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6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1: The Power of Content Marketing

    • 3. Lesson 2: The Basics of Blogging

    • 4. Lesson 3: Email Marketing Made Easy

    • 5. Lesson 4: Why Website Content Matters

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Content marketing is important to any business or brand, but with so much information online it can sometimes get a little overwhelming. Many successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs use content to to attract and engage their audience. It is the KING of their business and the backbone to their success.

In this video you'll learn how to create and apply your own content marketing strategy to your brand or business and which 5 magical ingredients goes into producing the best content marketing. You'll also discover tips for first time blogging and why business blogging can be an important part of your marketing strategy. I will also be breaking down the basics of email marketing and talking about why website copy really matters. 

Whether you have a business, are already a blogger or looking at becoming one, this class will give you everything you need to begin. 


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about content marketing, how to use it and the benefits of applying it to your business.
  • Anyone who wants to know more about the different components within content marketing.
  • Start-ups and small business owners who are looking for a low cost and effective way to reach a wider audience.
  • Anyone who wants to promote their business or brand online.
  • Anyone who wants to start up a blog.


What you will learn

  • Discover how content marketing can help you achieve your business goals
  • Discover effective ways to display your website content
  • Learn what to include in an email newsletter
  • Discover helpful tips to creating powerful online content
  • Learn more about the different components within content marketing
  • Identify who your target audience is (including a worksheet which will help you gain even further clarity)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Naomi Wengier

Writer, Content Creator & Marketer


Hello, I'm Naomi.

I am founder of NW Creative, a copywriting and creative services business which helps businesses grow by creating magical content which attracts and engages. I have 7 years experience in digital and content marketing and have been writing since I was old enough to hold a pen. 

My ultimate passion is supporting and guiding small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs on their journey and my love of networking and meeting new people is due to the extensive amount of travel I have done. You can normally find me with my headphones on and laptop at the nearest cafe, working on my next project, whilst enjoying the ambience around me.

Read more about me here.

