The Pyramids Variations - Lesson Seven

Bob Chappell ., Your Creative Keyboard Companion

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6 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Lesson Seven: The Four-chord B Section

    • 2. TPV7-1 The B Section Build-up

    • 3. TPV7-2 The B Section Chords

    • 4. TPV7-3 B Section, Simple Melody

    • 5. TPV7-4 B Section, Developed Memory

    • 6. TPV CPalt+HS Intro WMV HD 720


About This Class

This is Lesson Seven of The Pyramids Variations - "The Four-chord B Section"

Listen through the TPV Lesson Seven performance video several times as you open the Lesson Seven web page and the lesson notes pdf file and prepare to learn.

Also in this lesson, there are a couple of variations using the Pyramids building blocks. You might be able to see what they're about straight away and copy them. Or visit this web page for more clues.http://www.TPVJuKnCWAJmckNFV.html