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The Photo Book Wizard: Text Basics

Robin Nichols, The Photo Book Wizard

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8 Videos (32m)
    • An Introduction to Text Basics

    • Text Basics

    • Adding Captions

    • Adding Headers and Footers

    • Setting Text Styles (general)

    • Text Styles (specifically for Momento)

    • Adding Page Numbers using Lightroom

    • Adding Captions in Lightroom


About This Class

Everyone needs text in a photo book - even if it's just to add a snazzy title to the font cover.

In this class I show you how the text editor works - in some software it works well, in others it might be slow and clunky, you really have to experiment a bit with your software to make a judgement on whether to persevere, or to look for a better software app...

Here we look at how to use text in a book, how to add text boxes so text can be added to any spot on the page either by typing in the copy yourself or by copying it from another source, like an MS Word document, , how to add captions, how to set text styles (to speed up your text formatting),  and how to add headers, footers and page numbers. All essential features of a good book.






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Robin Nichols

The Photo Book Wizard

Hello, My name is Robin.

I have been shooting photos for 40 years, commercially, for stock, for weddings, for audio visual designers and for editorial. I have also been a magazine editor and publisher for 15 years. During that time I authored several books on imaging technology and post production, so I think I'm in a good position to teach others how to get great looking images - and put them to good use, either by printing, or through the production of fabulously-designed photo books...

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