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7 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction to the Course

    • The Principles

    • The Authority Pyramid Concept

    • The Law of Association

    • Felxibility and Sincerity

    • The Brand Recognition System

    • Your colors and message


About This Class

Learn the personal branding principles that will get you up and runing in building effectivly a personal brand either in the online or offline arenas.

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Very good ! Most of the people who are actually working on a brand logo, identity, and create their own business should watch ! A lot of people I've seen made big mistakes in their personal branding, without even noticing... This course is short and solid !
Good class and I learned something new. that's a good thing.
Sorin's course was a great start to begin to recognize key elements in personal branding.
Skye Berger

Executive Creative Coach





Sorin Constantin

Passionate Online Entrepreneur and Marketer

Hello guys,

My name is Sorin Constantin and I am an Online Entrepreneur since 2011 and Network Marketing Professional since 2013. In the last years I've started more projects with success in the online world in e-commerce and affiliate marketing. I've studied and developed two network marketing business, the first being a lesson for me, the second being a real business as a result of personal development and appling the principles of being a network marketing professional. I want to share my experience in both the industries here on Udemy as I truly believe that Passive Income can be a Reality for anybody who is chosing these industries. I hope to see you in my courses and bring value to your business. Also if you would like to connect with me and keep in touch you have my facebook link in the links category bellow. I love to stay connected to ambitious and driven to learn people like you guys.

To your success,

Sorin Constantin