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The Power of Live Giveaways Online with Bitcoin!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Online giveaways can be amazing and frustrating to do well!

    • 2. Where are the best places to do giveaways and contests?

    • 3. What are the limitations and risks with running a contest?

    • 4. How I introduced live giveaways on YouTube

    • 5. What type of giveaways am I using today

    • 6. Why I use bitcoin for live giveaways on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch

    • 7. Offering a higher level giveaway to customers

    • 8. Where I got my inspiration to start replacing my online ads with giveaways

    • 9. Example of the live giveaway as it happens on my stream for the first time with bitcoin

    • 10. Why I stopped doing these giveaways even though they worked!

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About This Class

Would you like to see how I did giveaways on my YouTube channel and am still doing them in my masters of online business administration Facebook group?  Watch this class to avoid the mistakes I made in doing giveaways online and to access the huge power that comes with having contests during a live event on the internet!

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the class!


Jerry Banfield

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Online giveaways can be amazing and frustrating to do well!: welcome the live giveaways here with me. Jerry Banfield. I hope that the experience I share with you in this class will give you inspiration and things to avoid when it comes to doing live giveaways online. I've seen, I've heard, and I've experienced the power of doing live giveaways online to produce massive results in terms of getting viewers. When I first started my twitch channel, I did a lot of live giveaways. I built up a ton of followers very quickly because I was giving out So Maney $10 codes. I also show you in this class what I did to do giveaways on my YouTube channel, and it seemed to get people to comment a lot more to B'more engaged in interactive with the video. The problem is, while live giveaways do work extremely well, especially on Facebook, live according to clients or friends in My Master's, an online business administration group, they're doing really while giving away products online with Facebook live giveaways, according to many other things I've read and seen life giveaways work really good. The problem is, live giveaways also have a lot of traps. They also have a lot of conditions They also have Ah lot of unforeseen problems. So I'll show you both the actual demonstration. Live as I per do the live give Boys introduced them on my YouTube channel, and I will explain to you then why I stopped doing live. Give boys, which in short, is because they take a lot of effort. They have a lot of terms and conditions. Now what I dio are give aways specifically available in my master's in online business administration group. So I hope this inspires you the way it inspired me to try something new to see what's possible. And I'll hope to give you information that will allow you to avoid doing the things wrong that I did wrong and that you can skip straight to doing things in a way that's effective for you. Thank you so much for getting started with this, and I hope you love and enjoy this class 2. Where are the best places to do giveaways and contests?: Where are the best places to do giveaways online? I tried to give as much away as I could on YouTube and on Facebook during live streams, and I think I'll look show you my Facebook page here. I think that Facebook Live is one of the very best places to do a giveaway based on what members of my Masters and Online Business administration group are saying and based on the amount of reach and attention I've got on some of my life streams. So, like, I just did this live stream a few minutes ago. It reached 40,000 people, got 1000 views, and it got people interacting and commenting, even though I wasn't giving anything away. I am up offering jobs now, which I suppose that's something. But I wasn't giving anything away or doing anything with it. Now when I did the giveaways, I got even Mawr engagement, and I've seen Screenshots from my Masters, an online business administration group of incredible results on online giveaways, because it just goes viral and gets out there to everyone you can imagine. I'm running. This is an ad you can imagine something similar to this with just hundreds of thousands of views closer to a 1,000,000 people reached and just tons of shares. Interaction. This is similar to what the give always look like, except the giveaways I've seen. Others do really well. Have a ton of comments eat like thousands of comments on them Now I think this means that giveaways have fantastic potential. If you're trying to do something like build up a twitch channel, for example, I built my first several 100 followers or so on twitch. It's hard to get followers on twitch, and I all zoom in. Maybe it's not going to show it to you here. I've got 1800 followers here. If I take off this top thing, you'll see it says that I've got I zoom in there, 1800 followers on Twitch, And that's difficult because Twitch is just for following while your lives, you essentially have to get the followers while you're live. So the hardest thing to do on Twitter just to get off the ground to get those first few 100 followers well, what I did on Twitch after $10 Xbox and PlayStation codes for following May, and I got a ton of followers I got a ton of people watching my channel really fast because it's difficult when you're down there to get anyone to watch. But, hey, if you're if people see money in the title and they see in the comments that people are actually getting gift cards given out live than that creates this huge interest, and that allows you to go right up to the top of the category, even if you hardly have any followers. So I've used this very successfully on twitch to build up followers and to get I actually made excuse me, the twitch home page I got on the twitch home page as a result of continuing forward with this strategy giving away. And even after I stopped the giveaways, I had so much momentum on Twitch that it was just enough to kick me off into the home page one day, where I then got hundreds of more followers, hundreds of people watching it once. So if you're starting out somewhere new, a giveaway can be really powerful as long as there's some built in way to attract more views. So if you're trying to do you build your Facebook page and build a group up. Build your YouTube general, build a twitch up the instagram. Doing giveaways can be a great way to build things up. However, giveaways can also produce a lot of problems, a lot of challenges, so I'm going to talk more about that next. 3. What are the limitations and risks with running a contest?: What is the main downside to doing giveaways? The biggest downside to doing giveaways is that each place you do a giveaway has or likely has its own rules related to what you can do. And for this reason, I will show you how I set my giveaways up. But I've discontinued doing giveaways anywhere except skill share strictly through my master's, an online business administration Facebook group because off all these terms and conditions . So let me show you. While YouTube and Facebook twitch, present outstanding opportunities to use giveaways to boost your followers to get a lot of attention. Each of these places has their own rules, so you tube. You must have. When you do a YouTube contest, YouTube has an entire page just on contests, so you have to follow all these rules in order to have a contest that you need to have an official set of rules. It has to be conducted. You see, there's all kinds of different things that you're supposed to do