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The One Sentence a Day Journal Card System

teacher avatar Nina Vangerow, Artist, Book Lover, Stationery Addict

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools & Materials

    • 3. Prepping the Cards

    • 4. Making the Box

    • 5. Creating the Dividers

    • 6. The Finished Box

    • 7. Class Project

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About This Class


There are many different ways to journaling and  keeping a journal, however, in this class I would like to introduce you to the simple, straightforward and fun "One Sentence a Day Journal Card System".

I personally feel that time is mostly slipping through my fingers and I needed to find a way to quickly record my days in a way that didn't seem overwhelming or take up too much time. In addition, I didn't want to feel the pressure of having to create something outstandingly beautiful, but keep track of things I have done. I wanted to  keep track of memories, as I feel I just forget what I have done, most days seeming to be very repetitive.

At the same time I was hoping to also start making more of an effort to make each day a little more special and to celebrate the little moments that make one day different from the next.

In this class I am going to show you how I prep my journal cards, how to create a simple box to keep the cards safe, as well as twelve monthly dividers, which will separate the cards in a month by month order.

What I really like about this one sentence a day journal card system is that it does not feel overwhelming, it is easy to do and it is very accessible, you can have the box of cards just sitting on your desk or even stick a week's worth of cards to your kitchen cupboard or fridge.

If you would like to find out more about it, why not enrol in this class and I'll see you in the first lesson.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nina Vangerow

Artist, Book Lover, Stationery Addict





my name is Nina, I'm an artist, educator and online content creator and live in a small town in rural Wales, UK.

Under the name of The Forgotten Bookshop Girl I'm working as a mixed media artist, rebind old books turning  them into notebooks, create vintage style Travelers Notebook inserts, work with various forms of image transfers and a whole range of different types of coffee stained papers. I love working with materials that would normally have ended up in the landfill or is just looking for a new lease of life. In addition, I love creating items, that look as if they had been around for a while and might just have been found in somebody's attic or a fleamarket. If you would like to visit my shop on Etsy, you can find it her... See full profile

