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The Palm House - Loose Watercolour Studies

teacher avatar Holly Tomas Design, Design Watercolours Printing Mixed media

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. The Palm House - Intro

    • 2. Colour Mixing: Indanthrene & New Gamboge

    • 3. Colour Mixing: Cerulean & Hansa Yellow

    • 4. Colour Mixing: Indanthrene & Hansa Yellow

    • 5. Colour Mixing: Cerulean and New Gamboge

    • 6. The Palm House - Practise Part 1

    • 7. The Palm House - Practise part 2

    • 8. The Palm House - My Design - sit back and relax

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About This Class

Join me in creating soothing colour swatches, exploring blues, yellows and greens. There are so many subtle hues to be had from mixing just two colours plus it is SO addictive!!! I promise you!

We'll then go on to develop our own palm design, using simple brush strokes.

This design is deceptively simple to create, but looks incredibly attractive. It would look particularly appealing if you did a couple of studies, or even three and hung them together. Or perhaps keep things simple and create a small study or a series of gift cards? :O)


For the Swatching;

Off-cuts of paper 

2 different blues (I used Winsor and Newton Indanthrene Blue and Daniel Smith Cerulean Blue Chromium)

2 different yellow (I used Daniel Smith New Gamboge and Yellow Hansa Light)

Flat brush

Pen or pencil for drawing squares

For the large studies:

Large round brush (I used an Escoda Size 10)

Small round brush (I used a Handover Toray Pointed Brush No 5)

Paper: Fabriano Artistico Block 9x12in Hot Pressed... 

  • but I would also recommend Arches, Stonehenge or Seawhite. I preferred hot pressed for this project, as it offers a lovely texture with its quick drying time, but cold pressed would be fab too…. Use whatever you have to hand, although I do feel good quality watercolour paper is even more important than great watercolours.

Lastly, 2 pots of water

  • either to use one for your blue and one for your yellow, or for a ‘double dipping’ method, where you use one pot to wash off your brush and the other for mixing paints.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Holly Tomas Design

Design Watercolours Printing Mixed media


Hello there!

I’m Holly Tomás, an artist, photographer and musician based in the Lowlands of Scotland. I’m fortunate to live in a house surrounded by trees. So when I first started painting, I took my inspiration from them.

They felt very familiar to me having looked at them from my window for years, but working with their leaves brought me even closer to understanding them. Having said that, I have an enduring love of flowers and I use florals, for the most part, in my designs.

I really love Scottish wild flowers, especially the humble little ones growing by the coast or in the forests… Sea Spurrey, Thrift, Tufted Vetch or Wood Anemones, Red Campion... Sweet Violets. What i want to bring to my classes is a sense of being wrappe... See full profile

