The Perfect Linux Server for Web, Mail, Domains from scratch with Administration Interface | René Fürst | Skillshare

The Perfect Linux Server for Web, Mail, Domains from scratch with Administration Interface

René Fürst, Learning by doing

The Perfect Linux Server for Web, Mail, Domains from scratch with Administration Interface

René Fürst, Learning by doing

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31 Lessons (2h 29m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. VirtualBox Installation

    • 3. Create a new Virtual Machine

    • 4. Linux Installation

    • 5. Which Ubuntu version should i choose

    • 6. DigitalIOcean Linux Server

    • 7. Ubuntu Update

    • 8. Setup Hostname to FQDN

    • 9. Change Dash to Bash

    • 10. Disable Apparmor

    • 11. NTP Synchronize

    • 12. Postfix, MariaDB and RKHunter

    • 13. Clamav, Spamassasin and Amavisd

    • 14. Apache, PHP7 and Modules

    • 15. PHP-FPM and PHP Cache

    • 16. Let's encrypt support

    • 17. Mailman Mailinglist Manager

    • 18. FTP Server and Quota

    • 19. DNS, Bind Server

    • 20. Vlogger, Webalizer and AWstats

    • 21. Jailkit

    • 22. Fail2ban and UFW

    • 23. Webmail

    • 24. ISPConfig

    • 25. Create a Website and FTP Login

    • 26. Configure ISPConfig and install Wordpress

    • 27. Get Manual and Support ISPConfig

    • 28. Dedicated Server recommendation

    • 29. VPS Server recommendation

    • 30. Cloudserver recommendation

    • 31. Domain Provider recommendation

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About This Class

You don't know much about linux? Want to manage your own or customer Domains on a own Linux? Become a IT Linux Administrator and manage your own Server! You learn how to install and manage a Webserver, Mailserver, FTP Fileserver, Spamfilter and much more.

Become higher administration skills and start now! 

  • Hosting your and your customers Websites on your own server!
  • Beginner friendly step-to-step tutorial
  • Installation on a testing or live Linux Server setup
  • Installation of a Web-, Mail-, Domain-, Fileserver
  • Installation of a intuitive easy administration interface, to create own Domain Webhosting with Mail and FTP Access.
  • Need only 1,5 - 2 hours to install the complete Server!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

René Fürst

Learning by doing


I am a online teacher from Austria since 2015 for specific IT courses.

Working since over 18 years in different big companies and learned much about enterprise IT Systems and working with Linux, Unix, OSX and Windows Systems. Also like to Programming , but my focus is on the System administration. 

My courses on Skillshare should help people who need specific skills.

I know my english isn't that best, but i'm sure the courses can help you to understand what you searching for. My main courses and big courses are currently in my nativ language German, if you can understand German you can also visit this courses, and i'm happy about Feedback!

