The Photo Book Wizard: Simple Photo Retouching | Robin Nichols | Skillshare

The Photo Book Wizard: Simple Photo Retouching

Robin Nichols, The Photo Book Wizard

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8 Videos (45m)
    • An Introduction to Basic Retouching

    • Basic Retouching with the Healing Brush

    • Retouching with Lightroom

    • Correcting Perspective

    • Introduction to Elements' Guided Edit Mode

    • Guided Edit - Effects Collage

    • Guided Edit - Orton Effect

    • Guided Edit - Perfect Portrait


About This Class

Photo retouching is essentially a process of practicing the art of deception. Removing bits of a picture that you, or your subject, do not like, in order to appear more attractive, intelligent, or tough. You name it, a patient application of software can achieve it...

In this lesson we look at simple retouching techniques used to remove small blemishes - basically to make the photo appear 'cleaner' and in doing so, more professional, using the Clone Stamp tool and the Healing Brush (which work exactly the same in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements).

I also demonstrate how to edit or correct perspective distortion in a photo, a perfect technique for architectural photographers wanting to make distorted buildings stand up straight (see below).

I then show off some of the neat effects that you can generate using Photoshop Elements, in particular three effects created with its Guided Edit Mode.







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Robin Nichols

The Photo Book Wizard

Hello, My name is Robin.

I have been shooting photos for 40 years, commercially, for stock, for weddings, for audio visual designers and for editorial. I have also been a magazine editor and publisher for 15 years. During that time I authored several books on imaging technology and post production, so I think I'm in a good position to teach others how to get great looking images - and put them to good use, either by printing, or through the production of fabulously-designed photo books...

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