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Debbie Millman, Writer, educator, artist, brand consultant

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7 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Interview: Adam J. Kurtz

    • 3. Interview: Pam Butler

    • 4. Interview: Giorgia Lupi

    • 5. Interview: Paul Sahre

    • 6. Closing

    • 7. More to Explore

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About This Class

What does visual storytelling mean in 2017? How are artists pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling? And, how do you push the limits in crafting your visual stories?

Join writer, educator, artist, AIGA Medalist, and design advocate Debbie Millman for an exciting class on the real-life practice of visual storytelling! You'll go behind-the-scenes at the School of Visual Arts in New York City for 4 exclusive interviews with fascinating creatives:

  • Adam J. Kurtz talks intentionality, caveats for handwritten fonts, and the importance of revealing personal vulnerability.
  • Pam Butler reflects on the power of image, shares how visual stories can be a form of activism, and encourages artists to seize opportunities (and never wait for permission) to make work.
  • Giorgia Lupi speaks on the "Information Age" and shares her unique process for transforming data into hand-drawn graphics, encouraging students to experiment with "rule-based art" of their own.
  • Paul Sahre talks about the fascinating editorial process of combining text and image in his recent graphic design memoir, the pain of editing, and the role of designer as visual storyteller.

Visual storytelling refers to work combining visuals and language to convey a narrative. This can include visual essays, posters, books, objects, and more. Students are encouraged to discover, create, and share their own inspiring visual stories, and use this class as a community for feedback and inspiration.

The class is ideal for designers, artists, and everyone seeking to make sense of stories in the world. Use these lessons as inspiration and advice for the stories you're excited to tell — and get ready to bring language, art, and stories together in unprecedented, meaningful, and personal ways.



Top Left Clockwise: Adam J. Kurtz, Pam Butler, Paul Sahre, Giorgia Lupi


Looking for more? Explore Debbie's Skillshare class The Art of the Story: Creating Visual Narratives, a 60-minute exploration of historical and contemporary notions visual storytelling, packed with actionable tips and demonstration to help you craft your own visual narrative!


Please Note: Images in this class may contain mature language.