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The Most Powerful Card Trick: Invisible Deck

teacher avatar Majd Hailat, Hello! I teach magic and python dev.

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Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How it Works Part 1

    • 3. How it Works Part 2

    • 4. Preparing to Make the Invisible Deck

    • 5. Making the Invisible Deck

    • 6. Performing the Invisible Deck

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About This Class

What is the invisible deck? The invisible deck is a special deck of cards with endless possibilities. The illusion you can perform with the invisible deck is arguably the most powerful illusion you can pull off using playing cards. What appears to be an impossible feat of magic will be revealed to you in this class. In this class I will teach you:

  • How the invisible deck works and everything you need to know to perform it
  • How to make your very own invisible deck right from home
  • Five creative ways you can perform this trick and baffle anyone

Here is the crazy part; the invisible deck is not a sleight of hand trick and all you need to know to perform this trick is basic addition!

Meet Your Teacher

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Majd Hailat

Hello! I teach magic and python dev.


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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the class. This is the invisible deck. And in my opinion, this is the most powerful card trick you can perform. I've been performing this trick for two years now, and it gets some of the best reactions from a crowd or a spectator. So now I'm gonna go ahead and perform the invisible that to you and show you exactly how it works. All right, So the way you would perform the invisible debt is you would go to a spectator and you would have them randomly select the card off the top of their head. So since I don't have a spectator with me, I'm gonna be using my phone to randomly select a card. So Benefit, generate and 10 of hearts. So our spectator chose the 10 of hearts from the top of their head. So now I'm gonna go through the cards, showed a spectator that all the cards are faced up. Every single card is faced up except for born card in the death is facing down. Now go ahead and take this car. Now you can see it's the tender parts. Now, as crazy as this sounds, that was not a coincidence, and it will work every single time, regardless of the card that your spectator chooses. And that's why this trick is so powerful. It's so simple, yet so impossible now in this class, I'm going to start by revealing how the trick works and teaching you how to perform it. I'll then teach you how to make the invisible deck, because unfortunately, this is an actual gimmick debt. So it's not a genuine deck on. After I teach you how to make the step, I'm gonna be teaching you five different ways. You can perform this trick because just having a spectator name a card is kind of boring, and there are many better and more creative ways you could do the same exact. 2. How it Works Part 1: Hello. In this lesson, I will be teaching you how the invisible debt works and how you can use it to pull this trick off 100% of the time. So I'm gonna start off with an example or a demonstration, so I'm just gonna think of a random card off the top of my head. So, for example, the three of clubs. So if I go through the deck, you can see all the cards are faced up except for one card. And if I take it out, they said three of clubs. Now this will work 100% of the time, and that's why this trick is so powerful it will work with any trick or any card that a spectator cheese. The first thing that I want to tell you is that this is a double sided deck. Each card is paired up with another card on the opposite side. On this is done with a Matt finish so that the backs of the cards are having like a mat coating that makes them stick together when force is applied and they come loose when you sort of push on them. So that's that's the first thing with death. Now, if you notice this side of the deck is all even so, we have 2468 10. It's all even cards and Queen Queen is considered 12 So that's also even. We also have the king of space, So we also have the two black Kings. Now Black Kings are also considered even on this side. All the cards are odd, so we have 3579 ace, which is one and King, which the Red Kings are considered on. And we also Jack, which is 11. Okay, so the way I remember which Kings are even in which Kings are odd is R e d o d d. And that's just kind of little trick that I used to run with that right. Kings are the odd Kings, while black Kings are the even games and the Kings are paired up together. Now, the second thing that you have to understand is that each pair of cards I added up to 13. So, for example, here on the outside that three of hearts is paired up with a 10 because three plus 10 is 13 the five of hearts is paired up with the eight because five plus eight is also 13 7 of spades is pitted with the six because seven for six adds up 13 and the kings are cared up with the king. So again, one side is entirely odd, while the other side is entirely even, and each set of cards adds up to 13 now. The next thing that you have to understand is that hearts are paired up with spades and clubs are paired up with diamond. So those are the two main things that are like the most important that each set of Karzai's up to 13 and hearts are paired up with space and clubs are paid up with diamonds. Now, knowing these two things, you can basically get any card from the back by knowing which card it matches with from the front. So, for example, if I pick seven of spades, what plus seven is 13? The six and spades is paired up with hearts. That means to get the seven of space on the outside. We need to go to the even side and look for the six of hearts. So here's a six of hearts, and as you can see on the back of it is a seven of spades. No, I'll do a few more examples. So say we want the four of clubs now we need We know that we need to flip to the outside because the four is on the even side. So we need to find the odd side card that matches with four. Now what? Plus the four is 13. In this case, it's the night. Well, not in this case. Four plus nine is always 13. So here it's tonight. And I think I said four spades or I'm not sure what it was, but let's say for spades. So spades is always paired up with hearts. So here we have the nine of hearts, and on the back of it, we have the four of spades. So those are the two main things. They have to understand that each pair of cards eyes up 13 except for the kings and hearts is paired up with spades. Clubs is paired up with diamonds. Okay, so the red King has always paid off for the blacking. So that's the only exception. R E D o D d red is always the on the outside, and the black is always on the even side 3. How it Works Part 2: so the way you would approach this trick is that you would have the cards place in the deck and you have to remember which side of the deck is even and which side is off on the way I do that is by marking very lightly, even and odd. But you don't have to do that. You can memorize. Like, for example, I'll side with the front is always odd in the back of the neck is always I just I don't trust that I don't trust my memory. So I literally market very lately, even a non. Now you would approach a spectator and you would have them name a card. So, for example, they say five of hearts. Okay, so this is the thought process that goes through my head. Five is an odd card. I mean, you need to flip to the even side in order for five to be face down. Now what? Plus five is 13. That is gonna be the nine are sorry about the 98 and what is paired up with the hearts. Spades. That means in order to get the final hearts, we need to look for the eight of space. So now we go through the death, find the eight of spades on the back of it is gonna be a five parts. Now I'm gonna be teaching you how you can reveal the card. So with the invisible deck, if you fan through them like this, none of the cards will on the back will reveal themselves. And the way you do that is by applying some sort of force on the deck, would your thumbs and the back of your fingers when you apply force on the cards will not separate. Now, when you get to the card that you know is the card a little for, for example, the eight of spades with the five of hearts you want to sort of use your thumb and you're back fingers, just slide them apart. So again you want to apply force all the way until you get to eight of spades. And then you kind of just want just push them apart while dripping with your your back three fingers and you're so again, find the king of spades. I'm just dripping with my my three fingers here with my thumb. I'm just gonna separate now that This speaks a bit of practice and it is a little bit hard , and sometimes you might accidentally flash card that you don't need to fly on. This could either mean one of two things. You're not applying enough force on the debt. You don't need a lot of force just a little bit of fourth on the day or the coding is rubbing off. Okay, so let's do a few more examples. So we're gonna have the spectator. Let's see, the spectator chooses the 10 of diamonds, so 10 of diamonds. That means we need to flip to the even side or sorry the outside, because tennis even. And we also need to find the three of clubs because three plus 10 adds up to 13 and diamonds is paired up with clubs. So if we go through and we find three of clubs and we apply force or apply like separate them with our thumb and are back to fingers, one card will reveal itself, and it'll be 10 of diamonds. All right, that's it. This trick does require a little bit of practice and not much, so you'll get the hang of it really quickly after doing it a few times, and that's it 4. Preparing to Make the Invisible Deck: hello and welcome to lessen to. In this lesson, I will be talking about whether you should buy an invisible death from Amazon or, if you should make your own invisible deck from home buying and making an invisible deck. Both have their own pros and corns. If you buy one from Amazon, it'll cost you about $9.37 tons. The main problem with buying a deck is that over time the matte finish on the back of the cards will wear off, and when this happens, the cards will stop sticking to each other, and it will make the trick. Stop working, so you will have to basically just buy another deck from Amazon. If you want to keep performing the trick, I can't give like a certain number of uses before the matte finish starts to rub off. If you perform it often, you'll likely have to buy one every couple of weeks. Making your own invisible deck will cost you more money initially, but if you perform this trick often, it will definitely be cheaper and longer. So to make an invisible deck, you will need to buy Cry Islands Matt Spray and this will allow you to make many invisible decks, so so far I've made three with this. Also, you do not need to make a new invisible that every time years wears out, you can actually just spray the back of the card starter wearing out, and that will fix the problem. But if you do decide to make another invisible that this will probably last you for for a very, very long time so you can you can find this on in any arts and crafts store. I got mine from Michael's. It is more expensive on Amazon. For some reason, I got mine for $13 for Michael's. Um, I also recommend you use bicycles playing cards. I don't think it works as well with any other deck of cards, so I strongly recommend bicycle and the deck of cards should also be brand new. So don't do this with Were they used and worn out deck of cards, it will not work as well with those 5. Making the Invisible Deck: I'm gonna be teaching you how to make the invisible death. So I removed the two jokers from the deck as well as a to advertising cards, and I separated decking to four different piles by suit. So here we have the spades, hearts, diamonds in the clubs. And over here we have the four Kings. Now, before you get started, you want to make sure that you have something under the cards. So, for example, I'm using a plastic bag here. You can have a newspaper or anything. Just make sure that you don't damage the surface underneath. We're going to start off by placing all the cards face down on the surface so we can start off with the spate here. So please, ace of spades Now, beneath the ace of spades beneath each card, you want to put the card that corresponds with it on the back. So the ace of spades is gonna be screwed up with Queen of Hearts. And if you don't know the order of the invisible that I will even image that shows you the order than people. So here I have the two of spades and on the back of the two of spades will be the jack of hearts. Here I have three of spades and on the back with three spaces. The tenor part. And you want to go through all the cards until you have all the cards on their back? All right, so here I have all the cards laid out on the box and each pair of cards are together. So, for example, every two cards vertically are gonna be one card at the end. Now, I'm gonna be spraying the back of each card So you want to start off by getting shake, and you want to apply a very light spray for the back of each card from a good distance. So you don't wanna be right on top of the card. You want to make here that the whole card gets great and you want just very, very light space, just a single top just like that. That actually was a little bit more excessive. But here's another example. Just just a very light spread. So you definitely do not want you don't want to add too much after you sprayed all the cards. You wanna let the cards dry on this usually doesn't take very long. So I take three minutes and they should all be OK. Once all the cards air drive, we want to start grouping up together so we can just take every two cards and come on top of each other just like that. And don't worry if they're not perfectly aligned at first. So well, one where Dr will gather them all together and all right, Once you're done grouping all the cards together, you want to collect all the cards and you want to make sure that one side is all even and the other side is all on. It doesn't matter which order the cards are. So here we have the queen's, which are even the tens or even eight nine weekend flip. This one's over to get to. All right. Once you have done and you've got your invisible, do you want to go through the cards and make sure that everything is sticking together like it's supposed to? Here I have. The two of clubs on the jack of diamonds are not sticking together very well, so I can actually just spray these two cards individually, and that should fix the problem. Congratulations, you just made your own invisible death. Now, before you go off and learn different ways to perform this trick, I want to tell you that you need to change up the order of the cards. So here I have 2468 10 just right after each other, which is very suspicious. So you don't want to do this by shuffling the cards like you would with a normal death, because that will ruin the cards. Instead, you want to just kind of play with them a little bit just like that, Throw them out of order, but make sure you don't shuffle them like you would a normal deck. Another thing that I recommend doing is having the same colored face card