The Paper Cutout Look in After Effects

Jake Bartlett, Motion Designer

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13 Videos (56m)
    • Course Trailer

    • Getting Started

    • Applying Textures

    • Customizing Colors

    • Precomposing Layers

    • Working In 3D Space

    • Adding Some Details

    • Working With 3D Lights And Shadows

    • A Little Bit of Motion

    • Polishing The Look

    • Little Details

    • Adding Some Flicker

    • Thanks!


About This Class


In this course I'm going to show you how to create a shadowbox-style paper cutout effect inside After Effects. In each quick video we'll cover things like:

  • Adding textures using track mattes
  • Customizing colors
  • Working with 3D cameras, layers, lights, and shadows
  • Precomposing layers
  • Parenting layers
  • Controlling expressions with sliders
  • Blending modes

And much, much more. As always, I'll be showing you how I use keyboard shortcuts constantly for a more efficient workflow.

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Great class, and awesome effect! In my opinion, it's a bit fast for people who don't use after effects that often, but I could keep up just fine by pausing the videos a lot. Also, I'd have loved for you to have included a class where you explain all the different animations we can achieve with this effect/technique. Thank you again for your classes!
Great teacher, great tutorial!!
Amazing class! Can't wait to apply this to future projects!
Maddi Gnewski






Jake Bartlett

Motion Designer


Hey! My name is Jake Bartlett, and I’m a motion designer from Denver, Colorado. I've been animating in Adobe After Effects for over ten years. After five years of working for an LA-based production company, I have gone freelance full-time and now work from home. Animating as a motion designer professionally is a dream for me. I get to use After Effects every single day for my job.

Since starting my professional career I've animated over 800 episodes of 8 different motion graphics shows for clients like Yahoo!, MSN, Twitter, YouTube, Pepsi, VH1, HGTV, NateGeo Wild, The History Channel, and Ulive to name a few. In my free time I love making animations for myself. I've found that constantly challenging myself on my own time has been the best way to increase the quality of my work. Being able to consistently use After Effects on a daily basis and always having a tight deadline has made me very fast and efficient with the program.

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