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm the Me and I'm a content copyright at marketer and founder of NW Creative. Ah, copy riding and Creative Service business, which helps entrepreneurs start ups and business owners get their copy of sausage. I have been working with brands and businesses for about seven years now and really, really love being able to help them grow by crafting effective and engaging copy, which speaks to their ideal audience. Why content marketing was so much going on around the online world, it is really important to have great content to sit through all that noise content, which catch people's eye and make someone to pay attention to you. Make someone to know more about you, your business or your brand. This is why most bloggers and online entrepreneurs produce so much content It is the king off their business, as should it be yours? Well, they're an entrepreneur and content created. Gary V, who was over two million followers, is one of the perfect examples of how putting out really great content can really leverage your personal brand content. Marketing is extremely important, but was sore much information circling around the Internet. You can get a little overwhelming This is why I have created this class in this class. You will learn all about content, marketing and why content should be one of your key marketing strategies for your business or your brand. Whether you have a business Arab Loga or looking at becoming one, this class will give you everything you need to begin to put out really epic contents. First, we will talk about the power that content marketing has and how it can really elevate your business. I will also be telling you the five magical ingredients that goes into producing great content marketing. Next, I'll be diving straight into the basics of blogging and how blogging is a great way to not only showcase your expertise and untracked engagement, but can also inspire and empower others. After that, we will look at what email marketing is and why it is a great strategy for your business. I will show you what to include in an a TM and tell you which email marketing providers are available for you. Finally, I will be talking about why Holic high quality website content really matters as well as provide tips. Some writing kill a copy for you'll learn websites. Each lesson will give you an overview off the topic and teach you how you can apply it to your own content. Marketing strategy. Sir, are you ready to get started? 2. Lesson 1: The Power of Content Marketing: the power off content marketing, creating consistent content which connects, engages and adds value. In this class, I'm going to be talking about content, marketing and why it can be a valuable tool for your business. I will also be sharing with you the five magical ingredients you can use produce great content. Marketings. Let's get started. Powerful content of arcs, emotion whilst building trust, credibility and connection to your brand. For content marketing to exist, there needs to be defined purpose in order to win the hearts and the minds off your fans by providing powerful. A motive and informative content, which speaks directly to others, is a great way to gain credibility, form connections and builds trust in who you are. So what is content? Marketing? Content? Marketing is the creation and distribution of online content, which is designed to attract and engage the right audience. It is also used as a child to tell stories about your brand. The concept of content marketing have been around for hundreds of years due to storytelling . However, according to Google trends, it only gained popularity in 2000 and seven. This was do that to the evolution in our technology if means it's actually been around longer than the Internet. As we've been telling stories for hundreds of years, it's only natural. Our attention will always go to those who tell the best stories. All produce the best content. Common pain points When it comes to content marketing when it comes to creating and planning content marketing, some of the pain points most people encounter are creating original content. This is one of the hardest things about content is creating it. It takes time research and energy. However, original content is what helps you stand out from the rest. It's also a huge favorite of Google as Google absolutely loves original content. If you want to continue ranking on Google, you'll need to continue to put out original content deciding on the right platform. Right now, we have such a range of choices on where to distribute our conscience. Pinterest, Facebook, instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter A. Just to name a few instead of giving overwhelmed with all the different options. First, find out where your customers and clients of playing at and distribute content to those platforms. Time restraints. Time is one of the biggest pain points when it comes to creating content, Putting out really great and engaging content takes time. And as a business owner, time is very precious to us. Lack of resource is lack of time and lack of resources. Go hand in hand during ever. Underestimate the benefits of having a helping hand when it comes to creating content, whether it's hiring a professional adjusted extra employees. No understanding your audience before creating any content marketing. It's worth going out to the market and finding out who your audience is, what they're likes, their dislikes and what kind of content did they respond to? Not being able to connect with your audience just means that you haven't worked out who they are yet. Five Magical ingredients. The great content Marketing. Many brands and organisations know that content marketing is king on the demand to provide excellent content is still continuing to rise. Content marketing is not only just producing epic content but includes a blend of magical ingredients such as number one, create original and engaging content. Number two. Develop your brand voice number three at high quality imagery. Video number four be consistent and number five connect with your audience. I'll be explaining these magical ingredients in more detail. In the next following slides, number one create original and engaging content. When creating good content. Always ask yourself if the content entertaining, is it visually engaging? And is it