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The Photoshop Series: Creating Seamless Patterns & Custom Print Envelopes

teacher avatar Krittika Mittal, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Why Use Photoshop?

    • 4. Setting Up Your Workspace

    • 5. Pattern Making 1

    • 6. Pattern Making 2

    • 7. Envelope Template

    • 8. Basic Mistakes

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hey everyone! If you're a total sucker for stationery (I am) and have ever wanted to create your own Customized Envelopes, just click the enroll button above (I assure you, you won't regret it). So in this class we should be expanding our skillset to learn these basics:

  1. How to Create Our Own Custom Seamless Patterns
  2. How to Create Our Own Templates
  3. Finishing, Printing Etc.

We would be using Adobe Photoshop for the whole process. It's for students who know all levels of photoshop, from beginner to pro. You can then use these templates for mass production too. So join in the fun!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Krittika Mittal

Graphic Designer



Hey everyone! I'm a graphic designer based out of New Delhi, India. I started my education in architecture & realized mid-way that making art made me more happy than making buildings. I started learning Illustrator and Photoshop in my free time (thanks to Skillshare) and moved into the line full time post graduation.

 I currently work as a graphic designer and social media manager with a start-up. I love all things colorful and pattern-isc (the INDIAN ROOTS). I realized that my journey has only been possible because of the wonderful teachers I had and motivates me to give back my teaching.