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1. Intro: I very often fear that time seems to be just slipping through my fingers. Days just whizz past on. I don't seem to be remembering what I've been doing from one day to the next. So I was looking for a system that would allow me to quickly record what I've bean doing in a day. But the same time I didn't want to be the pressure. Tiu have to create something outstandingly beautiful. I just want to be able to keep track of what I've been doing on a day to day basis. My name is Nina. I'm an artist, a teacher. Onda online content creator. I'm in this class. I would like to show you the very simple one sentence a day Journal car system. This system is really easy to do. It's really accessible by using index cards. Are your journaling cars by just summarizing your day in one sentence or in just one thought or just one quote is really quick to do. You could have your journal cars just sitting out on your writing desk. You can have them or blue tax on your fridge. Let's say a whole week's worth of cars on your fridge or on your kitchen cupboard. All you need is just a pencil, and you just write down what your day has Bean like, also want to know how to set up this system. It's just really, really easy to use it in a way that makes the most sense to you. So in this class, I'm going to show you how I prep my car's how I create theme the individual dividers between one month and the next. That's something that you can totally personalized, and we're going to talk about this in the class on. Then I'm also going to show you how to make a very simple storage box for the cards to keep them safe. So if you would like to find out MAWR on to create your own one sentence a day journal cops system, then just hit the enroll button. I'll see inside the class 2. Tools & Materials: in this video. I just wanted to go very quickly through the tools on materials were going Teoh use in this class. I am going to use a cutting mats on a craft. Live to do most of the cutting, but there's only a minimal amount of cutting to do, so you can do it with a pair of scissors. You will need a pencil on and the ruler. That's mainly for creating the box on. Then if you've got one, a bone folder would also be really useful. If you have not a bone folder, you can use the back off a butter knife, Um, or something that would just school a nice line, because that's going to help with the folding off the box. Then you're going to need a glue stick. Um, for the pencil marks. If you want to raise them, then you would need in a razor on five water. Got some paperclips because I used those to just keep the box in place while it's drying and sometimes just Teoh be able to put the box together and just see if I like the shape of fit. If I like everything about if I need Teoh change anything about the size. So paperclips work really well in just kind of keeping it together before you blew it all together. Then, of course, you're going to need some index cards. I have chosen the slightly bigger ones. I know their order, some brands that create smaller index cards. But I just feel that especially because my handwriting is quite big, I would like to have more space, and I also feel that I can. I had more on to an index card, but re dependence on what you can find. Then I'm going to use some stamps as well. You could just use your own handwriting, and I'll go into that a little bit more in the video where we're actually going. Teoh prep our index cards. I've got some stamps that have allowed the names off the month. Ready here on ink pad, then four. The storms. I've gotten a click stamp block. I've got some number. Stam's on alternative to using stamps that already have the complete names for the month. You can use alphabet stamps, and that's something I really like this where you could actually abbreviate the month if you wanted to. So it doesn't maybe take that long to create the index cards on. Then, to create the box, you will need some kind of card stock. He could just go for something really simple, like this brown craft paper or you some scrapbook paper and you could can create a whole theme around it. So these are just some examples. You could also print out a passen onto some card stocks. You could very much the create your own box if you haven't got any craft paper. Yeah, I mean, you could also use Stam's on creative pattern. I say, If you had, for example, butterfly stamps, you could create something similar just on some brown card stock. And then we're going Teoh need some dividers, and those dividers are going to go in between each month in the little box so that you know what, where one month starts and ends. So it's much easier to find a day you're looking for. The easiest way is to just use some postcards. Vintage postcards look really nice. In that context, you can kinda creating own postcards using images from magazines, and you could try and find an image that work with, Let's say, January more for winter theme and Christmas or December Could a snow scene or something that is a christmassy in the summer. Go for a beach or you know anything that you feel you would like to do. You can also think about maybe recycling images that you've already got. I mean, you would do that with the magazines anyway, but I've got a with these fantastic wall calendars with really amazing images in them. So that's another option of using those. Plastic could also go Teoh, a website that has copyright free images that you could use the first thing that springs to my mind because that's my favorite is, for example, unspool ash. So this is all that we're going to need for this class on now we can just get started. 3. Prepping the Cards: in this video, I'm going to show you how you can vory break quickly on a very simple way. Prep your index cards. I'm going to use ready made stumps. But if you maybe taking some of the fantastic brush lettering or lettering and calligraphy classes on skill share, you might want to take this opportunity and use your new skills, Aunt Handwrite or the month on the index cards. My handwriting is okay, but it's not brilliant. So I'm going to use the Stam's on. I've got this little acrylic stamp block, so just stick my journey ery on here on. The fantastic thing about the stone blocks is that you can look through them and then just and put the stamp exactly where you wanted to be, and then I just dab it on to the Inca pod. I'm using black, but again, you could use any color you would like, and you could even go for a monthly theme. Would have different colors. So that's my first index cards stand with January. So then I would probably just go through and stamp or the other days that will need in January so that be 31 cards on, then The next thing is because I would quite like