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The Productivity Masterclass - Remote Work & WFH Edition

teacher avatar Rishabh Dev, Growth Marketing Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (59m)


    • 3. LESSON 3: DEEP WORK





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About This Class

Welcome to this special productivity masterclass.

The class has been made for those who have been working from home or working remotely and want to improve their productivity as well as for those who have just transitioned to WFM or remote work and want to understand how to optimize their new working environment for productivity.

Who is this for?

  • Working from home - regular employees
  • Working from home - offshore team members
  • Working from home - startup employees
  • Remote work - freelancers and consultants
  • Remote work - entrepreneurs and remote managers
  • Remote work - digital nomads

The course is structured into the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to productivity while WFM or working remotely
  • Lesson 2: The productivity mindset: how to build the right mindset for work
  • Lesson 3: Deep work: the difference between work & deep work
  • Lesson 4: Browser productivity: how to stay focused while working on the internet
  • Lesson 5: Mobile productivity: how to improve productivity while working from the phone
  • Lesson 6: Email productivity: how to always have an inbox zero and manage your mail
  • Lesson 7: Toolsets & mindsets: other tools and mental models to boost productivity

You will also learn:

  • How to manage your calendar and select time for meetings, family, shallow work, deep work, and distractions
  • The top browser extensions to help you fuel your will power and productivity
  • How to manage your time and decide which tasks to outsource and assign
  • How to use the 80/20 principle to boost productivity and focus
  • How to customise your mobile phone to improve productivity
  • How to track your distractions and get rid of them easily
  • Tools for collaboration, accounting, meetings, and email management

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rishabh Dev

Growth Marketing Consultant


I consult business on digital growth marketing and online strategy. I love creating content from my experience on online marketing, growth strategy, and productivity.

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1. LESSON 1: INTRODUCTION: Hello, guys. This is the shot, Dave. And welcome to the course. This is a course on being productive while working remotely or while working from home. And in the first lesson, I'm just gonna take you guys through an introduction about the course. But this is really important because we're going to discuss a few things to remember which will help you build the right mindset to get into the moat, work and be productive at the same day. So I have been working remotely for a few years now, and I don't even remember the time that I was working in an office. This is because I'm additional nomad. I traveled the world and work from different countries. I've travelled across 25 countries and counting, and I work whenever I am. I don't need a special place or a special workstation or a special office are even a coworking space. You might know a lot of additional man's like to work in co working spaces. I don't need any of that. I can work anywhere, literally have worked in radio stations and fresh markets. And I've bean at my highest levels of productivity in different places. But because I think the brain riding works in a way that a new place should actually push you to work better than you experiencing a lack off productivity outside of office. So we're gonna talk about a few things quickly in this introductions. First, let's look at who this courses for. It's gonna be a simple format. It's gonna be short lessons. It's gonna be very actionable. We need to get into the introduction first that we have to have the right base in. Both of us are on the same page, so you could be someone who just works from home as a regular employee. That's the first category. So you might be on employee of a company. You might have a regular job, but they just have given you a role which you can work from home, and they've given you the permission to us from home. Now, this could be because of the situation that you cannot go to office for some reason. Or it could be just that. That is no office in the in the place where you're walking, because you might be a new employee outside of the city that the main company has been located. You could also be offshored, remember? So the headquarters of the company could be in some country and you could be walking from another country. That's possible. You could be in a start of employees, so it started. A lot of startups have people they hire from different cities and different countries. And what if you could be coordinating online and working from your respective homes? And then the second category you see is remote works? I've made a slight distinction between walking from home and remote work, so the motor work remote worker would be someone like me, for instance, who's working from anywhere. And in some cases it might not be even worth calling home. Eso If I have long train journeys, for instance, over $48 or something like that, I still need to get work done. But I'm not in a home so and it's the same hacks and the same tricks and the same tips and methods and strategies and mindset that I'm gonna teach you in. The scores also apply for the workers as they apply equally well for working from home. They both require slightly different mindset, so the more workers require slightly different mindset. Then people working from home, like people working from home, can use association hacks like making your brain thing and enter the productive more quickly when you're in the same space. Which might not be possible for someone who's traveling all the time or on entrepreneur who's who's building more working lifestyle just so that they can travel so the the application will be slightly different. But the hacks that still apply both these categories there's also a category where you're the boss, you own the business and you have much more rights and authority to manage your calendar and all those kinds of things. So we gonna have human, the scores, that you have some level of independence and rights to do this, but not entirely. You can not just decide your own calendar. You still have some work getting assigned by other people. You still have team members that you've got God coordinate with, even as an individual contributor. If you are one, you still have to work with other people. So a few things to remember so we're gonna cover all those bases. A few things to remember before we start is number one. You already have a higher credential for productivity just by being at home just by just by being outside of an office. And the gear studies about this and I have personal data myself off walking in office, managing a team of training to 30 people in a full time office in a company managing this entire company and managing the same business, the same company outside of the office, making everyone worked a mortally I did this experiment of my entire team and that eventually actually lead me to traveling full time, reducing my team size I 80 20 the entire business. And there's more about that as well. But there's a lot of studies that people in an