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The Photoshop Series: Convert Photos to Pop Art

teacher avatar Krittika Mittal, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Choosing your Photograph

    • 4. Editing your Photograph

    • 5. Making a Black and White Sketch

    • 6. Adding Colours

    • 7. Adding Halftones

    • 8. Making a Poster

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Hey guys, have you ever looked at an old pop art poster or photograph and wanted to make something similar? Well, this is where you can start. In this class, we are going to learn the basics of Pop Art and how to make Pop Art potraits using simple photoshop techniques. 

By enrolling for this class, you will learn the basic techniques of editing any object or picture in various colours and then finally making a poster! All you need is a photograph and Adobe Photoshop. I will take you through a step by step process, the result being something like the image below. See you soon!



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Krittika Mittal

Graphic Designer



Hey everyone! I'm a graphic designer based out of New Delhi, India. I started my education in architecture & realized mid-way that making art made me more happy than making buildings. I started learning Illustrator and Photoshop in my free time (thanks to Skillshare) and moved into the line full time post graduation.

 I currently work as a graphic designer and social media manager with a start-up. I love all things colorful and pattern-isc (the INDIAN ROOTS). I realized that my journey has only been possible because of the wonderful teachers I had and motivates me to give back my teaching.

PS. I would love for you to join me on Instagram. I often share tit-bits about upcoming classes, current art projects, my do... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi guys. In today's test, I'm going to give you a quick overview off How to make your own Bob. I I am critical on I'm an architect from New Delhi. So in my second year of architectural, I was introduced toe. Andy Warhol holds Papa and I instantly fell head over heels in support. All those If you will not way from livid war. Let me give you a quick idea. So you must have seen this iconic images off Marlin Morneau. Somebody Visa. Andy Warhol's okay. It's not these. Then these images of Campbell soup, I'm sure they will strike a bit. So waffles called the pop off or pop Michael, That's it on Twister used to make this shooting the sixties and seventies. So my enrolling for the past haven't teach you guys how to take any court of that and make it into a pop art work. You going for the shock even specifically, focus on Andy Warhol style? Only I will give you a complete overview from choosing a photograph like this. Editing it, I'm composing your final productive, which is going to look something like this. So for this class you will need basic skills and other for the shop. But it's perfectly fine if you don't still teaching. After finishing this class, you will be able to make your own apart from any for a bath like the one I just showed. Director traffic like this one off the airfield. Your final adopt is going to look something like this. I would really, really ask you to make your staff project and work on it alongside so we can work out any inches that you face during this whole time. So I hope to see you for last soon. Thank you. 2. Class Project: come back, but now I'm going to. Could get each senior starts projecting way, are going to take one fortune full of cash on this. Could be a guy or girl are even a couple and then make Papa for sugar after we have edited one photograph, even just play around with it could be mine. It could be a little more extreme version like this, which is like my female version off the heart and then finally composing artwork showing way. Just watch your final place at the end of the tough. You would have known the basics to be able to make your own poor parts of any for the back . In the next list, I will give you a few tips on cheesing kidding, sort of. After that, we will start by editing it in four shops, step by step, so let's start 3. Choosing your Photograph: Okay, I So now let's begin with understanding. This is the correct photograph for this project. I'm going to give you a few tips on. You can just keep these in the back of her mind while you're taking a Formica. Now, my first point is that it should be a portrait photograph. In this case, it is not your audience. Station off the photo, but what do captured in them? So a good photographs since typically feature only the top half of their body. Why you don't want a full length through the graphics that a it becomes to want to handle be. Warhol's work is typically using Portrait's only So there are two examples over here and even see the picture on the left is how your photos should be on the picture. Underlie is a definite no. The number of people in the picture doesn't matter which usually 1 to 3 is a safe number to go by. Too much becomes too much in the floor. Okay, now, the second deepest cheesing the tick. Bagram. So you want to back down that contrast