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The Photoshop Series: Basics of Pen Tool

teacher avatar Krittika Mittal, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Pen Tool

    • 3. Making Basic Shapes

    • 4. Putting It Together

    • 5. Almost There

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

As an avid photoshop user, I think one of the most overlooked tool is the pen tool. The pen tool is so versatile- not only does it cover all the functions of the selection tool but also helps you create quick easy graphics. If you’re someone who uses photoshop - irrespective of whether you are an illustrator, interior designer or photographer, this class is for you!

In the next 30 minutes we will cover the pen tool in detail- from understanding how to crop pictures, select objects with uneven surfaces to drawing out quick shapes. At the end of the class you will walk away with various quick hacks and have created a simple wreath using photoshop. So jump right in.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Krittika Mittal

Graphic Designer



Hey everyone! I'm a graphic designer based out of New Delhi, India. I started my education in architecture & realized mid-way that making art made me more happy than making buildings. I started learning Illustrator and Photoshop in my free time (thanks to Skillshare) and moved into the line full time post graduation.

 I currently work as a graphic designer and social media manager with a start-up. I love all things colorful and pattern-isc (the INDIAN ROOTS). I realized that my journey has only been possible because of the wonderful teachers I had and motivates me to give back my teaching.

PS. I would love for you to join me on Instagram. I often share tit-bits about upcoming classes, current art projects, my do... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi guys. I'm got to say I'm not protect on. I hope to do a lot of freelance graphic designer. I mostly used for the sharpened in last iota. Now, in today's class, we are going to tackle heads on through that most design of the operator, the adult for the sharp pain. Do I know, right? You know, most of us end of using Listen, illustrator, But right when it comes to for sure, bang goes dried out of my head. So I had this joke I share with my plans that you know, designers and hated all that much is comic sense. So today we're going to do something different on going to use it on. Make the paint a little more mainstream. In this class, I will teach you guys the tips and tricks of the pain to on giving toe a simple exercising a simple exercise off, designing of threat to practice on loan. The tool for the I will be giving you a complete work too. So it's perfectly fine, even if you haven't ever used to. If you have, you didn't adore illustrated, it will be a lot easier for you, but otherwise also the tool is really easy to get in hand. So we will be designing from me where we've learned how to make calls, how toe color them how to make more complicated shapes. I'm no designing a whole part off the wet on combining to be able to make a final coda. Now, this is what you guys will also be doing for your class project. After going through all the classes on learning the steps one by one you are going to design your own bed on for your class project. All you have to do is upload a picture off. You can be sure Still your institution, any particular type of guy that you want to me. Okay, Let's discuss about class project in for the classes. I am really excited for this class on. I hope you are too. So see you soon. Thank you. 2. The Pen Tool: Hi guys. Let come back. Okay, so now it's time to begin with learning the basics of the pain too. So in this class I will be teaching you all the tips and tricks Really thiopental that I moved on. You will realize that if you look at the mental and for the shop it is actually a lot similar to the mental other jobs off fares like in design in the state of However, if you look at it as compared Toa illustrator, it is a lot more basic. But still, you know, good quality on simply directors can be created using the food shop Indo and the results are so beautiful. Okay, so now let's begin. So I go to photo shop. I'm creating a new file. I have kept my file in the proportion off 16 my night. But you can go with any size you want on try and get the resolution at 300 pixels by inch or higher still. Now my pain to which looks like this If I left Look on it. I have five options and I will teach you about this one by one in si si You will also see this Bart isn't about which basically allows you to choose whether you want to have your pen as a part of the ship. So let us go with part for now on on the right hand side bottom, you will have these three bars, which is less channels. And but so what do you create by the paint tool, in part or in shape is usually saved in this part, Uh, but rather than less Andi even see find this happened. So for analysis, good, let's create a newly choose depend, too. Now the bento on the freeform painter has one basic difference. This one allows you to create straight nights on this one allows. You do create a curve light light from the big meal. So let's just spend for now. I will click on one point in screen and creator lying or apart, and we just click on any other point in this cream and there's night. But now you see the small rectangles. These are basically