The Power of Marketing Your Art in Collections | Shelley Hitz | Skillshare

The Power of Marketing Your Art in Collections

Shelley Hitz, Watercolor and Lettering Artist

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11 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Market Your Art in Collections

    • 3. Base Product Line

    • 4. Seasonal Product Lines

    • 5. The How

    • 6. Examples

    • 7. Product Bundles

    • 8. Brainstorm

    • 9. Timeline

    • 10. Your Project

    • 11. Final Thoughts


About This Class


Are you an Etsy shop owner or do you have a shop on your website and you are tired of launching and marketing new products constantly?

Are you not seeing the traction you truly want to see with your art business?

Do you want to see your sales take off in even a bigger way?

In this class we're going to talk about marketing your art in collections. This means you will create six to 10 different items to sell and launch at one time. This will dramatically decrease the launch fatigue for yourself, but also for your followers and customers so that they'll get really excited for what you have to offer instead of your products blending in with everything else going on.

Collections can really help you to get momentum in your marketing to help decrease your burnout, but it can also spark new creativity for you. As you think about themes or names for your collections, it gets you and your customers excited. It gives you a reason to market to your customers that doesn't feel spammy or pushy and is overall a great strategy to use when marketing your artwork.

Big companies use these strategies and you will also see this in fashion. For example, you'll see the new fashion trends for the fall or the winter or the spring. They tend to be seasonal and so we're going to talk a little bit about how we can apply some of these strategies to your business.

In this class, you will learn some best use strategies when it comes to marketing in collections.

If you're burned out on marketing and want better results, I encourage you to take this class and put it to action.

Start planning your next collection launch. I cannot wait to see what you create.