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The Perfect Prezi Presentation

Michael Rex

The Perfect Prezi Presentation

Michael Rex

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9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prezi Made Easy

    • 3. How to Start your Prezi Presentation

    • 4. Prezi Overview

    • 5. Prezi Demo

    • 6. Editing and Customization

    • 7. Shortcut Keys

    • 8. Adding Voiceovers and Background Sound

    • 9. Collaborating Via Prezi

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About This Class

This video course will help you design your own Prezi Presentation from scratch through tips, tricks, and comprehensive yet easy-to-follow lessons. You will learn to create professional-looking, creative, fun, and interactive presentations using Prezi.

This 9-part video course will give you the most up-to-date lessons on general functions as well as in-depth Prezi customization options.

Here is what you'll learn:

  • Up-to-date information on the features and a holistic view of Prezi
  • Techniques for planning your Prezi outline, layout, design, and much more
  • Tour of the Prezi site so that you know where to find the different built-in tools and options
  • Step-by-step demo of building a presentation from scratch
  • Easy-to-follow instructions on how to edit and customize your Prezi presentation to give it a sleeker, more professional look
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the most commonly used steps of the editing process
  • Adding Voiceovers and Background Sound in your Prezi presenation
  • Collaborating with your partners, associates or anyone else you would like to share your presentation with Via Prezi

