The Paper Surface - Inspiration, Backgrounds, & Clearing Artistic Blocks | Elisabeth Arena | Skillshare

The Paper Surface - Inspiration, Backgrounds, & Clearing Artistic Blocks

Elisabeth Arena, Artist and Educator

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6 Videos (25m)
    • Introduction

    • Watercolor and Salt Magic

    • Suminigashi - Japanese Paper Marbling

    • Gel Plate Printing

    • String Pulling

    • Tea Stained Papers


About This Class

Blank Paper or Boundless Potential?

Ever found yourself overwhelmed by a vast expanse of blank paper? Do you get blocked, lose your inspiration or just have too much buzzing in your mind to find focus? 

In this course you will find a variety of techniques to get you going on using both familiar and unexpected materials to get some beautiful backgrounds and imaginative images. You will experiment, find your creative muse or at the very least, develop a stockpile of imagery that can be used in whole or in part of your fine art and mixed media endeavors. 

Watercolor and Salt


Suminigashi (Floating Ink Technique)


String Pulling





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Elisabeth Arena

Artist and Educator

Hello. I'm Elisabeth, but you can call me Liz if you don't care for all those syllables. I've been an artist since childhood and formally trained in college. I got my BFA from Tufts and the Museum School in Boston, spent a few semesters studying in Florence (si, sono Italiana) and went on for a Master's degree with a Drawing specialty from Radford University. In my personal work, I use graphite, ink, marker, watercolor, acrylics and oils and digital media...but am always willing to experiment...

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