PS. I would love for you to join me on Instagram. I often share tit-bits about upcoming classes, current art projects, my do... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. Welcome to the class. I am critica on I'm an architect and graphic designer from India. This is my fourth skill share class on its again a part of the 40 shop sees. I have been losing for the shop for more than three years now on every 60 learning this stuff when I wasn't college. So in today's class, they're gonna basically learn to create our own custom and relax like the ones who seems transfer you so introduced us becoming a few basics. First, since that we will learn how to create our own patterns on the shop. I will take you through the court system off creating patterns from choosing your template size to how you resize them to have to make them seem this The second step that you will learn was beat off creator own on love template you again over a few examples and then learn how to treat them. Then producer finally products we should look something like this, which can be printed on an eight for on the news is an envelope. So So what you see on your left. It's basically the template on what you see on the right is your paper that goes inside. So this class will take you to the basics off shop, in terms, off batter, making, using, fail, using paint, using shapes, etcetera. So this status for everyone who wants to learn for to show or who knows, for the shaman wants to learn something more. So no issues on. I do hope you enroll in the past and I'll see you soon. Thank you. No. 2. Class Project: Hi guy selects begin by discussing what our class project would be. So I'm gonna give you a city's off steps that you have to follow to make your cash project on the produce simple on disk. Quickly give your guide off aboard each step comprises. So the first step is that you need to google some templates online. So there are actually a lot of on left templates data available in the market on before you go ahead and start designing your pattern in your own Look, I want you to have a look through the way this pact instead of ah well inside the various templates that are available and choose one which you are like and what you can make according to your old skill set. So I have also uploaded a few examples of these in the class project that let me just show you. So over here is my class. So on. As you can see one to click in the class project section, you will have this page in front of you and when you scroll down, you will see this four templates that I have uploaded for reviewing. Since you can see each of them give you a different size off your envelope. On what? Goods inside. I just have a good go through and decide one template which you want not the next step for you is that you need to choose on. Create your pattern on them. You need to upload an a four sheet off it in the class project Gandhi. So why I need you to upload it on an A four or a letter sizes so that you have a fair idea off how it looks on your template. So this is a pattern that I created on. This is how it looked when fits on an A four. That this gives no fair idea of how it looks once I have it on my envelope. So the first step is Googling something plates on. Choosing one second step is your pattern. Not a starting you need to do is that you need to upload your finished on Philip template. So after you go through the class on the videos, you will learn how to make your own template on you alone. How to apply your back into it. So this is what my final a four looks like once I print this, I love my own beloved Ready. So the third step that you need to upload to your class project is this part Now the fourth step, which is completely optional, is to applaud the product are upload a picture off your final product. So my final product looked something like that on. As you can see, this one is my finally unlock, although this step is in Dili optional. But I would really, really love to see your final production. So that's about it about the class project. Now, in the next video, we're gonna learn a little bit more about what kind of soft, very using and why. And then we'll get down to the hard work. So it's see you in the next video. 3. Why Use Photoshop?: Hi guys. So before you move ahead in this quick medio, I'm going to explain to you of difference between 40. Shop on illustrator on my we're gonna prefer using adobe for the shop over here instead of a last Chatur. Ah, lot of you might actually be wondering why we're using body shop and not the last data. Because most selfless pattern designs to happen on illustrator, but for the shop has a few quicker one. Just the only loves will be creating use very minimal pattern such as the chevron pattern on this can be created very easily on for the shock. Plus, you can make a pattern preset on for the shop on, Then quickly fill up your template using that which makes it work lost more easier as compared to this illustrator is usually used for creating much more complicated patterns such as this man Emiko Patton on the left. All this floral pattern on the right Since where anyway, using small designs. Why use illustrator for it, while for the shop is better on since we're gonna be printing are envelopes mostly on a four. We don't even really need to create very heavy vector fired for that. As you can see, this isn't a four template, a missile a printed out and cut it on. You can see that. This we don't need a director file for that. So hands for the shop is what we're gonna be using for this class. So this is just to give you an idea about how your template roughly look like on in the next we dio I'm gonna quickly teach you how you can start creating your own patterns and 40 shop, So let's continue. 