with your whole colors so that hair your hair line is likely leave is it. So now I'm showing you two examples and your notice of the woman left is a good photograph because you can make on the head and very clearly. But if you look at the photograph on the right, you wouldn't rely. So the girl has dark hair, and it's kind of merging with the Bagram, and this could become a problem with for the shop. Uh, no distracting backgrounds do many colors, but if you haven't old photograph which, like, really want to use on it has ability. It's OK for your shop has wonders. Think them. You know, I did the photo essay like I said, a contrast in America with an easily visible hairline. Now the third point is official await circuits buying, saying this is that when you take seventies, your shoulders do not completely fit the Freeman times on your four left left project Angler. It just it's not before. So this is in addition off myself. Plea on you can see the rectangular edges in the final edited version are really distracting. I'm not saying he should. Ally itself is completely, but you should really, really keep this point in mind. Looking one so now, the fourth point is Ah, good lighting. So a good photographs is one which is even lighting too much or too less is a problem. Your features become flexible on Papa is a lot about popping your features by lighting. With this, Jonah, the photograph has to be a good quality sharpened focus. They don't no two ways about this. Because if you have a bad quality picture under when you zoom in to work on, you wouldn't be able to get your features correctly. So the force for rigor which blowed not a good idea. The second picture which stoop, right? And you can see the free to slowly disappear. Not a good idea. The total picture to dock again. Then you take this into four to shop on making both sheens. This is the government s. Okay, So keeping this in mind, I want you to go take a photograph. It could be off through it could be a real friend or issue really shy and want to keep a very personal for those. Then one off items. Also the Baskin all to be used. Just remember, they have to be shocked. It's okay if you just do three for the grass. The next step in retreat takes in the Ford shot. Will usually didn't mind if the photo worker just me. All this is a lot easier than it sounds. Just using your follow death. It's crossing them in hood. And now, guys, I want you to start your class project. So by starting your last project, the first step should be uploading the picture that you plan on using for this project. I go through your trash, FedEx personally. And of this, any forgot 30 chose and I think that would work. I will get back to you and immediately inform you about it. So it is a very, very good idea if you start your class project alongside. Okay, guys, in orderto upload your class project, you will see these four types in the bottom off york sauce on. Did you go to class Project and then you scroll down and you just start your project and the second saliva All this information on in the space below. You can upload your photograph on after you're done with uploading your for a grass. You can just still post it by going. Yes, right over here clicking one creating project on. I will be informed immediately and I will get back to you as soon as they can, about how you've seen. If your photograph is so, it's a good picture for this project. So let's stop. Thank you. 4. Editing your Photograph: Hi, guys. Let's begin seasonality of chosen image. I will show you how you supposed to edit isn't with the shop. The first thing I want to do is to open a new document and choose your final sites. So I said new on never call this class project. So for this, you need a paper size which has the same heightened wit. Like if it's quest, because choosing a square really healthy later, while you're composing on this portrait, let all the other settings with the same place. Okay, so this is your tax project. And now you want to play so image into it. But you're going toe added security file, and then you do place embedded on. Then you chewed your image and you press place. Now, when you have your image in order to increase or decrease decided image, press shift, good the corner and then you can change to size. The reason I say you should you shift is because if you don't, you will lose the proportion off image. Um, see, So this is editing it without ship. Okay, So, in order to go back, press control said on you can move your image I want to be bego. So this and one time happy with what I have, I press in tow and yeah, so now I can't even move my image. So I press control Christie selected again. What do you consume in a little more? I'm in tow now. There are three ways to remove this background that you have in the back. It's either by using the magic. One of the quick selection to the second option is to use last Soto and interruptions to use the pain too. So I wouldn't be teaching you forced to methods the magic wondering. Easiest. So let me go back to this project on. You will see that this is my original project with the image place. Done it on. I'll show you what the