informative? Making sure that any content produces entertaining by holding attention, visually engaging by catching audience I and informative by providing information, which educates and informs, is the essence of great content marketing To develop your brand voice, a brand voice has a strong personality, are clear sense of purpose and encompasses words and language which reflect your brand. It needs to be consistent to enable you to position yourself as an authority within your market and expertise. Nike didn't just discover the power of advertising. They discovered the power of their own voice. Dan Wieden Nike is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. One of the reasons why. So they have allowed and courageous voice they aren't afraid to be heard, and their slogan Just Do It sums up their focus. Nothing will happen unless you do something, so just do something, anything, be courageous and just do it. Number three have high quality imagery or video. Amazing imagery creates stronger connections by captivating your audience and a Viking emotion. We have visual creatures by nature and adding great imagery or video yourself a better understanding off, not just the message. But what's behind the message do to save digital climate but more likely to be captivated by an image or video just as quickly as we are two words on the page. Number four be consistent. Consistency is key when it comes to content marketing. This is because Google loves consistent content. It's one of the biggest benefits off putting out consistent content search engine optimization or famously, during this CEO. Whether it's for your Web pages, landing pages or blood close, Google is most likely going to crawl and index your Web site more often when you put out consistent content establishes authority and credibility. To become a leader in the crowd, you need to position yourself as one by putting out great content, which informs, educates and enlightens others. You gain authority and credibility as a business blow got or a brand bills brand awareness . Consistency is key when it comes to creating strong brand awareness. Being consistent in your message and your brand voice will allow others to recognize you very quickly, attracts and engages content which can tell a story, provide information, entertain or make people feel good is most likely going to win them over when used right words can have a very powerful effect. And distributing regular and consistent content will always keep your front of people's minds. Number five. Connect with your audience Content Marketing is a relationship building tool. It's more than just the creation and distribution of content. When we listen to people's needs and provide them with high quality content, it forms trust, builds strong relationships, and when executed properly, it can position you your business or brand as influence saw. As you can see, there are many elements which go into great content marketing when it comes to producing powerful content. Marketing. Remember to be the wizard off your brand. Remember to be consistent, add value, tell your story well and provide content, which provokes thought emotionally connect and entertains all those. If you keep doing this, you'll be well on your way to producing powerful contest marketing. Thank you for joining me in this class. Next stop will be diving straight into the basics off loading 3. Lesson 2: The Basics of Blogging : the basics of blogging, it's becoming more creditable and influential. Online in this class will be learning the basics when it comes to blogging and how it can be a powerful tool for getting yourself or your business out into the world. Let's begin looking is a way to empower, inspire and educate the world. Blocks which connect, entertain or inspire You can make a real difference to your day. I don't know how many times I've read an article which has inspired me to take action or provided me with something I didn't know when used right. It's amazing how much the impact of the written word can have on others. So what does? Looking main lugging refers to a platform which is used to create content to build a community. At first other in the 19 nineties and online personal Weblog, in which a person would journal about their day. It was n jokingly broken into the weblog, and after that the we was dropped and the word just became blawg. The benefits of blogging looking is the next best thing when it comes to content marketing . Not only doesn't let your readers know more about your products and services, but by constantly providing engaging an informative content will keep them coming back from or other benefits are better business and brand exposure. Great for CEO builds better authority and credibility. Educate to audience and showcases you as an expert in your field. There is so many platforms to choose from when it comes to blogging. If you're just starting out as a personal blow garb, I want to include it as part of your content marketing strategy for your business. Here is an overview of each one so you can choose the best one for you. Where press where Press for started out as a blogging platform and is now competing to be the best content management system out there. Not only does it come with amazing support, many great teams to choose from and a multitude of plug ins for added extra functionality, it can also be used as a plain sight for personal bloggers or as many businesses and choosing ah fully fledged website. There are two WordPress platforms. You can choose wordpress dot com, which is free and fully hosted, or were crystal ogg, which requires you to set it up and host it on your own wicks, which is a simple, easy to use content management platform. It is great for personal blogging, as it has plenty off easy dragon drop templates, and it also comes with free site hosting. Blaga, formerly known as Blood Spot, is another user friendly and easy free Blawg site, as blogger is a Google orange platform or you need to do is integrated with your Google profile, and you'll be able to start a new website instantly. While I haven't had any personal experience using Dream Lap, but I have heard it to be one of where presses biggest Rob Lees when it comes to blogging. Not only is it used for building large websites and comes with a variety of premium themes , is also a favorite by many bloggers who were just starting