The Perfect Explainer Video Script - Write a converting sales video script within 10 Minutes! | Arooj Sheikh | Skillshare

The Perfect Explainer Video Script - Write a converting sales video script within 10 Minutes!

Arooj Sheikh, Entrepreneur | Teacher | Marketer

The Perfect Explainer Video Script - Write a converting sales video script within 10 Minutes!

Arooj Sheikh, Entrepreneur | Teacher | Marketer

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4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction The perfect explainer video script

    • 2. Project

    • 3. General Guidelines Sales Video Script

    • 4. Meat Explainer Sales Video Script

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to my course – The Perfect Explainer Video Script – My name is Sheikh Arooj and I run a Super Creative Digital Marketing Company called Geekfoxy. We Design Blockbuster Explainer Videos and Gorgeous Website. In this course i will show you the exact formula that I use to write perfect explainer video scripts every time.

You can find a lot of stuff online on creating Sales videos and using after effects or other motion graphic software, but you don’t often find good courses on how to write the perfect motion graphics script even though this happens to be the most important part of any demo video. An explainer video where everything is done right including the animation & voice-over may not end up getting the desired results if the script was not right in the first place.

So, if you want to learn the exact formula that I use for all my explainer videos click the Blue Enroll button and I will see you in the course.

Meet Your Teacher

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Arooj Sheikh

Entrepreneur | Teacher | Marketer


I'm an Entrepreneur, Marketer and a passionate Skillshare Instructor. I specialize in Internet Marketing, Video creation, Sales, Product Creation & Copywriting.

I also happen to be a hardcore Personal Development and Self-help Researcher. I regularly practice the beautiful ideas showered by some of the best Pioneers of the Industry. Right from Motivation to Meditation, Holistic Lifestyle to Success Mapping and Wealth generation, I would love to teach you all the Super effective Secrets & Covert concepts!

If you would like to connect with me and keep in touch you have my Facebook link in the links category. I love to stay connected to ambitious and driven to learn people like you guys.