office are working only for a few hours. If you if not for a few minutes, and apart from that, it's distraction. Diamond. A lot of other things happening around, so you might be able to think the same way for for working from home. If you're new to this, you might be thinking there's more distraction at home, but you're wrong so that it's it's you are wrong. It's not possible to have more distractions at home then office, irrespective off the number of Children that you might have. So I'm gonna explain that also in how the brain works and how you get back from distractions. So you are saving one on travel time, which we should not talk about. Averages off what the average travel time, often office going employees, Because these averages are very misleading. Sometimes you might have your office at walking distance, and sometimes it might be. You might be living in the countryside with your office in the city, but it's dependent on you. So let's talk about the averages. But where travel time, it would have taken you to go to office for support. Your saving on that second, which I think clips in a lot, a lot for office scores, its social pressure breaks, and this might include a smoking break. It might also be a coffee or D break just because someone else is going for coffee or tea. And it also sort of messes with your will bar because you don't really need this coffee or to get this point of time just because you have to go and this person probably has a habit of going at the same time your brain develops this new habit of going for that break at the same time almost every day. It takes a few minutes for the brain to come back on the task once you're back from the break. And if you have five of these breaks and a few minutes each time, you almost lose an hour in just social pressure breaks. Eliminating distractions. Of course, there is that there are a lot of distractions because there are a lot of people in an office there. Also a lot of distractions because anyone can ask you to do anything at any given point of time. You have an option off dealing, checking what they're saying because now they can only tell you something on the phone or on your connected devices, whatever devices you have connected. So I used the word connected devices because this device can also be a disconnected device if you want and beautiful auction off light more. That's something that we don't use the Lord acceptance flights, but that just makes this disconnect to device, and that's ahead. We're going to use a lot for for work, so you're productively now. Depends only on you and not on everyone else. Also remember that you don't have to go into this process and install a lot of tools and install a lot of abs because that's what usually the more work workshops and remote work courses are all about. One of the absent you should use. I'm gonna tell you a few APS, but that's exactly the point. You don't need more APS because more APS and more, um, Softwares and more you don't extensions is what is actually causing the issue in the first place. That's the problem. That's the distraction. So you were really limit those things. Rather than increase the number of absolute. Don't want to install all the absent your friend that any right now don't install Zoom. You can use it from the browser, for instance, you can avoid Skype if you have a room, don't install both. Don't install slack. You can use it from the browser again. Don't install, you know, because the first thing is it's a new It's a shiny new thing. If you're moving to reward work and then it's a shiny new thing for you and you want to get all the absent maker. Do you want to get three Project management ABS all based on the same gunman system benefits based on the same Japanese all philosophy than I don't issues one, Because the philosophy is what words, not the software itself. So, for instance, Prenda and ask that so you could just get fellow That's enough so you don't need to install a lot of APS now you productively depends only on you and what you're doing and not everyone else, because everyone else doesn't have direct access to you and be forgotten that direct access means faced off its access. So let's bring that concept back. Let's go back in time a little bit. I'm addition, Nomad. I don't know additional business. I'm in traditional marketing, them still requesting you're not going to the APP world and take a step back and think about now they don't have direct access, and I can always make this and this and all my devices disconnected whenever I want. So I don't have some space form or deep work, which is an important but we're gonna discuss in this course, so if you're new to remote work, you still have the same time in the day. As you know, if people forget about this, that you can only be productive with your time, right? That's the only thing. That's the only time is money. Time is the currency that you're talking about here. You give your time and you get paid. Okay, So you still have the same diamond the day as you had before. Just the environment around you that it's jeans and it's changed for the better. I say so with that positive note and with those things, remember, we will move on to the next lesson. For now. Just think about this thing. I think about these points so that you are ready to build the mindset, not see you. Lesson toe. Thank you. 2. LESSON 2: THE PRODUCTIVITY MINDSET: you guys so welcome to lessen to off the course, and in this course I'm gonna quickly take you the mindset that you need to develop to actually be productive remotely, because you might be able to install a few laps. But that's not gonna help if you don't have the right mindset. So that's the first thing to change, and you'll have to shift your mind a little bit because most people have taught you. And that's what you've seen around you. And that's what you've been thinking is that when you go to an office and you come back, that's productive ity or that's work. That's the traditional definition of work, and you can throw that out of the window right away. If you want to change anything in your life. And if you want to be more productive, no, if you haven't expedience this work from home. But this new mind said, you actually never want to go back to the office. So that's one problem that you could face. And if you are in a job that requires you to go back, you're gonna have a problem there. But we're gonna build this mindset, go all the way into this mindset so that we know exactly what's happening, right? So it's it's even though this course is going to be about strategies, it is always going to be lesser about the strategy than about how you think about it. What? So if you're if you are a slave, I should say to the traditional way of thinking about a workplace. Then you go to an office and you have to sit there for nine hours off which you work. Maybe two hours, three hours actually work and then you come back. That's not the definition. That's not even the definition off work, and you could look it up. What the definition of workers. So what we want is to change the mindset, to know that work is the time that we have. Okay, so how this works in your life, you have time, right? And in life is composed off a few years and a few years, it could be very different for you could be very different for me what a few years is. But it is still a few years if you look at the larger scheme of things. So the few years a composer for a few months. A few