results are using both the magic warn the quick selection and lassitude. So let me just done this all on. This is, um, at the result of the magic. Want to frequencies on this really uncomfortable edges. This is the result of the quick selection toe, which again, quite similar on then. This is the result off the last photo. Okay, so wait. So this is my original image on I first go and choose the magic. Want to in order selecting area I go on a click minute. Um, the magic one basically chooses an area which is similar in composition on looking. Then I go to the other part in order to select another area authorship and the cursed. So, Andi, I also dislike this. The I basically want the area which is opposite to this. So I click. I do select in worse. And I didn't have a copy, and this is what I did. Now there's a weight off editing this, uh I can always take my areas that would just quickly go through this. And yet So the reason that the magic want to this amazing is that something like Andy Warhol portrait? It's actually quite the best option because it's really easy to do and doesn't take any time. It'll, you know, I'm gonna get okay, everyone that so control C control on C. Yeah, but then your finishing Is it always that good? This order You should know this is one the magic wand with a razor and says the magic one without it is the okay, So going back to the original. If you would see using the quick selection tool, you end up selecting more or less the same media. The quick selection toe select area off the same color. It is an extremely nice option. If you have a busy background, I'm like a show. Did the result of the quick selection tool and the magic one tool with all with the same. Now I'll tell you the third to which you will use for this which is the last. So you press control this de toe the selector area and then you go to this and you go to your magnetic classical. So what do you do with the magnetic lasso? Two layers use. Select a point and then using you go. So like pressing it non store. You move your mouse along a particular life. No lost. So too. Ah, sorry about that. Said last two ends up picking off the area on its own. Okay, At this point, let me tell you, it is not at all important to be very accurate value making your outline because a lot of this tiny things you might enough spending a lot of time tracing each and every one of them individually. But when you want your next step, you really live. It really does not make much of a difference. So you make Joe's loop and oops. And so I access did so OK, let me show you how Stand with lasso tool. So yeah, I make Tillis nuke and then I do layer by a copy. Yes. So this was the result off my last two. And we don't know my own this. Andi? Yes? Can you see how accurate this is? I'm all those little adjusted to have that you want to get rid off. You can always use. Is it to You can change, decides from over here. Decrees decides that the hardness 300%. Um, yes. Like I said, just anything changes overhead just to make your rageful accurate on a you can also do the same with the magic one toe. The results on so good all of this I'm independent image off somebody images the magic wanted works brilliantly. Okay, so now that I have my image with background truth, I'm gonna quickly entered off all these less that I do not need. So I get rid off the quick selection of the Magic one off the 12 But I keep the original image. So now let's get to the party off this lesson, which is to make your image into a black and white image. 5. Making a Black and White Sketch: Hi, guys. Ok, now let's begin with the second part off lesson. So now we have the original image in Quantum Foot before step, I'm gonna do with Stone off my background so that it doesn't become distracting. I returned off my official image and I revoked in the layer in which I have finally image with now my first artist to duplicate this layer for Christ Time. Uh, I'm gonna save them. It's 123 full. Okay, let's just make tailless. No, I'm gonna show you how we quickly make this into black and white images. So I go in age, I goto adjustments, and I go to trust Short on. That's it. That is all I need to make a black glove it by playing around with traction level, different facets off this photograph is to be So where did you see the 11? I'll see that all this. Hello. She happened Start happening within the head, but enough features disappear. This is a low traction level by including loose giving it run 1 20 I get shocked futures, but my head is one mosque on. I cannot see the outline off my hand or my nose on before leaving special lemon level. I can see that the Millers becomes strong. Better on, then I can see my hand. So now Okay. So sometimes you want image, which has some some peters from all of these. So we can edit this on. The final result can mean something like this, and I'll quickly show you hard. This is them. You can either choose one treasure. Never. I'm just editor in Region Stark, both tingling. You can editor image on have three for traction levels on, then blend them to get something for different, which will be something that's so now going toe image. T I