The Photo Book Wizard: Creating your first Photo Book | Robin Nichols | Skillshare

The Photo Book Wizard: Creating your first Photo Book

Robin Nichols, The Photo Book Wizard

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5 Videos (45m)
    • 05 Starting your book

    • Book Making Basic Principles

    • Booksmart in More Detail

    • BookWright

    • Online with Blurb Bookify


About This Class

In this lesson I show you the basics of book design - how it works, what to expect using software that you have downloaded to your PC or Mac. For the lesson I use an app called Booksmart, from - partly because it is identical on a Mac or PC, and partly because it's a great 'generic' representation of what you see in many other bookmaking software programs.

The second part of this lesson also deals with Booksmart more specifically, highlighting the best features of the program including the ability to customise any of the 70+ layout templates, or to make your own, as well as a heap of tips to help you understand both the bookmaking process as well as how to get the best from this excellent standalone application.

As an extra I have added a short video running through the basics for starting an online book using Blurb's Bookify and BookWright services - this is quite basic but fast and easy to use. Like all online book making software, it's not quite as customisable as those apps that operate from a desktop computer.





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Robin Nichols

The Photo Book Wizard

Hello, My name is Robin.

I have been shooting photos for 40 years, commercially, for stock, for weddings, for audio visual designers and for editorial. I have also been a magazine editor and publisher for 15 years. During that time I authored several books on imaging technology and post production, so I think I'm in a good position to teach others how to get great looking images - and put them to good use, either by printing, or through the production of fabulously-designed photo books...

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Photography Creative
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