now. Lots of people you might see running contests. Mayor may not be following the rules. Now That's not up to me or you or another user to try and police other people per se. It's what I see. It's up to me to follow the rules if I'm going to run a contest. So this is challenging because you may see pages channels doing things that violate the rules are not using an official set of rules, for example, or you not doing any off things that comply with the rules. And yet you might try doing that and get banned or have your page removed. So for me, I avoid doing things where I have to stick to a bunch of rules. And this is why I stopped doing the giveaways because there's so many rules and I have to do the rules page and then so on Facebook, Facebook has its own set of rules to so fuse Facebook. To do a promotion, you have to have official rules. Official eligibility requirements Now, sure, the easiest thing you could just right up in official rules page if you want to and have all the information on the contest. So if doing a contest or giveaways critical to your business system, then I recommend just make up a page. You could even put it on your legal page or your terms and conditions. Just make a link to your official terms and condition and make sure you include all of these different requirements. Now, the problem is for me, the contest must be free toe enter as well, so you can't run things. I the iced ended up running a contest that violated this condition. Your contest must be free. I required people it to give me $5 a month on Patron and then I was offering lots of great rewards for that. So you have to have a free contest to do the rules. You can't require people to make a purchase or something like that. And then you can't manipulate to pay other people that manipulate the metrics to get those up. Either eso You can also ask the user to give all rights for transfer their entry to you. So a lot of the things you might want to do, for example, have a picture or video contest where they give you copyright, then you can't do that either, and you can't charge for people enter or require them to pay something. So the Facebook rules, then that you have to put these additional things. So if you do have a contest that fits within these policies, then I would say Just set up a page on your website, and I'm not willing to do that. I'm not willing to go through all the effort because for me personally, it's too much time and effort with how my business is set up. Now, if you sell physical products, I recommend trying a giveaway, especially live. Give away. It's worth the effort. If you sell physical products, go through, read all these terms, get everything set up and then try a physical product. Give away because you should be able to make a lot of other sales on the product in the same context of giving it away now. I also discontinued giveaways because patri ons terms and conditions, and that's where I really wanted to get people. Patron does not allow any giveaways at all, because since Patriot is money on Lee, you have to pay to be a patron. It doesn't allow offering as a reward access to giveaways because then that is considered by some states as gambling because you're giving money for a chance result, so that also then violates the YouTube terms and conditions. You can't run any kind of contest to Patriot or anywhere people have to pay to sign up. And then on websites like Twitch Twitch says that you I agree that you will not and then down here or do any of the preceding things related to promotional give aways. So now that might just be mailing or spamming or things like that. However, the one thing I've seen on Twitch is that they're not big on giveaway. So while I didn't get in trouble for doing giveaways on Twitch, I also didn't get to be like a big time twitch user doing that as well. So some websites may just hate giveaways. I recommend read those terms and conditions. And if you've heard this disclaimer, if you've seen the things that I've ran into that I didn't like that frustrated me with contests, I want you to know these things up front, and then I will show you next how I set up and did my give boys in a format that I think you can adapt and do way better than I did. I had a lot of interest and excitement in doing the giveaways as I did them. And even though they weren't some of the way, the way I show you, the giveaways in this class were mostly within the rules. So I encourage you to adapt yours, make yours within the rules. And they work really well if done right, especially with a physical product. So thank you very much for experiencing this with me today. Next, I will show you the next six videos or show I will go through and show you how I originally launched my giveaways. Exactly. Live as I did it on my YouTube channel. And then I'll wrap up with you at the end here with another video that's exclusive to skill share. 4. How I introduced live giveaways on YouTube: starting with this video. I'm doing $10 live giveaways on all of my life Streams $10 in Bitcoin on every live video I make like this. And if you watch my League of Legends videos $10 riot points in addition to the Bitcoin, I think you're going to love this new system. And I'm going to explain it completely right now for you here on YouTube, on Facebook or on Twitch. So I'm going to start out and explain the whole system, and I will show you. Also, insiders get even bigger rewards. I'm looking over to check how my face looks in this slide. So if you're on patron dot com slash jury Banfield, there will also be additional giveaways for 100 plus dollars every month. So if you pay $10 a month, you'll be able to get in on some of the 100 plus dollar a month. Give boys same thing on skill share. If you go to skill share dot com slash arse. Last year, a Banfield in your premium member I will have 100 plus dollar giveaways for you there as well. So what I'm going to do in this video and live stream is explained to you and show you how I do it live. How to participate in these giveaways with me. And I will answer the question. Why do I do these live giveaways at all? Why am I going to put out all my money to do these live? Give voice here with you. And where will the giveaways happen? All of that is available. Just look at jerry banfield dot com slash giveaways. I'm going to go over each point of it with you here in either amazing or painful detail and show you the entire system. My goal is to start giving $1000 a month away along with my $1000 ad budget. So that's $2000 a month. I'm making available to you that air here right now and the 1000. I'm hoping to do $100,000 total in 2017 and scale these rewards up as I make more money. What I want to do I will show you exactly how this works. I hope that the more you help me, the more I help you. And we can make this a symbiotic relationship, so I'll show you right now the entire details of everything at jury banfield dot com slash giveaways. And then at the end of this live stream, I'm going to give one of you watching $10 in Bitcoin paid to right away. And if you're not ready to take it, just learn how you can be ready for each future video right now is the very best time. The competition is lower than it will ever be. The competition's going to get insane for these. Give boys in the future. I've just started this. So right now is the very easiest time to get in on these. And let's go. Let's show you exactly how this is going to work. So first I'm gonna put my new banner up here and we're going to tab over and read this page on my website now here together. So this page jerry banfield dot com slash giveaways explains to you exactly how I'm going to do these giveaways. So I'll do a shout out here with you. And I hope this I'm also recording. This is a skill share course. I hope this is a really good look at the inside of how to do. Ah, great business