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Michael Rex


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1. Introduction: hello and congratulations on getting access to this video course on how to create engaging presentations. So this video courses all about Prez E, which is the software platform that enables you to create engaging presentations. Now, why did we choose this overpower point? Well, I'll talk about that in just a minute. As you know, creating engaging videos and presentations is very much important in this day and age, especially when many different social media platforms or other platforms look for high engagement, right. In order to sell something, you need to have an engaging presentation, at least to gain people's trust and get them to interact with you. Now PowerPoint has come a long, long way as well as president. But when you see President Next, which is the latest version of President, you will be wowed. So with that said, let me jump right into this introduction. So what I want to do is give you a quick overview of what's inside this feel course. This is the introduction video number two is president made easy, and I'll talk about the differences between President Next and President Classic, which is the older version of President, and how they are different. And then we'll talk about how to start your own president. Presentation in video number three. Video number four is the Prez e site overview, and we'll talk about how to die. Then how to get started in all of that? The number five would talk about how to start a new Prez E and we'll show you a demo and everything like that. And video number six will talk about editing and customization. How do you make it fit your needs? Essentially, And video number seven will talk about shortcut keys. So as you begin to learn Prez E having access to the shortcut keys definitely can help speed up the whole process. Video number eight will talk about adding voiceovers and background sound. So for those of you who want to take Prez E and essentially turn it into a video, this video will be for you. So we're obviously going to be using a different software to do that. But that said, I'm going to show you how to do that And of course, last but not least, video number nine. We're going to show you how to collaborate via crazy. So how do you collaborate via your team, either in the sense of putting it all together or maybe collaboration in terms of learning so well, show you Maurin just a second. So first things first. Why Prez e versus Power Point you Obviously I could made this video course about Power Point and Power Point has come a long way, and they have evolved over the years. But the reason why we chose President over a power point is simply because President really allows you to really in cage with your viewers and you'll see in just a minute how engaging it really is. Now you'll notice in just a minute with President next. They kind of have moved mawr towards the powerful functions of power Point. So essentially what they've done is they've taken the most powerful features of power point and taken the most powerful features a prez e and combined them together to make an amazing tool. All right, so with that said, let's jump into video number two 2. Prezi Made Easy: Hello and welcome back. This is video number two, and we're gonna dive right in, and I'm going to talk about President next, which is the latest version of President versus President Classic. So as of now of making this video course, you can either make your present classic videos or president next. Now, keep in mind that if you make any president presentations in President Classic, you cannot really import them into president next, and you'll get an idea of what the major differences are. That way you can decide on which one to go now, President. Next new feature. So President next is like I said, the latest version of President and the main differences. What are the main difference is, is that President next runs on HTM 05 So, as you will notice a good amount of presentations, video players, they're all moving towards HTM 05 That's essentially the future, while on the other hand, classic presi runs on Adobe Flash. So as you know, certain browsers. As of now, they have literally gotten rid of playing Adobe Flash because many people consider it to be unsafe and prone to performance issues. So that's the big, big thing, and other than that frames, for example, which will make more sense when I dive in, are hidden until you're ready to show them you can use fade in or fadeout animations, which allow you to manually high content until you're actually ready to show them. So the nice thing about president is a lot of items you cannot see until you zoom in. So kind of how you saw how I zoomed in. So you saw the nine different video topics, and then I was able to zoom in. So that's the nice thing about President. Compared to Power. Point is, with Power Point, you can't really do that. But what present you can and you can do so much more, which I'll show you in just a minute and also what president Next you can click and zoom on any frame during the presentation, and you're not stuck on just like following the slide's path sequence number. So with the previous classic president, you can only go in order. You have to go like in order of creating it, but with president acts, which I'll show you in just a minute. For example, with the nine videos. I could either go in order or I could just pick and choose the bubbles, right? So that's the main difference is you're not stuck on having to follow step one step Tuesday . Three Step for what that allows you to do is allows you to create it, um, or engaging presentation. So that way, let's say, for example, you're doing a webinar or you're doing a presentation or sales presentation. You can pick and choose which circles that you want to go into, and you could skip some. You don't even have to go in order. So that's what makes it Mawr Interactive. Does that make sense? So it provides analytics also by showing how many people viewed your presentation, who they shared it with and which parts interests them most. That's amazing, because you were not able to do that in the original classic president. Plus, as you will see in a minute, there's is a cleaner, slicker look with sub topics and pages. As far as setting things up, the structure is just ah lot mawr cleaner, everything a structure properly, and it's just a lot easier as far as usability goes. I remember back in the day with classic crazy. You know, setting things up was actually very complicated. Once you set things up, it looked really nice. But to get to that point, you literally would have to sit there for hours setting up a president. So nowadays, setting up a president pricing next is just so much easier. With that said, let's move on to video number three. 