months, a composed of a few weeks of you fix a composed of days. Now the students could be 3000 dental. It depends so whatever. But there are some days and everything. If you take the unit quantity off everything, it's a day. So all you can manage is a day. So the time that you have it is the day. So that's why we define a world day and not ah, work here. Right? So you could still people still talk about what? We have a blood, but I always talk about a what day you can go more minute that don't think about making your hours and making your minutes. But we're gonna talk about when it comes to productive, even a dartboard days. So all you can do is make your days productive, right? So you have to think about today. So you only have to think about today when you talk about this and once you're the master of today, you can go on now and you can actually start thinking about what am I doing now? And is that dignity? Because that I have but for now, let's think about today, and the best hack that I can give you is to make a routine and put it on your calendar. So everything for today on your calendar and you will still get everything done that you wanted to get done, and you'll find that you're doing it better than before. And I know that most people who go to office don't have. They just know when the next meeting is. Probably if they have meetings and they just know probably what, what more deals they're working on overall in these three months what the sales targets are , but they don't know what their routine is for that day, and this is so basic, and we've always learned that make your daily routine. People don't have it because the brain needs to use will bar every time you want to do something. But if you have a routine and if you're doing things almost every day, your brain doesn't need to use your will power. It is going to use your habit to do it so. But that said, I'm just gonna show you my calendar quickly. It's, um I am going outside of my calendar for you to be honest, to make the score so that I could I can bring this to you when you need it the most. But this is my time to disconnect, and I'm going to start disconnect in a few minutes and going to be making the course from here on tomorrow. But this is what it looks like. No, my my condo is in Spanish because I'm learning Espanol, and for that I want to have more input as much as possible. But I'm gonna just take you through this so things where the diamonds are limited walks. I have some yoga. I have some writing to do. But the timing's a seminal work. Are the 12 and three d. C so trabajo profound or is deep work? So I'm doing deep work sessions. I'm doing three D pork sessions. I'm gonna explain you exactly what the book is in the next lessons, so don't worry about that, but I'm doing one deep obsession from 7:15 a.m. To 9:15 a.m. That's two hours, the second deep work session from 1:15 p.m. To 3 p.m. It's the Indochina time because I'm in the Indochina time zone and the 3rd 1 from the Deport. Session three from Fortified European. So if you calculate, I hardly have have, um, three and five, maybe between 5 to 6000 book every day. And with this I can manage multiple businesses. I run my own companies and businesses, and this is enough for me to do that. So which means that all of this productive really stuff actually works, right? So putting things on your Canada is the best way. Let's for the mind set back. Yeah, so have it in Put it on the Canada. That's the best mindset hag chicken. But because now your brain is working for you and you're also thinking about work in a way that in this time your brain starts to switch to work when you're doing it every day. Otherwise, what you'll see is that work is gonna take up your entire day, and if possible, it's also gonna take up your night. Have a separate space in your work to work in your house or apartment. Now, this is good for work from home people, but not for the remote remote workers category. So in this Airbnb, for instance. I do have a table, and I am staying here for a long time because of being at the time of making this video, we have the Corona virus situation. So I'm not moving around. I post my traveling, of course, as a responsible but a member of the society. So I have this place. I'm gonna sit here and work almost every day. This is the place where I come from, a deport sessions, and the rest of the time I have a small table right there. If you can see that behind the beautiful flowers. So on that table is where I would eat. I would not eat on the stable. I would not read a book. Let me under stable So I would change the place a little bit. You might not always have this luxury, but when possible, this is a great attack. So these are some ways that you can build that mindset. And, uh, think about this a little bit before you move onto the next lesson, pause the course. Think about the mindset. Think about the place we're gonna work. Think about your routine and your calendar. And then I will see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 3. LESSON 3: DEEP WORK: Hey, guys, welcome back to the course. This is less and three and in this lesson number and talk about deep work. So I've mentioned deep work in the past lessons, but now you'll really understand the difference between work and deport. So the first thing that we did this with your mindset, we change the definition of work with doesn't mean going to a building for a few hours a day and coming back. And now we're gonna change. You're gonna replace work itself with deep book. So when you deep when you dive deep, that's the first thing that I want to talk about is that it's diving deep. You really experience life. Now I am in some. We're talking about deep sea diving as well. But what I'm really talking about is going deep into anything. So you could, for instance, like to cook. And if you cook a meal and you've got everything the right way so that it tastes the right way because of the way that you cut the vegetables, because the taste does change the way you got the vegetables. And when you choose your ingredients carefully and when you hand pick your local ingredients and vegetables and fruits or whatever you're eating. And when you cook dishes, which are inspired by something outside of. But you know, outside of the kitchen, you get a better experience. For instance, you could have a painting which you like, which is it's in an Italian painting, and you're trying to recreate that in some sense with your dish. And if you can think like that for cooking, you will create something which is beautiful, which days good, of course, and which has love on the right art that you have used toe be able to create it. So this is an example of going really deep into cooking. Or you could just be like, you know, I just need to eat to get my calories and keep going to get my macros are just to survive, and then you just cook quickly and eat. So we didn't evolve so many years just booking quickly and eating fast food. I think we have that luxury now to be able to experience that deeply. Of course, if you don't have time, that's why you're here. You're gonna create time with using this productivity methods so that you can have time, because I could, for instance, only two means the day. But I got really deep into what I'm making. And it's an experience. Everything that you do where you go deep if you if you do yoga, for instance. I've recently started doing yoga. If you do yoga and in your poses your your