to have the date on the as well. So I've got different set of stamps here with numbers. Then I'll just put number one here. And then I've got my first of January dinner. This is something that takes a little while. But you could maybe just listen to an audiobook, I guess. And then I just go through and stamp the date of January. Go on 2 February on bond, right up until December. The 31st. - I want to go. All your cards are stand and ready. On day he occurred. Even other little stamps. If you wanted Teoh Atom washi tape, I'm going to leave them just as they are on. The next thing I'm going to do is create the little box that they're going to go into 4. Making the Box: next, I'm going to show you heard to make this little box well, where we're going to keep the index cards in. I've been looking at several box structures on designs on Decided to go for this one because it is really simple on works really well on. You can create the whole box just using one sheet of paper. You don't have to do like tons of measuring and tons of a folding there some very, very fantastic more origami style boxes out there. But I just decided to go with something simple and straightforward. Um, with e ocracy with the box design, you can decide if you wanted to be just one color, just brown Craft paper looks really nice. Or to go for something there has Bean printed on. You could use some scrap paper that you might already have. Just make sure that it's thick enough if it is, what kind of like quite thin card stock could always glued onto another cart stuck to give it a bit more sturdiness to it. So I'm going to do just to make it easier to see how I do the measuring and the folding. I would just go for a single color cut stock. Um, this is basically a what we'll be doing. This is how the box comes together to show you how I measured the whole thing. I know you can get different sizes of index cards and you might want to measure the box onda the size of the index cards. But because this is so simple, it's really easy to adjust it to any size that he have. So I made the box two fit thes bigger index cards, but also the smaller ones work in the bigger box. I especially want you've got dividers in there as well. They don't look as if they were all lost. But as I said, it's just really easy to adjust the whole thing. So first of all, I, um, going to measure 6.5 centimeters. So from the long side, I'm going to make three measuring, uh, Marks. Because once I lined them up, create a line if I've got three on most likely to get a straight line rather than just having to now through the same thing on the other side again, that 6.5 centimeters in from the edge off the long side of the paper. I'm using cutting mat as well to help me create a straight line. Now from the narrow side off the stage, I'm going to measure seven centimeters on. This is where you can vary your measurements because if you felt like you've got bigger index cards, you would obviously then go for a shorter edge. Let's say I don't like 6.5, possibly, or if they are smaller on error, then you could go in a bit more. But I found with the index cults I'm using the seven centimeters in worked really well full . That's not going to repeat this on the other side. So now it's time to use the bone folder. Basically, what I'm going to do is just go over all the lines again with the Bone folder, because that is going to make it much easier to fold a nice meet, uh, fold. So the next thing I'm going to do it's actually full. The card board box on I'm using the Ruler. Even though I've made of used the Bone folder to make it easier to fold, I still find it makes a difference by just putting a ruler just kind of along the line. But I'm going to fold it on, then kind of gently move it up, fold it over then I'm using my phone. Told er, do the same thing on this side lined up with my pencil line. Move it up. And I can really feel that because I fuse the bone folder, the card stock is really willing to be forwarded up. So you get these really nice clean edges. So the next thing you will need to do is cuts this bit from, uh, center out to the edge on DE so that you are sure off which part Teoh cut and which will not cut. If you've got the card stock facing you with a kind of the long side towards you, you want the long edge to be to stay in one piece on the shorter ones. You weren't this last bet to be separate. So whenever you're thinking, let me just show you what I mean. So you weren't this part, Teoh, Stay one line on, then We've got these two flaps left, so I would have to cut from this point to the edge again from this point to the edge on Same from that they're on to there. It sounds really easy, but I assure you it's so easy to make a mistake. But while you're cutting it, I mean, even if you, you know, even if you cut it here, it would just be kind of like a different way of folding it up, so that isn't really a problem. But as long as he kind of stay, if you do the same thing a way round finishes work. I find this method where you leave the long flaps Onda and the shorter one seems to work really well for this books, you can use a pair of scissors. Of course. I'm going to use my craft knife. I'm just going in that corner and then cutting to the edge. Um, again, way to go already get glued together. You can see that. Uh, in in this case, the side flap is a little bit Tuller on the books. Every depends on our kind of the paper you're going for, Aunt. How big it is in in the beginning. This is just This was an A four size with the other box I've made are used of remnant from a scrapbook. Paige, I had. So it worked out in a way about this flat was actually a little bit shorter, but because of the patterns and everything, you can't really see it. So you know that could happen. And you, What are you going to do next? I'm going to put glue on the map that I'm going to glue on toothy making up my mind. Well, I've got one inside flap from one outside one. It doesn't really matter which one goes in first, but just to make things easier, I'm going to put the glue on the outside flap. Uh, I'm just grabbing some stop paper. Just having the flu, make sure, but it's evenly distributed. And then when I'm gluing the two together, I'm trying to make sure that my sides Oh, straight kind of a turn out of right angle. Um, and all that's left to do for me is glue this flap on. I'm going to Mike, do the same thing just at the do followed up. I can use the bone folder. I kind of just go in. I'm kind of press it down to make sure they allow sticks together. Where sometimes do is I just use some paperclips and kind of clippers together. But if you've used a bone folder, then that should really be enough to just hold it together. And then you just repeat this on the other side on your box is done. What