3. How to Start your Prezi Presentation: Okay, so welcome back. This is video number three, and we're gonna talk about how to start your pres e presentation. And I'm really gonna talk specifically about President next structure how things are structured in this president. Next new type of update. And that way you have a better idea of how things are broken down. So I don't want to jump in straight ahead right now. I want to talk about the structure, and that way you can dive straight in in the next video after this. All right, So let's jump in and just take a look at a structure, Okay? So let's jump right in. So the first thing you're going to see is in this example, it just shows a random template, but typically with president next, you're going to see these little bubbles. All right, so these little bubbles air basically topics. So the nice thing about President next is I could switch between this one, this one and this one. I don't have to g o in any order, which is nice, but these air basically topics. All right, So when you click on one of these, click this one here, You'll see these here and what these are are are sub topics. So this is the sub tops. So we went from topic as a very general to sub topics. So this right here is a sub topic, so you can add mawr elements to the sub topic. So if you click sub topic and there's two topic types, there's planet in stacks Planet basically allows you to ADM or circles. So we'll do that. Now you can see that this was the fourth circle, so we had 12 and three and four. And of course, you can always stretch it out if you would like. But it always looks professional no matter what. So the thing with the classic president was you can go all out and if you know, you weren't really very creative, it would be hard to make it really look nice and structured. So now you don't have to worry about that. Everything is now very much structured Now if I clicked on that little circle that I clicked on just now and I clicked on sub topic here and this at something here So you can, as you can see you condone, add in more sub topics for some topics and more. Now we could add slack topic types like this and with slack topic types. As you can see now it looks like a PowerPoint presentation. But now you can add pages underneath. So think about Page is kind of like a PowerPoint slide. So they're all they are is really just different elements. Different ways to kind of showcased what you're trying to teach what you're trying to present. So just a recap. We got topics at the top sub topics below that, and you can do as many sub topics. And then you can also do pages as well. So as long as you understand how that is structured, then getting creative in making your presentation look really nice is actually a breeze. So I just wanted to cover that initially before we actually jumped right in. So now you understand how things are set up 4. Prezi Overview: Hello and welcome back. This is video number four and let's talk about the present site overview and I want to give you a better overview of before we jump in the templates how to choose them. We'll talk about president necks, the app and how basically everything works before we begin to edit and customize a present . Okay, so in this particular video, I'm not really going to show you how to build a prez e from scratch. But I want to give you kind of an overarching overview of the prez e dashboard, the app and all that's available to you so that you know what the differences are between each and that way you can make a better decision on what route you want to go. Now if you are just getting started, I am not really aware of whether you're able to see President Classic or not, that maybe something that is just available to older customers. But if you do see present classic, I highly recommend that you just stick with President next. And the reason being is because President next is just so much easier. It's structured, everything looks nice and it just gives you more flexibility without all the tedious work. President Classic. We just happen to be very well versed with it, so we no, a little bit more about it. But after we tested it president next recently, which is why, if we got a president classic, you'll see that we have about 21 presentation. So we've really been using President Classic, but President next. On the other hand, we've only tested a few, but from what we've tested, we found that a lot of the president's you'll notice they have the circles. Of course, you can change the circles to something else, but they look very similar. The layout is very similar. They look sleeker, more beautiful, more engaging and all of that. So I just want to say, if you are getting started, just start out with President Nets. Don't go with anything else. So the nice thing about President next also is you are able to see the analytics. You can actually see the stats, and that's something that you was you were never really able to do with the older version. Now there is a president next app. So as you can see here, I'm using a Windows computer, and I have the president Windows app here. The main difference is just, you know, I'm editing it on my Windows computer versus editing with the browser. Now you will also notice that they also have mobile APS, too. So it really depends on your preference. Sometimes some people depend being who they are, may want to edit on Windows, may want to edit on the browser or even may want to edit on the mobile app. So really, what? It comes down to it. It's not that something is better than the other. It's just a matter of preference. Which route do you want to take? All right. 