The Productive Entrepreneur : Personal Development & Productivity Hacks | Tony Staunton | Skillshare

The Productive Entrepreneur : Personal Development & Productivity Hacks

Tony Staunton, Reading, writing and teaching.

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39 Lessons (3h 26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Whats on your mind

    • 3. Evernote

    • 4. What is time

    • 5. Time Management

    • 6. Your Schedule

    • 7. Your Morning Routine

    • 8. Your Evenings

    • 9. Its Friday

    • 10. How To Find Your Focus

    • 11. Staying Focused

    • 12. Where To Apply Your Focus

    • 13. How To Form Your Goals

    • 14. Whats Your Purpose

    • 15. No one is an island

    • 16. Team Collaboration

    • 17. Communication Best Practices

    • 18. Email

    • 19. Perfectionism

    • 20. Procrastination

    • 21. Other People

    • 22. Clutter

    • 23. Habits of the Super Productive

    • 24. Habits To Abandon

    • 25. Habits of Famous People

    • 26. Habits Not to Tolerate

    • 27. Habits of Innovators

    • 28. How to develop grit

    • 29. Daily habits

    • 30. Night Time Habits

    • 31. How to recover when plans fail

    • 32. How to stay motivated

    • 33. How to build self confidence

    • 34. How to capture commitments

    • 35. How to stop making excuses

    • 36. How to rest

    • 37. How to wake up early

    • 38. Why leadership matters

    • 39. Conclusion and Thank You


About This Class

What you'll learn

  • Get more done by being more organized which leads to greater personal productivity
  • Apply the habits of the super productive and successful to your everyday life
  • Start to become financially independent by using your new time management skills to work on what you love
  • Reduce stress and anxiety brought on by a lack of control, organization, preparation and action
  • Be more productive and get more done which means make more money
  • Employ time management techniques to boost productivity, ensuring personal development for growth
  • Apply 'time hacking' and other personal productivity tips to boost your output



Entrepreneurs focus on getting a lot done with every minute they have at their disposal - let me show you how.

The Productive Entrepreneur, helping you to get organized, productive and increase your profits.

***Regular course updates.***

***Excellent and fast support.***

Would you like to organize your life, release your personal productivity and get more done than you ever thought possible? Fantastic. The Productive Entrepreneur is perfect for you?

Are you looking for:

  • Fewer distractions, texts, calls, emails, interruptions?

  • To do more and produce better results at work? 

  • A better lifestyle, to provide for those around you?

  • Time for yourself?

  • To control your mind?

  • To experience a state of 'mind like water' and begin to take back control from your fears and anxieties?

Then this course can help you achieve your goals.


Who this course is for:

  • This course is for people like me, entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • You have or want to set up your own business and now find yourself swamped by everything that needs to be done.
  • You simply want to get more done
  • You want to take control of you life and deliver on your potential
  • You want to create for yourself and your family the life you always dreamed of


What do my students say?

"Great tips, big guide to productivity" --Svarbus Nesvarbus

"I really like this course. It is inspiring with some great ideas and quotes." --Anne Sullivan


Course Outline

- Clear Your Mind

Control your mind or it will control you. Getting organized, becoming more productive and making more money starts with freeing your mind. At the end of this section, you will have organized everything that you consider open and distracting.

- Time Management Skills

This section explains to students the importance of time management and why it is so vital to creating and leading an organized and productive life. Time management, sometimes called time hacking, is the cornerstone of any personal development plan.

- Communication

As much as you might think that you are, nobody is an island. The Productive Entrepreneur understands that to get more done can sometimes mean communicating more. After all, you can't do it alone.

- Find Your Focus

Sometimes being an entrepreneur means you have no start or end time. You need to be on call 24/7 which makes focus a key part of your productivity toolkit. Here are some tips to get you started.

- Personal Productivity Blockers

There are many habits that can hamper your productivity. Is perfectionism holding you back? Are you constantly find yourself missing deadlines? Do you say 'Yes' to everything? This section helps you to beat these habits and get more done.

- Personal Productivity Habits

What are the habits of successful people? What are their daily routines? How do they start each day? In this section, we look at the habits that you can learn to bring some organization and productivity to your life.

- Personal Productivity How To's

This section is your 'Go-To' when you have a productivity question. How to stay motivated, wake up earlier, build self-confidence, build persistence and much more. Whenever you have a productivity `How do I...` question this is the section to go to.

- Leadership

No matter what business you are in strong and directed leadership matters. But are leaders born or made? This section will show you some of the traits you will need to become a great leader of your organization, your team and yourself.