system using giveaways to use your advertising budget to make a way to give back to your fans and get your fans to share and work with you together here. So on this jury banfield dot com slash giveaways. I'm just pulling the Facebook comments. I can just see the Facebook comment up now, Brendan says. Wouldn't it be better to save that 1000 a month? Well, I'm betting. Giving out $10 on every live video and giving out the money I'm giving out will actually bring me back twice a smudge three times as much, five times 10 times as much. I don't know what I'm betting that goodwill based on the I have I made a Facebook group, my Facebook group, that you can join a jury banfield dot com slash patron and I'll move. I guess I move my head. That left you joined my Facebook group. I just got an idea seeing a post in my Facebook group this week, one of the members said he made 54,000 euros doing giveaways for 27 euro product on his page, and I'm thinking, Wow, all I need to do is start giving more on my page, and I will start getting more back. So that's what I'm doing. Often in life. You get what you give away. So sure, I could try and hoard all my money, but I'd rather give it out to you and see what you give back. So where are the daily giveaways? There's three basic places thes giveaways, air goingto happen, and one of them will happen at the very end of this video. Now, I'm not live on Twitch doing this one, but for my League of Legends videos, I will be live on YouTube and twitch usually. So this is a giveaway available. If you're a subscriber on YouTube or if you like my Facebook page, you can get $10 in Bitcoin at the end of this video sent live while we're here, so I'll show you exactly how to do that. So what you want to do for either of these make sure you followed me or subscribed or like my page on every different spot? Because the giveaways will happen in different places. One day they might be only on YouTube. Another day they might be on Leon Twitch, another day they might be on Lee on Facebook. So if you're in all three of these places, you use these buttons on the jury banfield dot com slash giveaway. Then you get on each of these, and then these are the places I'll be doing the giveaways live right out in the open in the chat. So what I'm about to show now is a complete system for doing the giveaways. I've shown you this set up. I've given you the introduction, and now the next step is to show you how the giveaways work. 5. What type of giveaways am I using today: So here's how the giveaways work and what they include. So what did the giveaways include? $10 in Bitcoin on every live video. That means this one and indefinitely on the rest, I will give you $10 if you're a subscriber fan on Facebook or follow on twitch. What you need to do is listen each video Teoh here where and when to comment and what to comment with what you also need is a big coin payment address. So I will. I have a Bitcoin payment address a Bitcoin payment address. I'll skip ahead a little bit in case you are preferring to just get right to the point. So this is a Bitcoin payment address you see down here on the bottom. This is an example of what a Bitcoin payment address works. This is what you'll need to get paid in Bitcoin you need one of these or I can't pay you. And if you don't know how to get one of those, that's good. I'm gonna go through all of that with you here. Bitcoin is kind of like a Wikipedia for money and the very simplest form of it. It's a currency issued and managed by users online. It's great for online payments, anonymous shopping and moving of money. It's very easy to send payments globally. So that's why I'm doing this in Bitcoin. So in every live video, I'm doing $10 Bitcoin giveaways and you have to have that address in order to comment. So if you've got a big coin address, get that address ready. I will tell you when to comment later in this live video. And when you comment when I asked for it with what I ask, then I will send you the Bitcoin while the video still on, I can very easily and quickly send it so I will send it while the videos on. If you want riot points, I realize that some of you, just no matter what I say, will not sign up and go get a Bitcoin wallet. I realized my largest gaming audience is here for Riot Point. So on every League of Legends video, check this out on every league of Legends video. I'm also doing a $10 riot point giveaway. Now riot point giveaway. I will give you a prepaid code. You go into purchase riot points, you put the code in. It will give you 1380 riot points, which is enough for many skins. It's enough for I think that's enough for me, a new champion. I haven't bought one in a while, but his 1380 riot points I'm giving out on every single league of legends video, So I think you will really enjoy that. And I will do these one of two ways. I either ask for comments in the chat, and then I'll private message you with the code or I'll simply posted in the chat as a free phone say, Hey, I'm gonna drop this in the chat in 10 seconds. Get ready and whoever paste the code in and redeems at first gets it. If you want the really high value giveaways, I'm giving 100 plus dollars a month to my patrons on Patron, so you have to be on patrons of you. Click on the patron link here. It will take you over to my patron page, and you must have selected to become a patron level at at least $10 a month. Now, each of these levels has rewards. There's at least 20 people who have already went and tested this out before you. They've already went and tested it before you, and then they've went down here so you can verify their people have already signed up. You can get into my Facebook group for $25 a month, or you can get all my courses free for $10 a month or I'll go on the partner more is going to have some really cool reward. Soon I'll do word of mouth marketing for you for 97 a month, and I've got a call in Live Stream award available as well. So you pick your reward, and this also gets you on jury Banfield and friends. So that's one way. But these air just for the higher level giveaways. You don't have to be on these to get the $10 ones, but if you want higher value giveaways, you can get it on patri in, and you can get it on skill share. Once a month on skill share, I'm going to put up a class that is just premium members on Lee, and then I'm going to offer the giveaways in the comments in that class so if you're on skill share, you can sign up for us. A little is 99 cents a month using my direct skill share link. You click here and it will go over and take you straight to my profile, and it will make you an offer that you can. You'll see here for a limited time. It'll show you that Jury Banfield's given you premium for 99 cents a month. So between patron and skill share of access to $200 or more a month and giveaways on top of the ones I do in my free videos. Until now, I'm not going to mention anything about the higher level giveaways for a little while. I'll stick to just the $10 giveaways now. So who wins the giveaways and how do they work? The basic thing you have to do is comment at the right time, with the right message in the right place. If I asked you to put your Bitcoin payment address on Twitch, for example, and share the champion, you like best in league of legends than those of the instructions. And that's how I'll pick a winner. First person to do that will win. Now, in this video, I'll give you exact instructions on how to comment and get the $10 the very end. I will let you know. Now you're going to need your Bitcoin payment address. Just like hawks Ian just shared in the chat on YouTube. You're going to need your Bitcoin payment address. And it looks just like that. Or I'll show you down here again. It looks just like this. You need a payment address? This is my Bitcoin payment address. If you feel like sending me some Bitcoin right