5. Prezi Demo: Okay, so welcome back. This is video number five, and we're gonna dive straight in and talk about how to start a new president Basically building a president from scratch, you can either build it from complete scratch, or you can actually just use the template, which is actually a simpler route. I highly recommend that route. And for those of you who are super creative and I have a recommend, if you really, really have started out using templates and you've gotten really, well verse with the templates then and only then do actually recommend that you actually start from a clean slate. But if you've never used president act before, I highly recommend that you start with the temple. It first get used to the actual animations, the options and all of that first, before you move to a little bit more advanced. All right, so let's start with some of the basics and move from there. Right? So let's go ahead and click new presentation and let me go ahead and walk you around. Now you will notice that it does take a little bit of time to load. So depending on your Internet connection and there you go. So as you can see here, we got many different categories. We got sales and development. We have marketing education HR and training in general. And you got, Ah, huge amount of templates, really good looking templates. And in my mind, compared to the President Classic, this is just way better, of course, present compared to Power Point. The original classic version, I thought was better than PowerPoint, regardless. So these are just the a certain amount of templates you have access to. And as you can see, you have a huge, huge amount of templates. All right, so let's just go ahead and pick one of these and let's just go ahead and run with it. So let's go ahead and let's just use this one here, all right? So click on it. It's loading the template preview, so we have a better idea of what it looks like. So the nice thing about president is, you know, you can change the background. You could change it to an image of your company of your building, or you can change it to something else. It really is up to you. So that's where the customization process comes. in. So the nice thing about this is you can take a look at it and see, you know, is this really right for me? So I really want to use this and let's just go ahead and click. Use this template. Okay, So that to go a little bit more time. But I went ahead and pas that so that we could zoom for but up at the top. You can, of course, taint change the title of your president so we could call this sales pitch one you've got file you can do. New president can save. You can show info about the president. You can show your president so obviously this would go out and go to your other presidents , which is not what we really want to do. You can insert topics you concert texts, charts, images, videos even to make it even more engaging Shapes, arrows, lines, icons and symbols, comments and animation. So there are a lot of variety is of different elements that you can insert. You can hide the background you could hide comments, sore show animations. You can go into presentation mode, viewer presentation, viewer. You can preview it or see what it looks like lives. So you're really not gonna need these until you're actually done with everything else now, Like I said earlier, we have topics. And then, of course, when you drill down further, you will be able to see sub topics like so and then you're able to drove further, which then will allow you to see pages. So before, like I showed you, there were pages and then sub topics. And of course, you can zoom back out and you'll see animations. Now, remember how I said previously that what the president next does is it takes the most powerful features or the strengths of the classic president and Microsoft Power Point, and it brings it all together, and that's what we have here. So with animations, I could actually animate it so that I don't want certain elements to actually appear until I actually begin to click. And that's the beauty of animations, just like a PowerPoint concept 6. Editing and Customization: Hello and welcome back. This is video number six, and we're gonna dive straight in and continue where we left off in the previous video where I showed you kind of an overview of how to start out your presidency next presentation. And now we're gonna dive in and talk about editing and customization, and we'll talk about customizing your president, your images, your colors and your animations and everything else. Okay, so now that you understand how things are structured when it comes to editing, customization, grabbing, you know, inserting images, grabbing images out, inserting your own image is all that is actually very easy process once you're utilizing a templates. But like I said, once you master the Temple of Process, you can actually move straight into beginning to start with a clean slate and do your own thing kind of thing. So let's just go ahead and go ahead and customize from the top down to the bottom. So now we're taking a look at the overview, which is the overarching view of everything. And before I actually even movinto anything. Let's start kind of like a cumulative order so that it's a better understandable let's say , for example, that we don't want certain elements right here to appear until we move forward. So we can actually let's click on the sales pitch, for example, and maybe the background so well, so like that. And then, of course you can with that back over here and we'll click animations and then I'm going to click plus, so obviously you want to select the element that you want to animate Click Plus and then choose what you want so we could do fade in, fade out Fade in would usually naturally be okay when you actually come in and maybe later on it'll be fade out. We could also fade in here. We could also initially zoom in as well so you can zoom in. You can add a zoom in area and all that. So animations is just a really cool way to make things up here or when they're not appeared . Appear as you begin the presentation. So maybe you could start out with a kind of just a view of the circles, the elements, the major topics and then, of course, the background. And then you begin the presentation, and it's like, Wow, that looks really cool kind of thing. So think about it from your your viewer standpoint. What would make them think, Wow, that's really interesting. Or wow, I didn't expect that even happen kind of thing. So that's that. And that's basically how animations work. You can also specify when the animations happens. We could have it at the beginning of the presentation after the abouts, which is these topics here. So every one of these circles or topics, remember? So you could have the animations appear after every single one of these topics here, so you could actually specify it in more detail. But I just wanted to show you some brief kind of overview of the animations elements themselves. So now I'm going to select the abouts topic and to customize it very, very easy to do. So this obviously would be good for a sales pitch or on about presentation, and all we have to do to customize it is selected. Double click it and highlighted in. Then, of course, your office or your name or whatever. So, office location, you can add the text here, or, if you want to insert a another element, you can do that as well, so you can insert up here sub topic text