The Nerdy Crafter Presents - Creating a Book Lover's Wreath | Jennifer Boyte | Skillshare

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The Nerdy Crafter Presents - Creating a Book Lover's Wreath

teacher avatar Jennifer Boyte, Jennifer Boyte Creates

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Welcome!!

    • 2. Book Lovers Wreath

    • 3. Thank You!!

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to create a wreath that will show the world what you really think is important - BOOKS!!!

Follow along and make one exactly like we have created - or add your own special twist to make it uniquely yours.

No special skills needed - perfect whether you are creating your first wreath or just looking for some inspiration to add to your current repetoire.

Materials Required:

  • Foam Wreath Form
  • Book (That Will Fit Foam Form)
  • Ribbon
  • Mod Podge (or Elmer's Glue)
  • Hot Glue Gun (and Glue Sticks)
  • Acrylic Paint or Acrylic Paint Pen

Meet Your Teacher

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Jennifer Boyte

Jennifer Boyte Creates


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1. Welcome!!: Hi. My name is Jennifer Boyd and I am the nerdy crafter off. Welcome to creating a book. Lovers Wreaths Follow longest I give you the basics of creating a wreath. Show your passion for reading. Take what you learn and make it uniquely your own. Ah, follow along and we'll have a new res hanging on your door in no time. Let's get started. 2. Book Lovers Wreath: All right, Welcome back. We're going to start with getting our book ready. Like I said, we do need to take some weight off of the book we're going to use in a Zach tonight. And essentially, we are going to cut the middle out of the book now. I don't want to take all the pages out. We do want the integrity of the sides. We basically just want the center part neck and out. So using an Exacto knife, don't put yourself or anything and try to keep the papers and somewhat intact. We are going to use that for the league itself as well. And this isn't the best. After a night in the world, we may not get times of pages at a time. Well said, the idea is to both yet the the pages for the decoration of the res And get rid of some of the weight. I'm gonna let you go while I fight with this, and then I'll bring you back just a soon as I have it. Ready to go. All right. Wanted the materials I didn't mention if you do need a paint burst, not necessarily this big, but that work. Um, I did not cut a ton out of this book. It's not very heavy. Um, but I did get enough. I need it for the reason, but the nets step is we do need to pretty much combine this. So we're going to use her mod podge right here. Just dip it in there. We're just going to let this love that we need it. Stick together and my Pashto. You see it? It is white here. It will totally drive clear. So you don't need to worry about that. It is going to disappear, and nobody will even know. Was there location? We were just trying to keep the pages together somewhat. And my project is messy. I'll drop it everywhere. So you may want to put something down If you're a little less You like myself here, do the covers. Sure, that cover is down. I was already sick, and it works that well, and I didn't even get back yet. I just said that my pasha will dry clear, so if you get a little bit trying not to get it on the side, you really want to work with that? It's really not gonna hurt too much. All right. Put that aside to dry if you want to put something a little weight on it. But you might be on there, but really anything just to hold it down. Some never do a Reese. Now, this is a small race. You can get the bigger reason That's totally up to you. Um, but I got a small book, so I want the small read. We are going to cover our wreath with Deep Ages that we took out of the book. Now we will want to meet him up just a little bit from what's going we're gonna use on my watch. It's easy to which we're going to wrap every This isn't anything that's got to be absolutely spot on. We just want you get the the idea of what it is and you're going to get messy. Just a heads up. There may be people that can do this neatly. I want so we just want you sit on there, make sure that the paper is went all the way around was it drives. It will be totally adhered to once again. Just work your way around adding more my podge smoothing it down. Just keep going and she'll You've got exactly what you're looking for and all rediscover, And it doesn't have to be in the same direction you make. Find that it works better if you do one at an angle one straight up and down that will give you more coverage and add a little variety. Yeah, to watch You're looking at here. Okay. Yeah. Any little Aaron pieces, you take off once again, you do need to make sure that the paper is thoroughly covered with Ahmad. Haj needs to seep into the paper. I think you can smooth it down and get recitation. All right, so we're going to do this all the way around the