out so time listening to be the hardest blogging platform amongst the younger crowd. It is by the blogging platform and a social network, and in this highly visual it is more about publishing short blood posts, which have furthers GIFs and videos. Medium has a very simple editor and Atlanta to the publisher articles on their platform, although the platform allows anyone to publish articles unless the article is picked up by staff and shared, it is your responsibility to get it out into the world. It also displays ads and pop up throughout your side, which could get frustrating to your Raiders guard. If you were to write a good article, which takes off, you could get a little payout for medium and the last one. Squarespace Squares faces a website building platform, which allows you to create beautiful websites. Using easy drag and drop tools is a simple and easy to use content platform for beginners who aren't really tech savvy. So these are some of the popular blogging and content platforms. It's always worth doing a little bit of research into each one before deciding which platform will be the right one for you. When it comes to creating a block post, there are a few essential elements that need to be included. Some of these are your headline or title. This is even more important than the article, which is why it needs to be magnetic to pull people in starting a headline out with the number, such as Five reasons Why you should be blogging or how to such as how to create epic content for your blawg are going to draw attention, Foster Judah stating clearly what the article is about. Common Link. You are l a u R L O. Otherwise known as the Panel Inc. Is the Web address specifically allocated to your bloke radical and should include the headline and allow you to share the article with others. It can be shared by email, social media channels and other websites. No one will be able to find access or Rachel Blawg unless it has the URL subheadings. I stopped having I've structure to your article and is useful and breaking at the body of the copy to make it more visually appealing. According to a popular where press plug in your host, you shouldn't have any more than 300 words after each subheading. The main purpose of the subheading is to introduce ideas and highlight different sections from your post body text. Main contents. The body text is the main content off the post, so it needs to be informative and engaging for the best readability. It's always best to keep sentences as two lines or fewer and three to full lines for a paragraph. Keywords. Key ones. What helps Google and other search engines find your article. Gone are the days when we had to awkwardly squeeze a list of key words into a sentence, which just didn't make any sense. Jentsch engines now look for and ranks well written articles, which naturally incorporates one or two relevant keywords. There are many keyword research tools you can access out there to help you find the right one, including Google's very RNK. What plan 1 to 2 professional images. Whether you decide to go with professional stock imagery or images that have been professionally taken for you, I always recommend to have at least one or two images in your article, as imagery is really powerful is in connecting and capturing emotion, including a captivating feature image can really bring your article toe laugh. I called the action. This is just a whole Klein and Cincotti and tells people what they need to do next. Social sharing buttons. When people really like an article, they normally want to share the love. If you miss out on including social sharing buttons, your article may not be seen as many people personal blogging. If you have a personal blawg, it can help you express yourself. Share your passions and your knowledge, and it can include a broad range of topics. It's a great way to give you readers a glimpse of who you are. Removing the vowel would separate you from your audience. Personal blogging allows you to share and express anything, such as your personal beliefs, experiences, ideas, tips, hobbies and stories relating to your everyday life. It can also be a very cathartic way to write, share and connect with other like minded individuals. So when it comes to starting up your personal blawg, here are eight easy steps to get you started. Step one. Create a name domain for your blawg step to find a hosting provider. Step three. Choose a blogging platform step for choose a fame and start designing your blawg. Step five. Create essential pages such as home about and contact. Step six. Add your social media share plug ins to allow you to share your words with the world. Step seven. Add a subscribe to my blood button and step eh Wala. Create your first post. So another type of blogging is via a business or company Blawg business Blood can be a real game changer when it comes to many small businesses. It is a powerful way to promote your business online and the subject authority within your field. Not only is a block a cost effective marketing investment, but sharing regular bloke articles builds trust and connect with your audience, resulting in even higher conversions. So when it comes up to starting up a business blawg, here is six important tips. Number one. Create a blocked page on your current Web site number to determine your target market Number three. Add social media share plug ins number four. Other Subscribe to my Blogger email button on your website. Number five. Create a list of topics to write about and number six promote through emails and social channels. Another form of blogging is lugging. Lugging refers to a video blogger where most of the content is in video form. Logging is becoming a popular form of content marketing, and this type of blogging gives others access to the real year. It can also help create a dedicated community and of following as your channel evolves. So when you think of flogging, think of entrepreneurs like Gary V, who has dominated the social world by sharing lots of lugging contents. Some of the benefits of logging our creates a stronger connection by showing them more authentic. You reaches a wider audience, can help share and demonstrate ideas, drives traffic to your website and social channels, builds a dedicated following and can become an additional revenue stream. Popular bloggers can be paid by companies to promote products