quickly James stays. I just my sexual level 2 50 So I get my addiction her at every days I go to just names. Change might actually level to around 1 20 This will did Michel features. And now I'll go to layer one quickly go, huh? By living on 1 75 it gives me to your hand and nose and OK, so now my tea is gonna be my basic me. I'll quickly show you how to copy. So how to copy my state from this Lay into their tree on the legalese on the same processes to before load with Blair one. Andi, this is how we can copy a nose and a hand, so I just humane using control. And plus, I used my last two magnetic lasso on I work in layer toe Any trace my face. I'm, like, never copy on Ben as special days. I'm not I didn't see okay. I'm sorry. I forgot to add this part on, but it's okay. So then I turned on the tree and then I couldn't see that I got my teachers. And my attack should here except a harmless nine. And I want to get the tougher it is presenting their one staying in level one. I choose a raisel. I said the size my razor at 77 be it And then I quickly believe this. I just don't want you came easily. Dislike when you are, it is in the spot. It won't is because this is not a tree. And you're working, Devlin. So I think we get beautiful spot, uh, notice. And then I want to put goto reason one less. So I just do Marge dump and does it. I would Miami with Matic should hit on my features. I am so I can delete this on again From this letter, I will do something similar and copy my nose on my hand. I take my math class or two. Okay. No, for this I am probably gonna take my Nome, Alaska. Sorry about that. I want this particular part. I never copy. And then I want this particular part and again, never coffee. I'll cite a new one. No, I could be, um That's it. Turn on the stone off this on, Ben. Okay. Now you can see this. Father. I need toe added thistle first. Every edit my fingers. It is due. Probably don't want this. Yeah, Okay. You get juiced. Okay? Not quickly show you have in mind. I do not want this black. Get rid of this over this. I can't get the door dark. Yeah, see, this is how my brothers, you know, I want to show you that you can look in before everything completely. Look on wheat. Just quickly. More more down. Okay. My hand. No, ma carpi, You can always use control us all day as a step back office in Al. You see I accidentally started working in late three on. We're walking in there. Three, my original lasso tool images showing below, which is something I definitely want to avoid. So I do step backwards, control policy. Go back to to make any changes that I want. Yeah. Okay, let's just let this be for now. And then I do march down. So I quickly leave this layer. Our I can now finally delete my original. I will give my last So tuna on. Yeah, you can see the final result off the world special image and then quickly save it on. That's it. You're done. And now we can We want to the next step. So let's move on and start coloring our image. 6. Adding Colours: Okay, guys. And now I just begin with the fund. So now we have a black and white from age as over here, and I'm getting the editors and make it something colorful. Lay Yeah. Yeah. Okay, so now I'm gonna quickly to harm supposed to do this. So let me show you with this thing I assume in on then a duplicate player on. We will let this original Levy and let us call this skin on. This is very will Make all the changes to this thing. Let me decision this folder for now. Okay. Sina in this, I might want to I select this on my back, So I select in rows and then I basically still this with the color won't So I go to edit. I could still I goto Hello. I'm gonna take this and then I choose my fellow So assistant Ella, I said Okay. I okay on then. Now you would see that this is ah, skin colored floor and you can see anything below. It's the radio the greatest that your layer has more on Instead of normal. More dissected the month plan work by selecting the multiplier more The blacks of the emissions highlighted on the rights of the image gets the place. But it's a novel of added my stink color. Now I'm gonna add my shadow quickly duplicate this layer I called eyes. Okay, I again to multiply mood on now my skin fella comes in on I've just had in my shadow So that is that all it is is a hard, hard drone Brush sighs, ladies, Your heart, Mr Told, is 300. I have my car. Go on, then I basically start. Okay, I'm doing I'm losing away brush strong like No, no, no. Make mistakes that I can show you Holmes was added them. But I used my reason to decrease the size partnership of me around 100% on and all these dissident along like, Yeah. So Okay, this is the very bad pollution. Okay, so this is now adding my eye shadow. Okay. Remember, guys, all this I'm doing a very quick versions. I can show you how it's done. Please. This is a very bad example. I really want to rise to experiment, play around and you know, queen guys anything, like anything you want. Okay, so then I go back to my life. I quickly duplicate this on America with my hair are other folklore. I dangerous multiply mood and I want to come here on I don't know Bob do. OK, I include my size to our own 