The Photoshop Series: Convert Photos to Pop Art

Krittika Mittal, Graphic Designer

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9 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Choosing your Photograph

    • 4. Editing your Photograph

    • 5. Making a Black and White Sketch

    • 6. Adding Colours

    • 7. Adding Halftones

    • 8. Making a Poster

    • 9. Final Thoughts


Project Description

Making a Andy Warhol Style Potrait

For this project, we are going to take a personal photograph (I would love if it's one of yours, or if you're shy, then one of your friend's) and make a pop art poster using Adobe Photoshop.

If you're really not comfortable using personal photographs, then pick one of your icon from the internet and get started! Using this technique, you can make similiar posters of plenty other objects, for example: food iems, monuments, hair etc.It is preferable if you use a photograph for this project as they are usually the most complicated to illustrate. I want you to not limit yourself and experiment. Be loud, be crazy, be bold, be sexy! 

The end result will be one edited version of your pop art photograph, which we will further compose in an Andy Warhol style poster. So, at the end of class, you are expected to have a class project which has 4 images, all of them being color variations of each other.

Your Class Project will consist of your original photograph,


You can then post your final edited images.

At the end of the class, you will finally have a poster which consist of your edited photographs


You are always free to explore more! For any further questions, keep posting in the Discussion Section.

Student Projects

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