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The One Cell Group Hug Practice

Nick Gent, Sound Healer

The One Cell Group Hug Practice

Nick Gent, Sound Healer

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5 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Step 1 Heart Connection and Emptiness

    • 3. Step 2 Embracing Togetherness

    • 4. Step 3 - Stillness and Relaxation

    • 5. Guided Meditation

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About This Class

A Practice that invites you to communicate, heal and embrace yourself from the atomic level to the emptiness of all pervading space.

In this class you will learn a simple and direct way of connecting with the totality of your being working with the foundational building blocks of what makes you. The practice engages you and encourages you to cultivate a deep sense of friendship and togetherness through the atomic and cellular levels of your body.

The emphasis is on loving friendship and connectivity with yourself, embracing the community that you are, and developing and opening a dialogue with all of you. From emptiness to the one to the many and back again.

So with this class you will : 

  • Enhance your abilities to self-heal
  • Increase your mental and cognitive functions
  • Experience relaxation and a feeling of completeness and balance

and much more.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Gent

Sound Healer


Hello, I'm Nick. I am a teacher of sacred sound and mantra & also shamanic healing. As a practicing Druid healer I want to share my love of working with sound and chant as a means to facilitate the well-being and transformation of all sentient beings.

In particular i wish to help people to find the power and beauty of their finest instrument of healing and transformation - their voice, their sound. To empower people to use their voice to be heard but also to listen. You might want to find your voice to grow your confidence, get that job or improve your communication skills at work, or perhaps even to transform your awareness and help others too. There are many applications.