called anchor points. The white angle point means this point is not selected right now on the black means for selected and good point. Now to create a closed loop, I just clicked like this on Take it to my endpoint on. Hence, I have closed loop on all my ankle points turned black. Now, sometimes a lot of people my lives in paint stool pento are not able to control it because you can't seem to stop even though you want a straight line. In that case, just wrest control for windows Kocaman for Mac, and click anywhere near screen on. This becomes a truth you. So this is your straight line painter. Now let's look at the free form Pinto, So I just selected on. I basically start drawing my shape on the screen on You can see how I came give any sort of free form that I want Now if you would realize your free from mental is actually made of a lot of curves combined together on each coast, represented by 200 points to close this once again, I press control and I just click anywhere on screen. Now, for example, I do not want these work parts on my screen, so we go toe parts on. You can see this new of bad being treated like a lead swapper. I simply go on it and I quickly my screens clean. Okay, so now let's look at the other three options, which are the add and delete anchor point on the convert point. So it's actually a lot easier to work with the pain to gather in the freeform Quentin because it explored expedience to work with the free from pain. So I wanted to how to get some Volkov's using the straight line. So once again I draw a line on the stream on basically saw salute, and I go into elected 1.2 on I click on this on my ankle. Point gets elected simply start dragging it in one direction. Andi, you can see this being created now. These are basically called adjustment point on. This is calling adjustment handed. So by changing the direction off your adjustment handled, you are basically changing the direction off your core on by dragging eight in one direction, you are basically increasing or decreasing the length of vehicle. Now if I want to meet, so I want to make a call on I go select other Langer point and then I started dragging this . So the direction which you drag your adjustment handled Yoko basically moved in the opposite direction. Um, this is it. This is the basic off. Treating a course in the paint. Trust me, it's extremely easy. All you need is a new experience. So no, in case I want to make an s sort of shape. So I goto add an ankle going toe on a cretin and component right in the middle. Now I go to convert this convert point to, uh, see something like him as being created on, depending on which type action I move written on. In case I don't want this point, I simply go to lead anchor point delete on my shape goes back to normal. So this is all about the five options in the pain too. Okay, So what to do now that your party has been created, you go in this clean and right click, and you can see all these options. So what? Basically we use with the mentalist makes election filled part or stroke. So the makes election story is mostly using photo editing, and you want to create a part around your object on Amy's toe duplicated and make it into the flu there. So in this case, we will learn more about the film path and stroke. The film part is basically like an fill object sort of thing. So I basically choose any color of whatever selected Okay, green. And you know more to pay city everything on your ship. This basically connects the two anchor points and your shape. Get faith as compared to this stroke Bad basically a gives but gives a stroke to your party . For this you can choose your pencil brush or anything on. I will go with brush on. I press OK Have to give different settings to your brush. It is actually better to give it before you do the stroke part. I'm like in case I want to give my brush. Oh, blue color. I want to give a tick, a stroke, maybe have a different kind of brush on. That's it. I go back to my pain too. I simply do stroke for okay. And now you can see how this basically followed the call Now to get rid of my part, I simply go to parts, work part and leave And this is it. This is how my shape is created. Now I'll quickly chilled difference between Parton ship. So what you saw right now with spot that you create a part and then you can assign a brush or pencil anything to it. Now, in this shape, you basically, when you use the pain to, it makes a shape so you can give the film. I am choosing a blue color again. You can give it a different colored straw. Maybe I'll give a darker blue You came Look at the bed, this thing and you can all obviously look at the type of stroke you want. So, for example, I create a trying, um, Then you can see So my Phyllis there and this is basically the pen shape on depend too. Okay, guys, I have trying my level best to quickly explain you all the basics off the pain. Do. But if you didn't catch anything, it's OK. As as we going long enough for the sauces and experimenting. Move in it. You will catch up on if you still haven't. Now, you can always leave it in the discussion or tree to project on Peter. Your comment and I will get back to you as soon as they can, so I hope you have fun on now? In our next class, we will basically learn to use the pain tune to create the beginnings off Brett on. I'm how took a different up. A type of girls leaves branches, etcetera. So I hope you enjoyed