now, this is pasted in the description and Facebook, at least on the giveaways page. You can send me as much Bitcoin is you want there. So you have to comment at the right time to win. Now, once you've won, I will say Hey, whatever your name is, you've won. Here's what you need to dio. You must agree to these conditions and all of this will be done completely and open on the livestream. Nothing on the down. Lower discreet. I will say before you received the gift, you must agree to these conditions. I will ask if you I accept the terms and conditions first that you agree you are legally allowed to receive money from me Based on your age and location, I'm going to take your word for it. I'm going to trust that you know the law where you are living and that you are capable of receiving a payment form from me for you in exchange for advertising for me so that you are of legal age, wherever you're at and that you are able to receive a business payment from me in exchange for services rendered. I will ask you to confirm that. And if you say yes in the chat, then when I will do, I will say I will ask you. Do you agree to do the following for me in exchange for the money I send you? And this is why it's called a giveaway. Because I'm giving it to you first. And then I'm asking you to do this after you receive the money I'm asking. All I'm asking you to Dio in exchange for receiving the money is to share the story off the giveaway on your favorite social media account. So, for example, if you are watching on YouTube and you like using, Let's say Facebook's your favorite. You or Instagram. You post on there every day. What I'm asking you to do after I send you the money share the story of the Give Oy And I've got an example here, Right here, for example. You could post on Facebook. You won't believe this. A few days ago, I search for a League of Legends Patch video. I found this guy, Jerry Banfield. I watched his livestream today. He gave me $10 in riot points in exchange for commenting with my current solo Que rank. And he gave me a $10 prepaid code, which I already redeemed. Here's a link to the video. So this is an advertising expense. I am paying you to advertise me to your friends and I'm going. I'm calling it a giveaway because I'm giving you the money first. I'm going to trust after I give the money that you do it. Rather, whatever you do is up to you. I trust that I'll give you the money or I'll give you the riot points and I'm asking you to share what happened on your Facebook. If you have a Facebook profile on your instagram to share it If you have a YouTube channel , whatever you use to just share that and tell your friends about it because they might be interested to know, really, You got $10 riot point card out of a some YouTube streamer, and I think your friends might enjoy hearing the story and want to ask you about it. So that's what I'm asking in exchange for giving you this $10. Now, why am I doing these giveaways? After spending over $200,000 that's five zeroes and it to $200,000 on Google AdWords and Facebook ads to promote my business, I'm thinking I would rather spend by next $200,000 with you. And I say that collectively, because in English you is both singular and plural, whereas in languages like German, there's three different ways you can say you at least that I remember off hand so I can say you in English and mean you individually and all of you that are watching. So I'd rather spend my $200,000 advertising budget with you, and I want to get something out of that $200,000 ad budget. I want to make 500,000 or $1,000,000 off of the 200,000 I pay you, just like I did paying Google and Facebook. When I pay you to do this, I'm looking at it this way. If I paid 20,000 at $10.20,000 times, I'm very likely to build my audience up massively with your friends. So that's I'm having faith in you instead of a big company. I'm putting my money out there with you instead of someone else. And my question is, will you help prove me right for the skill share course? I think this is a great way to pitch and do a giveaway exactly as I've executed it. So I think this might be useful for you if you want to set your own giveaway up. 6. Why I use bitcoin for live giveaways on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch: welcome to this next lecture. Now I think Bitcoin is a really powerful giveaway tool. So what I've done is I've set up a way to educate and tell you how to accept and make a Bitcoin wallet. Because the one thing the one thing you really need to do, this whole system is a Bitcoin wallet because most of my giveaways will be in Bitcoin along with every league of legends video having riot points as well. But on every league of Legends video, I will also do Bitcoin. So you really need a Bitcoin wallet to take full advantage of these giveaways. And if you go grab the Bitcoin wallet before everyone else does, it's watching. You have the best chance to get over and over and over to get giveaways. So what is Bitcoin and how do I use it? I encourage you read the Wikipedia article on Bitcoin. If you've never heard about it, you can see it's a crypto currency payment system. You can see categorizes. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, often called a crypto currency. You read all about it here on Wikipedia. In summary, Bitcoin is like online cash, created and managed by individual users. I think that like a Wikipedia for money, and I think Bitcoin has the same potential to transform the way we use money online, just like Wikipedia has transformed how we access information about certain subjects. For example, the US dollars created an issued by the United States of America's federal government. Bitcoin is created and managed and used by users just like you and me online, so Bitcoin allows for very quick payments globally. And there's one big coin feature that I've used because it's so easy. Now if I try and ask you, let's say I want to give you $10 via PayPal. Then I have to ask you to put personal information out there to do that, like your email address or something, and I don't want to have to do that with Bitcoin, you can share something with May like your Bitcoin address, like our TMG TV sports talk just shared. You can put your Bitcoin address right out in public in the open, and while it will allow me to send you money, it won't allow anyone else practically to come track you down. It doesn't share any personal information is just a random collection of numbers. So I looked for to use Bitcoin for my gifts online because then you can comment with your Bitcoin address. If I require you to use u R l or email, that's not a good way to do it. So I've got I've chosen Bitcoin because it's very easy to do this whole system with. And this way all you have to do is comment. I don't have to private message you, Aiken directly send you the Bitcoin when you give me the address. So that's why I've chosen Bitcoin. Now, if you don't have a Bitcoin wallet, you have no idea what Bitcoin is. Fortunately, I've got everything in a really simple way that you can sign up and receive Bitcoin within a few minutes. So what you need, what do you need when you have cash while you need one of these? Yeah, I've got cash in my wallet here. I've got I've got I've got some cash in my wallet and then if I want to spend that cash, I need to take that cash out and give someone else that cash. And if I want to make money, I need the wallet to receive the cash in. So with Bitcoin, you need the same thing. You need a wallet online to receive your big coin with. And then you can just hold on the Bitcoin. Or you can cash it out into something like us dollars, euros, pounds. Whatever it is, you want to cash it out too. So what you need is a wallet, and once you get a wallet, you will get a Bitcoin wallet address. Now, what do I use for my Bitcoin wallet? I use coin base. So what