where brands and send people to their website. YouTube also pays bloggers with hundreds of thousands of followers and watches. So when it comes to blogging, always remember good blogging should feel like someone is writing you a letter gala Dahling . Blogging can help you get discovered on social media Showcase. You is an expert in your industry and is the best way to transfer informative content about your business while gaining loyalty for your brand. When you create unique, informative and engaging content, your readers will want to hear from you over and over again. Next stop will be talking about email marketing and how it's made easy 4. Lesson 3: Email Marketing Made Easy : email marketing made easy a smile, a way to say hello to your customers in this class. I'll be talking about the benefits of email marketing what you should include in your email , letting me know what email providers are available and why. It's a smile, the way to say hello to your customers. Let's begin. Even marketing is creative, innovative, professional and most of all, but whether you were creative or not, you can still have a lot of fun building an email campaign, sir, What is email marketing? Email marketing is the direct form of marketing, which uses Elektronik mouth email to communicate with your ideal audience. It is creative, timely and a great way to promote your products or services to your customers. Based on Smart Insights 2018 research email marketing is still ranking as one of the most effective marketing channels, even baiting social media SCR on affiliate marketing. There are many reasons why you should be choosing email marketing. Some of these off a more targeted approach targeted emails emails which are filled with content relevant to recipients, needs and interests. These kind of emails are more likely to receive better engagement. Click through and open rights. The content is dynamic and more personalized. The more personalized the email, the more the audience receiving it will think it was written just for them. This nurtures the connection and build further Loyalty. Increases brand awareness when you provide valuable, engaging and relevant content in your email, which connects, it could become one of the most powerful brand awareness tools it's cost effective. Aimar Marketing is one of the most cost effective solutions when it comes to communicating with your ideal customer strengthens relationships. Email marketing puts you in the forefront of birth your existing and new audiences minds. Don't forget the welcome email builds credibility as your connection to your subscribers grow. Third, those your reputation. This builds further credibility with your business. A study conducted by Hub Spot between 2014 and 2018 on email marketing found the following statistics Active email accounts are expected to hit 5.6 billion by the end of 2000 and 1935% of business professionals check the email on a marble device. 56% of brands using an emoji in the email subject line had a higher open rates than those that did not, and 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message . So what are your objectives when it comes to email marketing? Knowing what your objectives are will help determine whether this is working for your business or not. Some of your objectives can bay drive more traffic to your website, obtain more leads, promote a brand product. Also this build better relationships or get customers to book an appointment or sign up for an event. So did you that there are over 31 email marketing providers. Here is an overview of some of the ones I have used or of head off constant contact, constant contacts with the largest and fastest growing email marketing providers. And it's also one of the best for small businesses. It's easy to use and begin a friendly and gives you access to tracking, reporting, social media sharing tools, an image library, list, segmentation, Facebook ads, integration and even integrates with shop of five stores. It actually offers a 60 day trial and has planned starting from $20 per month. Vision six Vision six was designed for businesses and agencies who need to reach the audience through SMS and email marketing, with both free and paid options starting at $9 per month, Vision six can be used to build, automate, execute and track marketing campaigns. It also has really great support, if you need it, sending blue if you're looking for a complete SMS and email marketing software for your business. Sending Blue is an easy to use platform, which creates beautiful and engaging emails. It allows you to send up to 300 emails per day on a free plan. I have plans starting from $25 per month. Male chimp known as a favorite due to their free email marketing service plan, which allows you to have up to 2000 subscribers. Mountain is one of the oldest and well known email marketing service providers in the world . It's best for marketing beginners and comes with features which let you convert your visitors into subscribers and customers. Plans generally stopped from around $20 per month. Drip Drip is a powerful email marketing platform for E commas, digital marketers and bloggers. There's something email provider offers a wide range of tools which make personalization and marketing Automation. Easy Drip Office, a free account for up to 100 subscribers or is around $49 per month. Campaign Monitor Campaign Monitor is a unique email marketing provider, which was designed with small businesses in mind. Like Mao Jim, it comes with email templates, drag and drop and is up high. Html. Koerting tracking, reporting and other features with monthly plans starting off with around 2500 emails for $9 . So, as you can see, these are just some of the email marketing providers. It's always best to do your research and find the right one for you. So when it comes to creating an epic and engaging email newsletter, here are some of the elements that should always be included. Your logo of you Online link. An image banner, the title of the email, the welcome paragraph, professional imagery, a snippet of a blood postal article, a call to action which could be a raid mawr linking to the whole article and driving traffic to your website. A promotional special, which is an incentive to your Rada. Contact details. Old Bussan links to your website. Any chance you get, make sure you add links to your Web thought and finally, social links to build up your social platforms. Growing e mails can help you reach more customers and generate more sales. Some of the ways you could do this are at an email sign up. Lincoln. Pop up to your website. Create amazing content, making your readers want to share that love with others. Launch a competition through social media permit. Afraid online tool or resource. All run a promotion on a partner website. So when it comes to email marketing, always remember there is no formula for the perfect email. Just remember to be honest and authentic in your content and messaging, and your customers will be flocking to you like wildfire. Thank you so much for joining me in this class. Next up will be talking about website content and why it matters. 