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1. The Palm House - Intro: Hello there and welcome to the palm house. I've been thinking about doing this class for a while because I absolutely love palms or have them in my house. And this is an older one. And then we have a nice Yong Shu tier that just stunning and all of the shape of them. And you can get a different green in just one leak. There's probably several greens in there that you could paint. So they're really inspiring just as a plant. But they also called it the palm house because there is a palm house, the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. And I lived there for a few years, quite close by to the east gate. And so I've got a lot of memories of walking through the gardens or just spending time looking at the trees, the plants that changing seasons and all the wildlife that, that brought. So exploring these greens was an absolute joy. And I chose a warm yellow near gumbo with Cerulean Blue here. And you can see that you get lovely subtle hormone ship shades all machines. And with the hand CEO light, you'll find that we get slightly brighter colors. And here almost Denzin and q line. It's really exciting doing swatches and also, it's something you can go back to time and time again and choose your favorite Hughes to use in, in any given design. So once you've done this, it's not only imprinted in your memory because she saved it, but you can also go to this as a reference. So it's really handy to do. This is not something I called Tom, the film, but I would just wanted to show you is playing around here just dropping in water. So you can experiment with that little cauliflower blooms and also just exploring shapes. And is again, very, very simple to make using the shape for br, the brush. Practice more here I have two different ways of laying down leaves by laid down the stem first and then gone into drawer out the HLA or hear a painted the leaves. And then I drew quite heavily pigment it. Watery. Stand up. Now if you're using cold press papers and that would travel more hot press paper from the this, I like because it leaves this kind of texture cues so quickly. And for the final one that I used, the greens that were in the middle load gas of swatches nor muted and very harmonious. But you could go on to choose any of these and make a very warm case. Hazing is mustering, yes. There's so many combinations to be had from just two colors. So enjoy this. And it's something you can do. When you only have ten minutes, you're not having to paint something or you just feel a little overwhelmed. Just sitting down and choosing two colors and doing the simple swatch. This is very therapeutic and like I say, is really useful for your work. So please share any work that you have, shave swatches. I've looked to see those two and ask any questions that you have. And you can just leave a comment below. And Joy, and I look forward to seeing your work. 3. Colour Mixing: Cerulean & Hansa Yellow: So for this one, I've got some chromium blue serial in blue, and hence the yellow light color. Quite interested to see what happens here. So nice clean water subconsciously affects the pay-per-click eBooks is, I think that you fit to the fun bit. Washing my brush really well, and picking up the symbol. I can see why a lot of artists is really in the skies. So keep washing the brush, right? And then we're going to start adding some other Yana. So I'm gonna do is move this here. And that title. Hence a yellow light. I see muted already to dislocate something slightly on from now on. And this is a bright green trauma brush about it a little bit more. You can do that. And it's pretty, it's getting to be more of a rice grain. So if you wanted a nice bright her young color, green. And just remember that you had a bit more hand Sienna to Syrian blue. Isn't this fun? I could do this all day long. I really could. And my favorite is going to get quite an acid here. Who will apply mass it line. Absolutely gorgeous. And then ending with sunlight. 4. Colour Mixing: Indanthrene & Hansa Yellow: So this time we're going in with the Hinden 32 is this darker blue and yellow light. What it means to a path which is doing. But I think it would be interesting to see this happen in common. Okay, so let's start with the content. And I need to remember to go diagonally up there. So remote, steadily picking up any conversion. Okay? So starting again with side, it's definitely going to be using this a little bit more into signs. It's beautiful, it's akin to fellow, I would say Walmart. Okay, so now I am adding hashing, adding a site. And we added a tiny taught, got more pigment NADH, which is why it looks dark. And this r has changed already a little bit more. And we start to get into the brain's quite quickly. We're nothing not usable. I could see green. Let's run a place into. And this is so restful to do and you learn a lot. But it's sen, it could have an audiobook, radio music. And it's very engrossing, very relaxing. Next up apples, because we're gonna go Tupac's laughed. Very yellow, green here. Can a nice bright color. And then finish with a light blue in inches from the Walter Porter didn't do last time straight away, which I should do this right? So we've got three. But any could put lake starting Smith and came down three minuss. Mentoring new to. Let's move on to that last combination. 5. Colour Mixing: Cerulean and New Gamboge: So now we're on a civilian bloom. And new Cambodia announced that similar, again must not mix them up. Turkey boxes. Okay. So let's start off with a serine in blue cranium. And you could try this with any real yet or that you have. You don't need to act. The same moans will still get some really interesting results. Especially with fellow Blue cry found in the past using fella. So we just add a tiny bit of Newcomb. And I'm really hoping that color goes down town like that. That's a beautiful teal color. It's not going to just say, bring it enough that loops payments into ammonia and understand a bit more play something. I'm going to ask pigment match. Very well. Tracer. Just looking at this and trying to regain firewalls. And you can see now it's getting a little more green. But it's opaque colors. Well, me that looks quite opaque. Okay, I'm adding a little bit more. Just keep pushing. You push in between psi one ounce of pigments and is going to pick some blew up. Quite a lot of VR to get the remaining close here will lead us to I mean, Cambodian, etc. So it's a nice green. Didn't like that. Almost boosted green mixture between French and English mustard. And then finally we have winds get scoop event and