I've got is a direct link to the exact a Bitcoin wallet I use now, thankfully, Bitcoin has a referral for a coin. Based has a nice refer a friend program it uses here. So you'll see when you click the link. It says Jury Banfield has invited you to try coin base. So if you click on this, how do I receive and spend Bitcoin? Or if you click on one of these Bitcoin links over here, or if you copy the address directly right here and use it, then what? You'll see, you'll see. Jury Banfield has invited you to try coin based. Now read the terms here with coin base, you can send Bitcoin a me or anyone else, and that means you can receive it as well. When you sign up and buy or sell your 1st $100 you will both earn. So that means if you create a wallet and deposit $100 on it, coin base will give you 10 more dollars, so they give you 10% on your $100 they'll give me 10% to or if you win 10 times in a row from me, sending you Bitcoin ing. You sell that out and take $100 in cash than both of us will also get $10. So all you do to sign up you put your first name last name email. Choose a password and sign up. Now Coin base is available in 38 countries. When you go through this process, you'll see if it's available in yours. It's available in the U. S. And Canada, and most countries are lots of countries in Europe and in Asia. It's available in Singapore and maybe some others. It's also available in Australia. If you can't use coin base, you don't want to use coin base, just Google Bitcoin wallet, and you can find other alternatives to get a Bitcoin wallet. I choose coin Base, and I've been referring other people a coin based. You'll see. I've already referred 50 friends 50 people before. You have already used this link, and I've got 770,000 plus bits. That's about 1/7 of a Bitcoin that's about 76 or $700 I've got from coined based. I've already referred 50 people before you who have already spent bought $100 in Bitcoin or sold $100 in Bitcoin, and I probably referred. Thousands more women went through that process. So this is the wallet I use. This is the wallet I will send you your Bitcoin with. I use coin base because it's insured. So one of the riskiest things with Bitcoin is the fact that someone can simply steal it, just like with your wallet in person. Like if someone walks up on the street and mugs me, they can take my wallet while online. If you don't use the right Bitcoin wallet, you can get mugged online. Essentially, someone can steal all your Bitcoin. There's nothing you can do about it. Not so on coined based coin bases insured. So if my big coin gets stolen from coin based, somehow I will get all my money back. And in fact, in my U S. Dollar wallet on coin based, my money's actually F d I c insured, just like in a bank account. That's why I use coin base for my Bitcoin wallet. What you need to do then, Once you you want, you sign up and have a wallet, you go over and click on the accounts button. Here, you click on accounts and then you get your Bitcoin wallet address. So you get something that looks just like this, and that's what you need to be able to win all these giveaways. You need a Bitcoin wallet address and as I will send a winner at the end of this using this exact system so you'll see how this works here. I appreciate you watching through this. It looks like we've got 30 or 40 people watching all the right way through this. So you've got good chance if you hang around, then in this video, you could literally go sign up on coin base between now and when I actually give out the Bitcoin and grab your Bitcoin wallet in this amount of time. So I got the links right here on the jury Banville dot com slash giveaways page. And you can click any of this now. One final thing. I've got a big, huge button down here. You can click as well. One last thing about how How do I use Bitcoin? You might ask. Okay. You send me this $10 in Bitcoin. What do I do with it? I think you might just want to hold it because I think the price someday will be 10 or maybe even 100 times what it is now. Your $10 today and Bitcoin might be worth $100 in a year or two, and it might be worth $1000 in 10 or 20 years. You might think that is a little investment with big growth potential. So think about that. I send you $10. Now you forget about it. You check your wallet in a few years and you realize while there's now several 100 maybe even $1000 in there, that this guy gave me. That's why I think it's so cool now. You also, if you use, you can actually use wall of coins dot com. I own 1/2 percent of wall of coins and of sold over $20,000 in Bitcoin on wall of coins. If you use wall of coins dot com, you can actually link a bank account and to get direct cash deposits out of your Bitcoin using wall of coins. So that's another alternative. But you can also spend your Bitcoin online, for example, on my website. I take orders with Bitcoin on my website and there's many websites online. You can use Bitcoin to pay for things. So big coin is extremely useful online for making payments, and it might be a good investment or simply a good way to try something new. So you need a Bitcoin wallet in order to participate in the Bitcoin giveaways. You do not need this for the riot point. So what you do, you click on here and you'll go to a link just like this. You'll see the simple sign up form, and then you can start using your coin based account. Now I will quickly hint on how the patron giveaways work and the premium skill share giveaways, work and some that up with why I'm doing these next. 7. Offering a higher level giveaway to customers: now, I think if you're going to do a great job with giveaways, I think it's essential to have some higher level give away. So I'm offering $10 for every live video, plus $10 in riot points for League of Legends videos. However, that's still gonna be small compared to the higher level rewards. So if you become a patron on Pay Trahn, then I'm going to give even greater rewards on Patron. So what I can do on Patron there's a little option. You see these posts here. I can make posts that are only available to people who have already signed up to contribute to my monthly campaign on Patron. So the very best giveaways I'm going to do it will be available on patri on and skill share . Why? Because on YouTube or Facebook, even right now there might be 20 or 30 other people trying to get the $10 at the end of this video. However, I'm patron, you may be the Onley one who takes the time to go through the posts and look for the giveaways, or there might only be a handful of people. So on YouTube and Facebook and twitch I'm going to be putting. I'm trying to put at least $500 up for grabs for free, but you might have 10 or 20,000 people competing with you, not necessarily in the beginning, but as this grows over time, you might have 10 or 20,000 compete people competing with you to grab those $500. Now you see, there's 170 patrons on my patron page, and a lot of them don't actively check the pages. They just wanted to get into the Facebook group. They just wanted my courses, and they don't pay much attention to my page. That means there's probably only 10 people on Patri on, and I'm putting up at least $100 on patron a month, so that gives you really good odds. You give me $10 a month and you'll have access to a much bigger give away with less competition on patron everyone month plus, depending on what war do you choose, you can get all my courses free for $10 a month. You enjoy my Facebook group for $25 a month, and I'm continuing to build up the bigger rewards. So if you want the higher giveaways, Patron would be the easiest place to actually make a profit without having to sit and watch my live streams over and over again, coming at just the right time and get lucky enough to get chosen out of the comments. I'm also offering the same thing on skill share. So on skill share you conjoined