charts, images, videos, shapes, arrows, lines, icons and symbols. So I could also insert an icon. You can have light icons and dark icon. So if I select light icons, you can see they have a light background on the back so we could select one of these and we could simply drag and drop it over here like so Or if we go back here and we do. Dar prizes is just a dark background here. So that's really the main difference between light presidencies and dark president icons. So you can also insert other elements as well. If you would like to, you can also add it out the images. So if you click on the image here, we could click it, replace image so we could go and look for an image. And we could select an image like this. And it'll just upload it really fast, as you can see here within a few seconds or less than 0.1 seconds. Actually, So we could do that and we could go back just just kind of see what it looks like. We can zoom in it like that, A girl like that and so you can see how easy it is. You select the image you click, replace image, find the image that you want like that and replace it. So what you see is kind of what you get, what you see. And then you can replace, Of course, the colors that could select this purple item and then select a different color like that. So you know, if you've used power point, use Microsoft Word. The dashboard up here is fairly easy use, but you'll notice that it changes depending on the element that you choose. So if you choose an average, it'll tell you replace an image if you choose, you know color block. It will tell you there's different options for the color block. If you choose text. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to, you know, change the size, increase it, change the font type. You can bold italicize background color, the color alignment so really basic stuff when it comes to tax stuff that you would see in a pretty much most word processing systems. Now let's say you want to add something and you, you know you don't like where this images, so you could actually select the image and move it around and you can move the text around as well. You don't have to necessarily stick with the exact position of everything. You know how things were set up in terms of the templates. So if you don't like something, you'll feel free to move around. You can actually do that very, very easily with President. Now let's say we want to zoom in. You can actually zoom in, but we got also zoom out as well. So let's go back out. Go back to overview and you might be wondering, Can you actually, you know, move things around? You know, let's say I don't really want this background here. Let's say I want my own background. Well, you can do that by going back to the overview clicking on background options, and you can either upload a background image. You can revert to the template background if you make a mistake. You can remove background images like so, or we can revert back to this. So one thing one place that I will tell you to get your images from is big stock photo dot com There are a lot of other places that you can go to to get images as well there are. There's pics of a dot com. There is ox. Also pecs. ALS p e x e l s dot com. You can also get really beautiful images. They're royalty free ones. So obviously, if you're doing this for, like, business related, you're gonna want to get a commercial license so you don't need to pay for the images that you use. So with that said that aside, if you click upload background image, let's just choose an image. So let's go and see here. It's maybe choose this one here. So obviously this relates to outsourcing. But you can see these have little circles, and that's actually really convenient, because I could actually move these circle topics here. So let's say, for example, I want to move this here, and I want to make the circle little bit bigger so that it fits perfectly on this here. So obviously the fingers pointing here, But I could put it over here. I could, you know, put this over here and make it bigger, so it fits the circle perfectly. like that, and I could do the same thing. We're here. I think so. So, as you can see, you can move the circles around now you'll notice as I move the circles around. Do you see those yellow lines? Well, those yellow lines are pointing to the circles, so depending on the order that you have it in right now is the order that it'll go through if you use the arrow, the right arrow to move forward. But you can obviously use the mouse to select either or whatever item that you want and go into any order that you want. But like I said, if you do want to go in order, you can and you can use the right arrow on your keyboard to essentially Dio from 123456 But if I want to move, let's say, for example, six to number two. I could easily do that, and then, of course, it switches. But I wanted to show you how easy it was. C with the template. You have the opportunity like you don't have to use the wave of blade. Things were laid out or anything like that. You can actually tweak it to your own liking like that. So there you go. So you can see that I tweaked it. I'm imported a background. And that's what it looks like now within the sub topic. Excel, You can actually at it just the same way selected. Double click it to edit the text. And of course, I can add a sub topic. Remember, you have to topic types. You have planets or stacks planets basically add the circles around here so I could add another sub topic and will appear here. I can move it anywhere where one gonna leave it as it is, I can add another sub topic and another one like so. And of course, if I want kind of a power point slide, Look, I can choose the stack, as you can see here. So Stack is gonna look like this where they zoom all the way further in and it looks like a PowerPoint slide. And this is actually something that we we did for a while with President Classic. But it's not something that you could easily do with President Classic. And that's why I recommend, if you're new to all this stick with President next. All right, so that's pretty much the premise on how to use present 7. Shortcut Keys: Okay, so welcome to video number seven. And we are gonna go ahead and jump right in and talk about shortcut keys. So shortcut keys are basically keys within Prez E that have been programmed to allow you to speed things up. Now, you don't really want to do this until you get a hang of at least a few templates. But once you actually understand the dashboard and how everything is laid out, then I recommend using shortcut keys. So that way you can just speed things up. And what would normally take you maybe 15 minutes can now literally