4. Setting Up Your Workspace: Okay, guys, take out your paper pants. Let's begin. So far, someone explain to you how the pattern works on war template ties will be choosing to this summer's Let's focus on warden before is so we're going to default for shop size on we will US paper on which is the letter paper on. As you contend, this is the dimensions that you have. So what happens if we make this a new pick? Chills So on E four order letter people on an average to them builds around 2500 by 33 or 3600 fixes. So what? How we make a pattern is that basically for making the pattern we to the template, which is roughly around 200 by 200 pixels, are, you know, 400 by 400 or something like that. So it happens that you're basically waiting one time square and that gets repeated. So if you're a four meter off grid off around 10 squares, you are basically making a battle in one of them, and that gets repeated to work. So I'm making your pattern. You have to be careful about two things sourced, So the direction in which your pattern is facing on your template is facing so that you get your pattern on right on second thing that the way you're making your pattern, it should blend seamlessly with the next books of the pattern. Only that is your pattern becomes seamless. So I'll be telling Julie more about this. But first, let's start without custom templates. So this I goto before for the shop size or okay, anything on I just choose. I go two inches, so I go toe pics if on and make this around 400 by 400 fixes for this, I don't need to work with more than 72 big since our inches. So this is fine on Definitely depressed. Okay? And it becomes my first template. So that is simply to be careful off to two things, Force You should have your rulers turned on. But this is simply goto view on. Have you do lose stoned on the short treatises command Prasad or control? This are You should have a snack. Don't known. You should have your snap toe guides. Great. Less etcetera. Everything turned on on. Then we will make our guys. So there are two ways off making guide. The first is you go to view and you're simply going You Okay? So since I shows a $400.400 pics of paper so I can obviously a port 200 pics it comes down to work together on I will get my guide around the mid point. So the other room doing this is I simply goto my ruler. I just drag my mouse removed there through this on writing on the midpoint. If my snap is don't own, my guide will immediately snap to position, and I can just leave this and this is a dot center off the paper. So here I have a basic are good set up now for the second divide my page into This isn't a Ford, but I can divide this into eight support site so I can simply go on. I have the, uh, by or the extra denominator alter on the screen to come from. So simply goto 100 then 300. In case I think my guides not based, right. I can also go on. Then position it again. So 100 on 200 that you go. My basic jet set up is done. You don't need to make it this complicated. You can have. Ah, Simpler. Grew to eight and nine. It depends on the fact that you're using. Okay, So I don't think that I wanted to tell you Waas over here, our backgrounds white on you. Basically working with the transferring back down. But if you want to work with the transparent Bagnall Rachel, Big Knee while making a new file you consume reaches back John content to transparent also . So this is just the basics off. Setting up your template for the pattern on in the next video, I'm going to show you how to make a pattern from custom shakes. So, like, let's head over to the next video. 5. Pattern Making 1: OK, now, guys, there are basically two ways off trading patterns. So actually there three minutes off creating patterns so you can either use custom shapes and create one all you can use the other shapes on the mind them and make your own. No, she You can also use drugs too. But the content behind all three of them stayed the same. So the 1st 1 which is basically using custom shapes on Anguilla, could teach you how we do that. So, like I told you, we will be working with transparent here for this on over here you 100 rectangular toe, which is basically your shape too. On you go do custom shaped stools over here. So now all inversions are for the shop. Come with the custom, like a few custom shakes loaded in them, which you can use. So this is the Qassam chiefs. I have I have. So how right I use this one for my, uh, can't meet. So I simply tickles. Three. Um, using shift. I set my sights. So this is my custom Chief one on it snaps like central. The sheets naps to this point. Now I basically want to have 12345 them over here in my factory. So now I think they duplicate this. So the shot could Probably getting in earlier is controlled. This j all command J on using shift. I said this in position. Um, they I have my custom Patton created. Okay, so now let's just quickly feel colors in this, so maybe I'll go with the palette of for this on. So while you're feeling in common, do you have to rest your eyes on the shapes? I usually do prefer filling in the background lines, too. So you have to basically ask Dr Cheap beforehand on, then Solin colors accordingly. Uh, yeah. I was just going to finish this. All right? So I have my colors filled in. I'm gonna now much all these less simply by picking on the slayer, then going on well, almost layer while holding ship on. All of these gets elected on. I'm just going to do much less. There you go. So this is my custom pattern. I'm gonna turn off my back down on after this. I simply don't end it. Andan I go to define pattern on. Let's call this back. Turns No, I simply best. Okay, so now my back to this site. Okay, guys. So now we have one template with this lady using our substance shapes on in the next video , I'm gonna show you I'm within a treat. Another these using the shapes that have been given to us and then we'll alone how to place them on the top off on love template on, You know, a few common states that happened while you do that. So let's head to the next lesson. 