for $99 a month and be eligible for another $100 on skill share. So, yes, you could literally spend $10 a month with me and patron 99 cents a month for the 1st 3 months on skill share and have access to 200 plus dollars of giveaways, and all you would need to do is put in a good effort at it. When you see an email that I put the premium skill share class up, then go in for it. So what I'm offering on skill share, I'm making most all of my courses available for free now on skill share. That means you don't have to be a paying member to watch my Corson skill share. However, what I'm going to do is make one special premium course a month, and in that course I will offer 100 plus dollars as rewards for participating in the course discussions. So if you're a premium member, you'll be able to get in those discussions. Those should be very low competition at first. Also, that might only be 10 or so people who potentially are going to go for those You have $100 a month up for grabs on both of these with very low competition. So I think that if you if you want to get the very most, I think these two offer great opportunities. Plus, you do a ton of great learning and growing. I think if you watch my course on skill share, you look at my courses for free on patri on. The main thing I do is teach people how to build businesses like I have online, and there's no reason you can't do it. I'm giving you everything that I know how to do, which is proven to work for me. And then if you apply, you should be able to make your own business online, too. So I think it's important if you're going to have a giveaway system to have some logical up sell to it. So this is my up cell in my giveaway system that if you actually get the $10 you might be motivated, like, Hey, I got $10 out of him. Maybe I'll try and grab those higher level giveaways now, since he already gave me this $10 maybe I'll try and grab those higher level giveaways he makes available and then see if I can make some real money that way. So I think if you're going to do a giveaway system online, you need to have a strong business system behind it. My patri on page is a very strong business system. It produces recurring income. My skill share, I think, has great potential in it already produces hundreds of dollars of month to put courses on. So these are the two systems I'm using to essentially bring money back in out of my giveaway system. And the beauty of this is the more giveaways I do. The more people I that you talked to about me, the more people will come in and take my skill share classes and pledging my patri on page and I think that will pay for all the giveaways I'm doing, along with potentially, the referrals on coin based might occasionally pay for themselves. But given how many people I've reached 50 friends to coin base and $10 Bitcoin every day, I'd have to make a new referral, the coin based every day that actually paid. And that seems like a bit of a stretch. So I'm fine just breaking even doing this system financially because it's a good thing I can do for you. And when I do good for you, you don't good for me. 8. Where I got my inspiration to start replacing my online ads with giveaways: now, the final thing that I make is powerful for giveaways is to explain why even do the give away in the first place? That's a key step in here. And then right after that, I'm going to show you the giveaway. Live as it happens. So why do the giveaways? I've been reading a book, a Tony Robbins book called Money Master. The Game. I've made a direct link there with a nice little affiliate link. I might potentially make 10 or 15 cents of you buy this book through my affiliate link, and this is a book I'm reading right now. I'm actually listening to it on Audible Money. Master the Game by Tony Robbins, and he shares a great story in here that helped me understand what I might be able to do to help you. He said his family was dirt poor. They were totally broke when he was 11 years old, and they weren't expecting anything for the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is a US holiday that occurs at the end of November, and his family, he said, didn't have any food in the fridge, so they weren't expecting to have any holiday dinner. He said a man he didn't know showed up at the door with a full a meal for them, literally. A stranger just simply gave him and his family a complete holiday meal. Excuse May. And starting that day, he knew that the world was not just full of selfish people who were out to take things, but that the world was filled with loving, kind and generous people who are out there to help and knowing that motivated him to try and live the same way. Now he's went on to help millions of people empower their lives, including me and his book. His book has helped me, and now I've been connected with him, and the people that are going to his seminars are now discovering me as the hands on practical help for executing some of the things he's motivated them to do. So people are going to his workshops that were inspired by this random generosity. Let him a big change in his life. They're now coming to me, and they're the same kind of people who are pledging hundreds of dollars a month on Patron to talk to me and be on my livestream and you're going to see some of them soon. I'm grateful I have a call right after this with a patron on patron. That's on the call in live stream level. So what I hope to do is show you that same generosity and loving spirit online. While you might think the Internet's full of scams and sick people, I hope to show you even if it's just giving you $10 in Bitcoin or $10 in riot points, I hope to show you that there really are loving, generous people out there anywhere in the world who will just give to you out of the kindness of our hearts to give to you and have faith that you'll do something useful with the money, like the man gave to Tony Robbins for dinner gave him and his family dinner with the hope that they would pay it forward, that they would live a good life out of it. So I appreciate you reading this. I hope you enjoy the giveaways on what I'm going to do now is demonstrate alive giveaway as I actually do it. For the first time in this format, I've already given away about $3000 in online gaming codes to people just like you watching here. So now I've got a more organized system for doing the same thing I used to do in a completely chaotic way. So many of these things. It just takes iteration trial and error to get down a better and better system. I value your feedback about this system. 9. Example of the live giveaway as it happens on my stream for the first time with bitcoin: so thank you very much for watching. I realize this has been long winded. I've attempted to explain everything in painful detail so that for the most enthusiastic followers that you have everything you need to be equipped. Now I'm about to do the live giveaway here. Where are more people watching? There's more people watching on YouTube. The live giveaway is about to happen on YouTube. Now, here's what you need to do to get the live give away. So what? I would like you to comment on YouTube with comment with your Bitcoin address and how you first found May how you first ended up finding one of my videos and wound up here today that I will give the Bitcoin to the best description I see of this. So the best description, the most detailed description is that's what I'm looking for. I'd like you to be able to tell me exactly what video you found. Exactly what you watched, how long you've been following how you ended up on this live stream today. I would like to do that, and so I'll show you the I think I can break the chat out into the A separate window here, So good. I'll put this back up here and all. I'll see if I can do the chat over here. Let's let me go. Grab the words. The chat. Okay, so this this