To your success,

Arooj Sheikh

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1. Introduction The perfect explainer video script : Hello and welcome to my course. The Perfect Explainer video script. My name is Shake a Roach on Dyer. In a super creative digital marketing company called Geek Boxy, we designed blockbuster explainer videos and gorgeous websites for clients. In this course, I'll show you the exact formula that I used to write a perfect plan, a video script every time. Now you can find a lot of stuff online on creating explainer videos. On Using after effects are other motion graphics software. But you don't often find good courses on how to ride the pervert. Explain a video script, even though this happens to be the most important part off any explainer video. Now an explainer video where everything is done right, including the animation on voiceover, may not actually end up getting the desired results if the script was not right in the first place. So if you want to learn the exact formula that I use for all my explainer videos that can worked really well, click the enroll button on and I'll see you in the next video 2. Project: the project for this course consists off to a very simple tasks. First, use the formula to create a perfect spring, a video script, the one that I'm going to show you. And second, once done, share your script in the project section, and I would be happy to provide a feedback on it. 3. General Guidelines Sales Video Script: Ah, here are some general guidelines. Number one. Keep it shot. I would say to shoot for 90 seconds, you might not be able to convey your whole message within 60 seconds on the anything longer than 90 seconds, and your audience might start. Leave midway. So if you aim for 90 seconds, are you always end up doing more than that on? If you're finally video is less than two minutes, I'd say That's good number to tell our story. You might have heard everyone saying that you need to tell a story. You need to engage your audience, but it doesn't have to be an original or a unique story. You simply need to tell the story off your own product off your own brand so that you engage with the target audience and connect with them. Number three. It's not afford a brief. Always remember that you explain a video is not a place where you highlight your technical specifications. That's a big no no, it's just a place. Really. Try to engage your audience and make sure they connect with your for not on. You do this by telling a story, therefore, do not include any technical specifications in your explain a video. So what we usually get from my clients is a lot of facts here at geek foxy Andi. Ah, little lot of data and even some best practices in the industry. The main reason they send this to us is because that's all they know about the product. Well, their exports, that therefore that they have designed for that. And so they know everything, and they'd simply send it all to us. But we, as designers or marketers, cannot think that we they think because our job is not to create the product, it is always to sell the product, so the script has to be written, keeping this in mind. 4. Meat Explainer Sales Video Script: Now this is the meat off. The whole matter of this is, and I'll be starting with an example often explain a video script that I think is not the right way to do it, and then we'll go on and see the exact way to do it the right way to do it. So this is an example off an explainer video script that you might get from your client or an explainer video script that you see on many of the videos on, and I'll explain why this is the wrong way of doing it now. The wrong example. This starts this law. This will always start with the big problem. The product talks about this huge problem throughout the world, and then it will go into a smaller problem, which could be more technical or technology related. Then the script might go into an even smaller problem. Let's say a pricing issue. So basically the script is going from a general problem to more specifics. The script is basically just talking about problems, problems, problems, and finally you move on to the users problems problems faced by the end user, the same and user that your product is trying to target, and then finally, you reach the product very new. Introduce and describe your product and how you actually offer a solution to all problems that you have mentioned. And then finally, it all answer with a call to action. Now this is the wrong. We're creating an explainer video script because it spends way too much time just talking about the problem. And there is just one little element at the bottom that dogs about the solution. The main focus off the script is own problems and not the solution. And secondly, there are way too many technicalities and world. There are too many problems going from the general problem all the way to more specific problems. The script actually answer being too long longer than two minutes, which is a little used because it does not engage the audience in the way that it should. And it probably has Way too many facts and facts in an explainer video are something that the Orient President Kim it's a boat. So here is a battery of creating an explainer video script. This is the formula that I use for all my experience scripts. Now this might not be the way to create the best explain a video script, but it's a formula that has always worked for me on It's a formula that always ends up in a video, which gets the desired results for my clients. So we hear, start off with the problem. Then we give you a general solution to the problem, followed by an introduction to the product. Then we talk about the product and its features and how it works in general, followed by how the product works specifically to address the about problem. Next comes the value proposition, which includes the exclusive benefits. You will get out off that product, finally ending up with a call to action. It will be very easy for you if you are creating a great an outline that looks just like this on day. Then you can simply fill all the elements to end up with the final script. His hope, You know, What we could do is we could we could trial demonstrated with the help off an example. I'll take Spotify, for example on we'll apply all the about elements to the sport of for example now, as you all know, Spotify is an online music service. Okay, so here's a rough template. And let's try to demonstrate with the help off this template how you can create a explainer video script using the about elements. Let's begin. First off, all the problem, as previously mentioned problem could be something like music is expensive records take up space on. It's difficult to keep up with the new releases. Now. The general solution is a service that can provide all the music you want stream directly to your phone. And then comes the introduction of the product sport. If I does all that and more so you can see it's only been 30 seconds into the video, and we have already talked about the problem. We have mentioned the general solution, and we have also introduced our products old in under 30 seconds. Now we can talk about the front. At this point, our audience already knows what the product is about, and they have decided if they want to continue further from this point. So this is the turning point. Now we talk about how it works, how the product actually works. This has to be in general. So in case off sort. If I we can say that you take your music with you on your phone, all the music you want streamed directly to you. Next, we have to mention the specifics in this case. Download the APP, sign up for an account, connect to WiFi ever were available or stream on your cellular data. Discover feature lets you find new artists and releases. Really Proposition would include Are the exclusive benefits off the service in case of's Fortify turns off music exclusive partnerships with record labels on It's free and finally call to action. A call to action could be. Go to the APP store and download Spotify. Now cold reaction simply means you say whatever you want your target customers to do at the end of the video. Now the benefits off using this mattered are you talk about the product. Within the 1st 30 seconds we had that he was attention. We had the product introduced, the problem on the solution on. Then, throughout the rest of the video, we talked more about the solution that our product has to offer rather than focusing on the problems. And finally we also showed how our product works on this was hold in under 90 seconds. No, that's how easy it is to write a perfect spring, a video script, that gun words. Thank you for enrolling in the scores and watching until the end. If you have any appear areas or if you would like me to help you with your script, feel free to ask questions in the comments on I'll get back to you on. And if you enjoy this class, please leave me a positive review. I hope you learned something new today. Thank you for watching.