on DSI you in the next class. Thank you. 3. Making Basic Shapes: Hi guys. So in, despite of the class, we're going to learn how to make basic shapes using the pain to you're gonna learn how to make girls out, making leads on flaws. I'm basically anything the week news. Novick Comma. Let's stop. Okay, So today, the first thing you're going to learn is to me plunge. Now the bread comes in all shapes and sizes so you can make a difference off course where your bed. But let's start be owning a very basic Oh, so we go to the pain to Andi They two coins and this drawer straight line, then going to the convert going toe. So start converting it into a cold. Um, there you go. That's your cook. I quite like the shape on. I simply go. I do stop part. Um, if my brush OK, since my brushes the white color, it won't show. I goto brush I Jews Michael to black go back to the pain to then go to stroke part and just with okay and my part appears now for the brush tool. By making this, you should usually have your brush size to four or fight on. You should have Ah. Ah, hard Chris chosen with 100 person hardness. So there you go. That is my stroke, but I go to parts delete on my branches. Ready now. In some cases, people like really down branches Civil died. I have a trick. So in case you don't know how to turn on the great in for the shop you goto view, uh, you go to so and then you don't on. Great on. Then you can using shapes draw a basic so cool press shift to get a perfect circle. If you don't any getting lips, I will have Phil s. No, Phil on this is my circle or my lives. Um, Now I basically know that I have to draw my court along this line, so I simply go to spend too on I goto new there I do. I choose this to be going to point on. Then I use my car would point to to give my girl or similar shape. There you go. I do stop path. I do brush OK, and I simply leave the lips on simply the league work, but And now I have a round brush sigh around bunch so that is the basic off drawing brunch . Sit down on loan. How to make leads? Trust me, this is even better. So I simply don't off my grade. I choose my own branch on I now use my pain room to make my leaves. So I'm going to make a closed loop. So I select take a point Anywhere on the branch on this would be the main being for my lease. And I go back to my old anchor point control dress anywhere on the screen closed in new can work Going to basically start pulling this to get my may It is as easy as that I do stroke but I do brush OK, I think they'd leave my work but on That's my life Easy. No. So you can read multiple leaves using this. Okay, so one thing you need to know it all reason to close the loop Because if you don't go back and take on this point toe make a look This is only your life So let me show what happens if you don't close it I go to convert going to I click this and I tried doing amazingly and doesn't happen because It's a single line and not a closed loop by close. Look, in this case, I'm me. But there has to be two lines going back to the main anchor point to be able to do this. So let me to show you again. Having stunned, I basically choose two points I go to convert point to and I started just dragging this in one direction. So now you can see Hardly useful. So you can have two different type of please. Oh, I'm so never press enter in the situation I was struck back and I do OK on once again, I have my may I simply goto parts and I delete my work for and bala my leads there. Okay, so let me show you an example Off laurel breath I need using only the pain tuned to make calls on leaves. Although it's away scary sort of red. So don't judge me, um that no, you go. This little threat was made entirely using the pain to to make the curse on leave. And then this was basically duplicating and live long one access to make this Lord. Now, the thing with making the bet is that you need to have all these elements made already, which you can simply put together any of it. So I just taught you how to make the branch. Least I would usually suggest that you should have some flubber with already made on all this could be made using the pain to. So let me show you some examples. Um, this is, uh so this was made using the called branch to Then Lee. So added, Now this is meeting toe one layer on duplicated on. Then I simply made this using those paint. Let me show you how this is made. So I turned on my great again. I go to paint two on. Now you can see that I will need one point over Hill one over hell. Here. Here. Yeah. Who and here go to my convert going to and I basically start converting this into around on This is my round. And then I start balloon. This and this The biggest advantage are working with the greediest that your girl so I adjustment handles basically even extend symmetrically on alongside the grid. So you get really nice shaped now. I basically I wonder if it's the Slayer. Okay, I go to stop bad this brush, OK, on I delete my work, but and just Sindhis in with a cholera. And there you go. This is basically this flower. Along with this, I have added my branch and my leaves. Okay, so this is Slava number two, which was made similarly, I'm turned off the grade where I just used the paint tool to make each of these individually and combine them on. And then I just added it ellipse in the middle. Okay, this is flavor three, which was me. They similarly, where I just made one off this part and then