The Procreate Class: Beginner Basics + Beyond

Kiley Bennett, Artist, Crafter, Designer

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12 Lessons (1h 34m)
    • 1. TRAILER: The Procreate Class

    • 2. What is Procreate?

    • 3. Creating Documents

    • 4. Color + Color Palettes

    • 5. All About Brushes

    • 6. Preferences + Overview

    • 7. Using Quick Shapes

    • 8. Selection Tool + Layers

    • 9. Adding and Editing Text + Importing Fonts

    • 10. Clipping Masks + Transparencies

    • 11. Final Project + Watch Me Work

    • 12. Come Join Me! My Procreate Workflow

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About This Class


Welcome to The Procreate Class! This beginner-level class walks you through the foundations of Procreate and the features I use the most in my every day art practice.

Learning Procreate is simpler than you think, and will completely change your creative life! Whether you aspire to be a professional artist, designer, or illustrator, or you simple love to doodle and draw, this class teaches simple techniques that make a big impact. With every update, Procreate becomes more multi-faceted, powerful, and streamlined. Learning the basics now will create a solid foundation for the future, as you continue to grow with this ever-evolving app.

In this class I cover:

+ Creating a document for web use or printing
+ Color Palettes and Color
+ Brushes: How to import custom brushes and how to edit brushes in Procreate to use them in unique ways
+ Selection Tool + Moving Objects
+ Adding and Editing Text
+ Transparency Masks
+ Clipping Masks
+ Using Layers Effectively

Throughout class we will build upon techniques in every lesson, with 3 opportunities to create artwork for your final project.

CLASS BONUSES: They can be found at . Download all the bonus extras, including 3 custom brushes, a tracing sheet, an editable file, as well as two textures! I cover importing all of these bonuses as we encounter them in the lessons.

After you finish this class, join me for MY PROCREATE WORKFLOW. My Procreate Workflow is a free mini course where I share organizational techniques to work even more efficiently here. Click here to get access!

Here's the color palette we use throughout class: