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    • 1. Writting the screenplay treatment


About This Class

This is the second instalment Lesson #2. If you haven't taken the first lesson on Synopsis, you should do so now at this link.

We are now in the next step of the development stage of making a motion picture. Once you have the idea of your movie and writen the synopsis, you will then need a treatment. What is a film treatment? The treatment is a write up of the entire movie from start to ending scene by scene. The treatment should tell the entire story by telling the story without any diolog. But there will have to be some diolog in order to make the movie progress. Use as little diolog as possable in the treatment. Here is an exsample of a scene of a treatment.

" Two helecopters come in to pick up the three injured mountian climbers. As the second chopper aproches, they can't get close enough to the side of the mountain because of the high winds."

As you can see, there is no one speaking. It is showing the scene as to what is happening to progress the movie. Be ready to know that it take 4 or 5 treatment writings of the treatment to get it right and strong. In general, a treatment is anywhere from 1 to 80 pages in length. Some people have different ideas as to how long a treatment should be. Also remember that a basic movie is no longer than 90 minutes. We will learn more about this in the screenplay class.

There are different ways to have a treatment written. You can write it yourself or hire someone to write it for you. To hire someone can be very costly. This can be a freelance writer or one that is a union writer. You can find writers in the WGAW. Writers Guild Of America West. Here is that link.  Once your treatment is finalized, you need to have it copywrited with the WGAW. This will cost you about $20.00 dollars and it will last for 5 years.The other way you can have your treatment written is your screenplay writer. Screenplay writters also write treatments. I again will have more on this in the next lesson.

The treatment is also where you will devide the acts of the movie. Remember, act 1,2 &3 and this is for a featured film only. At this point of development you should have a entertainment attorney to handel contracts for a hired treatment writer. I will talk more about finding entertainment attorneys in a latter lesson. I will also talk more about the cost of hiring writers in the next lesson. If you have questions or discussions you need to ask them.