6. Pattern Making 2: you guys. Now let's make our second pattern, which is basically using off like something other than the custom. Cheap like this. So good lying on the deck. Tended on then just understanding how basically we combine at the shapes to make one pattern. So for this ethnic license porter Foil. So we're gonna start with using four circles. So I go to custom She I choose. Let's to Ana simply take on this screen now It asked me what the size of my and it should be. So I do 200 by 200 and I think the best. Okay, so I have myself in love with you on I recently position with using my guides. I have me three copies and there you go. Now I basically warned just this part on I want to get rid off all the other box so this I simply select all four of my layers on by simply likely And do more chiefs. And now you can see only my after boundaries, Jemaine. Now this will become my basic pattern. Um I would choose not feeling of color in it right now on when I go to edit on I think you do to define patron. I do fact in fortifying on they go. It is a simple is that so You can also create some other patterns on every show you off you template files that I have treated for this. So this is a pattern I had creative on. This is basically done by treating lines at 45 degrees on. Then I just filled in colors. So by doing this, my baton would have been seamless. Is every food strip waas the same color? This was another pattern. I pleaded, which was again using custom cheese and a William. I have used hearts and I have Children colors on this is the city a Chevron pattern again, This was done of by using lines on just filling in colors. So, as you can see, these are a few example of patents. Similarly, you can use brushes to create off will Kadar patterns or Slatter back in law anything So yeah, that is just how easy it is to create patents on. Now, In the next video, I'm gonna show you how you can create your own custom envelope template, and then we're gonna fill in our patented it and observe how it works out on what some of the mistakes could be that we need on what else we should away. So let's go into the next lesson. 7. Envelope Template: OK, guys. Now let's begin with creating our owner and Miller Tempe. So if you will actually do a little research on this, So there'll order for En Bloc Templin, satyr of a living. The market on the easiest one off course is the rectangular one on. Then you have the soak low one, which we are going to incidently learn in the next video. Are you have a template similar to the one that I have been showing you in the previous videos? So since I have been dealing with shapes only in this video. So we're gonna make one of the templates which is again using the shape to only and guess, I wonder, experimental bit more. Let me tell you that most of these are made using the custom or normal sheep to on the pain too. If you know very confident about the paint tool, I would suggest that you would learn that first on then you can actually create template off any time that you want. Saad Al. It's beginning. Let's create our own so color template for our envelopes. So I choose my people. So I mean a temporary size to be a full on. I simply select. Okay, so this is night template on. I'm going to start by creating our basic great, because I want my own lips eyes to be roughly four inches by four inches. So I go toe to Okay. No, wait. I start from 2.5. The sticks Ludwig time will talk if it's not exactly very accurate to roughly around six point size to again. Two point size to it's explained, but And this gives it's actually better if you do not use this on into the values from above. But then it's entirely up to you, so OK, so this is gonna be no basic rectangular. Um, I don't four inches by four inch, and I do. Okay, so this is my rectangle roughly fits over Hill. Um, I believe you want to reduce my stroke to around two point. And there you go. Now I create my ellipsis, which are again four inches by four inches. - Okay , so once this is done, I select all four off my ellipsis on. I do want ships on. I have this. And then I have medic tangled on a simply go to view on clear guides on There you go. My template is ready Now. I said this like both of them Press control plus G or commanders g to do them. And then I condition this early. Onda you my own looked and pages ready, Sonal, It's begin understanding. How are we gonna fill a pattern in this? So I have a first created duplicate off this for I will keep one for reference on. Then I'm going to start filling in my pattern. So simply go the Magic Oneto. I'm sorry. I had to bastardize use less. I always end up forgetting this. Maybe I should march them to make my work easier. Yeah, so using the Magic Oneto, I basically selected the idea I wanted to spill. I go to edit Phil on. I simply choose my factory and rest. Okay, Andi country did you de select? And they work my patterns All set on my template. So that is it. It's just that easy. And I'm gonna knock quickly, show you how the other pattern looks, so I'm gonna done this off now again. Select toe last raised These watch. Wait. I'm gonna create a duplicate of this just in case. Go to edit cell A Now put my quarter foil pattern in this on. There you go. It's done, Sheena, In case I want to feel talents in this. So how do I go about that? So remember this duplicate that I had created so I can simply cylinder color in this, So have our age. Okay, let's go over this and leave for now. Andi, there you go again. Gives you want to change the color of this simply to the color that he warned on press all the shift, Miss Del On you get your color in this. So this is still Day six off pattern making on. Now in the next video, I'm going to quickly explain all the mistakes that you know I've come across while regularly doing this on some of them are actually done even this so that you can understand clearly. So before you make your own pattern, you should actually worse the next video on. Understand what? Well, you know what? All this stuff