The Piano Chord Ladder | Learn to Play Thousands of Songs | Kaiwen Fan | Skillshare

The Piano Chord Ladder | Learn to Play Thousands of Songs

Kaiwen Fan

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12 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. 1.1 Introduction

    • 3. 1.2 The Ladder Concept

    • 4. 1.3 Chord Crash Course

    • 5. 2.1 Ladder Numbers & Hand Placement

    • 6. 2.2 Ladder Chords and Number System

    • 7. 2.3 Notes Which Always Sound Good & 1564 Chord Progression

    • 8. 2.4 Notes Which Sound Good Part 2

    • 9. 2.5 Applying the Notes to the Ladder

    • 10. 2.6 Notes Which Sound Good Part 3 (add9, 7th)

    • 11. 2.7 Using the Right Hand

    • 12. 3.1 Recap & Final Tips


About This Class

Hi there! This course is designed to teach anyone the chord ladder on the piano, which allows you to play songs, improvise and accompany efficiently and basically cheat your way into piano playing, by only learning the most common chords required.

The lessons are there to guide you through discovering the concept of the ladder with some practise activities showcasing the simplicity and the recurring patterns of songs, and teaching to replicate and adjust them according to your preference.

Based on the "learn by doing" concept, I will use an example songs and progressions for you to follow along! After finishing the course, you will be good to go on your own!

After some practise you should be able to play any song immediately by using this system. After all you know the chords already.





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My name is Kaiwen, and I am currently studying Engineering at RWTH Aachen University in Germany and have been teaching private piano lessons for 2 years.

Music among technology and automotive design, has always been a huge part of my life, ever since I started learning to play the piano at a very young age. Over the years I have developed a deep passion for this instrument and at some point decided to experiment with popular music.

I have been playing the piano for almost 19 yea...

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