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1. Course Introduction: discourse. We're going to learning line, ox Set up from scratch, you learn about how to create a nine X server for a bet. Domain FTP mail server Using the interface Yes, be conflict to create a perfect administration interface for you can administrate great new domains. Register a domain on a hosting provider and I show you how to installing. Lee Knocks in a virtual box environment for a testing proposed or to rent cloud you off for life productive. I'm brainy. First on, I have over 15 years experience in lineups administration and server administration. I'm a guy and studied I e for a long time, and I have this course created for you to see how great this tutorial be. Using the perfect lineups Acerra set up to Charles. For this, you can go toe each lecture to set up a website, mail Sarah, or even if the peace and the using other fire ward to set up this or in this court. If you have any questions about this course or any lecture you can create on every lecture question, and I will answer the question as soon as possible. If you don't happy with this discourse. Armistice information about the course. You didn't give you a 30 day money back guarantee exponents in this course in the last bonus section, you see how toe installing a new domain creation and new domain and how toe create a WordPress on this new domain. So we have a life and ram and for our blogging channel or something you want to create, I hope you enjoy this course. And this year's in the first lecture and then click on Enrolled Now and this year in the next Electra. Bye bye. 2. VirtualBox Installation: in this lecture of be installing virtual box Virtual box is a virtual machine for your computer and emulates other computers so we can installing line observer in a testing environment in a window on your Macintosh, a Windows PC or even molino specie. So if you don't want to install on virtual box machine and tested on your life protection so you can also rent Acerra. But in this case, we create now a veteran boxer. And then we installed Alina from scratch. If you want to rent the Sarah, please go to the section on the production side here and we see us in the next lecture. And if you want to install virtual box here right now So here we are on virtual box dot torque and Donald Virtual box of 5.1. Currently, the nearest to Ascione and under download you find here for Windows for was 10 lineups and salaries, in my case are using make OS 10 and here you can Donald, If you use windows, you can hear down the clicking Onda Glick on This will be starting. Darla. Darla this in a few seconds. Ready? So around 100 megabytes in size you can install it by double click and then digital open day installer and we can guide through the installation process. And let's see how it looks on Mecca. Ndaa sri, switch here, back from the full screen models toe Minda mode. And here you can see 12 1st is the double click the icon and second this around the virtual box application from the application for so DoubleClick the icon. And you will see here the installation for this program. We can continue and we can continue this on standard, not customized and going installation. You need the root password for this, the administration passport. And now we can install this virtually books if you have ah, requests installer The security gate. Keep equity is a sift system preferences and you see here under security, you can hear, see, allow apps downloaded from anywhere or from makeup stir and identified developers, and you must switch to anywhere or click here open anyway, when you cannot installed this process, the installation is now successful and now we start virtual box. Go ahead and started over a spotlight on you See virtual boxes here running right now. I have set up to some virtual me machines currently. And on this lecture we are done for now. And in the next lecture we create a new virtual machine. And then, with solidly knocks and installation than us you Bhutto version. 3. Create a new Virtual Machine: Now we have started virtual box and we create now and new virtual machine How we do that? We go here under new and we set up here who boom toe testing server. And we say hell type line oaks and automatically virtual box finds under the Taguba Want to hear the version is a bone toe. You can choose here. 32 bids or 64 bits depend on your machine what you have and also how many ram you have inserted. So I use it in he 60 forbid and ago continue on We say we used also for gigabytes off ram for this testing environment and you can create here and Richard Hart draft now, Are we using an existed hard drive if you have autumn machines here already created But we try here toe built the lino sheriff on scratch and V installing. Lee knocks in the next lecture. So they created here our machine and the saviors use of video image, virtual box disk image. You can also use a PhD or a VM decay for the ember, and we go here to the next. We can set it to dynamically allocated. So we safe a little space off hard drive and go to the next. Now we can say how many gigabytes be want to share for this file? I got mostly so 10 to 12 gigabytes for the testing environment and using this Sarah in the virtual box only for the testing. If you want to use it in a protection on the Internet and you have domains and so you it's better you rent an own server or you give your computer. Is Sarah directly and not over a virtual machine servic trade here now the virtual machine . Now we have here with the testing so and now we can go to the settings. And one important step is also here for we goto the network and switch this network adapter toe bridged adapter. So we have excess from our hosts. Esteem, in my case, from my my quest to the virtual machine be using and shared in the same network I P addresses. And you can switch between the P address for my mega s to this you Bhutto server and we see how it's Braxton in the later section that can be also be a standard and click OK and Now we can start the machine and see if it's running and the first time you're starting. They ask for Ah image and we need now to dollar the image and installing a bone toe, Lee knocks in the next lecture. 4. Linux Installation: How are we going to the U Bahn toe and we don't know the most. The latest You point a Russian. So we switched to a boon to dot com and you see here under the down that sections, we can't download our image on the server. You see the open to share a long term support or the latest version 16 0.10 and in my case , are using now 16 10. For the long term support, you have not to do so much upgrades, updates. So you really have one version and can use it a long time. It's most re commented if you're using your show US and production environment, and if you want to share, also have up to state with the latest version, so you get this one. So we have also always the newest PHP versions and a Patriot versions. And under LTs versions, you get more stable updates and only mostly security back fixes. So we don't hear the latest a 16.10 version, and on the downloads you find here, the installation guides advantages and technologists starting here right now and the Cecilia down, it is not so biggest. It looks like only 700 megabytes. But the Donald R Link ISS year little slow. So I think a switch the video and make it fast forward. And then we can install Dilly Knox, a server. The dollar is now complete, and he can now use this easel image file for our virtual machine. We go back to our virtual book and we can now choose the easier image file from here. And you have under downloads. You see here a bunch of image file, they click on open, and then we can start our machine the first time and s you see here is a small window. I can make this a little larger, but you see here, this will not be changed. For the size we let it here in English. Riggio, hit the enter and you see installing you pronto showers. Very easy here. And, uh, and now I won't do is starting The installation process is very simple and not so graphic interface like in make os or windows be using here English and United States keyboard layered. Yes, Detective. And he oppressed one off these keys. Why? And he Ah, you see? Yes. In my case, I have in European keyboard and now we still pressing the buttons day See it here and you go here to detection is complete so we could continue. And now the keyboard is also consequent right now. So yet? No, let's take a look. And this takes some time, the first starting after. Then we can, using that disk images, loading the additional components and Andy make here also only a plane installation with no add ons or something orders only plain. And then we go to the perfect Pepsi era in sterling from scratch. He has now the detecting network. So we have changed the network here to the bridge adapter and deceit, and the I P address would be nearly the same as mine on the hostess. This takes sometimes D D H c p Sara. We need the Internet connection for this installation, and you can now say the host name is per effect sever. Go to the continue and next full name to the new user. In my case, it's Rania, the user Countess created. We use it instead off the root account for non administrative activities. So Rini use the name set up this year's a name. Yes, it's would be rainy. And now I give my password and you can say all the shore in, clear or not and go toe, continue Mr Table at the key and then re type the password. Stepped up. Continue. And now you want to ask me to encrypt my home directory so I can't encrypt all the fights? What's in my home directory? But it's not needed here right now. No. And we used this a serious or the home die. Jerry doesn't matter. So we said the time zone. Yes. And now the hard wrist detecting from our virtual machine so they would be detected the four gigabyte rhymes, the 12th gigabyte hard drive space. And now we can say here used to enter disk on. We can also say use entire disk and set up in L V M. And was an encrypted L B M for the encryption. Be going to the first year and setting used to entire disks. Andi, he received 10.9 gigabytes and you can installing and petitioned the heart draft right now . This going very fast. Yes. We want to write. This changes. You see you. Bhutto has created automatic Kelly and ext four petition and also swap addition. If their arm is not much in us and we going next installing the system now we can set up on http proxy information if you use one. I don't use it anyone, So I go to the next and click here, continue. And now the configuring a PT pickets manager. And this takes sometimes, if depends on your internet connection. You see here now the selected and installing software. We don't need automatic updates here right now because then be using automatically update. Maybe there's something wrong and you have problems on your on a production server and this will do not nice if you have really, really important websites on your side and then automatically updates would be failed in the cervical, maybe down. So no automatic updates. And here I can set manual. And the only thing I say here is standard system utilities and maybe also the open ssh server. All other is not needed. Right now I be install it here, Mr Perfect Several guide and you go to the continue. And now the fights would be downloaded and installed on your system. This takes sometimes but really fast and be Skip this section here right now and go to the next step. And yes, we want to install the crop boot loader and Deco here today. Yes, and set it to the master boot record and now the bullet of art to be installed. And you can now start the lineup server from their boot loader and now finished the installation and we can then go to the next step. In the next lecture. You see the production side what you do men, You go with your side really online and not only for testing propose. And in this lecture right now is this is only for the testing propose or if you want to install lineups on a really machine, you can going right? Wrist is set up and you must only conflagration your I p addresses setups s you want. So we going here to finish and continue and let's start in here the our new fresh installed Lee Knox and what you can make is also do installing then the server in our next section. And here you see, the Lennox Ubundu is starting up, and you're also all okay Okay. Okay. And here we can look in now. This hour looking and the password. And you see here the first Libyan and the up time. It's only zero minutes. And he came going now to the next lecture and update our sustainment conficker our host times. 5. Which Ubuntu version should i choose: in this lecture, we were talking about a little bit about the U Bahn Torsella versions and the support for improving the desktop securities and packages, as you see here in their Bonta website VC here that you put the show on destined releases and the end off lives. And the big difference between the LTs long term support and the non LTs version is the non LTs versions. 