take you. Ah, click of a button. All right, so that said, Let's jump right in. Okay, so let's go ahead and dive in. Everybody wants to eventually speed up the process. Nobody in that is watching. This probably wants to do it the long way. But like I said, if you actually start out working with templates once you get a hang of it, then I'd highly recommend that you use is that way you can understand the whole process of how everything works. In that way, you're better equipped with knowing when to actually use shortcut keys. Now you don't have to remember the exact keys. I'm going to show you an article from President where you will be able to get access to this article and, you know, utilize these shortcut keys you can print out, have it on your wall so you can always refer back to it later on. But for now, I just want to show it to you in action. So let's say we want to select everything that is on this page, so let's do that. So if you click control A now, obviously this is gonna be different with Mac computers, it might be command a. But what I just did was I selected everything, all the topics. So control a is select all. And that's pretty standard with most were processing or even browser functions. Is control a selects all by selecting all that enables you to move things around a little bit better. So instead of moving items like little topics, one by one by one, you can literally select everything and move around so we could select and move here and move it here. Now I could select all, and I can also copy by clicking control see or command Key and Control V, which will basically copy everything. Now. I don't see where you would actually need to do that unless you had a lot of these items, right? So if we were, we wanted something similar to this. Maybe what we wanted to do is select that item. So that's number five. So it's a year that's this one here. So that's the timeline. So I could slight the timeline. I couldn't control C Control V and by doing control V you saw that. Now it's There's a number seven, and it's copied this exact elements. So if you like an element and you want to kind of base it upon that very element because you've done everything right, then you can do control. Seeing Control V all right now, if I want to go further in, let's say, let's double click on this and we like the way this is set up. And maybe we wants another elements we could do control C Control V. Or maybe we just want to copy and paste this texts right here. So you would want to select it like so, and you can see that I've click control C control V. I've copied and pasted and you could see a duplicate. So let's say, for example, we want this one over here. So what you do is you want to select the elements. So if you look fairly carefully, my mouse goes over and this item highlights, so I can actually select the item. And let's say I want us like this one, this one in this one. To do that, I'll need to hold down the control key like that. Control C Control V and you can actually duplicate it. And there we go. So now I will say that took a little bit of time to do that. But I can move it over here to move this over here like that. All right, so that's control C control V, which are probably the most common shortcut keys that you're actually going to use. Now let's talk about some other shortcut keys. Now I will say before you use keyboard shortcut keys and you go to president and you search for them. You will notice that some I will say this support pages on Lee. So there some keyboard shortcut keys that are only for president classics specifically. So you only want to do the ones that or for president Next, if you're using present next, and the ones for president Classic if you're using President Classic. But as you can see here, there are different ones for Windows and Mac, obviously, because there are different keys on the different platforms. Indifference, computers. But with Windows, you can see it's control A. With Mac, it's control ADA. Select all control. See control access to cut it cut. It means that if you cut it, it'll disappear. And then, of course, you can copy it somewhere else. You could do all backspace to deletes You can do command and to drag things around. And there's other elements here as well to move things around. But for the most part, you're probably gonna use these right here, as this is more common. So to get here, obviously, let me give you the u. R l of the link. If you go to www dot present dot com slash business slash k b slash creates dash your dash prez e no eso president slash shortcuts. Now, if you want to just go to their database, you can do that and do a search. Just make sure that it says this support pages about president next because there was another keyboard shortcut page that was specifically for the President Classic. So I wanted to make mention of that so you don't get confused. You don't learn something that is totally different and not related, and that way you don't lose time. All right, so with that said, let's move on to the next video. 8. Adding Voiceovers and Background Sound: Hey, and welcome back. This is video number H, and this is kind of Ah, bonus video. But for those of you who want to take it a step further and rather than using prez E for just something that sits out on the Internet or something for a live presentation for those of you who want to make an actual video, this is for you. All right, so we're gonna talk about how to add voice silvers, how to add background sounds, how to essentially make a video. But for those of you who really want to go allowed and you're not really looking to make a president to just do a live kind of presentation or just send it to people, you really want to turn this into a video, then you are going to need to have an actual video recording software. So in this case, I am using Kim Tasia. You can use screen flow for Mac. There are other app out there as well. But for the most part, I found can't Asia tends to be the best. Um, I've tested Camped Asia on the Mac. I really like it. I feel like it has evolved in, become better, and maybe it's just a little bit of a preference. But I've used Camped Asia for a long time, and that's what I use. Now here's the thing. Here's a little trick I found. You can use browser, or you can use the windows or the Mac app. Now. When it came to classic Prez E, I found that utilizing the actual downloadable Windows or Mac app was easier, but that times have changed. And if you click on president and we go with President next and click on presents, this is what it looks like. So in reality, I found that they've made President next so very, very easy to use, and you