maybe a stone. So here we go. And so let's take a look at what we have done now. Say, you see this courts have variety of hues there. This is a Sumerian and new gumbo, and then throw in a new converge and the serially in blue and yellow. And then down three. And, and so I hope you've enjoyed this and push, you could do this with any two colors that you have in your books of tricks. And see what you come up with. 6. The Palm House - Practise Part 1: So I was inspired by the swatches and I thought we might do some botanical shapes together. So nicely shaped leaves. So here just the point of the brush line down the belly of the brush. And then up again. Isn't that quote scholar? And how many times I've said that nice activities. And you could say too little. And just really shapes. You can do it the other way down and stop with the tip. And then the party. Let's try something. So nice, simple shapes, different. And we say Fabriano. Still, I think it's cold. So it dries very quickly. Once I do like about it is because it dries quickly, it, it rise with texts. And I really like the central details. You can get these shapes. Look online and get some botanical leaf shapes, the light. All right, guys leave, set up a government. I found out. I turn up on here. I'm just mixing all of this goes together. We did earlier. Very restful. It can always put a line through y. And we can have them getting larger. And you get to the bottom if he could see how you can build up a whole page without much effort through the test. These lovely long shapes, palm leaves and tracking. So I love the botanical themes to designs and they never really go out of fashion. But it just circle around tropical things always. So chapter and the design Mt. And you can see because we have not used a green, that's all. And we're just using this mixture of the blues and yellows. And it gets a really harmonious mixture of grains and a very realistic setting. Some more done three. Because I'm not that T account. Coming up short line gives you a nice must. Still be literally doing is rather than dragging it through, starting off and then just lifting tools. The answer is not random. It's not traveling the whole length of the brush. And the other thing that you can do is use different brushes. So you get not only the different views and different textures, but a different take come only depending on the size and shape of the partially say. I'm just going to carry on because I'm finding this so restful. Mixing, alien, smoothen Blade Runner to replace the mobile t put down in that town stem. But more that it flows into leaf because it's still wet. And it's a technique I use quite a lot, just give me time. But if the if this is still wet, then it looks more like it's flowing into the leaf rather than you've just attached leaves to a stem. It's harder with their press paper. You don't have as much time as you do with cold press for that, but it can still be very effective. Might go for smaller brush here. It's gonna tap some water in here. So I've got a here. And this is just a little size pie. 7. The Palm House - Practise part 2: Really different field. We're going to go over these because little too thin and watery one now. So I will turn the stamp and of course in mine to sit close match together pit and I just drop in this room tonight. That's not helping matters. Well, it's quite nice that depending on what Papi using drop-in with little bits of code from your part. But I just wanted to do. And the pieces have him coming in scene as these moons are going out. And a nice green color. Maybe filled the whole page. I'm just gonna keep going to a place where it looks balanced. But this is just a practice sheet and not put myself on the pressure. Just shapes and colors. Tropical times over here. Coming down here. I think it's a color like this, which I really like. But you can't remember exactly how it makes to just make a swatch of it and then top it. Because you can always play around if you know which colors you had on your pants, have not time. He could always just try and keep him much. It's up to date with little bits of Y. But if I'm doing it, don't do them all with my two little, Alright, so bringing a changes leaves. I think my favorite thing in the world for my children or my pock. Your estimate. And my friends and chocolate. I'm just going to fill up this corner. Inconvenienced. I'll do a blue A1. Quite going. Kind of like little omega d like this shape. And it's just like a triangle shape. And that round shape actually looks quite nice. Spikier ones. So different concrete. It's very random. But if I set that intention just to mess around and practice with the different colors that I've just mixed. Then it's much more restful process. And it's a lot of stuff. Going on with our tests, not just start as musicians as well. Over thinking things are losing confidence. Going through those spaces. I leave for going out to paint joy. I have one of those Italy around today. And just doing exercises like this where you're able to just sit down and guitar to be had and just this is real body friendly kind of exercise. Exercise, routine keeps you grounded. She learn more as well because you're relaxed and you open to what happens around profound feeling. I have to do this. I have movies, series, we're using words like or should have. We are out of our bodies and it's our head speaking. And socially constructed COS. So sometimes we can lose our own voice in that. This little technique here would be nice for Bird of Paradise. And it's the shape of a bird of paradise. That's kinda where you overlap a little bit when they come down. It's quite pretty right. Going to stop there because I really enjoyed that. And I hope hearing chili, whatever you decide to try different, the different shades, different. Keeps saying shades and Kobe shades. It's not sweet block added different hues that we've created together. Try different brushes and different values. So had a more water to buy pigment or also just dropping in different bits of color. So to start you off here, I'm expecting you to go on a voyage of discovery appear on. And I would really love to see any work that you do, but that shouldn't be the end. I go. I just want you to relax and feel like you spent some time just reconnecting with yourself away from all of the daily. Bits and pieces demands things to do and practice self-care. 8. The Palm House - My Design - sit back and relax: This is normal. Sure. Could this be? Right? Right. It's common. Hi. Okay. And it's certainly worth responding. Okay. Too big. Are you ready? Okay. Hi. It is still thinking. And the public a explain.