16.10 has only nine months, have maintains updates and harder maintains updates and security opted Anti LTs versions have quite long update period. You see a 16.10 has bean released in October 2016 and will be supported toe mid July 2017 on 2017 in April, the next releases coming and in October, also the next 17 10 is coming. The next release for the LTs version is planned for 2018 in April and you see here then the supported going upto 2023. And if you want to create ah life production cellar, I recommend that if if it's using you pronto, you use only the LTs version. But instead off this you can also be used normal Russian. If you quite half the newest version off a newborn to system. So if you want to testing, test with non LTs or result years on the ideas, you have made some older packages, and but you have quite much longer support for this. If you have any questions about this, so let me know and we see us in the next lecture. 6. DigitalIOcean Linux Server: the best and the cheapest way to get and production line Ox era is, in my opinion, digital ocean You can have here and own cloud server and with much performance. And you can set up on different locations depending on your you're hosting plans and where you live. And this is very exciting. You get a little and $10 coupon. If you used this link, I give you here below and I show you a little bit about the digital ocean, how it works. And this is one off the type. You would use it in the production side. The other thing is the visual boxing is only for the testings. And now we're going to the productions we want to grade here and riel environments. Where about Israel domains? Andy going here on the digital ocean I'm located in. And now I can create a drop at the drop that means and new Acela and here created the droplet and recreate Now the Lanarkshire here and this is very easy. We can set up here right now, directly toe 16 point of 10 or 16.4 point one the long term support Russian and have also much all of distributions here. Set it up right now. FreeBSD veto tibia and Caro s a sent us and in much versions, every each distributions. We cannot sit up and say here for the first time, we need only the $5 in the months the smallest Scherer and this is a clouds are you have from Don't care about harder features or something. This is a really, really peppermint enterprise system, and the hard drives are ready. Dancy back up and she can also here sit appeared and share of these 512 mega pieds 20 gigabytes and 1000 give its transfer data And this is not your own show for your own rental . Tell you rent only a cloud, so but this is very, very high performance. So you can go up to 64 gigabytes 6400 and 90 year, but transfer and this is one off. The important features form digital oceans. You see here that data sent the region we have here New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam in Europe. Singapore longed on Frank Ford in Germany, Toronto in Canada and Bangalore. So I set up here in my case for launderer or instead Frankfurt. And now Maceira would be connected in Frankfurt, in the data center and very fast in Europe. Also, if you live in New York Los inferences Cory depended what's closer to you? This would be also very fast. We can set up here a private network if you want. Want to hear the droplets? Only the private in the same regions. And he had pickups. Andi I P free six and the user data. But they don't need this here anymore. Currently. And you can set up now. Here's the host. Name the host Amiss year. My perfect seva. You can choose their name. What you like here and then we want to create one drop led to Kang. Great! My table droplets here. Right now. You see here also the configurations, Andi. Then create here. This takes a little time. Maybe so One or two minutes and then we can connect to the service s age kind on windows you can use pretty on was 10 and on line ups you can use directly the ssh client. Now let's go to go and we see here we can add also, though mainly recess the droplets. We can see the usage under Canon Avery pickups and all the destroy you pay only for our or a months if you like, and we can destroy it. And then we pay only the seven pens and then we go here to the e mails and check out the e mails. We get the passwords really emails. And if you have windows, you can go toe put it dot arc and they are not here. This is HK kind for windows. If you have make us, we can going to the terminal and also instead off the Lennox and can say it's his age. And then we have Here are new email and s you see, this is the email I got right now from the perfect zealot I p address be used The i p address here for s edge. And I say love in with a root And my password is this and this pass it must I change the first time. So I give the password to copy and paste. And here now we can use the current password Copy and paste. Nope, that was wrong. So copy and paste and now, copy and paste. So now we can enter a new passport and a say here. My new password. This must be a difficult password. And now we have here are perfect. There are life from the Internet and this is Ah, I p address from Frank Foot. And here you see this I p addresses for the digital ocean, and it's located in the Europe in Germany. Now we can go to the next lecture and starting with installation off our perfect Webster of Maiziere, a file server and domain, sir. So we close this year right now and this is a set of we can use in a life production environment. And here I destroy or create a domain and you can play a bit little bit vistors. And here you see, this is very perfect and I like this very much. So this year's in the next lecture 7. Ubuntu Update: after a fresh installation off our virtual pox testing Lennox ever be need to upgrade to the latest packages because then be installing the open toe 16.10 or even else the other restaurant. Then you need to check if the latest packages are all up to date. How we do that, we have here our Boesch Shell script. And then we need here to go into the pseudo mode pseudo models e and then type the password Soviet, working in the root environment. Here, you see route at perfect. The perfect surveys our host name we can say our host, um, in the type host name on you can change this if you like. So how do we upgrade to the latest package? Last week? Oh, he and said a PT minus Get update and upgrade. Update means it up. That's the source list file. If you have changed here something and then upgrade, you see the packages? What kind of new science? The release off introversion 16.10. And here you see the line of generic, the carnal updated and some unis, you tills and some other packages. Yes, we want to upgrade to this latest Russians and update all applications here and the libraries. And then I show you how we can connect to the server and the I P address. You must have an Internet connection for this. If you don't have Internet connection, please check your connection when you're used. Virtual books This is for testing proposed. If you want to go life, it's your website. Is your birth press or something other side, then use and instead, off virtual books and cloud service or roots Ever rented routes over it. Your provider and you see here you can also be testing all this in the virtual box environment. The root server has already Internet connection, and I have shown you in this lecture before, how would connect to the roots Harvester terminal and a show you how to connect to the virtual box. Mr. Terminal connected to matchboxes, a terminal year now already B type E f conflict and you see the I P address here is because we have configured the virtual box with the bridge adapting at work toe the 19 to 168073 We go here in our terminal instead. If have windows, you have put even really. And we can set. Yes. This age 2192.16 Zeta. But 0.3 seven miners logging is rainy and yes, on the password. And we're now connected. And this is the baby. Be go to the next lecturers. I show you in this phrases you can read better this in discourse and we go to the next lecture than after you restart our line of sister. 8. Setup Hostname to FQDN: for installation off our perfect Apsara This important toe set up the right host name for your show and we need a full qualified domain name. And we have here are perfect show. If you type host name, you see only perfect service year. What you need to do is now we need a pseudo nano e TC host name, and it's said here and fully qualified domain name. I have a domain like sing secret 0.80 and said, Perfect Sarah dotting secret or today is a perfect, fully qualified domain name. Now if you report and said host name you see how steaming F is also not updated now Andi need toe pseudo re boot and let's try after the report we have here the full qualified domain name and then we go to the next lecture and is if you don't do this to a fully qualified domain name, so you got problems. After installing the spend Massie, send em a vis o r. Minnesota something. So it's very important to step to make this happens. And here you see the starting protests running here in the background, and now we can look in now try and say host name. And here, you see? Perfect. Your dancing secret oddity is now our host them. Okay, let's go to the next lecture. 9. Change Dash to Bash: in this lecture. Be must change the default. Shil. The differential in Mobuto is been dash and we need the been bash. And if you don't do this that yes, they conflict. Installation will be failed. So how we do that be used the command day beyond pick itches re conficker and set it re comp acquitted Dash, you must this rawness rule. So I give it to the pseudo command instead in front pseudo And here the password for my route environment. And now we say here not. Yes, we say you know And now here you see the been Azhar from the dishes be replaced by the best So that's all how to change the default shell And this year's in the next lecture 10. Disable Apparmor: in this lecture, we will be disabled. The up armor armor is a security extension. Simile Otto s Ely knocks and that's we not needed for this server configuration. And this makes more problems as we have advantage for it. And how can we disabled Obama be must stop first to the Obama. So I go to the pseudo environment and now I'm working is the root And I say service EP are more Stop! Yes. Now is I'm a stopped and we go here now update my owes our seat dot de miners f toe Amar remove And now we removed the pickets ap ti manners get to remove, um are more you tease? So we removed the package The Obama and I'm on you till spec itch and we say yes Now You see, all packages would be removing that are used better Obama packages and we can go to the next lecture 11. NTP Synchronize: It's very important to have a sank run ized system clock on your server. And for this we need the NTP serious the network time protocol service and that synchronized that the actually system clock this and server on the web And how we do that, we have here the 80 miles get in star NTP and NTP date and you say yes and already debts done. If this is complete and we can go to the next lecture the installation off post trick staff Court Maria db our car hunter and find duties. This would be a little long out and this was very short. Soc A in the next lecture. 12. Postfix, MariaDB and RKHunter: that come to this next lecture and this lecture, We going to install the post fix mail server database era and R K hunter and Ben you tills . And first we need to check if sent. Mail is not installed not running, and we remove sent mail from the startup script. How we do that? We have here our route environment so we can work without a suitor Command If you like to work with the root environment, Look, invest your user name and type pseudo minus e so you can burke in the root environment. First we stopped the sent mail service and here you see sand Melissa not running. And you can also updated startup scripts minus air Sea update. Manas Air Sea minus F. Andi sent mail. Remove. So now we can get This is OK now we can get to in start services for the males database and others. So we have here a PT minus. Get install and install the post Fix the post fix my SQL. You can find that this line of court in the description and in O r type here and you can go to the next step find Minister Post fix my last duck and Maria de Venus client Maria TB Mainassara. And you need open SSL and also get mail for and K hunter in you tills. Then we need the golf cart. I'm d Service and Dolph cut Pops three d service and our third that off cut my SQL connection and doff caught sihf and it off caught had ever TPD and as a suitor and he can see No Yes, and all packages would be loaded from the net tractor latest versions and we can get them to the conficker This prob dis dis pick itches So we go here too. Okay? And you say here, Internet side post tricks configuration. Okay. And here you have the host name and as my host of Miss Perfect Show, I let this so you can hear type your domain. Perfect. You don't come, Andy Goto okay, And it is important. Uses septum Ain issa system male name like server one dot example dot com or so one that you remain dot com. And not that the main that you want to use s an e mail to main example you are top labor. Two main later. That's next we opened and TLS a cell configuration in the post fix folder. And so we must wait to install our this picketers and setting up. And you see here this is very fast and could very does not take a long time so we can get to the configuration. We must uncommon the submissions and SMTP sections and at the following