is a This is what I'm asking for on here. Can I zoom this animal? I don't so and I for whoever's going toe win. I trust that you are allowed by the laws off wherever you're at. I trust you to know whether you're allowed to receive this or not Coined. Based, I believe, allows you to sign up for an account as young as 13 years old. However, you must be at least 18 to make sales or buys in your account. Now you can send money out of your account or leave it in there even at 13. So let we're going to see the descriptions here. So thank you, Lewis said. With the 10 hours hacking tutorial, we found me with the 10 hours hacking with Erman. Nice. Tim says that the bronze and silver video Now this won't be a perfect system. There will probably be ah, lot of people here competing to try and get the comments in So I'm going to just do my best to choose one. And I will do this on every video. So if you don't get it today, I will try and choose every day and you'll have a shot on every single video to get one. So I This I'm hoping is a great system for persistence. If you keep trying over and over again, then you will get it. So I'm gonna prepare my account. I have to close this power point slide and get this ready to send over here. Nice. So Aven says he found you through league video specifically the coaching video with Nick and I've been watching for a couple months now. Lots of good answers here. I found your video to start hacking team. I'm watching that learning from you around five months. Nice mind bits. As BTC says, I watched her link hacking guide and also liked your league of legends videos. And I like Volley bear too. And I'm now in silver, so let's see, I'm gonna go up here. I think I will choose Louis because Lewis was the very 1st 1 on this. Now Tim did a great job, Tim, actually used the question I asked on the give away, and that's more than likely going to be the question on the next League of Legends video. Lewis got the very first response here. He explained the which actual video he got, and he told me that it was the hacking to toil with Erman so that you gave me an exact video he found he gave me. Is addressing is a very 1st 1 to do it. So I appreciate Nolan says he is watching porn and saw you video. So I looked you up on YouTube. Thanks. That's a good That's a good laugh there. So I'm going to send right now. So what? I'm going to ask Louise. And so Louise is my first choice for a winner here. However, Louise has to accept the terms and conditions. So, Louise, I'm going to ask you now, please post a couple of things in the chat. And then if you are agreeable to this, I will send you the Bitcoin right now. So first Louise, do it. You agree that you were able legally to receive $10 in Bitcoin from me as an advertising payment from my business to you in exchange for sharing the story off. How you got that $10 in Bitcoin on your favorite social media account. So, for example, are you old enough for allowed by where I'm sending you? And then will you share the story of how you got the $10 in Bitcoin on whatever you want to on social media? If you answer yes to each of those and tell me which social media account you will plan to share it on, then I will send you the Bitcoin right here. If you answer no, then I will choose someone else to receive the Bitcoin. And what I'm going to do is do this on every single video at the end of the video. The legal Legends Videos or I might do it in the middle. Are might even do it at the very beginning of the video. So I'm going to just pop this in to all of my future video. So let's see what Louise says here. Thank you. Now Louise did I know you can't probably see the chat, so I'll read it. Louise said, I accept it. I will share it on instagram and tweeted Yes, I am 20 years old, so thank you very much, Louise. Now watch. I'm going to go up here and grab. Louise gave me his Bitcoin address right here. Gave it twice. So I'm going to copy his Bitcoin address from the top right here. So I've copied his Bitcoin address. Now I'm going to go over to my send funds over here on my Bitcoin wallet and coin base. I'm doing this off the screen because I'm not sure exactly if it'll pop anything up that it shouldn't this the first time I've done this on my livestream. So I'm sending this to copying Louise's name. Thank you for watching the live stream and participating in the giveaway at jury banfield dot com slash giveaways. It's the Graham and Twitter. Okay, so I've typed out the message. Sincerely, Jerry Banfield Now. Big coins. Not as fast as some of the other currencies. So wow, Louise, you almost got a huge reward. I typed in 10 Bitcoin by accident instead of $10. So Well, I don't have that much in my wallet, but I might have sent you my whole Bitcoin. So I've got 10 U. S. Dollars in here. Let me double check Louise's address to make sure I didn't copy it wrong. Okay, Have hit. Send funds $10. Louise, this is going to result in this much Bitcoin Cento Louise. I think I put that in there. There. It's going to result in this much Bitcoin sent to Louise, so I just hit send. So now I will. I I think I can just move this over here. So let me I'll pop the comments back in here and I'll move this over, so check this out. I just sent You can see the send is complete. I just successfully sent $10 worth of Bitcoin to Louise during this giveaway right here. And Louise, I'm sure of the people in the chat. Might appreciate if you confirm you received it. So that's how I'm running the giveaways. I'm going to do these every single live video and for the League of Legends ones, I will also do I will also do a I will also do the riot points code. Sometimes I will drop those straight in the chant. Other times I will send those through a private message on twitch so that I can send it to a specific person. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope if you're watching on skill share that this is useful for seeing exactly how I'm doing. A simple and what I hope is effective Giveaway and thank you. Louise just confirmed that he received the Bitcoin. So if you're not Louise and you're watching, just know keep coming back and I'm doing this every day. So if you didn't get it today, try again tomorrow and you might be able to get it tomorrow. And the more the better my business does online. I hope to be able to do more and more of these. I hope to be able to do bigger amounts. Help develop Do $20 in Bitcoin $50 in Bitcoin. $100 in Bitcoin hope to do the more you help me, the more I can help you. The more you share my videos, the more you talk about what I'm doing, The more your friends come in, they support me on Patron. They take my class on skill share. We can just make this bigger and bigger, so thank you very much. Louise confirmed that he has received the payment now, so that's really cool. Okay, Yes, everyone can win. I trust you to let me know if it's allowed for my business to send you an advertising payment based on your age and location in the world, I would guest in most cases it is. And I would trust that you would know if it's not. The legal age for most places is 18 years old. However, I trust your judgment toe. Let me know if you're 18 or not. I don't have a way to check your age. I just will trust you to give me your word on it. So I've sent this out to Louise, and I will be doing this on every future video that's live. And on the legal legends One, there'll be a bonus riot points one. So thank you very much, Louise, for doing this here with me for letting everyone know that you received the Bitcoin. I appreciate everyone who's watched here. This is a cool thing. I've never done this before exactly like this. So you create your account. If you don't have a Bitcoin account, just go to jury van filled dot com slash giveaways and then you can you can sign up here. Ah, good question. Thank you. Nolan asked. What if I'm 17 and 3/4? If