I decided to make duplicated on rotated around one lives. So by now you would've realised it's actually quite easy to me. Different that's off flowers or branches or leaves using the mental. And I would suggest you to make around 2 30 different type of flask, maybe lease on do anything else that you want for your pet before you start putting it all together. I have a set of leaves that I have made that I use sometimes, which basically has one mean Wayne through the center on some colored portion. Okay, so another nice thing that I really like my putting in that is the heart and the heart shaped brunch. So now I basically with the heart again, using the grade on the pain to on I basically made a branch and just use the heart instead of the leaves. These things are going to take a little time to make, But then once you have them, this adds to your collection on by the end, you have large collection on and you can choose to use any of them in your final branch. What? I would really advise you to have one long element like this in your of that may be one of the flowers. This one. It's one of my favorites. Um uh, maybe some daughter something, you know that's entirely up to you. So go ahead, make some variations on if you have any problem anywhere using the pento, you can always leave me a message on OK, in the next video, we're basically going to learn have to put together one branch for your bet. I hope you had fund. Thank you 4. Putting It Together: Hi, guys. So now we're gonna get to the next step, which is basically about putting the whole thing together. So you need to understand that most let's are actually a single branch. Ah, that has bean multiplied again on again. I'm put together in different shapes toe complete on Do you find that? So in this we dio you're basically going to loan together toe toe put to get with one essential piece that you'll be multiplying to form your shapes. So let's start. Okay, five. To begin with, I have already put together their basic elements I will be using to compose my bread. So they were composed of branch these different type of flowers something like Cherries on . Like I should use something along element, which is my heart stem branch number two basic things you need to know to complete. This is about duplicating a lair, rotating it or change it gets size. So let's start. So for example let me start with the leaf. So if you ever want to know what layer a particular object is just simply go on right corner on it will open a particular group that is there on the particular latest, So this is lead to name. It just really descends, Lee. All that. So my leaf is selected on there. It already in position for the first cystic. Now I duplicate. Sorry, I duplicated the short good for duplicating a layer is control pills J or Command plus J or MK uses. Now, the thing about composing one grant in the breath is that you have to balance it out on good side. So what? It's justice than instead of starting with the least person volition you. It's better if you use the bigger elements first. So, for example, that Mr With the Flood it's a legacy. It's lot over her. I simply do duplicate here, okay, on its to may. So this press control Christie on changed size using shifts so that the proportion does not change this. Enter on. There you go. I do control pills. J. Yeah, for the change the size. Something more. Yeah, control comes J. Okay, So for example, I wrote the flower Toby on about the lease. I basically just drag this layer on the top of this. All right, control those g and at the time and yet that's about it. Maybe change the position of him. There you go. I can probably don't know this layer right now. They may come toe my other flower, which is already flower. One copy. I do control this. Jay, Uh, probably have it somewhere like this. Okay, Now, if I have want to put it on the other side of the branch, I simply do control Christie on when you see this, this particular arrow, this basically vindicated. Locate your object if you want rotated by 90 or one itty bitty simply a shift while you rotate on Evil. Voted in 91. It took 70 standards. Um, basically Oh, come, I duplicated. But I want to increase the size. Yeah, simple stuff. Now, what you need to realize about putting together, you have let the basic principle it's not. It should be balanced. So if you have element over here, then you should probably have some element on a decide to probably a leaf or something. I before having small charities or ellipses to go around because the very nice toe cover up some sports that you know you were confused about. You know, you have something showing that you don't want to the ellipses up classically to cover them . So putting it together will take away a long time. So let me just show you some offer that I have done. Okay, So this was the branch I put together using the basic elements I showed you before. This is simple, transforming the side rotating. I'm just putting all these elements together by duplicating you would see that these heart stem branches out of different sizes on I have also trimmed them a little from the business eyes because I thought they were too big on its all this part being balance. So it side of the net has either the for the flower going on one side. It's not wait empty on that space is where I think I need to couple. I have used this small Jamie sort of t do finish it. So this is all about