lines Mr Minus. Oh, And for this we go here to the post tricks master dot this year files and we go now Nano e T c post fix master dot your files Andy, take a look in this file And here you see the guns They're all post fix configurations and we need here. Submission, innit? Minnows one, Then we can set this toe change route is also minus and my no smiles. Okay, this looks fine. Now we need the minor system lock name, post tricks, a submission. Then we give him the encryption. This is OK. We say Cecil, our stare occassion anybody's Yes, it's OK. And here the SMTP client restriction be used. This one Let's see. Okay, We must because here and said the new one minus oh smtp client risk trick actions is equal Pyramid Cecil Out 10 t k Tet Reject Okay. And now we have here also the S and P s and you're my nose. We go here also SMTP Yes, yes, this looks fine and they are taking authentication and neighborhood and also the same here minus oh and SMTP de client rest directions because permit Sessler our 10 t k Ted read checked so it looks fine. Now be safeties command string open and safe it right into the file. And okay, now it looks fine. Now let's try a service post, fix, restart and if it's restarted, result error messages then it's OK. Now we go to them. I really had to be no e t c, my SQL Maria db configuration and the fifties server. But the need here is not to bind only to local host. Now it's only bind it to a local host. If you want not be excess able from other computers to the Maskell databases, you can set this year toe only the local host. But in this case, I want to give Maria database connections from outside the network. Okay, Now be start the my scales at the root password my SQL sick. You secure installation and then we would be asked Foreign root password became type of route bus with instead here and here. Enter for non. So we type none. And we said root passwords say yes And now we give him a root password. And the second time, remove an anonymous user. Yes. Disallow route. Looking remotely? Yes, if you like. And reload privileges remote me off. Tested the base? Yes. And reload the privileges now. Yes. Okay. This loot looks very fine now Said the past without this identification. That on me Me a teepee to native so we can use it for the PHP My admin in later to connect us the road user. So we need now toe set up here the route and test here My SQL Miners route here behind a database and now we can set update my Escalade. That user said plug in equals toe my Escalade Native pests work where user is route. Okay, that looks fine. And now we can go exit and conficker Word e t c my s Krell debian dot com fic And here we see the pest work and year olds password. So we type here. The passport After he said the passport. We need to restart the Maria D. B is the service. Meyer, Skrill, restart! Andi! After a few seconds to restore this complete. Now we can check if they're my SQL is running mist Nets start, you know, step and grab my esque well, and you see here the Maskell is listening to our ports. Now we have installed the my astral configuration the My Skrill, and set up the mail server. And in the next lecture, we going to installing the new spam filter and anti Veer's. 13. Clamav, Spamassasin and Amavisd: in this lecture we will be installing for our email clients and good spam filter. And the recommendation is here the spam assessing and also an anti V eros like a Marie's and clam. Maybe how we do arrest we have here our route environment and be installing. Now This spare meant anti virus functions. Be kept this line in the description you can copy and paste this or you type it here with me 18 minutes get and say install aim Abi's de meanness New then spam assess in clam Evie and clam A V minus said the demon and the su unself be sip a, uh J no march else up Cape extract that's needed for the anti veers so day and two years can extract the files and can scan files into it. These the AP ti miles list changes a p t. My house list changes and let's install this picture's so for the first time and then we go to the next. So we have here some right aero clam, maybe. And here you see the next era. So it's what be good to have here be tip to and now yes, this would be in start because here Daddy s antennae co can installed er next liberates with the claiming he talks the demons and the other ship straight to fight and said now a PT minus Get in, star the lip net eld up full and the lip out on Cecil Pearl clams, maybe minor stocks. The demon and the lip Iowa string Pearl and lip Suck it necessary. Pearl lived in it. I went Pearl tip clip that DNS. Pearl and the Post agree. Okay, let's install this. And then let's check if I'm a basis working or not. And he got again a rose amorous and how we can fix this problem. This problem seems to be a not fully qualified domain name because I have only said the perfect domain name and how we can change this. We say here to the Let's try host name perfect server Thought thing secret about 80. And now let's try again. And yes, installing the Emery's now and to user account is created. So we have set now the host name and is to a full qualified domain name. So this is what we to hear right now, and you can go now to starting the fresh gum and how we do that. Be need here. First service Spam assess in Stop and we update our see Manistee minus F Spam assessing. Remove. And now we need here. Or the fresh clam and fresh clam. This is okay for the first time and service claim every demon start. Okay, that's looks fine. And the local is created. And the first time you have this era and you can go to the next lecture. 14. Apache, PHP7 and Modules: in this lecture we would installing the heart off Also at the Pepsi air of his PHP PHP my admin f c g I, and Sue excess Pierre and encrypt how we do that. We have our show right now. Said obvious post tricks and clamors for our spam assisting and now installing the patch remote. You can also find this lines for copy and pasting on my website or in the description here below. So we got here of deputy get install a pager to a page it toe my livestock then the page to you tills. And as I said, you can copy and paste from the recommendation or from my website I have here online published for you and then we need a patch to you tills we need now the lip a picture too Miners mod minus PHP Then we use PHP 7.0 and PHP $7.0 miles. Come on PHP 7.0 minus GDP hp 7.0 Minus my SQL zero My lost my a script and PHP seven that sierra minus I am a PHP my at mean PHP seven that zero The common line interferes a seal. I and peach Pisa and dot c zero my a c g i. Then the lip a patch to mont f c g i d a patch to sue except Milosz. Pristine PHP minus pierre ph B 7.0 minus m crypt. Then the encrypt package itself and image magic. And also the lip Ruby lip, Apache to Ahmat Piketon and PHP 70 minus curl Andi ph B seven That zero my house internal peach be surrendered. Zero This is quite much pick itches peace spell. So we have really, really good support in our server. Re cold tender PHP Send out zero esque Your light s que light three PHP 70 minus tidy ph B 7.0 mass xml rpc and two peach B seven at zero miles X s l meme cased onto PHP Member case Peach being magic and PHP minus Get text Andi pH Be certain that zero My last sip Ph B seven that zero minus and B string It's not. Problem is your don't install all the packages, but the most are very, very good Nice to have And of course we need here the pseudo Miles E and of course, we need here. The Souder. We can get pseudo minus e or minus P, or we can get here to the first line and then we can install all the pictures is really much packages. And you can say yes. And this will take some time. So after that, we have installed here. We check the Apache two with the space bar and Mr Tabula there we can go to. Okay, then you said you OK. And then we would be asked to configure the database for PHP My attman, Mr db, Conflict commander. And then we say yes. And also for the my SQL application password for the peach. Be my at mean, Be giving the password for this peach. Peter from the Maria. Debbie. Here we are now by the PHP my admin configuration here we can say OK, and then we can say here. Yes, and giving the password for the peach. Be my admin. Okay. Confirmed the password. Andi. Now they're set up for this is complete. We need to enable some Apache models right now and that can we do with the Apache to end month su except rewrite SSL actions include c g I Okay? You see here I'm not working in the pseudo environment. Sodo. Okay, Now I go to the environment, sued Imanishi and then be enabled. Apache two e n Maat The Duff is if s Duff and the authentication did just and to head us. Okay, Looks fine. Okay, that's it. With the Apache and in the next sexual be going to install the PHP frameworks the Ph B f p m and the casing system. 15. PHP-FPM and PHP Cache: If you want to use more PHP models, you can search for models If you have in modern open diversion is right now as this video ASUs existing, you can set a pretty case search PHP seven and then you see all PHP seven models. In this case, we can also install in the peach be up code cash and this is a free casing system optimization for the PHP code. How we do that? We gay here to the install a pretty get install PHP 7.0 miners up cage and PHP minus a p c u. And here you see all informations about the PHP models be hit, enter and that's installing this casing system. And after be installing some peach be applications PHP models, we must restart Apache. We can use a service, a picture to restart. And if you have no eros here than all is correct, we can now installing also the PHP f p m. This a p t minus. Get in star lip Apache to mod Fast C G I and Petri 70 minus f p m. And this is really fast and would be working really fine. And then we must enable too fast. Tichy. I script in a patch of Apache two e and mud actions fast C g I and L E s. And then he it stands again. Service a picture to restart. And then we have also in start the peach B f p m. If you wanted to use of different PHP versions, please. A checked how tools on how to forge that. Come. And now let's go to the next lecture. 16. Let's encrypt support: in us. Russian off our ears be conflict 3.1 hasn't built in support for the free SSL certifications off. Let's encrypt So how to install the Let's encrypt. This is very easy with the newest Dubuque diversion. Also, we need only toe a pretty get install the search, but and you see there would be much more packages will be installed much piping packages and with yes, we installed here the Turk fortification and the rest makes our SP conflicts in the breast bone 3.1 or higher certain let's let's go to the next lecture. 17. Mailman Mailinglist Manager: in this lecture of evil installing and mailing list with Mehlman SP config allows us to manage some mailing lists and how we do this. We going here also to a pretty get installed mailman, and then we say Yes. Okay. And then we would be asked for the language. Support be. It just takes some seconds. And here, you see configuration mailman. Okay. And the use here e en for English, and you can say a second language Chairman, English, German, as you like. And OK, now we say, Okay, Missing side list is okay. And then before we can start mailing mill men first, you must called the mailman. Must created a new list. We need the first leased to starting Mehlman. So we said new list mailman and then enter the email for the person running the list. In my case, it is brainier at Rainier. First thought you and the initial passport for this is the admin password for the male men list. Okay, giving a passport. And then we created the password here and here. You see? Bet own. I have some mysterious here, so I created this from you brainy at don't you? And the password. And now you see here, this is created here right now and you see toe finish creating your mailing list. You must it. The e T c l e ASIS here were equal and file and possibility run the new aliases. So we need to this year now and we hit the enter button first. I copy and paste is. And then we do what the program us say, man or D c l E. Asus. And then we go to the last line on paste is from the mailman. Now we must around the new aliases to in a serialized this file. Okay, no error messages and then service post fix, restart. It looks also fine. Then we must enabled the mailman for the Apache configuration. We do this with the symbolic link link Miners s and from the E T C. Mailman Apache configuration toe the Apache to see Apache toe available and the mail man dot com. That means we have here that your domain sink secret. I thought a t slash c g i bean slash mehlman for a mailing list or slash at me for a 1,000,000 list admin and the list name also the list in for info and then the list name. We take a look in the latest section for this, and now we must restart the departure. Apache, it's tools. Restart and also start the mailman. Demon service. Mailman start. Okay. Mehlman issue. It's now up and running, and he can go to the next lecture. 