body just says, go deep in your poses and you actually go deep. It's gonna be But it's gonna it's gonna be been that's gonna open your body up, Which is which is gonna give you a good experience. You'll actually experience being alive. And that's what going deep is all about. So even when you work are, let's take another example sleeping. You want to get your deep sleep percentage higher every night, So you contract this with sleep blacker, or you just know this when you wake up the next morning, you would notice yourself. But if you sleep deep, you're gonna have better days. You're gonna have productive days, so anything you can go deep in anything. It's not just about work, and deep work is when you go deep into whatever you're doing, if you're if you're building the scores. You've made your nose. You are giving yourself in this in the form off. You know, I'm expressing myself in the form of discourse content to you as a student. And you're am imparting this what I've learned with you and you are taking this and using it to build a better life. And it's a beautiful, profound experience. It just doesn't have to be. Of course, it just it's just the essence of it is. So deal. So if you're doing some random world which you think has no significance, you can still create your own essence. And that's the beauty off. Anything that you do, you can create our own essence if you if you cook with the mindset, even if it stays the same. If you just cook with a different mindset of going deep into what you're cooking, you're gonna create that essence or anything has two parts. It has the narrative, which is how it sounds like. It has the essence, which is the sole, which you create in what you're doing. So you want to create that sold, you want to impart that soul into it. Otherwise, you're running through your days as as basically unsatisfied human being, and you would also not know that you're unsatisfied because you haven't experienced going deep into whatever you're doing. And it's very sad because a lot of people are working for reasons like like money, in which case you cannot really go deep and it's very difficult. Let's say if you take a poor person from the slums and tell him to inspire their dishes by Italian art and stuff, then he or she is gonna just be abusing you because they just want that next meal and that's so sad. But at the same time, it's also sad that people who have the means that also living the same way in their work life are in their sleep or in whatever they are doing to spend time every day. Like I said, the diamond the day is what we have. So if you're not giving you 100 person and going deep into whatever you're doing your like , that poor person who doesn't have the next means no point of evolution, getting you here to be able to watch an online course if you're not able to go deep and experience the juice off So let's get that aside and come back to the to the real stuff, which is the deep work hacks and actually gonna tell you how to go tips. Have you spoken about deep work? Let's also talk a little bit about the state of So what happens is when you're giving your 100 person into something. But you also have a slight test off skill that pushes your level, but it's not going beyond your capacity. You can still do it. We have to push yourself a little, but you have to think a little bit outside, but still within your skill range. Right? That's gonna get you in a state of flow away. Start losing the sense of time when you work. And I don't know if you remember the last time that this happened for you, but this happens to me honestly. Now, every day. I'm so lucky to have this experience off going in a state of four flow. Even when I worked with my customers or from my own projects, the state of floor is the ultimate replacement for happiness. I don't really like jazz happiness. I don't think that's there. Pacifism to be alive It's just a lot of marketing for happiness. But what's what's really gonna make you internally satisfied? It's going to hit the state of flow when you're working, so you'll know when you experience this. And I am gonna tell you the hacks that you can use, like all these hacks, is because you can execute them directly and start seeing results quite quickly. But they're basically the steps to achieve this. So the first thing you want to do is like you've seen on my calendar the last lesson you want to have the deep work starts in your calendar so that your brain is already wired for that deep work session. Once you've had your first few deportation, your brain already knows. Now it's time to deep work. The 2nd 1 at least initially. You want to put your phone on flight more than you doing people, Not my phone is on flight more. Even if it wasn't you wouldn't hear anything because I have notifications such talk for all the apse, but my phone is on flight more right now. It doesn't matter what's what I'm doing. I have no distractions whatsoever. I can go deep into whatever I am working on kindly, which is making this court's. You also want to limit the number of tabs. Now let's get outside of the course. If you're walking on your browser, let's say you want to limit the number of taps that you can open because I've seen people have 100 tabs and then they don't know what they're working on, and that causes a lot of declines in your peak. So imagine your brains productive ity plotted on a graph throughout the day and you'll see a lot of peaks and you'll see a lot of declines. And the declines are happening when you have when you have a lot of tabs. So I like to use three dabs only. That's the, um, grown back extension that I used so it doesn't do anything. It's not a distractive extension. It just stays there. You can also hide it so you can hide it from the menu. Um, and it's just gonna keep three tabs open. It's usually hit in the menu. I dragged it out so that I can show you. You can also use ecstatic, you think, to use to less for you and your someone and I know that people have different jobs. Um, but I mean, there are no excuses, because Ireland multiple businesses and I do almost all the roles in the big men. You're a startup entrepreneur or a small business entrepreneur. Small business owner. You have to do everything in the business, but I still like to use the treat. Absolutely, but you can upgrade a little bit if you're new to this and use X tablet. You can define the number of taps you could say five tabs so you can find this easily and chrome extension if you're using anything else to be switched to crab so that you can install these. I love chrome, and I think it's it's It's a really good, customizable brother to use, and you can see this is my This is micro, right? So I'm taking the entire course inside from inside of chrome. So it's It's beautiful what you can do with this with this team, so even distractions can grow in your calendar. I don't need this because I've been doing this for a while. But if you've just started and there are distractions, you have your family. Let's say at your house, you can put times on the calendar so that they also know that you know, this is the time Daddy's back home. So even though that is home or Mommy's home, he or she is, he is actually in the world mood, and these are the times when they are home, so you have to communicate with other people. This is easier for me because I live alone and I traveled alone now often meet friends. But it's gonna be when I'm walking and almost most of my