I have been a musician, and producer of music for over 25 years and been involved in magic and sacre... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Welcome to the one cell group hug practice. So in this class, I'd like to share with you a powerful methodology, a visualization practice for healing, for balance and fitted self-transformation and development. We are walking, talking, thinking, feeling, flowing. Communities were a collective, were comprised and composed of trillions of cells. There are more atoms in our being than there are stars in the known universe. Isn't that beautiful? We do our best work when we work together. When we're imbalance, when we're healthy, everything's working as it, as it good team. The essential commands, components if he will evolve being the mind and the heart. For example. Instead of vying for dominance, we want all of these aspects to what together, because we are a collective, we are a community. And this obviously is the same in the external. Whether it be at work, family life, at home, in town or in some kind of community, or as a nation or is it global species? You know, we are a collective. So we want to work together. We are happy and whole in that togetherness. So it's a reaffirming, a reacquainted since. So I like to think of it almost like connect, reconnecting with a best old friend that you haven't seen for years and you meet them at the airport and you run towards each other. And it's almost that beautiful hug that embrace it togetherness, isn't it? You know, you can almost just take a few moments just to feel into that. What does that feel like? Are you feel you feel right? Don't eat. Excellent, wow, yeah, it's you. So to do that in ourselves is a really powerful and potent thing. So that's essentially all of this. All this practice is about is embracing your totality, embracing your completeness, developing and cultivating a dialogue that is healthy, in harmonious and loving and friendly. So let's make a stop. 2. Step 1 Heart Connection and Emptiness: So step one, establishing a heart connection and a harmonization with the element of space outside and inside of ourselves. So it's a two-part process really. So with the hot connection, we're wanting to, you know, when, when our heart is open, when this quality, this heart essence is activated and opens and free in its spirit and joyful. That's where we can do some of our best work. That lays the groundwork, lays a foundation. Loving compassion, laser, beautiful bedrock through which we can spring forth, arise, transform, heal, and so forth. So hot connection. How do we do that? Well, one of the best ways of doing that is to activate and bring forth a memory. So think of a time where you fell or receives the quality of unconditional love and compassion. If you find that difficult, you Kurds thing to a time where you witness somebody else or another being doesn't have to be a person even could be a mother Robert, looking after rich young or baby bird or whatever, whale, the beautiful sky in ocean, whatever can bring forth that quality. So that's really powerful when we can utilize memory to, to embellish the visions of the heart and the mind as one. So what we're doing is through this heart, open heart spirit, if you like this intentionality. We then galvanizing that in a beautiful free fashion, free-flowing fashion to create harmony with the space outside of, inside of us when we're loving and when we're open. That's when we're best at harmony with the inner world, the inner space and the outward to outer space. So then we begin to feel in this moment as we're thinking about this and working with this, that there's no sense of separation. You know, the AHA. And this, this essence of our heart is part of that spaciousness. And in that way, working with the space element can be a really grounding thing. We often think of space element in this, this kind of voids, this eternal infinite space as something associated with not being grounded in the flying all over the place. And you know, it's kind of this floaty drift equality. And while that may be the case, there is another aspect to it, where because it's the element that is all pervasive, it's everywhere. There is nowhere where it's not. And that way you can route yourself down in the all-pervading togetherness. You know, that is how we can work with emptiness as part of this practice. So this spaciousness is also working with the concepts of or maybe not the concepts, the, the vibration, the essence of that spaciousness of that infinite space, the void, the silence. That's how we can bring all of these things together. So activate the heart. And tap into and use the heart to work with that feeling of being in harmony with the space, the inner and the outer, all as one with no sense of separation. So you can take a few moments to just keep working with that. Keep activating those qualities of memory or make one up. If you can't think of a memory, you can create a new memory in the moment. So using your powers of imagination in your mind, you can fabricate, You can make, you can fashion yourself. This landscape that we're thinking of. So if, even if you couldn't recall a memory of a time where you felt that in the heart, that sense of openness and loving compassion, you know, make that feel self. Now, we have imagination when we read books, the mind creates, we'll kinda pitches when we watch movies we hear, hear an audio, perhaps a podcast. The mind is forever envisioning things and imagining things. So you have those skills and those abilities that you can use for your own benefit, for your own transformation and healing. So that is the first step in this process. Activating the heart and harmonizing yourself is int, into unity by ceasing to see the separation between the outer and the inner and the singularity. The threat of singularity that runs through that is that heart essence is that love and compassion. That's, that's the singularity. The joining force, if you like this synchronizers and brings all of this into this wonderful dancing fluidity where you're going, you know, sway past and maneuver and meander. You're way over obstacles, around obstacles. But that we're digressing a bit. So anyway, that is the, that is the first parts of this. So just keep practicing doing those things. And the reason that we want to do that before we make a star is that's going to enhance, that's gonna bring great benefit to whatever else that we do in this practice. The one group, the one cell group hug practice. It's just the name. It doesn't really matter. You know, we can call it whatever we like that, you know, the real benefit is obviously in the actual practice itself and how that can help us in all kinds of beneficial and beautiful ways. So remember that activate the heart as so you know, imagine close your eyes and you're gonna imagine your heartbeat open. Allow, you know, use your imagination to watch it open and flower. You might have to concentrate quite hard with all of this, but, you know, to do any aspect of this, it takes a bit of practice so you mustn't feel bad or like you failed or want to give up. Just because you might have a glimpse of bounds a d there, and then it suddenly disappears. And you just keep gently, lovingly, keep working away at it. So opening an activating the open loving heart quality. And then allowing that to pervades with this all pervading space. And then just feel and allow yourself glimpses of that beautiful units in togetherness. Just on that alone. Once we've done that, then we're ready for the second aspect. Step two, if you like. 3. Step 2 Embracing Togetherness: So in the second step, now that we've kind of helped create this foundation, this landscape of unity, the unison principle, the singularity, with this beautiful flowing, loving compassion. Now, we've really created the framework for us to then journey, having already utilized and activated our imaginations most vividly indeed. Now we're going to apply this to zooming in. Now we're all with all of this. It can really help where you bring in if you're finding it difficult to imagine something, bring into play your experience. So we've all with our eyes and with our minds, we've all, we all know what it feels like to zoom in. We might have seen that on a camera, on a film or some kind of visual thing. We might have seen it in real life when we're sitting in a car, you know, you could be driving through a canyon nor a valley and you can see and you're driving into, feels like you're zooming in. So we, there are many, many different examples that we can draw upon to activate once again, like we did previously in the first step. Again, you can use those powers of imagination to activate that feeling of zooming in. Maybe it could be with a magnifying glass or with some kind of telescope or with a microscope. And obviously the microbes, what we're interested in here, in some respects, it's say to start with anyway. So visualize yourself being able to zoom in. Now with your mind, the mind doesn't have barriers like the physical body does. And you're well-versed in using your mind and your imagination. And again, the more that we worked with these things, the better we can become with that also. But so bring forth this quality of zooming in them with your eyes sharp. One is to sit there and just visualize your body. So you're part of this all-pervading sense of spaciousness, this singularity or the one body. You're the collection of trillions of cells. An immense variety of atoms that the billions of years olds that comprise you. So here you are. So then you tap into that feeling of it's like saying hello to yourself. See, I like to actually do that. So as you're checking in on yourself, before you start zooming in, you know, say hi, welcome. It could be an embrace. Beginnings of the embracing fats are in this shaking hands, waving a kiss, whatever. Hello. Now. Yeah, like we were saying before. And now you can with your with your mind, zooming allow you your body, which is this beautiful collective, allow it to speak to you. So you can ask, you can pose the question in your mind or were even say, voiced out loud. You can ask the body, you can ask the collective, that is one in Unity. Excuse me, if there's a particular parts of you that would like to talk. So, you know, that's where having this Open High is really important because you're opening yourself up to being communicative in a when we're most loving, that's when we do our best communication, isn't it? So yeah, if coming from that space, you can just ask put the question out there. With Danny. Aspects of me liked to say hello or, or voice an opinion on something or say anything. So this is where activating in the end, allowing your intuition to come into play, into question yourself too much. At this stage, you don't need to analyze it. So you just with the open heart and when that spacious open-mind, you've composed this open question to which you should be able to hear and receive. And as long as you don't doubt yourself, you should, if you're open enough, you will hear some part of you, some aspects of youth will come through. And you can then use that when something does actually come through, that's when you can start zooming in. So then go and say hello to it, then go and talk to it. Open up a dialogue so it could be a part of you that suffering. It could be a part of you that needs healing. It's about establishing an open dialogue and a communion, conversation and collaboration and co-creation. You know where you perform all of these parts and functions because you are and you do, you're made up of so many beautiful components, billions and billions. And ESA is crazy, beautiful, beautiful soul and body that you have. So you can zoom in and gone, say hello. When you then meet whatever the S, it could be a bone, it could be a sale, it could be an atom. But have fun with it, being playful with the mind. Okay? This is, you know, you can play with this. You don't have to take it too seriously, or they think you should rarely. So allow yourself to be playful with this. You know, it might come through with a name. You don't have to sit there and think that your bonkers or crazy because you are just enjoying being playful with your own healing. It's fun. And you probably will have some quite powerful experiences on the back of this, really harmonizing and helpful to you. So when you excuse me, when you meet when you meet this, whatever comes through, then go for a hug. Okay? A beautiful arc. Like two old friends that finally get to meet each other at the airports. And they're running through and say, hey, you know that feeling, wow, it's you. Hello. Which is why we called this the one cell group hug. Because the group hug signifies this unity and togetherness that were, were not separated when we are doing this. But we can also experience. You know, this infinity through one cell, one molecule, whatever comes through. So every time you do this, it might be different. You might not get the same aspects. And also the other good thing about this practice is the fact that in the doing of this, you can get really skilled and really good at certainly energetically and mentally vibration if you like, traveling in a healing capacity to areas of yourself that might, might have issues or problems. So it's a powerful self-healing technique this to do anyway. And all kinds of levels. So you've, you've found this one aspect of you, the collective to engage with. So if it's a problematic, it could be just an open, nice conversation. And with this hugging, so it's this embrace, okay, there's loving embrace. Which again lays the framework and the foundations for powerful healing if you have an area that's a problem to you. So yeah, thinking of this, whatever this connection is created, then you can imagine a second aspects of yourself to come through. Maybe the HA, or maybe a white blood cell in your, in your, that you feel with your intuition is somewhere here in the body. So you can go journey to that part of you. It's you, you know, your mind is able to direct itself to wherever it can envision. Without hindrance, without, without barrier. So again, you can imagine a second cell or a second entity part of yourself. Say again, so human, The one that you'd already connected with, then you can group around in focus in the sense of togetherness, unity, loving togetherness, group hug, yeah, bring it in. You know, have a, have a wonderful time. 3d feel that love, send you can send them love and fill it back. Fill that echoes in the reverberations of that coming back to you. So then you can be open to receiving connection with another aspect of yourself. And all the time that you're connecting with these things. You know, you're staying in that singularity, you're staying in that unity, that togetherness, okay? When, whenever not in that, it's all pervasive light, that sense of space. Okay? So you're holding all of that whilst enjoying the whatever directional connections or contacts that you're making with understanding new parts of you. New aspects of how you can work with yourself to transform things that you want to. You know, unity is always the way that we're gonna do that best. And if we're doing that unity with loving compassion, then we're really adding the beautiful fuel that helps us to attain these and realize these aspects of our lives that we wish to engage with and into experience. So basically that's, that's the, that's the idea is you can keep connecting with yourself and don't force the timescale on through which that you practice this, okay? But you can just feel your way so intuitively you might reach a point where you know, you. It's difficult for you to imagine the numbers around which that you're connecting with. So the idea is whatever in-between. The idea is to keep building that, keep connecting, keep bringing in for the beautiful Greek group hug of unity and togetherness, wholeness without separation, with hot centered sincerity. So then what you're wanting to do is to then build up with your mind, builded up to in the end what, which in whatever timeframe it takes you, then the group hug has been become all of you. So then we're no longer working where we started with the one we may be met 2346 group hogs 710 in a aspects of yourself. Then very quickly you can even skip straight to totality. So that's the end result of step two. Is totality is remembering that, you know, you're, you, you're in Unity. You are balanced. You are in harmony. You are this beautiful music, you are this totality. You are the emptiness and the form. You are the singular and the multitudes. You are the collective and the individual. And so on. So then what we're left with at the end of this process is a greater focus of unity than perhaps we were experiencing beforehand. Because we've gone through, we've connected with certain things that have become out of balance or out of sync with our harmony, with our health, with our wellness. However you want to think of it. And it's such a wonderful and powerful way. Just so the more you practice it, the easier and the more potent this practice can become. So you can instantly get good at zooming into an ends, connecting with parts of yourself. And all the while. The whole practice is about unity. And finding that sense of balance and helping through this loving friendship, through reaffirming the lack of separation that exists in as you are whole and complete and total. You are one. You are indivisible when infinite and however else you want to think of it was just coming back to this unity as a clear sense of vision and purpose, which is the intentionality of love and compassion, which we know we do our best healing with. That's it, totality. So that is the second step. So cooling, opening that dialog, opening the communication through the loving home. Inviting, through that sense of unity and togetherness. Inviting an understanding of the ways in which you might suffer, the ways in which you hold yourself back, the ways in which you contribute to whatever problems that you may face will be experiencing or one to get beyond, wants to transform, one to change. Then, yeah, getting right into yourself. Developing this mindful awareness of the totality of your being bought war. So practicing the ability to, to harmonize with specific problem areas. Through loving friendship, connection, you can send energy to these aspects. And we want to feel that sense of giving and receiving. This lovely spiral, this lovely loop, this lovey infinite dance of no depletion. 