18. FTP Server and Quota: in this lecture installing the FTP Sierra Vista quota Onda, we need for this up you have to be t files and the quota files we get here every t get install pure miners FTP D minus common and the pure ftp d minus Maskell and the quota program. And was the quote tool and installing this picket tress. And then we need toe edit the pure if TBT configuration and set the stand alone or I need d and also the virtual change. Shrewd too true nano slash CTC default poor after b d and we have here Stand alone. That's fine. And the virtual change route is here true and safe. Okay, Now we make and SSL certificates in order to use a TLS how we do that, we make make a direct Ori to create the territory for the ascent certification. We call it here e d c s l private. And then the only thing we must do is here a que one is bigger as e t c Poor ftp d flash con slash TLS Nope. Dozen writing up. Not put this because of poor con TLS it to enable TLS here on now we create new SSL certification key with open SSL we use here the open SSL command request minus x 509 miles Note minor stays $7.300 days is a good nooky on. And this heiress a 2048 miners key out the output KIIS in e t C s L Before that he created before this poor miners ftp t dot pm and my nose out is also e t c ssl private poor models ftp de that pim and then be giving the counter name, in example, us and the state New York and also so Manhattan on organization name You can leave it also blank. Or you can say I t department and Apple Inc and an email address Oops, this waas The email address doesn't matter And now we have created there s self certification. We can take a look a cell private And here you see this pure of TBD dot PM file and a self certification key and we need to change mud to 600 the pure ftp And now we try serious pure miners FTP T minus masquerade restart and no errors here and for the ftp via done right now . That's next. We need toe mount the drives for the quota lever. And that means we need to edit the E T C F step. And this is very important. You see, here we have the drives here at now. On Day One Dr we have here is with informations about Aarhus and and mounting points. And here on the last line, re mount dog miners are Oh, no giving here the informations about the quota. So we said user shake quota equals to the quota thought user coma The group play Kurata equals to quote the thought group and the Jake who f Mt. Meeker store V. F s Thesis zero and safeties fire. Now we mount this file now Mount Miners Oh ri mt slash. And if you have no aerostar, then it's all correct. Now we can set the quota check miners a V a g m, and this is scanning the SDA filed petitions and then we said the quota to on and then we can go ready to the next file. Now we need here toe quote on minors, a V p who G. And now the quotas for the groups and uses are turned on. So that's it receives in the next lecture 19. DNS, Bind Server: Now let's install the binti and s era. This is a very short lecture and we need only one command the A pretty get command install Find nine DNS you tails And we can also installed 1/2. Get, enter, enter. And we're done right now. If you want to know how. But the half get is to bind nine uterus you can use all also the man and also the have get feature to see what's here going out BC as in the next lecture. 20. Vlogger, Webalizer and AWstats: in this lecture, we want to install the fee lager, the Ripple Isar and statistic tools for our server. And we do this. These are good friend program the a P T Get and install a fee, logger. And we know need all the rep allies er and it all used. That's and the CEO I p database and lip class db I my SQL per we say here Yes, and installing our programs. Then we need here some configuration for the A W stats and you go nano e t c Krohn dot de slash a w stats. And here, you see, if you don't configured issue become every day an email about the status updates and I don't like this year really. So I comment this out on If you like this, you can set up here your email address and you become daily the report about aesthetics. Okay? And we're done here right now 21. Jailkit: and this lecture We're going to install jail, Kid change kid is needed only if you want toe change route as his H users and it must be installed before the years be conflict set up will be started. So how we do this? You don't need to Jake it if you don't want the change route is his H users. So if you want, take it go to the root environment and a PT get install. Then we installed a built essential the auto con. Then the auto make 1.11 and lip tool flex bees on dep Helper. And they've been you tills Okay, we say yes, installing this and then we need to go to the chin kid rep side and download the Jake it from the side searching. Check it in, Googie. And here I give it a link in this section, and then you find the latest version of Shake. It is $2.19 and we can get this tar dot g set filed. B can copy and paste this and then we say we ve copied is to attempt and that you get the u r l from the chair kid if you can't copy and paste because you're working directly in the terminal. Use this. You're all here, Oliver dot Says inc dot nl. Check it, check it. Two point and 19 turkey said and then the donna this finish, unless you see that. Take it here. We extract this Onda Se Tar X V f said and then we go to the ticket folder. Okay, then we say 85 bigger than day beyond to calm pat. Then we tried to build the gel Kage picketers by running the command rules finery they be on rules binary. And here you see, we got an error. There is embarking. Take it right now. We can fix this back. Here we go to the Nano Day Beyond change. Look, let's see what's happening. You see here the package builder search for this line on shaky to 2.91 We go here this line we copy this line and paste it here right now and a safe it. Now we running the same commanders before. And as you see, J Kidd is be generated. That Debbie on picket and let's see where the Debian package is. And here is it Okay, now we installed this package with today be on package miners e for install. Jerrick it miners. One 2.19. Let's see what's wrong. Shed kit Underlying. Okay. And now be installing the deep and pick it. Now we can remove Shake it fair kid star And we already with the Jake it and change fruit environment. Let's go to the next lecture. 22. Fail2ban and UFW: in this lecture we're going toe install failed to ban and u F we W and to this is optional but recommended because the DSP conflict monitored tries to show the lock files and filter . Ban is an program that scans look files for militias science like too many password features seeking for exploits. And then they bans the I p from that tech er the U F W is stand for uncomplicated firewalls , and here we can define firewall settings and how we do this. And in start this boss together, we have also ready the a p t get command Install failed to Ben to install the field depend program, and then we need to make some configurations for the pure ftp d and the Dolph Cut That failed to ban knows what it's searching for, and this is in the e. T. C. Fail to ban and in the man or chilled local. We create this file, and then we going here and set up the pure F. D. V D settings and a neighbor is true. You say the part is FTP. Let's make this a little better, equals FTP then the filter is equals pure ftp d The lock pass is bar. Look, sis, look, you can copy and paste this also on not right all this mentally and Max retry three times after three times not log into the FTP you will have an band for the I P address a limited time and after then you can connect anyway to the FTP again. But this prevents is some users that want to trying some bull brute force attacks. Then we have to doff cut for the pop three I'm up. If too many props three Amick connections failed there would be also be banned. So we have here enabled is equals true And then the filter is called What's here? Duff cut miners pops three I'm and then we have an action. The action is the filter for the I P tables Marty port and the multi part is also in break . It's the name is a golf cart minus pops three I'm up and the part is pop three pop three s I'm up. I'm s on the proto call is TCP and then we have to look pass Look past for tough cut is also in bar look mail dot lock and Max retry V can set it here, too. Five Because email programs try again and again and again three or more times and 10. We should not be banned. Every user that have more log in Fe jurors as one in the FTP sessions. Then we have to post fix Cecil, and we say it also to a neighbor is true here on the top of C and neighborhood, the DEA's missing and then the part is equal to the SMTP. Then we have to filter is post fix Cecil and the lock pass is also bar lock mail dot look and the max retry. For this we give it to three again. That looks fine. Now we must configure hurt filters for the purifier, ppd Dolph cuts so that Jake it knows what's searching for and here we go to the Filter 30 and create a new file. The new file is pure ftp t that can't and then be giving the definitions here definition and then we have toe fail reggae eggs and you can copy and paste This also star dot pure minus f TPD. And here we go on to the we need the host I felt it for the host. And we also need here Sit out bargaining and then say our 10 medication failed for user dot star and then ignore Break X is empty. Okay, that's it for the pure of to become and then be must see or that off cut pops three. I'm uptight con and create here again. Definition and this definition is ah, little bit complex. So we have here the longer regs equals two question mark and pops three log in and then the pipe. I'm AP minus Logan Doubling quote thought star question mark the hour tempt occasion Fail Chur. And here is a ported plug in out failed apart looking tried to use d saber and then disconnect that the out failed that bar Le Guin And then he said it here to the the plus out and medication attempts don't start Riebe equals tour Christian mug p, the host and a star. This is from the documentation There is p conflict. You don't need toe notice alone and then ignore reggae X here is also empty. Then we need all the post Fix my nose cecil dot com And here we have in configuration right now. Okay, That looks fine. And now, try to start. Failed to ban service. Philippon, restart and let's see how it looks. Okay? No, A roast. It looks very fine. And then we can can go go onto in start. You have trouble. Your firewalls. This is very easy. Install U F three And here she is already And start. In my case, please use the copy and paste functions and then would be fine. Okay, lets start and go to the next lecture. 23. Webmail: in this lecture, we want to install around Cube around Cuba's and Web mail that we can used for our administration in the face in the later sections. And we have 10 here also wept Mill interface for our users. How in star around group we use also the a pretty get in star and their gifts a want of packages around Cube and round cube minus car and all heard around cubed minus my SQL round cute minus plug ins and around Cube plug begins minus extra JavaScript. My most common. And the lip gs my list Cheek query. Miles real Ph. B minus net. That chief and the tiny EMC. Okay, now we have to and around Cuban start and you see here there's some missings. Round Cube plugging is missing an s and around cube extras. It's chick plug ins. Run cube, miners plug ins minus extra. Here we have some missings lip. Jess, check. Very mouse really looks fine, but okay, there is no packages, so let's search for the packages around. Cube deputy, get search. So let's see what's around Cube half here as packages and you see, we have here many, many Parkins for this and you need a bt Get in store here. The 1st 1 and the 2nd 1 the 3rd 1 Oh, there's some space missing here. My SQL tpg SQL We don't need here right now, but the plug ins this is very useful and also the extras and OK, let's go on. So you see the lip chase query would be additional installed and also the PLP out Cecil and the PP made mail time and pp dot net smtp okay, that looks very good And you say yes and here configure database for around Cuba vis db conflict common we say yes and ah, pest worked for my SQL database and confirmation setting up around Cube. And then we can also installed a tiny EMC a pretty get in store tiny EMC and then we go to the con figuration for their Parcher around cube be used a nano e t c Apache enabled around cube that conficker oration. And then we removed Ilias here for this slash around cube. So each each hosting Heston around cube feature If you like that, if you're not, you can give the dash at the hashtag here in front or we can see. Also, here's some configurations about HD excesses needed if you like it or not, this is always in the round. Keep file, hero. And then we can also put the ed type. Here. Let's see you have your at type. No. So we need PHP for this and we go here to the round. Cuban say and type application X minus H T T p D minus PHP dot PHP To activate PHP for this configuration. Okay, that looks fine. So right now So let's save and restart a Parcher service a Petra to restart. Okay. No Eros, no arrows is always cold. And let's see, in the configuration from around Q B two c around your conflict, including. And then we go to the d. Ford host conflict here, and you can see the default host is local host, and this prevents and drowned. Cuba will show server name input field in the log in form. So when you don't need this, everyone can use around Hugh piss. Other