days I'm alone. So if it's an enjoying my company a lot, and this is, I prefer solitude, which is beautiful. It is a very beautiful thing to go deep. It's very easy to go into deep work if you're alone, But I know if you have responsibilities and a big family and lets it gives, you have to communicate with them and let them know this is the time when I'm actually at home, but otherwise may bring to somebody, and so I wouldn't be able to give you my full attention, which you deserve, So why not do it this way? You also want to redefine meeting windows I be defined meeting Windows. I'm gonna show you this in the next lesson how I've actually done that. But the two that have use for this is currently you can also pre defined conversation. So as working as part of the team, you might need to have conversations with other people. And those things are also shadow work. So you don't want to put in conversations between a deep work sessions or debunkers when you're actually moving the needle in your project from A to B, and you're spending time moving that lead needle forward and those some other people might be working on something which will lead that which will also move the needle a little bit. But that will need your important. Put those in a different time, right, so that you can still move that new, because what happens is once you go on the conversations, your brain again takes time to come back to the people. It's not easy to end of the deep work and floor state in the first, so this is the core, and based on this, the other lessons will teach you how to handle your browser. How to handle your email hard handle your phone and everything so that you can vier everything and create an environment they still ecosystem which fuels sleep book. So I'll see you in lesson for thank you. 4. LESSON 4: BROWSER PRODUCTIVITY: so welcome to lessen four off the course. And now that we understand what mindset we need and what deep work really is, I'm going to share with you the specifications to going to deport while at the same time being connected and working online. So I teach you how to optimize your entire additional ecosystem, which includes your browser, because a lot of people are gonna work on the Internet on through their browsers, which also includes your mobile device. So what's your mobile phone? And, uh, any other medium that you would use? I'm gonna share the other tools as well with you, but in this lesson, we're gonna focus on the browser. So I personally spend a lot of time on the browser, and sometimes it's inside the mail, which is usually in my shallow work sessions. But mostly it's working on applying project on my online academy on any of these things, but it's all done through the browser. I'm also minimalist the way that I organized my sister. My laptop. My Mac is very minimal. There's nothing on the system itself, everything I access from the brothers. So, for instance, if I use ever knew what to take Notes on organ installed. The Evernote app. I'm gonna go to the website and then use that. If I use even for social media, I would actually go on reddit dot com rather than installing that app anywhere. So nowhere maps. No computer abs, The new mobile app. For me, it's mostly the Web origin off the tools that I use and that that makes sure that I'm only connected when I want to it so I can close that tab and then it's it's for. So these are my top three hacks while working online through your browser, and these are I call them extensions to fuel your will part because your will your willpower by itself is slightly limited now. You should not have that mindset, so you should have that growth mindset and a maximum willpower mindset that the largest increases as you wanted. But the truth is that you need to fuel it using with the help of technology, and that's what we will do. No. So the first has limit the number of deaths so you can use the 23 taps only or accept deserved to wonderful extensions that you can put in your browser. And like I said, I would prefer that you guys, you scroll. The second is you can install any activity tracker so you couldn't start something that rescue time or any of the activity Time tracker which drags how much time you've spent on a specific website and overall how much time you've spent throughout the day on the Internet . What have you been doing? So lets it. These are the These are the This is my time charts that spend a lot of time today and you damn, it is not usually the case. I'm not so active when you to me, but I have spent some time this time that is sometimes one mil dot google dot com That is time on skill share this time on the What's that Web. However, I'm using an alternative WhatsApp number, which is only for my work. I don't have the person What's up number installed on the phone? I used the dual battle APP system, and I would install that once a week every Wednesday and then just check and reply to messages and then remove and then to stable the battle. Absolute. The 2nd 1 step number, which is the personal one doesn't show up on my foot. So that's the what's up that I'm talking about here. There's I document learning languages, some kind of learning Spanish. Which is why this is I designed something on camera on my payment. Gateway. So this is how I would, you know, drag Thomas time. I've spent now specifically today. I did a little bit of this, but otherwise you would never see this in the chart. Um, if I'm learning something, you're creating a course, which is a different case. But if you install this, you know what you're doing. So now you know what other dog time based on the assignment that I wouldn't do here is have your talk to the most productive you are else and the drop three least productive you are. So that's your assignment. Installed this app, wait for a week and don't change any of your habits so that you know what you're actually doing by default with your brain going by default and then see what what's happening and then find the top release productive. You are the nominee. Show you in the next. What you gonna do with these. So the next step is gonna installed something called the Focus Blufgan. So you can see here. I have displayed in gold focused, and you're gonna put your dog tree here. Right? So I've put four here. You can put as many as you want, but now you have three least productive. You are knows, And definitely the list can be different for you and me. I don't need to put in it Netflix, for example, now because I had a trial and that's expired, and I wouldn't pay for something which is less productive than something else. So just pretty adoptee here. And Sir John this black, You know, I don't need this anymore. I just installed this to show you guys, because I have I have lost the habit off heading to Facebook or YouTube or Twitter, as you can see with my time tracker anywhere. So I don't really need this. So now only when I have to check a Facebook ads camping for a client, I would go on the website. If I have to tweet about a customer support regarding an app or service, I would go to Twitter and YouTube. I use from my phone specific maiden? No, that's the only out that I use Rafferty use from my phone and not from the laptop. And there multiple reasons for that. And I've customized my you do. Please show me only stuff that I had. I want to see which improve helpful for myself. So these these are the doctor. He acts that I could give you. So this is the focus extension. If you were to ask me only three and go ahead, install these. Do the assignment. Find your least productive you are. Let's put them on the focus up and limit the number of taps that you work on. This will help you optimize the browser. I'll see you in the next lesson. 