The Perfect Explainer Video Script - Write a converting sales video script within 10 Minutes! | Arooj Sheikh | Skillshare

The Perfect Explainer Video Script - Write a converting sales video script within 10 Minutes!

Arooj Sheikh, Entrepreneur | Teacher | Marketer

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4 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction The perfect explainer video script

    • Project

    • General Guidelines Sales Video Script

    • Meat Explainer Sales Video Script


About This Class

Hello and welcome to my course – The Perfect Explainer Video Script – My name is Sheikh Arooj and I run a Super Creative Digital Marketing Company called Geekfoxy. We Design Blockbuster Explainer Videos and Gorgeous Website. In this course i will show you the exact formula that I use to write perfect explainer video scripts every time.

You can find a lot of stuff online on creating Sales videos and using after effects or other motion graphic software, but you don’t often find good courses on how to write the perfect motion graphics script even though this happens to be the most important part of any demo video. An explainer video where everything is done right including the animation & voice-over may not end up getting the desired results if the script was not right in the first place.

So, if you want to learn the exact formula that I use for all my explainer videos click the Blue Enroll button and I will see you in the course.





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Arooj Sheikh

Entrepreneur | Teacher | Marketer

I'm an Entrepreneur, Marketer and a passionate Skillshare Instructor. I specialize in Internet Marketing, Video creation, Sales, Product Creation & Copywriting.

I also happen to be a hardcore Personal Development and Self-help Researcher. I regularly practice the beautiful ideas showered by some of the best Pioneers of the Industry. Right from Motivation to Meditation, Holistic Lifestyle to Success Mapping and Wealth generation, I would love to teach you all the Super effective Secrets...

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