find, sell us. Okay, we're safe. This and then we can go on to installing our administration interface and 10 working Mr Graphical user interface off the server 24. ISPConfig: Okay, now let's going toe install the years P conflict environment user interface for this server and how we do that. We go to the temp folder and download the USB call FIC filed the latest version we're going to hear and say we get now you get minus O E s p config dot tar daughter, she said, Or we can go also toe Firefox to the SP conflict and say on the USB conflict side here, Donald and using this on your server. And we have it here on the good side we can use here this your l I copy and paste it here right now. Andi Then that Allah is complete this year l can you find in the documentation here right now? And we can then un extracted this file Tar ex BF set. Yes, be conflict. And then you see the files are unpack it CD SP conflict. In this case, there is long number here behind because it's from the get up and then you see here the information files Now we can have here Look to the read me and you see here. But it's become free coasting control panel is and also there to do you see here on the get up what issues are they have? And then we can starting the installation file. So they're going to order in star filed and say PHP Miners que in star on Dhere See the interface about this USP conflict three installation. You see operating system You want a yakety yak on here? You can select the language. Currently there is two languages of a level here English and Chairman because the developers are think so from Germany. Andi, say English. Yes. And then we can say the standard. And also we have if we're qualified domain name because we have conflict Guard the host them here right now and then we can use it. OK, enter and then also the my SQL or Maria DB Server is the local host in this case and the party's standard port 33 or six And we have also the root user right now And the password and then the database to create DPS become forgets the standard and then utf age And then there areas a keys generated here right now then became put on our informations about the country name, so I think you're us on New York and put your information's here right now on the company Name is private. Think in my case. So sections are key department. And here it if your name show a fully qualified domain name in this case are using who want Toe daughter thing Secret 30 and the email address se really at rainy first that to you. Okay, now the configuration for is become Fergus running. Now we can set the standard port for USP conflict. It is 80 80 and OK, I liked it. That means password is currently at me admin. Okay, I say also at me. And you can say, Do you want secure connection to this is be conficker C Yes, I wanted. And then the air is a keys generated. And now we can also put for the new generation also the information and a T department that can be different and one toe torching secret. Don't 80 also We was a different I p address here right now and then we can create your password for this interface. You can also hit, enter, enter, enter and also but a password I hit enter so I don't want here Extra passport for this certification and also hit Enter here to writing the air is a key. Now is the i. P addressing ist addicting and he can then starting here to try to connect to the server. Okay, installation is complete. Let's goingto Firefox let me show which i p address we have here. And okay, now we're giving the I p address here on the top. You see, the Parcher is running here right now, but the interfaces on 80 80 Yeah, if you have bad request because you have https. And here you see Firefox essays. It's not safe to going to decide because we have not legally ssl certification here right now. So we can go toe advanced. Andi here certificated download. And here is a grievous that. And here we are going to the USP conflict. The user name is at main and the password is also I have set it toe admin here and maybe a change it later. So I say here, not now. And here we are here on the interface and we can now starting to play with E S P conflict on our in this propose it is and testing environment. This is a local API address and not an official a p address from Digital Cloud. You can directly access here to your domains when you're remains this configuration to this I p address how we do this, How you can configure your P address Domain to the server is showing here in the next lecture. And if you like, yes, be conflict so you can support F p conflict and get the manual. It costs only about five bucks. Yes, we convict hosting home. Torben is completely free. But vistas five packs and the manual you get very, very cool stuff for it. And only five boxes. It really, really Rosset. And so let's go to the I s P conflict here and supported and get the mineral here right now . And this this five bucks here you get Really, I am very good. Pdf some very, very detailed informations about a TSP conflict control panel and for only five bucks, you can buy it on. I hope you enjoy this configuration panel is in my case. It is the best I ever seen before, and it is really worst this five packs so supported developers and It's very hard to develop sore, so ah, complex system and this is one I like to do, and I share here this experience for me. So and then let's go and installing here your USB conflict configuration and be going tend to the next lecture. 25. Create a Website and FTP Login: in this lecture, we will show you how to configure your domain name, toe, get the domain name working on your server. You needed the main name registry tid from a provider. And if you have and domain name, you have the option to set up DNS settings for this to me. In my case, my domain is seeing secret thought 80 and I have here some DNS entries sec. Here we can create a new entry and let me change this to English. Andi can create here, DNS entry and a new record. I have here the Ubundu thing Secret at 80 record and I like a record. The A means for the I p for version for addresses and quote aids are for the version six addresses and in my case, I having installed on a virtual box that means only on my machine it it's working and you can not get it. External configuration for this And I have to i p address the Internet. I p addresses daughter 73 and at the end. And the sea here have one forints 0.73 And also I like here after that to installing the bad press. So I changed. Also the records for the WordPress here right now. Zero dot a 73 No, not wanting that three. Okay. And that that's it. That's really important. The de Matus saw the server no stand when we going toe the browse and save WordPress starting secret oddity. This isn't sub domain, and the supplement has thesis i p address. And this is the I. P. Address from the server. And so in my network, it will. Working in your network. You must set up your domain here and your i p address here. And then you can connect to the server over the browser. It depends on what DNS settings you have on your systems. But is this settings we have here? Very Internet I p addresses. And this is for all the same. So let's look, you can also use this if you have this I p address now. Right. We can see it here with Ennis. Look up, Bondo dot Sing secret about 80 and you see that you necessarily say to us 0.7 threes working. But they make now is let's try here also. And this Look up, WordPress start seeing secret 0.8 year. Okay, And we create now, They wanted that six secret authority hosting on this year s P conflict. And we have here our USP conflict. And he had we have aside, you need a new website and we can also create a new client. So you have more clients, you can have resellers and the resellers have all our clients and you'll sell them toe some resellers or clients directly. They have its own interface only limited to his own domains. So in my case, I will adhere a new side and have no clients. So I make first a client. And here we have the testing company and you can giving some informations about here. The star is here required. Here is my name and the user name here is also rainy first, and here we can generate the password to the specimen is only belongs to me and the C. I want a simple, um, simplified password or lets the same It it doesn't matter at at at the moment. And okay, I I used to specify what I'd like this to show you it later and then the language for my user. And here I say not not French. I wanted to be in English and this is very nice. You can set use informations about here and all the i p address the contact informations. Andi Also, when the date is edited, the people email address to censor Yes, be conflict provides also a billing model. This is not free. But you can then building to this users directly. We have here looked disabled websites also on canceled So you can this one click disable all websites from this user. This is kindly new. I think so. The country is false. No, Let's change the country. I don't want to be in Afghanistan United States Okay, It looks fine. Safe and go to the side snow we have created declined and reseller No reseller here and we can message this year. Let's create the side here. Perfect sir. But this is this era. You have this host name we can have marketable shell us with you Speak conflict and declined Is here the testing company Rainy, Rainy first and the P address If you have only one i p address here Anti I p VeriSign six i p address and low gear from here and you can see yes, this one. Or let it to the star. And then we have here Bondo dot sing secret 0.0.80 and you can limited that the hardest quota and traffic quota. And we can say only I have one gigabyte off Web space and traffic. Also one giga bite off traffic. That's not much Make thinking about aunt. Then we can activate c g I s I powered Ruby Patton and so on. We can make out the sub domain. This means when we have only sing secret here, then we can create automatically at www dot think secret at 80 and think secret oddity on the same weapon host on the same space. But I have a sub domain here to generate. So I used none who wanted out. Think Secret of the tea now working here SSL and let script as a cell. And then he must insert our certifications. We can hear set up the PHP Russians, and let's say ph b f p m. If this working is right now, the Deford on Settings Year is active, and now it's safe. Okay, that looks very fine. And what we want to do now is also to create and ftp account and set up here for the website about the thing secret that a And here you see the client name and they say 1234 And the password is he also very simple Password. Okay. The hard disk rotor for this FTP server. It's okay. Let's see a quick look to the options and the options. You see the director what's created by this interface before in the clients clients one weapon one and FTP user. Yes. Okay. Okay. Must password insert again. And here we see also 1000 megabytes. It's on the megabytes here and this is active and you see Want to 34 on the user name. Client user name is automatically set it here before, but we do now is be trying to look into this server. I opened here a new connection and say ftp toe the I p address 73 And you have here rainy first. I think it was really first or what? It rainy? Let's check it out here. Rainy first I want 234 Okay. Password is required. Andi were located? Yes, very nice. Now the creation off this interface Off this way, Post, we have a CD I bean directorial locked actor for lock files. Private only for private SSL temp and important is the Web directory. So we can go to the Web territory and here we see the index html robots and we can now put some new stuff to this side. But I don't want over the FDP right now. Would have to be. It's working s you see, So we close these windows and we go here on the roots are thought Bar www and you see here clients and also that direct wings here, Open toe sing secret 80 We go to the Web and let's create a new peach p in four dot PHP and we say PHP info and check up if they're peach beats working. So we must set here, write permissions. The one dot client one is automatic emigrated from SP conflict and dissected here to certain for five pH being for I have he had created this file by the Route Fuser and let's check here now we going toe Bone toe tot sing secret 0.80 BC here your weap their country a website that's the default website powered by USB conflict. And let's try if you can access toa ph. B in four dot PHP. Yes, and you see PHP version 70 wait is running in the open toe three version and with this are instead plug ins. Well, that's that's it. Yet that's it. We have created a new domain. You have linked their domain to the USB conflict. We have make a new FTP user, and also here we can create a database for this user and database users and or to protect it for us. It's very simple and infirm, a tive. If you're like this, more and more. And if you have questions about the SP conflict, so try to get the mineral for only five parks or try to play a little bit with it is very simple. And if you get this manual, you support also the USB conflict project, the project is a free project, and if you have SP conflict in a product side, I recommended you by one man. Well, so if you have a good feeling about your use this after, okay, so