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The Photo Book Wizard: Working with PNG Files

Robin Nichols, The Photo Book Wizard

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4 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction to PNG files

    • Why Use PNG Files

    • Creating a PNG File

    • Rotating and Saving as a PNG


About This Class

The Portable Network Graphics file format is the only other file format acceptable in book making software along with  JPEGs.

What makes this format different? Unlike the JPEG format, a .png file allows you to save and preserve transparency so that, once it is added to say a colourful or textured page, it is the page tones that come through the transparent parts of the image - not the default foreground colour that's automatically added to a JPEG when it is saved with a transparent background. Even if you are placing a non-standard shape onto a white page, the paper white is certainly going to be a different colour to 'Adobe' white - so you need to save it as a PNG file.

In the example here, I saved a cut out image of Che Guevara's head as a .PNG and a .JPG file and placed both on a graded background. The JPEG imports a white background while the .png file retails the irregular shape of the head.







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Robin Nichols

The Photo Book Wizard

Hello, My name is Robin.

I have been shooting photos for 40 years, commercially, for stock, for weddings, for audio visual designers and for editorial. I have also been a magazine editor and publisher for 15 years. During that time I authored several books on imaging technology and post production, so I think I'm in a good position to teach others how to get great looking images - and put them to good use, either by printing, or through the production of fabulously-designed photo books...

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