The New Way of Doing Frequency Separation | Joshua Butts | Skillshare

The New Way of Doing Frequency Separation

Joshua Butts, Graphic Designer and Photographer

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4 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Frequency Separation Introduction

    • 2. Frequency Separation Example 1

    • 3. Automating with Actions

    • 4. Frequency Separation Example 2


About This Class

In this course I will be going over a new way of doing frequency separation. This is a common technique among photo retouching that can make complex editing much easier to handle. It separates the detailed parts of an image with the base colors to make removing objects, and smothing out textures incredibly easy.

In the course I will also be teaching you how to create actions that will make repeating the process incredibly fast and you can get the same results over, and over again.