4. Step 3 - Stillness and Relaxation: So the third step, the final step in this practice, is what you could say boils down to a return to stillness of return to the silence, to the voids of the spaciousness that all pervading space. So you know, where the end of the second step we were ending having connected with one aspects and so on and so on and build that up until we suddenly feel this kind of group hog for everyone. So we're, we're all there. There's no there's not one aspect of us that isn't there. That's that pervading space. So then already there so that the third step is to simply allowing yourself to rest in that to not try and grasp understandings of what it is that you're experiencing. To not even think too much about it. And to not think too much about not thinking too much about it, and so on. Just work. And how do we do that best by relaxing. Relaxing, giving yourself a nice moment to just feel hall and just rest in the beauty of that space. It sounds maybe perhaps a little bit too simple. Surely this, No, that's the best thing that we can do. I think at this point is just relax, be still, and revel in that BZ in a really open hearted, loving, loving fashion, loving way. And that ends the practice basically. So yeah, you can rest for as long as you like in the stillness during the silence. You can, you can spend as long as you like in that, in that place, in space. And then gradually through that sense of wholeness, you can open your eyes perhaps if he had been closed and just come fully and really feel fully part of this, you know, the physical world. But hopefully with a, with a rejuvenation of energy and spirit and mind, a greater clarity, greater focus. Health and happiness. Togetherness, the loving friendship. The one cell group OT Practice. 5. Guided Meditation: So welcome to the one. So group puck practice guarded meditation. So sitting comfortably. Close your eyes. Relax. The sense of space that is a little around t inside a few nice, gentle, peaceful moments to fill into that sense of spaciousness. The way it is all pervading everywhere. That is your to get the news. Stories can begin to fill into your home. Think of a time and a membrane where you felt gave, received or so. Bees for quality of unconditional loving compassion. Bring that quality falls into your home and allow that to be your foundation. That has always been your foundation. And reconciliation. Every connection, every affirmation of that unity, togetherness, that is you. We feel the opening cost of that ooh, pervading space. The emptiness of complete fullness. With the open-hearted kindness and loving nature of mind. You're ready to open interconnection conversation with your totality. Allowing a mindful awareness to be cultivated. This enables you to reaching this dialogue effectively, powerfully and beautifully graceful. With the clarity and focus that helps in this process of healing. That helps in this process of connection. The embracing loving homes. That speaks its joined kindness. That knows that all understood always. And hearing the bees who replies, being loving and kind to the imaginations and fishes of the mind. What is needed to be said? Allow what is expressed behind and it's being listened to. Like a happy relationship. Felt to be honed, a free to speak, and are received and replied to and responded with loving compassion, kindness and joy. So zoom into an aspect of yourself, a molecule or an atom. A single sound, reached out to it with open arms and loving comics. And embrace the units in the hunk of togetherness. And you can allow another aspect to come through, to be recognized. And to embrace that with all your heart. Say hello. In strings, the dialogue that you need to allow that conversation to take place. Embrace that aspect of yourself. And then another could be a single sound. The ions of a particular organ. Or group of sound was a group of organs or region of the connection with nothing. Yes. So suddenly the connects with, with older you're activating the quality of governance. Friendship. Feeling, your best friend, being best mates with your own. Make you friends with those parts of the software, will have subsequent ceasing to find or feel a sense of separation from these experiences and these situations and reality's always coming back to. And friendship. And a loving embrace. Hog any disparate and discordant music that you find that you wish to transform into beautiful symphonies of mind. Speak its language. To completeness. Continue to do this work. Comcast is loving. Embrace. Find aspects of yourself out of balance. You didn't leave night, you had it. Repeat this feeling again and again until you feel completely Poland and completely fill this and build up to the beautiful totality where all of you is embracing all of it in perfect balance, in harmony with the all pervading space. Activated with the quality of unconditional love and compassion. From the heart. See back in the fullness of emptiness beautifully and lovingly in your totality. With this wonderful. Allow the mind to just rest and relax and that spaciousness. Wu pervading. Enjoy food. Relaxed. Without a rush. In your run time. Slightly open the eyes when you feel ready. Who come fully into a physical presence through that sense of relaxation. Room with a big smile on your face. We have come to the end of the practice.