you can also do if you kind of just wanting to test how your box looks like Andi, if you like the size of it, just used the paperclips to hold it together to give you an idea of Roy Looks like so we can just have a tester and see. Yet they fit really nicely in there. So that's OK, so boxes ready. We've got our index cards ready on the next video. We're going to have a look at the dividers that are going to go in 5. Creating the Dividers: when it comes to the dividers between the individual month that a few options you can go for were in very simple solution, which is also really lovely, is to just go for postcards. Andi, I personally really like using vintage postcards. I mean something like this. Thes reprints. But you could maybe find some vintage postcards on free markets or charity shops and use those as dividers. Eso, that's a really easy way of having them. If you want to make your own, then that's really easy as well. It just takes a little bit more time. So what you could do if you've got any kinds of magazines or magazine subscriptions, you could just go through the magazines on kind of look for possibly for images that Woods reflect the individual month. Oh, just go for images that you really like. Andi used, um, as dividers in another way off of recycling materials that you've already got is used water cannon. This and that's what I'm going to do in this class. I've got all these fantastic war calendars with all these beautiful images in them on, I'm trying to find more in more ways of actually using them, so they just sit on the shelf. So I'll be doing that. And what I'm going to do is kind of create postcards from the images I've got in here. So I'll just be using one off the postcards kind of other template on, then just cut out the images and use them as the dividers because thes individual calendar pages aren't allowed that thick or nettle as thick as a postcard would be. What I'm going to do is I'm going to grew them onto a card stock on. That's something you would also have to do if you were choosing images from magazines because just the magazine page would be too thin on you. Want something that is a bit sturdier. So, however, one thing I have Teoh pay attention to is that I want the dividers to obviously be slightly taller or bigger than thes cards. Unless I put the postcards in this way and then they were stick out Andi, I might actually do a selection off both having some sticking out like that on some like that, depending on what I find as my original image, in what way I feel, it would look best. But in any case, I'll have to make sure that it is taller than my index card, even though I'm also going to add little tabs with the name off the month on there, because that would make it easier to just very quickly find Thebe vied er for whatever month you might be looking for, and then something else you could obviously do is just print out images. You could go, for example, on websites like Unspool Ash, where he can download copyright free photographs you can use on just, you know, created collection from those that could be I themed by month. So instead of going through a magazine, you would just go through all the images on slash on, then print them out in a kind of like a postcard size on. Take those on. You could obviously use photographs that you have taken. You could even kind of print out your own artwork if you wanted to, or create original artwork. If you wanted, Teoh put that extra special effort into it. He could paint or draw images for each month, ask dividers, so they just found one image that I'm going to use that is almost already in the form of a postcard. But I just have a quick look. I would actually that be slightly narrower then it is, but the height is quite good. So let's start with this one. I'm just going to use my index card to indicate Well, I need to cut the image and then just going too quickly can't the image to size. And then I just, uh, grab a glue stick. And I've just got some very simple card stock. You could use colored count stock. I find that craft paper were probably a lot of really look nice on the back. We just need something to just stabilize the card a little bit. Just stick it on and then I'll probably just put put this under some heavy books just to make sure that the two parts it here really nicely stick together and for the next one just wanted to show you how I would go about it. I went about it in a more come back portrait problem can landscape image because I might actually be quite nice to have both this image. We work quite well, so just kind of work out what it would look like, where I want to place the card. And in this case, I can just use my, um, original postcard because I will be putting it in kind of in a portrait way. So it's going to be taller than the other cards anyway. I mean, he could just stick to landscape if you wanted, or the cards and all the dividers to look very similar. Kind of have a similar design on how them all in a landscape way in your in your box. But I think for this one I will choose both. I'll see what that looks like. And then I just carry on with my next 10 motives and I cut the My orders are blue them on, and then we have a look when they are all ready. So if now go all my dividers ready. And I'm quite pleased with the way they look now. I want to our little tabs at the top of the cards with the name off the month on top, so it makes it easier to find the right month. So start with January and I've decided to go back to the wall calendars on did you some of the background, first of all, because they will be a color coordinated with the rest of the images I've got here on. It will also give me an opportunity to recycle even mawr off the pages Quite like the idea . So I'm just using some earthy, empty spaces on this and just have a look yet the word will fit on here. Bri anti must have a look. I wanted to kind of stick out kind of like the US, so I'm just really I'm just eyeballing it here. But you can do, obviously, is just use Kraft paper or brown craft paper or something else that you will find works really nicely with your cards. Women are the ones that cuts my little tab. I'm going to forward it in half to see if this one is long enough. Probably should have made a bit longer. But just to give you an idea what I'm trying to do, so I'm falling it half basically, first of all, to just give it a little bit more structure to make it a bit thicker. Well, I could have done is sandwich the card in between on then have it sticking out a little bit . Andi have it like that. However, I'm going to put it behind because I feel with these cards, it just looks Tidier. But they're different context and my just look green eyes to have them as little taps at the top. And I feel that looks okay. If I