5. LESSON 5: MOBILE PRODUCTIVITY: Hello and welcome back. This is lesson five. And in this lesson, I'm gonna talk about mobile. Productive it. It's on the last lesson. We discussed the browser extensions that you could use so that he could get into deep work easily. And now we're going to discuss what you can do with your mobile phone. So this is slightly more tricky because it needs a lot of initial amount off will burn once you can give me that initial peak of help are and said this up, then the system has been a work on its own. Then you can just trust the system and it's gonna work for you. So the 1st 1 would be to remove all your social media abs from your phone. Now, some of you would like to stop watching this entire course right away, and I don't blame you. It's been wired in our brains, But if I can say this, I'm sure you can do this. And the reason why I said, this is I don't a social media company. That's I just a marketing company. I don't know, no line academy, and my business needs social media. It climbs on people using social media wrestles. They remove all social media from your phone except if you work in that space. But I I am an exception. I work in the space, but I still don't have the apse on my phone. And I don't buy that. Excuse that you need the apse on your phone to work in that space. There are specific rules, however. I would like to point that out where you might not have access to a laptop where you type in the you are in reply to a customer you would like to do that from your phone makes complete sense, but I would still do it. I would still do it with notifications off in my shallow time. So if you have to have those abs on your phone, need to have those shallow times and you will jacket with all the notifications off. But for me, I don't need them on the phone, just removed them, and I've replaced all the need. If, for example, I have to check like I said a Facebook ad, I would go to facebook dot com on the Web browser slash add slash. Whatever. Manage and then head to the business. I would do all that stuff on my laptop. The 2nd 1 is followed this along with me so you can pause it right now. And I tell you, feel wonderful after you do the supposed this video right now. Born, you're for the little social media abs and come back. You'll feel amazing. So if you're using Primary, mostly left Facebook in Instagram, delete those to Instagram is one of the gender really like to use, and but I don't miss it at all. So it's not change. It's not taking my the needle of my career, my life, my work from A to B. And then I realized after I once told it, so that's the 1st 1 The 2nd 1 is switched to a minimalist launcher, so I use a big ladder launching. I'm not sure you can see, really, but that's all. That's all there is on the main screen and the phone just being dire. Phone. Basically, it's just four abs that I have chosen that these are the four laps I want to show. If I click on the day Dr Bear, I click on the date it's gonna take me to my calendar, which is good. You already know my calendar. How it looks, Um, looks beautiful. Then on Get the time takes me to the clock so I can still set alarms. Alarms are important for us. I believe the four abs I've chosen. You can choose your own for APS. I've chosen them. Based on what I do on the phone. My phone is only for you. See, skill share right there for learning and memorizing was let for learning Spanish. And if I want to take a picture, I could just swipe right This camera right there. You see the camera right there And if I want to call someone which I don't know because I don't live in the country where my phone is from my symbols from anybody. If I have to call someone, I can just like left, which I've never done. There are no notifications except the calendar because it tells me what I can do next. Right? So that's that's what I am supposed to. So that's that's all that is understood. You could, of course, go for other abs and then so I'm down and search for something on the phone. But I would hardly do that. These are the only abs I would check on a regular bases. So that's how you can optimize your phone. And of course, in this case, I'm talking about android phones because I'm all for customization. So I'm sorry if you're using an iPhone, some of these things you could do like removal the social media, abs. You can also do the next ones. But the de cluttered launcher is not for you. This is for android users, and you can find this on the on the play store. So that's the That's the launch of that I use. Right? So I used the dark team. I use the dark team, as you can see on my, um, and my MCAS El. You can see that this is a dark fortune off the Google Google play store. So all the websites I see, I see the dark washing off those websites. I prefer the dark washing over the regular. So that's the launcher that you can use. Not this is for android users and sorry or bone uses, but But as an iPhone user, you can still do the other points that I've mentioned this lesson. So the next one is to keep only the very important accounts and apse on the phone. Okay, so when the same point accounts this is an important one. People miss out. Sometimes. If you're, let's say, integrating your email, I d. You might be able to integrate like three Gmail ideas or a few other grounds and all of those things that just just limit that, like, for me, it's a work phone. So that's all right. I just keep the walk around and even the abs that you have, you limit the absolute having If you're not gonna use it at least once a week, you can always go to the next, our voice and into it. And this is assuming that you have no access to the laptop for prolonged periods of time. But you, if you do have access, then you can keep on the phone something that you actually just use every day or something that doesn't have an alternative. It just has a nap. So search off. Almost all notifications accept any three app. So that's the assignment for this lesson. Sures your three APS and federal all of the notifications on the reason like I tell you, tell you to do it this way rather than doing the off the other way around where you would say, Let me go through all the abs and check when I need, because then you're going to make that decision. So since I don't trust you with those decisions, I want you to choose only three and such off all the other notifications and in the initial phase will be difficult. But I promise you you'll feel amazing in a while when you start getting into those deeper, See you in the next lesson. 