5. Lesson 4: Why Website Content Matters: why Website content matters. Digital blueprint off Your business in this class will be covering everything you need to know about how to create great content for your website and why it's so important. Let's get started. Great content attracts engages in elevate your website, making it stand out from the rest Great content. Set your word side apart from the rest by connecting to the hearts and minds of your customers. Even though website layouts and styles have evolved over the years, content has remained a key element off every website success. So what is website contents? Website content is copy and imagery, which helps to formulate the overall layout off your website. It works with the design and functionality to create the final look and feel. Your website is the representation off your brand. On website content is the magnet which draws in the crowds. Well written content is what is going to grab the reader's attention and build for the trust. When it comes to creating content for your website, these seven tips will ensure your copy is epic. Connecting and engaging Number one develop and right in your brand Voice number two right with your ideal customer in mind. Number three, adding images which help tell the story number four. Avoid slang or words that your visitors may know understand. Number five. Include call to Action's number six. Keep any contact form simple and number seven proof radio content numerous times to ensure it flows is professional and Sarah free. So here are a few examples on why high quality website content is so important it provides value. High quality website content, which provides value, is more likely to get people staying browsing and engaging with your website. This builds further credibility for your business or your brand delivers the right message to your audience. Great website content shows authenticity in your brand. Making your messaging stand out even further set to apart from the competition and aesthetically pleasing website involves more than just design. When you have a website's design, functionality and high quality content in synergy with your brand messaging and voice, you'll have a better chance of standing out from the rest. Booth s CEO or search engine Optimization. Search engines love high quality content, especially when it's frequently updated through regular blogging. The better the content and more original, the more likelihood of Google Ranking at further up the page increases traffic to your website. If you want to bring people to your website, its important toe have content that people want to see. High quality content will more likely keep people browsing on your website, reducing your brown your bats right even further. So what constitutes as website content? Website content is textual visual content, which appears on a Web site. These can be well written website pages, imagery, infographics, blogged articles, podcasts, courses, landing pages and, of course, videos. When you put your readers needs of and once first when creating content as well as include well written copy and beautiful imagery, you'll start to see your conversion rate, audience connection and Web site traffic start to soar. Did you know the human attention span is short of any goldfish is Ah, goldfish is attention span is nine seconds while humans attention span is 6 to 8 seconds. This means you have 6 to 8 seconds to grab your visits its attention. When it comes to creating your website, there are a few essential web pages which should be included. Some of these are your horn page. This is one of the most important pages on your side and should include a blurb about your business, professional imagery, products and services, social links and testimonials. The about page This is the page where you can convey to your audience who you are and how you can help um, the products or services page an important page to include on your Web site. This showcases any products or services you offer. Blawg. A bloke sure cases your expertise and put you as an expert in your field, as we've talked about before. It also gives you fresh content, which is attractive to Google testimonials, testimonials or review page showcase happy customers and a great for building a great reputation and further credibility. And, of course, the contact page. All contact pages should have a contact form, social length and other day tiles. If you can always include a Google mapas, well, their efficacy. When it comes to your readers and customers, website content really does matter because ultimately uses visit your website for its content. Everything else is just the back job. Thank you so much for joining me in this class. I hope Spain valuable, and you now know why high quality website content really does matter 6. Final Thoughts: So, as you can see, there is a enormous pal when it comes to content marketing and creating high quality content, great copy gauges, attracting converts and regularly sharing blogged articles. Creating regular email newsletters, staying consistent and relevant and making sure your Web content is on point, we'll let your audience there exactly who you are and what you have to offer. The main thing is to remember is to be authentic. Let yourself, your brand or your businesses personality shine through any copy or content you produce. Thank you for joining me in this class. I hope you have found these topics insightful and valuable. Just remember, when it comes to creating content, good content is not just storytelling, but telling the story. Well, thank you for watching See next time.