haven't sticking out like that, let's see, that would be about yeah, it's about a centimeter and 1/2 sticking out. I've got enough at the back to glue it on, so we'll do now. First of all, just use my stem. The only thing have to be careful with because the the surface off these pages is a little bit shiny. So if I'm not careful, I might I might smudge Cem off the things. So here we go. I've got to run your own man trying to make sure that I don't touch any of the words on. Then this is what it will look like if I once I've glued it on the back. What I should have done, really first of all is glue this together, Andi, Then Stamford on. So I'll do another one. Why? This one is drawing I feel for this one. The blue might look quite nice, but it's also kind of like an upright one way we'll see, however, because I've just had a blow. I think I'll go for a different color. So I ended up doing is using the page where this image came from because each off the photographed images has hint off the same color as the rest of the background. So that would work quite nicely, Teoh with the image. So I'll just do the same thing. Trying to use this as a 10. I might actually create a different one term played so that I can kind of make sure that a little tabs are roughly the same size. But as you can see, I'm mostly just eyeballing it. You could, of course, you know, created template and then just work with the template. So let's blew it together first. This time around, men, Of course, I need to change my stand. Every girl and I've got the 2nd 1 done. Let's just have a quick look on. This is what we would look like. I can obviously I receive. I might alternate when kind of like this on one on the other side. So if I if this one it's the first, I might have January on this side and February on the other, and then carry on like that three out, all of the dividers. But again, you could just have them all on the right side or left side. You could even have them all in the middle. So it's really completely up to you and how you want to do it. You could decide that you didn't actually want to have this little tabs at the top. When you just leave the images, you could just write the name off the month on top off your image. If it was your own artwork, you might write it somewhere, or it might be just really clear what month it is. So, again, this is really very much up to you on how you want to work on these dividers. 6. The Finished Box: So I've now got everything put together. I've got a little dividers in place. I've decided to have a little labels in different places on the images. So I know that all my landscape images kind of month they don't really stick out that much . So what you can do, for example, though, is let's say, if you've got the month of January, if that's finished, you could move that to the back off the box and put it in there and then have the next one out on. Then also put your divider at the back so you can just see all the individual days. Then you take the first of February out on you. Write down what happens in that on that day, and then you put it at the back. So you're going through all that allow the days and you've got they always the card that you are about to use at the front and then carry on on one's. You've done ALOF your days. Then you could do the same thing. You just take everything out and put it at the back on this way. First of all, if you were mixing them all up with landscape and portrait. You would then be able to see the individual months would have march here, so that would work. Or it gives you kind of always, like a slightly different view off the whole set up can kind of see where you are in in the year, um, on, then kind of you stick everything at the back end. So it works its way through the year, and I find it also makes it really easy and accessible. I think I would prefer it this way with the moving months rather than looking through it, because I think for me that would contained too many steps on. I would be more likely to not do it for me. It has to be as simple and as straightforward as possible for me to be able to keep on the habit off doing it. So that would be my system. Um, something else I would probably do is used one of thes date stamps and then just put the date on there. It's just because I really like these dates domes. You could just write it down like that first of February. Just write down the year like that would be 40 2020 on a kind of carry on from that, but yeah, that's a box Done. They all fit in really nicely on bond. Yeah. I have to say I'm really pleased with the outcome, and I can't wait to start using them. 7. Class Project: Hello again. Thank you so much for taking my class. And I really hope that you enjoyed the one sentence a day journal card system and feel inspired to create one yourself which will lead us to a project. Because our father project I would like you to obviously have a go at creating this'll. One sentence a day, journal cut system. What you can do is just create the journal cards. Just use index cards. Andi, have, um, dated. Have one for every day off the year. You wouldn't have to make the whole box. You might think of your own ways of how you can store the cards. You might just want to help him out on a monthly basis or just keep them in an envelope or in a completely different box somewhere safe. But if you want to go for the box, then that would be great. No. Do you like to see all the ideas that you come up with? So just take it as far as you like in this project. Andi, just take a photograph off you getting started on your index cards. Or maybe the whole pack of cards are ready to go. I just have a few index cards and maybe show us how you are going. T create dividers. It's kind of maybe earn artwork. I would really love to see what that would look like because that's something I feel it would be a really lovely idea to include your own artwork in this journal cart system. So yes, please share your project with us. Also, any thoughts and ideas, uh, please do share them a swell because always fear that we can inspire each other, give each other kind of moral ideas or different takes on unoriginal ideas. I would really like to see that on then. Also, if you're not following me on skill share yet, but are interested in finding out whenever I do release you class or if I post any updates than the best way to find out would be to follow. You might also like Teoh. Check out my previous classes. If this is the first class you're taking, I've got a few other classes on journey. I have also got some classes that work with more paper crafts on other classes, and I am working on war mixed media classes that will be released in the future. So again, thank you very much for taking my class. And I can't wait to see your projects.