that's it for this and let's code and to the next lecture 26. Configure ISPConfig and install Wordpress: in this lecture villa on how to installing a vert press on our perfect reps era. And we see we have here own domain name for this. We have birth press the dot sing secret at a D in the DNs settings. You can set up your domain if you have register one domain and we need an A type and the i p address from the server, we have to I p address here 19 to 168073 And this is an Internet I p address. I have it for the testing proposed. If you haven't digital ocean Schober over the r o f beaches, age Trevor or something, Olusola then you have an external appear dress and you can set up your external Beatrice in the T and aesthetics here right now. If you don't fight that this information's most provider call it a DNS entry settings and s . You see, here we have a records and if you need also and male domain, we need all the them extra quote to the I P address off the server so we can use also the mail providers and we have here now in the SP Khan thick created in the section before User , the testing company with the continent Brainy user name Really first. And we have also created in this lecture before the domain boom toe dancing secret that they And now we need here domain like that press Don't think secret it here. Okay, we can add to this same user second domain. And yet here, user the i p address from this domain and you say here about press dot sing secret about 80 . I say the hardest call this unlimited traffic road is unlimited. It's only limited by the physical hardware and we have here non out of sub domain and I need here PHP f p m deflowered. Yes, it looks fine. No configuration for the seller here and currently No SS ed. Okay, let's go ahead. You have here the broad pressing secret that they we can hear create also an FTP account and upload all the birth press files to the server. But I prefer much often if I'm the admin off the show and it's only myself for my domains. I have back very really very, really often in the terminal, so don't use this we create now also database user, we need your user. Recall the use of forgers. User name. You see the client that he's set up by this user We can change this. We can I don't want this can entity in the user name. So we going here to the settings and under settings you have here also here server configurations for the server And here you can see really much more. And we have here also main configurations and hear out the database user prefix I don't like here user prefix if your lettuce prefix in So every user is really, really you know they're the use of which database which use a has okay for the database name. I don't like it. Also not Andi safe it. Okay, now I go to the site, click on birth press on database, user name at the new user. And here now you have no perfect here right now. And I can say this is my bad press. And in case of this is it will be with C one underline birth press. But the leg it this way we can generate the passport, a secure password I type of password in. I say about press two. Want 234 and let's go this passage this very week. But it's only for testing. Propose. Be safe it here. Right now, we have created a user, and for this user, we need a database. So we go to the database and at a new database, we say the databases for the domain birth pressing secret 80. It's a my SQL database and the databases name is also bad press. We have no database quota here. Database user is the press user we have created before. This is the read only user. Yes or no? No, we want to write in something into the database and we have remote access. Would you like half remote Texas? No, I don't. Because the the domain from this is the same. Show us the database over and you can restrict the appear dresses for the remote access. This is very cool feature. When I want toe looking directly from my computer at home. Listen, my SQL tool and writes data direct into the database. Be safe it here right now and then you see here the two is shining up, but issue make before fulling changes are not yet populate or to all shows create new database. So it takes some time when all is created. And then let's going head toe, We have set up Tor here. Now I go here and download the new good press fish alone. And you have here wordpress dot torque and you can't on a diversion for 61 And I like pathology directly to the sell out. So I copy this link and into the terminal ago Here, tow bar W Dario, the press Don't think secret at 80 under the web folder And you see, here we have index, I delete this index file, and so you get this file here, their dollars is really fast. So last latest targeted you can also I put this on our FTP server and upload this by FTP. But in my case, this is Alexis more. And move this all toe this for the Wolf Star two lives for Let's see yes or Fats are here. We also moved there dot h No fights anymore here. Okay, Okay. It looks right. So the needs the latest Aram and let's try it. Be going here toe. WordPress starts ing secret that 80. And you see here bad press installation is yeah. Really? Really. Well, we're going information, so I have to check if the permissions off the files are set correctly and you see nobody. Nobody's here. This is because I don't use the ftp upload. Some has changed the owner toe the Web two. Well, that client one records if and now we have all all to Web two. Okay. And here, let's go. Breath press. I have given a user name. Also bad press the password. What press? 1234 Local hostess. The domain for the database. The prefix We can let the prefix here Ah, change the prefix. And here try to run the installer. And here you said here the title. This is my perfect That Sarah And that had been user name is rainy and password is strong in us about the say here really want with 34 because it's only in the testing environment When you use it in a really, really good environment in life protection, please use a strong password. So I must confirm using off a week password and also my email address and I can say disabled or enabled indexing from Google and installing the WordPress here right now. Yes, safe it and let's try, Look in and we're looking into the sewer. We have now installed birth press on our new perfect shower. You see here my perfect terror that press starting secret eight year. This is all happening. Yes, become thick. You know now how to create a new website with USB conflict, how to create the database user and FTP account. You know also how to create database itself on using the FTP. And this is very well, yes, so it is. And if you like more about SB conflicts or try to download, the men will pay for the mineral five packs it really, really good and you can so much to do with it. This terrible is nearly to the end. And I hope you enjoy this course and dis lecturer. And this year's in the latest lectures 27. Get Manual and Support ISPConfig: under years become fixed site USB conflict. Dr. Organ slash documentation You find more documentation about how the install this. So how toe fix some back fixes. They are guys really good. And if you want to support SB conflict, you can download the mineral for only five bucks, and it has more than 400 pages. You become a really, really good information, really good mineral as a PdF file for this actually version, and you have to buy each Russian each mineral so you can support every version that you speak conflict community and the It's be conflict developers if you like this. So Donald is by now, and you can also hear be a sponsor by some at Aunt's USB conflict has, or the billing model and immigration tool. And here you have some extensions and moral skin and ours. Additional applications to buy. And I hope you enjoy this, but you don't need to buy it there. Yes, be conflict is free and it's really, really good. And here you see the building model coast 59 euros, and you can really much to do with this issue. Want to planning There were posting to sell it then this is may be good for you. So I want to say this and thank you for this course that you have Stavis me in this course and thank you for that. You speak conflict community and the developers to making this awesome interface and administration to It's really created. Appreciated. I like this. I use it for about 5 to 10 years. I don't know how long it I used, but I have seen the development from this nearly s the beginning. So let's enjoy you speak on thick and we see us in the next lecture. 28. Dedicated Server recommendation: and this lecture. I want to show you my recommendations for the best that dedicated service and depended on what you need. If you're private, user or small, business user or mid business, big business user, you maybe need some other features. For me. As a private user, I like here. Also the dedicated her from Kim Sufi. It's very cheap. You can get your own dedicated self for only six bucks a month and you see here. But sometimes the latest terrorist sold out. You must rate on Must be Fastow. Pay it for it. You have here on kim sufi dot com, some serious about beginning from small a term cells with Tom processors. One Cora to duel. Cora even quote core, and you see it's beginning with $6.11 dollar and 22 bucks and upto 24 28 Box is the biggest one, the biggest 1/2 a kilo in Turkey on Cebu with eight core and a threats to get your heads and 16 gigabytes off Ram. And here you see here here you have anti Dido's and some features, and this is only recommended for small businesses or for private use is because you have here day on the kiss five model lets me see. Check out here. You see the disc ear. You have a two terabyte disk but you have no rate discs here. You have also hear a zesty drive on this server. But this is a one off this criterium that not really business set up here You have only one disk inside. It is on for a small business. Show us or for for private users may be to go toe with a second hard drive for the faint of dependence in a rate environment. So that's it from Kim Sufi. I recommended this for private projects. And like for for testing proposes and you must hear, pick up or informations self. Maybe you rent to servers and pick up here one to each other. So and this good one. If years you have their location in the cellar in Canada or in France, the next one. What? The Shona is from the same company. Kim Sufi is from OVI age and you have here. So you start. This is the second cheapest ah company from the professional o v h dot com, and come see fee is the same network, and you have. He also data sent us in Canada or in Europe in Paris, three for US data centers, and this is very nice. On over the edge is a little quiet, expensive Fs Kim Kim Sufi Kim service the cheapest one. And here you see also dedicated a central seller. Game servers storage shows begins at 6 16 bucks amounts toe 49 35 bucks, and here you have also 16. Our Peace with Snow Monster Fee, anti Dido's Mexichem, 250 megabits off 10 degrees and the pickup storage, and you have more support and also more options for yourself. You have also optional services like Fail Over Eyepiece Firewalls and pick Up Close. You can get more pickups, and here you see the best tell us are 42 box XY own for Curtis Eighth rates and a 60 for gaming and assist E for storage. You can also use this other one with the to tear up by disks and are the 100 gigabyte of storage space included. And this is also for the recommendation in my case. And if you are mitt business, you can use also this one or a small business or private one. And if your big business or really meat business made too big, you can go though vh dot com. And you see here on over the edge dot com that dedicated to go upto like the private cloud . 600 bucks and months and dedicated. So you have really high performance over and you can set up the seller upto 512 gigabytes of RAM, Not hard drive. And here the CPU off 24 course and 48 threats. Yeah, it's very really, really nice. And you see the prices is really good for this. Only 180 bucks for 128 gigabytes of RAM, a six core on 12 threats and to buy do terabyte in a rate soft raid and this go up to enterprise hosting and years you see, or two or 330 bucks and the Siri's ready in 120 seconds. And you see here the ability on each data center and this is this really, really nice and for the whole stings. You see some smaller sellers here right now and here infrastructure sells the interest, actresses has more. Ah, how drives on the storage show sorghum or hard drives. Here, you see, Really, For the big business. 