6. LESSON 6: EMAIL PRODUCTIVITY: guys, welcome back this lesson six. And in this lesson, I'm gonna explain you about email. Productive. So now you know how to optimize your browser and how to optimize your mobile phone. So now that you have these two to assorted, we're going to get into email, and a lot of us have to manage our team. Especially me. I run multiple businesses. I can sell multiple businesses. A lot of communication happens or the email. And if I can have an inbox zero all the time, I'm sure no matter what you do, you can also have an inbox zero if you follow the steps that I'm gonna teach you in this. So this is my framed book for always having inbox zero. And I'm actually gonna take you through my inbox in this lesson right now. So we're gonna head to Gmail. And, of course, I managed my work email. I use Google maps for work. I don't really care about what's happening in my personal email Too much. It's full of random stuff, but it doesn't matter. Sometimes you don't have to over optimize as well. So if I get a male, for instance, as you see, there's only 17 mills and these air all recent males. But if I get a mill, I'm just gonna put it in a benevolent belongs to. So this is a conversation with someone of freelance that they have hired to do some video work, and I I should reply him today because I need this video by tomorrow, So I'm just gonna move into today. This is the photos off my new project for school share, which I want to update. I want a Bollywood action. It's not really something that I have to have to do. Today would be good to do this work. Um, the other stuff, Everything else. I've already checked these emails from today so I can easily, because they're not marked anywhere, like in just let them go. So now I have a inbox zero, and I just showed you my process. Is that the next time I come on my inbox? If there's any new male, I'm just going to repeat that process. And again, I would be in in about zero. So within these few seconds, if we get something, we can mark them. We can't mark those mills the right labels Otherwise, we have no new men, right? So this is the beauty of inbox zero from, and I will show you how I've want this process. So I have chosen five labels for my work. And these are those five labels. It's today, actually bum note and can worked. Okay, The reason that you see that I have the numbering here 1234 is because I wanted the order like so and it follows the alphabetical order. So I've given them the numbers based on how I want them to show. So I wanted today one to show first and when the action want to show second the bump. Want to Sorry to show third and the note one to show forth. They also have a gun would which is for the sales. And this is the one where older lead conversations or prospect conversations would go or some invoice payments or something would go Today is the stuff that I should do today. This is this is something that I will be done, so I would just remove it, and then we're back to whatever is left. So in the in box, you see, there's nothing in my task list. So this is like my mini darkness. I know what I have to do today. I know the things that I have to take action on, but not necessarily today. No, these are 14 things, but I don't have to necessarily respond them. I respond to them today. So this, let's say, for example, is trying lesson in Spanish and he is very kind to me. So he sent me information and homework and stuff like that. So I want to be nice and respond to it because he's a teacher and I want to respect his emails. I've kept it there, but not in today, because it's I can still sleep tonight. If I don't reply to this man today, that's what I mean Here. The bump is something that let's say I've sent some e mails and I want to follow up with these people. So I just put a bomb there, and then that is not is basically just information. If I have, if I'm flying somewhere on, I have to remember my tickets. So basically, when I go to the airport, I'm additional matter. I travel full time and this is very use with me when I go somewhere, I don't have to search for a ticket on the inbox. I can just go to the notes tab. This is spend right there. And I would show the security guy that this is This is the flight that I'm taking. This is so these are my five labels and everything which comes throughout the day goes into one of the labels and everything else is gone. And I have in boxing so you can still search the mail for anything for reference. If you're looking for when you land up on your inbox is it is beautiful, no new mail message. So that's how I've managed my inbox of what I want you to do. Now, the assignment for this lesson is to choose your five levels. So now that we've got into the action, I'm giving you an assignment for each lesson so that by the end off this entire entire class, of course, you will have an optimal environment off productivity. And this is what we need to understand that now that you work from home or you work remotely, this is the environment. You don't have an office in your environment is your phone, your browser, your email, your inbox. Your labels are APS your notifications. This is your environment. And this is what you need to optimize so that you can then deep dive into the world that you do and find the beauty in it. So choose your five levels. Set up your in box with these labels. Okay, so that's the assignment for this lesson. Get on it. Once you've completed it. Received with the course. That's you. Lesson seven. Thank you. 7. LESSON 7: TOOLSETS & MINDSETS: guys and welcome to lessen seven. I hope I've been ableto optimize your browser, your mobile phone, your inbox so that this could help you get into deep work and stay in the workforce longer sessions. And don't forget to put everything on your calendar. So that happen. You have everything ready, and you have all the tools that you need. If we have missed out anything, I'm just no list a few tools right here. I also mentioned in the introductory lessons that I'm gonna show you how I manage my time slots for meetings. So we're just gonna talk about that real quickly. So the Gannon Lee is the app that I use to manage my meeting windows. For instance, if someone has to book a meeting with me, they just have to goto family dot com on and on this website. I am some three selecting times that they could book. So the times are selected by me based on the calendar that I have so so only these four times lots are possible for for someone to book a diamond. So then you know that it's possible for you to put in a meeting on your calendar. Those are the times that you want to put on your Now this, of course, is is more practical for you. If you're the boss like me, if you're not the boss, then this might be a little difficult. When your boss wants meeting and you say, Hey, this is my candy leg and you have only four times ours. However, I do this with clients as well. So it's not like I'm the boss of the client. The client is always first. The plant always comes first, but still they expect my time. I respect their time. I give them sometimes Lourdes. If it's not possible for them, I make another time. Start for them. That's a possibility. But usually this has never happened in the clients have bean understanding enough unless they're in a very different time zone, in which case we all I would speak about a common time. So So that's how I managed Canon Lee and the Google calendar together. It's also indicated together so you can integrate your calendar. Video can only so that you only have those times on that. If you have time slots and if you have something on your Google calendar can only will not show it at all, so it's gonna be to get together. So Google Calendar and Gannon lead trailer you can use to manage your project. So if you have a few projects that you want to go from home, there is a lot of things that you can do with cello, but apart from your projects. But let's for now, talk about activity in your work so you could use jello boards and make different lists. And God's on those boats. And simple concept is you have different less. And then gods are things that you could