res. I will bring you back as soon as I haven't completed. It's dry and we can move on to the nets section Saucy in just a little bit. All right. As you can see, we've got it totally wrapped. It is still wet, so we're gonna let that dry what that's doing that would want to go ahead and put our little ST on our book. You're gonna need your paint PN some piece of paper, something just to prime your pan in your book. So it's going prime your pen once again if you just want to use some craft paint and a brush. Know however you want to put the letter, and under that it's completely up to you. Once you get a prime dough, uh, pin is super easy to use, right? So what? We're gonna write her book, and you don't feel free to change the scene on here? Whatever you want to say and we're sticking to her desk a little bit. But for me, I am saying, and we will go back over it and make it a little darker. Let's just get it basically started here. I said, Well, go back over it. Make sure that it is all there. Let's go this way. Okay? And if you want to say something about your welcome our come on, only an or anything you're more power to you. Me? I personally like, stay away. I'm reading. So give me a few minutes to work on this, and then I'll show you the finished thing and we'll look about putting it all together. I were back. Okay. I've done finished writing. My my lovely sentiment on my book. I stay away. I'm reading if you want. Oh, like I said, say something sweet or nice. You're more than welcome to do so this works for me. All right, So what we're gonna do now is we need to put it all together. We do need to go ahead and put our ribbon on our Reese first. Uh, since this is a little bit big, it would be awkward trying to get rid of him. So I am using this pinkish reddish living here. Clears. Curious. Let's see if we can get it open centers here. All right, so we're not gonna discover everything. They just want to give it a little extra pretty, since we already have the pain for on that way. So let's start one and people blue. I just heated up in up here. Second, that's being a little slow. So that's going to get an idea how much we're gonna need. So we just want to go around it, just as decoration of them will put the the anger and separate just actually plenty. You can always put more for me to that. Here, see if we have any hot glue yet this is just not want to heat up at all, is it? You have that a second. And let's go ahead and figure out how we want. Says we have this cut already and we're waiting for that. Let's figure out how we want to go ahead and hang this. So let's go ahead and do it this way. It took it through. We're gonna go straight through the list that we made it up. Get tired of that. It's You're more. Give us a nice there. Second sloopy Hang. I just need to put a little not here. And if you want to do a bow, this is your week. You can really do whatever you want right now. I'm really just wanting to get something. It looks really nice there. All right. I hope there is. Now that lives up again. It started here. What? All right. So I need a little hot glue now I know what it is. We need to put another ghost. I seem to finally got my glue gun where it needs to be going. So let's go ahead and put some blue on our written Get started here we are going to just tuck it under here. Get a starting point. We are going to get it to talk. I tried again. We're just gonna start going around. Really? Like I said, we're not putting a turn on here. I just want to give a little a little bit of color. Just point you at a little bit of blue as we go around you hear in there I can. And you can use sicker. Thin are wider. Um, whatever kind of ribbon you want. I never said I feel that the words are the main component of the reeds, so I'm not putting a ton of ribbon, but each person has their own taste. Something like a 10 11. Some. So much. Do you straight and have a little extra right there. Last little bit of blue. Perfect. Okay, you should. Now we've got our decoration. We've got on their We've got her hangar now. We need to put our main element our book, and I just have to decide how you want it to look like an angle. Some people like it straight up and down. I've always been more about catty corner than anything else. So this is the main thing. We want to really put a lot of blue. We need this toe hold very well. So this isn't the place you want to skimp with blue and there's my cat. If you couldn't hear that, he is going to sound like he hasn't been fed in a week. That's just his thing. He has been bad. He just likes demanding more food. So let's go ahead and see if you have enough blue here, hold it, sit down for me court. And this is still a little damp, so it may take a little more effort to get everything down perfect. But let me get this attached. Will do the finishing touches. Um, that's putting the shellac on it are the lacquer on it so that it's weatherproof and then we'll take a look at it. I'll see you in just a little bit 3. Thank You!!: