 3. TPV2-2 LH-Over Pattern in E

    • 4. TPV2-3 LH-Over A minor Ending

    • 5. TPV2-4 Performance Walk-through

    • 6. TPV2-5 Performance with Comments

    • 7. TPV2-6 Lesson Performance with Subtitles


About This Class

This is Lesson Two of The Pyramids Variations fast-track performance build-up. The lesson is called "Pyramids with Left-Hand-Over Patterns".

The performance you will learn to play is the video TPV Lesson Two Performance. Listen through several times so you know what you're aiming for.

Here is the link to the Lesson Two web page. The lesson notes are in the pdf file attached - or you can download them here. The lesson videos will make a lot more sense if you have a look at the both these resources first!