do. They could be the tasks, but it could be just a reference to know. What's that. You could check out Jell O on trader dot com. You can use lack or any other team conversation app. So if you're an entire team watching this video as a business, and you guys have just moved and you don't know how to even have a conversation on your using, what separates into that, by the way, I prefer that over slack up. So I'm not saying that, but I'm nothing that everyone would find that useful for work so you could use lack because a lot of people are more emotional about all the day die and everything in account conversations. But for me, I managed my business very easily. I like to have the conversations on the ABS people already comfortable with, and then we can also delete the conversations because we have backup documentation for things. There's also Dr Integration with What's up. So I find all of these just hyped were conversation APS. But I think if you're a bigger business in a bigger company with a long list of people who you want to add for conversations, even though I still think what's happens enough, you might need to go for slack or some more business. See conversation app. It's just the same functionality, Um, the perhaps for accounting. I prefer to use baby, which is a free accounting tool. I would not recommend something very expensive, like intuited Intuit QuickBooks or something like that. Just go for plain, simple free stuff. We have abscess free, lets you do anything that you could imagine within a column himself. So those are the other APS or tools you might need on this beautiful journey of productive remote work that you're headed to. We've already optimized environment, which is what this entire course was about. But with these tools and APS, you might get a little more push and more help. Um, lastly, we're gonna talk about a few other mental models that you can build. Now. For me, the mental models on this come first with a different less. You are working on your brain level, and then you're working on all the external levels, which is the environment. It says the brain and the environment is simplest. Everything has the same concept and you processes and die environment differently than me. But with these mental models, you are probably going to Brussels start processing it in the same way. And obviously you're here. You're learning from me. So you would like to process it in the same way because you know that I've been productive in the way that I've processed my environment, so optimizing your environment and processing it These are the two things we have. Optimized it. Let's see a few different mental models that we could a process it better so that we amble productive. So the first thing is you have to think off everything that comes to you as time. All right, so let's see if I get a task. If I get an email, for instance, and I have to spend some diamond it, that's my garden, see? So that's that's how you have to think about it. You have to also assign some dollar value to your time. So I would prefer if you would take this as an assignment, which you don't have to share with me, of course, or with anyone else. Um, a sign I don't value to your. So I would say Let's say you would. If you were exchanging, are ours for money, then you will assign, Let's say, um, training dollar than our $100 an hour or $1000 whatever you're all aerators. As for you, if you are an employee, which means you're exchanging the month for money, that it's not really time for money because you get paid for the month mostly, and the time doesn't matter. You could have a long time off work, but that's the first loss that you have as an employee versus someone who builds for the number of ours that they put in. If you're If you're unemployed, then you just have months for, um um for a month in exchange for money. And in that case, you could, you know, just put a number on the average number of balls in the month and divided, and you end up at a number, which is the value. Now, if you have the potential and the risk and the power and the level where you can actually outsource, work and assign it to other people, then you have to do this measurement. When you get some work you have to think about. Okay, this is my dollar value. And this is how much this world will pacify. Outsource it, so shouldn't we are exhausting it. I should be using my time to do this work because it's it's not voted, and you will know it's not what it because you have assigned this value. All right, The second assignment that you will do here is 80 20. Your walk. So the 80 20 principal, I'm sure you guys all know this is that 20% is all that you need to get 80% off your results. Not This is true. For almost everything in life, and this could be 85 15 or 75 25 all those kinds of things where it's called the editor. Any principle are. So if you have projects, you will find that you know 80% off your revenue is coming from that 20% of the projects, or 70% of your revenues coming from 30% of the projects or whatever that split might be for you but will be usually a majority of minorities. It will be a minority of the clients after giving you a majority off. It's also gonna be a minority of the clients are giving you the majority off your stress in life, so you'll have to many 20 your world accordingly, based on what your priorities are. For me, stress is definitely not the priority for you. It could be money, which comes with stress. In some cases, however, it is absolutely wrong to think that money always comes with stress, that a lot of clients don't give you stress but pay you a lot and you can do amazing work for them and actually actually generate case studies for them. So those clients, which are amazing that you want to have. You also want to 80 20 year team members. There are a few team members will take most of your bandwidth in management and very low level work, and their output would be something that you would probably if you have had this moment, let me give you an example. May you have taught I'd rather do this myself. Or if you have a person on your team where multiple times you think I should just do it myself or you tell them? Don't worry, I will do this and so like doing. But it's okay. It's more like All right, don't way I'm gonna do this. I have so you're frustrated and you want. Those are the people who get rid off immediately. 80 20 year team members in 20 your clients a trendy if your creator, 80 20 or content. You don't want to have all that continue to have fewer higher quality stuff on night, and that's how you will go deep. And that's how people were consuming. Your content can also go deep, and that is what I want from creating the scores. It's for people to be able to go deep. So some cases less work and doing it better is one helps you succeed. I know of some cases where just one you is success, but that again is not a very good example of deport. If you're doing deep work, you will be able to get to where you want without doing a lot of different kinds of products and side projects and so on. Lastly, I would say documentary learnings, and this is how I've been able to create the scores because I've documented what I've learned. And that's exactly what I'm sharing with you. And I shared his gift with you to go ahead, engage in lovely, deeper accessions and get the juice of life from these deport sessions and enjoy their work while you're doing it. Thank you so much for taking the scores.