putting together one small piece for you. See, I can't really advice you more on how it's supposed to be done because it's essentially something that's very different from person to person. I'm sure, given the same elements to dangle from people still come up with 10 different ideas. So it's OK if you don't really, really like your in productive. Because trust me, once you get once you start rotating it, multiplying it on and putting it together, it looks really nice. So don't worry about the end product on, Okay, A tip. So when you have all these elements put together, the mind them in the group, like I have done a working you would realize, like, you can observe that all these elements are in individual layers, But in order to duplicate this one branch on makeup that we need to put it together in one group, so that easily duplicated. So, for example, I just decide to duplicated on. There you go. I have to widen the good lunches. So that's about it. In the next video for you, we'll finally learn how to duplicate this one particular growth on basically forms that off different shapes and guys. Okay, if you haven't started with the A class project till now, you should really, really get down with it. Because still, you don't get a dinner. Don't start experimenting with the mental. You wouldn't be able to understand how it works. Trust me, this is one thing that you really need to practice out to get a tip off. So I hope you're starting with the A class project if you haven't do it. 5. Almost There: Okay, guys. All was there just on the last step. Now understands also really easy. 2nd 1 Let's start. Okay, guys. So you must remember things in the last video. And this is my more do that I'm gonna work with in this video. So, as you can see, I used this more do to make this fed by multiplying it many times on Ben, putting it in a somewhat circular form. So now I'm gonna teach you the basic of how you can make let's in different forms using the same more. Dude, this is morning. Some are Now I'm gonna show you how you can make a rectangle of that's using the same model . So I stole this off. From now on, it's like necessary that you have a guide so that you get a good and accurate Well, So, for example, I want all the time, the little that by simply reconnect angle and the select as my guide for my that. Now, this is no based more. Do it hidden there on. It's obviously going to be on, but I can't use it in size, so I simply size it down. Probably this safe. Yeah, Let's go Aggies Nobu on. I simply who did it on? There you go. Now I'll simply duplicate this again and again do for my basic shape. You can also use flip tool at places you want for flipped. Will you simply goto Since my last Lector I goto edit transform on three prison until or turns from Andi clipboard didn Alright. I used control pills J again. Andi Then for example, I decide. I just want to flip this along this access so I couldn't duplicate for my reference on. Then I simply Marge this down with the group. Uh, OK. No, wait. Instead of this just simply combining this groups also does the same thing. So there you can think this is one combined group on. I simply decide to duplicate the group Couple six on Decided to flip it along my vertical axis. I take this above Andi I had this one listing one copy and I simply rotated using ship to have a 90 I try and combine This control is G until this June, you will probably need toe change stuff because like as you work along, for example, I can't have this spot over here I needed to connect up above, so I simply Yeah, this is one tough thing that you have to work with that sometimes you let's do tend to get mixed on even when you're writing this really confusing I'm had Look, you know, this is too much. Recently combined. Yes. Now I simply duplicate the group on I goto edit plants from plays on who? Bullet Combine it. Um, I simply the room Eric tangle on the you go. I have a tangle of it Now. I can simply put all this together in one group. Yes, you could have be walking with a lot of groups in this case. Yep. Now you go. And you can just size this up or down as you want to on they go. So, using this concept, you can make that's off really shapes You can shaped like a heart, a circle a painted in a square, the tangle basically any time you want. So no matter that's that's just the basic office. I hope you have fun. Thank you. 6. Final Thoughts: with this guy's Our class comes to women. I hope you picked up some skills about the pain to along the way we are your allies are designing. That is really simple. Taken remain off extremely simple elements like the one you can see on you can make a lot of lease. This was made completely using the paint tool on later I did the stroke pattern. Added color. Oh, you could have something little more interesting by adding small in obsessed Andi. This is another example which is a little more cartoonish but looks equally good. You can have different shapes like the one that is so or something extremely exotic. Oh, you got another shape like this, which was me using a certain with the fact the branch at such a unique shape makes it look a little more different over the tangle. Oh, let the Tages. So I hope you guys had fun on If you have any doubts alongside once again, feel free to post in the community section on. I will get back to you. I really hope you have fun during the class. I'm thank you so much, but I