The One Minute Wardrobe - #1 - Declutter like a pro | Raluca Popescu | Skillshare

The One Minute Wardrobe - #1 - Declutter like a pro

Raluca Popescu

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4 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction to the One Minute Wardrobe

    • 2. Declutter with The KonMari Method

    • 3. Prepare for success before you start

    • 4. 4 Obstacles & how to overcome them


About This Class

This class is all about creating a clean slate for your One Minute Wardrobe, meaning a wardrobe that allows you to be ready for anything in no time because you no longer need to think about what outfit to wear.  

You too can get from a cluttered, overflowing, jam-packed dressing to an airy, minimalist, simple and efficient one by first eliminating everything that no longer brings you joy.

In these three lessons, I walk you through the decluttering phase so you won't give up when it gets too tiring, boring and your mind tells you to quit.

- how to declutter your wardrobe (and your home) using the KonMari method

- how to prepare mentally and emotionally for success before you even begin

- four of the biggest obstacles and fears that occur while decluttering and how to overcome them






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Hello, I'm Raluca.

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