you have a coin base account, then you're old enough to receive a payment. Coin base has its own terms and conditions. And if you put your birthday into coin base, it will allow you to receive payments or have an account based on how old you are. So if you're old enough to have a coin based account, you're old enough to receive payments. Unless for some reason you're not allowed to by law, where you're at. So I trust your judgment on that. I trust your honesty on that, and that's what we'll do from there. So if you go if you want your own wallet, go down and find my sign up for your insured Bitcoin wallet on Coinbase today if you don't have one. If you already have a Bitcoin address just like Louise shared in the chat, just like I sent to him, then you can participate. Without that. You can also you don't even have to participate with Bitcoin if you don't want to. If you sign up on skill share or patron. There will be contest there that you can participate in without using Bitcoin at all, if you'd prefer. So I appreciate you. Yeah. Yes. Nolan. I think that will work if you're 17 and 3/4. Yes, and you may need Joel d May need to go put your passport in a coin base if you want to be able buy and sell. I did not have to. I'm 32 years old. I lived in the U. S. A. I did not have to put my passport in a coin base. However, it depends on where you live. In your exact situation. You may have to, my friend, who I send payments to Michael. He had to put his passport in order to use a coin base account because he was from France, but he was living in Thailand, so he had toe put his French passport in order to sign up for an account and use a French bank account. So if you can't use coin base, I'm sure there's other wallets out there you can use. So I hope if you've watched this class on skill, share this helpful for you in showing how to do a live give away from start to finish. And I appreciate 10. Why I stopped doing these giveaways even though they worked!: thank you for either skipping to the end or watching through to see exactly how I did the giveaways on my YouTube channel and Facebook and twitch, including a live demonstration. Now I'm going to explain to you why I stopped doing them. I stopped doing give voice because for me personally, it didn't feel like it was doing everyone good. Now the base objective. When you say, Jerry, did you get more views? Did you get more excitement? Did you get more comments? Did you get more? Yes, I got more. The giveaways kept people watching longer. The giveaways got more comments, more interaction, more engagement. The giveaways were successful in the sense that they got Mawr natural interactions then without doing the giveaways. And I think if you do a great job on giveaways, you can get 10 or 100 times as much interaction as you would without it. Now the problem is for me. It didn't meet my bottom line objective, though my bottom line objective is to create happier people, to do good things for the world to show the world that people love them and that it's a beautiful place, and I hope my giveaways would accomplish that. The problem was, it seemed like it was contributing more to the opposite. The last gift card I gave away. So I give way have given way at least $3000 in video game gift cards. Bitcoin. I've given away a lot on my YouTube channel, my Facebook page and on Twitch. The last give way I did was nothing but frustration. There were people screaming I wanted I wanted I wanted. There's tons of comments, lots of interaction, lots of excitement, exactly the kinds of things you don't for from a contest. It wasn't a good experience for anyone. There were people on the video screaming, and I want that. I want an idea and I neo and then people I want just the right points don't do the Bitcoin And it was not good for anyone. And the alas, give way I tried to do. I actually found out that I was violating all the terms and conditions. I tried to give my Xbox and a PlayStation four way. I found out I was violating all the terms and conditions everywhere, so I deleted it, and I didn't even get to do that one now the one I actually did before that successfully in the sense that I gave away a big coin and I gave away riot points. The person I gave the riot points code to. So I'm giving someone I've never met, haven't talked to Don't know a random person on twitch. I gave them a $10 riot points code, which a lot of people been really grateful for. This person then accused me of the a private message of being a scammer because they could not get the riot points code toe work and then a few minutes later, then said, Actually, I did get it to work my bad and I left feeling just disgusting with the whole experience. Like all the things I did weren't creating happier people. It was creating people who were grabbing and grasping for something who are upset, who were hoping to get something. It was creating a lot of painful desire, and it wasn't creating people who were happier, more peaceful, and then the people who are actually getting the hand the giveaways who are actually winning didn't seem to be that thrilled and just coming back over and over again. it seemed to promote the wrong kind of interactions on my specific type of audience. It seemed to drive away some of the other people who might be here to become happier. People who might have been on my channel to try and learn and grow the contest. Nature seemed to drive away a lot of the people who I've geared my channel for. So for may personally contest do not seem to be effective because my audience, you might say, is aimed more at enlightened, growing, learning, self developing, self help reading, video, watching people. That is kind of like my foundation. And these people are learning watching tutorials. And that's kind of my main audience. Well, those kinds of people don't seem to get into contests a lot. They might host them in their business, but they're not the kind off person who's sitting there desperately trying to grab $10 or $20 gift card out of a contest somewhere. Ah, contest of tracks, the kind of people who are willing to essentially weight out in front of the store for hours and hours to get in a new iPhone. It attracts for me an audience that does not match the rest of my brand in what I do, so to speak. Now if you have physical products, I've probably said this five times. I think it contest could be one of the very best ways to get people using them and to get more people buying them who didn't get the give way. However, for giving away things like Bitcoin, I think that can be powerful, too. If that matches with your audience. If you're doing Top 10 videos and you're doing just gaming videos, I think give boys are extremely powerful because that does match good with the audience. I when I washed a ton of gaming videos, I also was more of the kind of person than who would be interested in a contest who would sit there and comment and try and get $20 and really be excited if I did so. If you're doing something like gaming videos, contests are really powerful. But if you're doing something like teaching into Toral's like I am and happy inspirational than it doesn't work so well, at least the way I executed. So I hope my experience both good and bad in this class with you has been helpful because I've honestly shared what I've learned. Instead of just giving you a one side and look at how awesome it is. I hope I've also shown you some of the things to avoid. And I hope all of that is wrapped up into something that you found useful. If you've learned anything in this class, would you please leave a review and let me know that it was helpful for you? That's one of the most effective ways you can communicate with me and share that I'm doing something that's useful for you. And you want more of it. Thank you very much for finishing this class, and I hope to see you in another one.