can either use a browser version or you can use the Windows or Mac app. So if you're now, if you're using the classic president, then what I found is it's just easier to use the downloadable windows or Mac app. If you're using president next, it doesn't matter. Use browser or you can also use the downloadable app. Both actually work. So learn from me because, you know, I've recorded many videos and since then made a lot of presidencies and the prez ease are the classic president were actually very difficult to record because a lot of times, the reason why I was a lot of times the browser app, things would just get in the way and it be really hard to record. So I think things have involved over the years. But that said, you will need toe have camped Asia or screen flow. So in order to do this, you will need obviously to dish out either 150 to $300. To get access to these Softwares, you will also need to have a microphone, either a USB microphone or a more professional microphone. I believe with Matt computers, you can easily use the microphone earbuds. You can use those as well to record a video, but all you do is just go into presentation mode. Now that you have an idea of present classic versus president next, all you've to do click present. Now you'll notice that if I put my mouse down here, this little thing pops up and then you're wondering, Ok, how do I get rid of this little bar? So to get rid of it, you just put your mouse back up here and you click so you can see that my mouse is is hiding. So before, Actually, when I was recording the other videos, my mouth was over here and it was hiding. So that's kind of how to do it now with Can't Asia let me go over the camp Tasia you're going to want to use, and I can't really show that now. But you're going to click on record the screen, and you want to use full screen so you want to show or record the whole screen. And then, typically after that, once you have recorded it, you want to get it down to 12 80 by 7 20 editing dimensions, which is HD quality standard. And another thing is depending on how big your resolution is. If your resolution is a smaller resolution, you might have kind of a little bit of a distorted view, and you might need to kind of play around with that. But when it comes to editing, let's say for this one here if and when you have elements that are like popping up or in the way you can use the zoom and pan feature and you go here and you just move it up like that so you can move it up, obviously, crops out certain elements of the actual video, But then you remove the elements that are popping in and all that, So that's something good to know. I mean, I've made so many prison videos of the years that I've realized there are certain elements , certain things that you'll run into along the way that you'll never really know unless you actually do it. So, like I said, you got to do it a few times, sometimes a few times, sometimes 10 times, sometimes 20 times until you perfect your own process. But that's fine. That's that's part of the game. And at the end of the day, you know some of your videos that start out maybe slow. Now some people ask, Okay, when you make videos, do you just record the voice first and then you kind of show the president action? Or do you actually walk through while you're showing the president what I found to answer that it's different from different people? Some people can do you no teacher, what really, really fast? And as they do the Prez e and some people. As they start out, they have to actually read a script and then implemented and have one track as the audio and one track as the president visual. So sometimes you might have to write out the script and read the script to put it down here . And then you have to go back and then a record kind of the video of the president and go along with the script. So it really depends on you and how you speak. Some of you might be comfortable. We're speaking like like me. I can just go straight and teach, and some of you might not be comfortable and you might have to go with the script. Now I will say, you know, it definitely takes practice and even sometimes making videos. It might be the 10th time, but at the end of the day, you have to practice just like riding a bicycle. Everything takes practice, so hopefully that teaches you a little bit about how to turn your president into a video 9. Collaborating Via Prezi: So congratulations. You have reached the end of this video course, which is video number nine. And in video number nine, it's gonna be a fairly brief video. But I want to show you how to collaborate via president and how to reach out to your team, how to get your team to even work on the presidency and how to use president for other things besides of that's and let's go ahead and dive in. So there are different ways to have your team collaborate on a president. You can have them edit the president and build it out together. Or you can just have them come in and view the president. So this feature is actually very simple to use. All you have to do is up in the top right hand corner. You're going to see this little people icon. You want to click that and then you can see that currently, there are currently no collaborators in this president. So you what you want to do is click on total collaborators. You want to enter their email address, and then before you click on add, there are different options here you can edit so in other words you can give somebody edit rights. You may not want to do that unless that person is somebody you trust. You can have somebody comments so they can make comments on the president self. So maybe this is a presentation to a client you might want to give them, you know, presentation rights. So essentially these air rights that you can give. So if you want somebody like your universal assistant or you're somebody employees or somebody on your team, you might want to give them edit rights and then the can comments and then can presence is somebody who might be a client might be somebody presenting it. Maybe you don't really want them toe have those, it writes. Because keep in mind, if you do give somebody at, it writes, they have the ability to literally ruin your whole president. So just give somebody that you trust those rights, and that's how easy it is to use. And of course, besides collaboration, you have the ability to share, and you can create a lake. You can enter the company or of the client's name, and here you click create link and can also track President analytics and more, but for the most part, for a collaborators, You're going to use the show collaborators button and that's it. You're good to go.