12 by six terabytes off assess and this ah fi wreck off 10 gigabits per seconds. And this is in 72 hours or 122nd in France. And for the high big data, the big data applications. You have really, really high amount off Ram. So you have here 265 gigabytes off RAM and here says rate and also here work around 700 box . So this is really, really, really nice If you want here, Dedicated GPO's you have here the Tesla M 60 Archie takes and 9 74 rental and disco also toe. So this is really expensive. Yes, 3000 depends on what you needed Here is very, very high end. So this is for a big, big business and mid business here, and also one for the privates for the meat and big business in Germany is Head Snow online . And Ted Snow has also very cheap service and also for small upto big businesses here. But not the biggest OVI age. And you see here depended on Skylar excel us here starting at 39 euros and said the fee is 79 years and also the storage high answer go upto 250 years. That's also but I can recommend it here. And the next one is a U. S. Provider here, host Gator and maybe, you know, host Gator Bowl skater has also dedicated service, as you see here, starting at 80 backs amounts to 90 pack Simmons. But you see, this is not really, really high end here and now for gigabyte drums for for eight. And the over the age has upto two hundreds, 56 gigabytes of ram. So that's quite a the 20 times Big Aram here right now. And also you don't know which fork what Cebu. Maybe you must take a little closer look only court the intricacy on C. P. O's. But interaction can be old to Cebu are a new one. So maybe it depends on what you need and disarm recommendations for the root servers. If you like a cloud. So our something other. So take a look to the next lecture 29. VPS Server recommendation: in this lecture, I will show you my recommendations about virtual Shayrat. Also, VPs Sarah virtual serious are not so expensive as dedicated cells because they are. You only have a virtual environment here on you. Share the physically hardware with much other customers and sold surveys quiet, much slower a state. So yes, it's Israel slower. And it's depend on what you need. If you're private, small business user, then you have to go eventually, Mr PPS Sarah and the good one on the VPs areas. You don't care about the raid system. This is managed by the hosting company and you see here BPS s starting here by Kim Sufi at $3.50 a month. And you have here to gigabytes from Tang Gigabytes off SST drive and the local rate 10 drive. It means that you have really, really good a speed on the hard drive. But it's not so much fasters as you have for stand alone dedicated. So yeah, on the Kim Sufi side, you have 3 50 bucks amounts up to seven and 40 packs amounts 14 bucks amounts of sorry, and you have 100 megabit band with a saw. Its cried and asked for private use our for small business users and you have here upto to cross only. And if you need more, you must go to another one like the O V age. Or like some others from the Germany Company. And I show you here, here, on over th you have not really the possibility toe get and cheap. Ah, private veterans Ella and you have here on host Europe. This is Ah, Europe provider located in Germany. They also have a good one, Mr Mr VPs sell us and this is starting about 10 bucks, Imants. 10 years amounts and up to 60 years a months. And here you can get a virtual show upto 30 gigabytes off Ram and 800 gigabytes off SST and 10 virtual course. This is also included domain SSL certification and you have here Placek environment. And if you use it ah, Phoebe s era in the most time you have a pre installation a service interface, so you don't use USB conflict. In this case, you have plastic here in start and the other one is a second chairman provide. I think it's from Germany. This is a seller for you, and this started 14 bucks a month and begins with 100 gigabytes 60 or 200 gigabytes. HDD. This means ST's quite faster, hard drive, and I recommended everyone to get at the SST one you have here, beginning with the two course and four gigabytes of RAM and also 100 megabits off Banderas Andi discos upto 32 gigabytes on mis 400 gear. But SST 16 course eight Thinking about guarantee ram and no set up coast. Here you can choose here SST or h d dif, and I think it's takes some our stool to can get access to this. And maybe you like this also. So this art of my recommendations about 1/2 in the last few years and I can recommend this show us. But I prefer also mostly the dedicated several Zor. Instead, off PBS else, you can try the cloud cells and the cloud sauce. I will explain your in the others lecture 30. Cloudserver recommendation: in this lecture. There are my recommendations for the clouds are the best. Clouds are in my eyes and here for small business or private users, I highly recommend it. Digital oceans, Digital oceans can be upto thing. So mitt business, or sometimes also big business. And in the pricing structure you see here, they have very, very good beginnings options about a five backs amounts and the big difference about a VBS server and the cloud so is there are much, much more higher performance computing in the bacon. They're very, really big computers, and you have a very high up time, and you can also pay how early are monthly. And you can say I need to share only for the next five hours. Then I can rent a cell for five hours and make my configurations and testing. And then I destroy the server and a don't pay any more. I paid then only for five hours. In this case, I pay five by three is 15 so 15 pence? Yes, this is very cheap, but only five hours. Yes, So I have 10 2 gigabytes of memories to costs 40 g, but SST age disk and three terabytes of transfer data. And here you see Digital ocean have expanded the last few months and years and you can go now upto here to 64 gigabytes of memory. And at monthly rate is 640 box and months. What do you pay here? Nine, 52 pens our and in demands are around 640. Then you have here much bigger configurations. The high memory droplets and beginnings for 16 gigabytes upto 20 22 4 gigabytes of memory and coats then ah, quite a bit more. It's a high performance computing and high end computing, depending on what you need. Here is a 32 cross processor, 500 gigabytes and 10 terabytes of transfer. And yes, it's not a cheap. So here is for maybe some big businesses here and here You can say the SSC block storage pricings his high every ability as a state block storage. And all this is really interesting. In my opinion, you have here fast and good performance and in this case on this network, you have also data centers in Europe, in Asia, in in North America, in Canada and much more. And yes, this is my really highly recommended You can find the link in this lecture and my next recommendation is also for small business on vendor and private customers. Ah, line owed line out few old plants you see here up 220 gigabytes off RAM 20 course. And you have here $916 a month on the network output, he said, tanking a bit here and was 20 terabytes off transfer data and 40 gigabits. The network incoming. Here, This is really nice. You have two terabytes of ste. And this is another comprehensive ah company to digital oceans that really I can I can recommend it on Dhere cpic a plan on picket history location and to see hear much locations are also available on line out here Frankfurt, London, US West Central Sauce and East and Singapore and Tokyo. The next one is I don't know so much about it, but some friends of mine said this is also very good providers Cloud sigma cloud signal you can hear have at beginning once two cents our for one core CPU and here one gigabytes Efrem , one gigabytes off SST starts and data transfer. And this is one you pay here, pay by clicking together and you can hear seed Monthly rates here $14 for 1/4 1 year by 50 but with terabyte of transfer data, unlimited input output and upto. Here in this case X large. We have 64 gigabytes, 20 course appeals and 640 gigabytes SSD storage. But in this case, I don't like the database Transfer is only quiet. Five terabytes for each plan. This means the cheapest one has all the five terabytes as the biggest one. I don't know why this is so, but yet this is Scott Sigma and you have here select the location and this is one off. The best thing about cloud signal you have here Switzerland. Andi, I never seen this before. Switzerland is a very expensive location. And you see here Switzerland and Honolulu. Miami Sen chose Washington and also Australia, Philippines, Poland and Chairman. He has locations for the U. S. Ever. And that's really nice to. And here you can amount the so you need. Here you can custom cloud infrastructure calculator and you can set here you need 12 gigabytes of ram and thank ticking calculate and you see to a few by its coast. Ah, Swiss Franks and total off 66 Swiss friends. Okay, that's killed Sigma. The next one is for the big, big users for the high end cloud users. Andi, for big business users is the private cloud on OVI age. You have a private gout part by VM Where and here you see the dedicated goddess Ah, own cloud system only for you and starting at 580 back, Simmons and the softer, definitive defined the data center starting at seven hundreds, 87 bucks a month. And here, find out more. You see here what's happening with this and you get their own complex complete. So network from the data center here in the VH use their own fire Warlord polenta Disparate tribute for our data security and our pre consequence from over th And here this is the cheapest one, starting only by 780 bucks a month upto ah, around 2000 bucks, Symonds, you can see more packages and have more informations about this. You see here 10 cost 20 threats and this is for your own cloud and on the fees entire with fi sphere And this is if you need a private cloud. If you're really big, big customer like Dropbox or like Pinterest Twitter, then Amazon Web services will be euros. And on Amazon Web service this is really for the high end. Use us you see here much contributions. Ah, about the high end performance NETWORKINGS and the high end server you can hear Put together what you need depending on your they really need ing's. Yes. And you see here you have todo compute cloud the EBS the storage cloud. You has the S three cloud and the place year the cheaper cloud. And this is a so big I cannot ah, uh talk about it so much because you have to show it here and put together what you need here The next one similar to Amazon Web Serra is Microsoft Asia on Microsoft Asia. You can have that your own virtual machines and you can set your own clouds, your private girls, your own storage networks, your blob storage and for data basis, big data basis conflagrations and you can rent a CPU performance if you want toe render something and all the internet of things are here database and speak database a small data basis, and it starts about around, I think so. It waas tool or 300 bucks in months is one of cheapest one, and you can also rent here already have changed something in the pricing calculator. And you see here example pricing the virtual machines starting at certain backs amounts. But this is not all what you need. And here you can configure your attempts and say Compute I need in my case and virtual machine edit. And here you see the richer machine starting at 100 bucks a month. And this is this one off. The smallest 11 virtual machine by 744 hours is around 100 for in a month. You can set up support options here. Included is the free options and developer supported. And if you want to hear more cause you have here set up to eight course and to see here we have 1000 bucks amounts and the bigger hard drive and here this is 3600 amounts, and this can be very, very expensive. But for big Data's and big businesses, it it is very good, and you see here. Microsoft is behind this so that it from the clouds. Our, if you like it can go to the next lecture. Be talking about that the main regus trashed, and then this year's in the ending off this course. 31. Domain Provider recommendation: Let's talk about domains. You need the domain name for you. A server. If you want to have a business or something, I want to have a own website. Then you need a domain. In my case, I can recommend it here. Easy name is the name is a company from Austria and it's one off the biggest in Austria and discovers over 485 domains for you. And you have here the domain interface and I'm searching, forcing secret. And let's a search about here. The domains and you see also is it of a labour to order. And you see yours the price for it. This is very easy and very, very fast. Yes, and s you see in the lecture before in the WordPress lecturer and in the U Bahn toe. Yes, be conficker lecture. I have to configure my domain with the DNS entries. And this was the same interface as you see it here right now and you have here here recommend eight, but a bail ableto order the prices here the sissy. Which country is O r? But for the main insist you have here also the dot cloud domain sing secret of cloud is available and also much more. You see, Gil Craft IQ areas International, our countries, The US domains here is available for 20 bucks. Yes, in euro. Maybe we can change it to Yes, we have here the dollar sign and then we can start a new search s especially. Let's say you, Jamie, or let's a say sing secret again. It's the best one. And we have here also their possibilities here to go toe food and drinks. And you see here the domains ending with Todd. What car got popped out, Peter, And hear this food is very high. Expensive. This is the yearly price? Yes, not a monthly prices a yearly price. And you have here are information technology. He have your 15 box, Meet the doctor click and he also taught link and go on. In my case, this is the only domain provide. I currently can recommend it because the order domain provide us. I still have every problems with some off them providers. So is the name is for me the best If you have other recommendations or let me know on this year, stand in the leg. Next lectures