that we have been doing wrong, So let's go ahead 8. Basic Mistakes: Hi, guys. Okay, so now for the last part of this class, which is basically about understanding some typical mistakes that we all end up doing while making these on I want to tell them to you beforehand. So you don't end up making the same mistakes. So now, uh, so the first thing that I want to point out to you it's about direction. So we had initially made this pattern in this template on you would realize that since this is a property symmetrical tempt me, it doesn't matter. You can simply fool thes slaps at the door. Open border on this one has left on day. So your baton is aligned street. But in this case, when this becomes my rectangle justice again on these to become my side claps you will realize that my pattern is pointing towards my side class on no towards the talkin bottom. So I personally don't like this on it's up to you. But you need to take care of this. So according to the template you're making you also need to make show if you're batting is facing in the right direction or not. Second point. So when you realize that this is a seamless pattern. You will see that this gap is Lord on. It's not exactly a continous flow pattern. So why is that so Yeah, so weak. So if you realize this space and this place is not the same and this cap is a lot so while choosing Ah, I don't know, unseen metric shaped like that. What I do think you should with that you should drop. We have an idea off this on. You should create your this'll file accordingly. So it's roughly this thing is double off days. So maybe my size should have bean 200 by 400 are 2 50 by 500 or something like that. So you need to experiment more because it's not always necessary that your pageant comes out drive the first time. So yeah, So these are two major falls that I want to point it. A point back to you now I've heard media for So this is my quarter file pattern over here on, I used a template file off 400 by 400. For this on you can lies. This is actually really big for my. So now I'm gonna show you another court full patent that I created. But over here, my template sizes around 100 by 1 40 So you would realize that this still seems much, much better on, you know, a better size as competitive this because this is actually a little too big for my unloved . So the fourth thing, I wonder, point out, which is not exactly a mistake, but one should actually be open to a little more experimentation. So this is the port of foil a partner of Is this showing you before this? But giving it a nice white color with ah light background actually makes it much more better. So, you know, you should always keep experimenting with the back and the frank colors. It's a trap. The 50 point that I wanted to show wars. Sorry. So over here you would realize that while I've been ended the in North's pattern, even this the game right, which is a bit, which is a problem. So in that case, sometimes you should create a duplicate of this ready for your reference. So I just dropped this on simply based it on the dog. So, you know, I have my black lines ready for cutting the last point that I want to point out this. So, for example, this quarter foil pattern that we had created on I find the lines to be do 10. So what you can do is that you can like this on simply increase your this thing to for example, 20 on I do. This is file else. I did defined pattern anti this ass Pagine X. All right, so now I'll go back to my temple find Do edit, Phil. So yeah, and choose my expect. Now on. There you go. Now I can simply still in, like Hello. There you go. So not the other basic points that I want you to keep in your mind when you making your own lives. So the first point is direction off your pattern in contradiction Alpine, your on the template would be the second point is a scale off your baton because you don't want to scale it up too much because that, uh oh, skinny too small so that it's not visible. The one point that you should take care off while treating you're tempted is the spacing between your elements are standing becomes a seem less pattern. I actually do like reading patterns like this much better on where you have all the corner . Just because they say there is no chance of bedding and Eddo during the spacing. Now the four point that you should take care off is that you should experiment with more with colors on greedy INTs. Also, maybe because that will treat I'm just in effect on the 15. The last point I want your taken constitution is the thickness off your custom ship that you are using because it can have a way. Nice impactful effect. So, guys, this is it. This is the basics off creating your own estimize and villa set. 9. Conclusion: Wow, Guys, we're finally here at the conclusion path we shall we conclude exact Cincy Goodbye. I want to tell you a few more things. So if you go to the past project section off the stars on scroll down you will see that I have uploaded to file to you which is template on bonus on love said So what are the? So the template is basically the photo shop by off this so popular the court foil type on the tactically to during class So this is available for your download on Then you can use it on. I have also included the inside the paper that goes in the side for with small rectangle the one which would you concede with light Really, But you can also feel in your pattern so that gives a very good effect tomorrow What I have also included on the left side for printing news that I created So this is how it looks like. So this sheet comes on a four on Deacon Simply print it on. You can fall along the blight great rectangle to get your own villa on again. You have a small people which you can print on. Write your note. Oh, but just one thing. This is just so personal. Use on a piece of music commercially. So that's about it. I really, really do hope you upload your designs on. I hope you enjoy the trust. Thank you so much. Bye bye.