The Productive Entrepreneur Part 1: Time Management

Tony Staunton, Reading, writing and teaching.

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10 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Introduction

    • Get Things Off Your Mind

    • Evernote Intro

    • Time Introduction

    • Time Management

    • Your Schedule

    • Your Morning Routine

    • The End of Your Work Day

    • Your Weekends

    • Thank You GTD


About This Class


Want fewer distractions, texts, calls, emails, interruptions? Want to do more and produce better results at work? It's time to start learning how to be organized, which leads to productivity which generates profits.


Do you want a better lifestyle, to provide for those around you & time for yourself? Now is the time to get productive and start to watch the pieces of your life fall in to place.


Getting organised at work generates productivity not only at work but in your personal life as well. When you have mastered those areas you'll experience greater satisfaction with your family and friends.


Control your mind or it will control you. Learn how to experience a state of 'mind like water' and begin to take back control from your fears and anxieties.

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Great course, goes to the point and gives very good tips to increase productivity.
Extremely Informative, Interesting and Thought Provoking. Gives good directions and tips and Is not a waste of your time. You will like to get a notepad and jot down key points throughout the course





Tony Staunton

Reading, writing and teaching.

Hi! I'm Tony. I love to read, write and teach and you could definitely call me a bit of geek. I love all things to do with programming, productivity, books and the internet.

Previously I have run my own software business and won several awards from, most innovative startup to best product. After finding out the hard way just how stressful growing a startup into a business can be I have researched all things to do with productivity and I love helping other become more productive and avo...

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