The Pyramids Variations, Lesson One

Bob Chappell ., Your Creative Keyboard Companion

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7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. TPV Lesson One Performance

    • 2. TPVL1 1 for SS

    • 3. TPVL1 2 for SS

    • 4. TPV1 3 Playing in 6-8

    • 5. TPVL1 4 Playing the Chord Sequence

    • 6. TPV1 5 Memorising Pyramids

    • 7. TPV1 6 Performance Tips


About This Class

This is Lesson One of The Pyramids Variations fast-track performance build-up. Lesson One is called "Pyramids in the Basic Music-Making Position".

The Lesson Performance you will learn to play is the "TPV Lesson One Performance". Listen to it a few times before you start learning so you know what your performance is going to sound like.

Here is your link to the Lesson One webpage. You can download the PDF lesson notes here - the videos will make more sense if you have webpage and the notes open.

There is also a 'BMP Visual Prompt Sheet' (BMP = Basic Music-making Position), which gathers together aall the visual cues you need for your first performance. Print it out and try to play the performance from it.