69 on. Then I choose my brush and then you It's as simple as that Rashed reporting please my birth size. Next I look a lot more easier. So like I said again, all these areas I make accidents taken by quickly. Six Do think it is easy to Well, for example, I chose this particular shade of blue. I did not like it on what I do, so I feel pain. Barstool. Like my name color. Maybe I didn't three. I was stick on this and it ends up editing my hair color. Okay, cool. Now I want to add a little color again. Same process duplicate from the slips. Okay, I put this above, uh, you quantify I choose my brush I choose below, but I should I do smoke size Do so much fine on disk. Witty. Oh, no, it is now my booty doo. Yeah. Okay, So, uh, my teat on my eyes off the same colors, Miss Kim. And I don't wonder. So I would have my skin land. Just it is again. Quickly go over this area. In case you would have realized that the color you choose, like for my lip color is slightly darker than the radio chose in the color pattern. Because the still color off what's below gets makes simply round one neck. So your quickly Well, you're a nasal over the spot. But then you see, skin color is also disappearing. So you have to be very good about this. Let me show you this. Yeah. No, this is my original. Hello. Um, this is my edited see, but yes. Done. Okay. And now, since I just want toe quickly change my back, Uncle, I use control. Good day to select my image on. Then I just had my bad Uncle Sam a background color. I click on the bag phone on. Then I create a mosque and I use a solid color. So I want Oh, well, there you go. It's done. And if you book snout. Guys, I wanted to start working on your slash project alongside. I wanted editor image on. I want you to just crazy colors and added, You can always look up apart portrait that Andy Warhol's for inspiration But, you know, just like got lower your head being here, I shadows a bright orange. Anything you Sudan's your beard at, they like it adds difference on. You can probably tell your bill if you expect to be pink. Color your specs if you on. Okay, so I haven't focused on the clothes in this image because you can clearly see, but your clothes and a national think for you do color on that really pop appear image, food, Sonal. It's who wanted the next part, which is about finally composing your images and now poster. 7. Adding Halftones: Hi, guys. Now I'm going to teach you about adding the last affected your pic Twitter, which is adding thoughts or what is going in half. I believe it is a knock Warhol's work with something that first articulated on purpose. But it's a lot of people are like, you know, al quickly did you? Because it's so easy. So I go to my lair, which has nesting? Um, I wouldn't think so. I go to I didn't follow her now. Ah, I came in keys. The keys, my radios toe in peace are accused. Decided dollars. Um, yeah, us play around with this and I don't. And then you see here your daughter. But I guess you want to add it to your back. Down I go to back down, I go to play again. So slit half moon on? Yes. Last drive. Okay. Again. Openly violent. Go. Doctor knows. Yeah, that's a as easier. Okay, now that you added fellow half tones to our image, we will move want of next step in the next video, which is going to be about finally composing your work. You know 8. Making a Poster: Hi, guys. So now we move on to the final step, which is to composer Project. I have taken a square sheet of paper on Since all our images were already squares, This will become a lot more easier. So now I just had my guides. So I go to view new guide on Since my sheet is 21 centimeter, I take but I'm going five died on Similarly I I I didn't like so my water girl. So you knew Guide. What did you, 10.5. Okay, so now I have this guides and I will start inserting my images. That good file, please Embedded, please. You think shift? Yes. And there you go. It was as easier again I deeply embedded. I'm the best part about the guidance. So while you're editing your image like while you re sizing it, it immediately snaps to York center. Good eso If your accent repressed in terms for you done anything with the image, I quickly do control this D Yeah, Let's say it. I go to view clear guides. Uh, sorry about that. Comfortable sti I think we have resize it. Oh, that's it by See you guys cheaper G C quality should again be around six. A medium quality for uploading spin share. I am. When I discovered my desktop on I don't Change. There you go, it's done. 9. Final Thoughts: Okay, guys, if you please do not forget to update your flash project along sex. You can show your Julie your inspiration Many beautiful teenage shows. Anything that you want to Papa is something that just doesn't go understand. Papa Portrait makes amazing gift. And I speak from personal experience on there also regular features. And Max, look at this ad that really save it for seat having a lot of people rememberance This is again Andy Warhol copper. So any problem that you are still facing feel free to tell me on the discussion thread. I will do my very best. I hope you guys enjoy the class. Thank you so much. All the best buy.