on both the front and back of the deck. So here, for example, I've read face card, and over here I have another red faced on. The reason for this is say you accidentally take out the cards from the rock side. So, for example, I need to take it out from the outside but accidentally take the card. Oh, from the even side on, the spectator sees the front of the death. Well, what I can do is I can actually flip the cards around when the Spectators not looking. So I can kind of just do a little shake and flip the cards wilder in the air, and the spectator will not notice that the cards were changed on The reason for this is that their mind is not likely to memorize the exact card. So, for example, if they saw the king of diamonds and you flip it over to the queen of Hearts, they're probably not going to suspect anything because they just remember seeing a red face card instead. Like if you had a two of clubs and you're supposed to take it out from this side, but you accidentally take it out from here on. Then you flip the cards without them looking, and then they see it a block number card. They're going to notice that something changed 6. Performing the Invisible Deck: in this final lesson, I'm gonna go over five different ways. You can perform the invisible deck. Now, the great thing about the invisible deck is that you can get very creative with the performance. So let's get into it for this first way. You want to push a spectator with the invisible deck in your pocket and you want to take out a literally invisible deck of cards and tell them to take your invisible deck of cards and they're gonna play along. We're gonna thank you crazy efforts, but then they're gonna grab the invisible type of cars, and then you can tell them to shuffle the deck of cards. So then they'll probably do something like this or something that they're gonna shuffle the invisible deck of cards. And hopefully they actually play along. And then you want to tell them to take one card out of the invisible day so they're gonna take a card out, and you tell them to show everybody to show you and then to flip the card upside down and returned it to the invisible pack of cars. You don't tell them to give you the invisible deck of cards, so they're gonna give you the invisible deck and you can take it and put it in your pocket on then take out the actual invisible deck. So then you're gonna take the invisible deck out of your pocket, and you're gonna tell them that this is the exact deck that they were just holding in their hands. And then you want to ask them. OK, so what card did you take out in the deck that you were just? And so say they say the four of clubs You didn't want to go through the invisible deck and show them that the only up card flipped over in the invisible death was the four of clubs, and they're gonna be mine for this. Next way. You want to have two packs of cards with you so you don't have the actual invisible deck, which is blue. I think. Just another standard deck of cards without without the Joker's, which is the right there. You want to tell the spectator to choose a deck. Now, if they choose the red, you're gonna give them the red deck and tell them, OK, so this is the one that you chose on this is gonna be your deck of cards. They think she's the blue guy. You're gonna tell them. All right, So you told the Buddha we're gonna put it on the side, so whatever they choose, you're gonna end up forcing them to take the red deck on. This is called the Magician's Force. You don't want to tell them to go through their cards and take one through the deck. Sorry. And take one part out at random. And so they're gonna go through the cards and they're gonna take one out and then have them show it to everybody, including yourself, and then tell them to put it back in the deck upside down. And then after they do that, you're gonna tell them that both the blue deck and the red deck are connected. So whatever you do to one happens to the other. So then you're gonna take the red death from them and then show them that the blue deck, all the cards are faced up except for one card. And that is the exact same card that they flipped over in this second. Well, this next performance works best when you're performing to a very large group of people on a state. You want to have an envelope somewhere on the stage that is visible to the entire crop. So, like on a table on inside this envelope will be the invisible. Nobody knows that. Okay, so nobody is really gonna play d n equals attention to the envelope. It will just be there. Do you want that? I want to choose a random audience member on the way you do. This is like you could throw a beach ball into the crowd with your eyes closed or a Frisbee on. This is to show the audience that you're not choosing someone that you may have discussed with earlier. You're choosing someone completely random from the crowd. So a beach ball, my work or throwing a Frisbee and preferably with your eyes closed. So it looks, child. And then, after you chose your audience member, you want asking to stand up and to name a card out loud at random. So say they say the four parts you don't want to ask them if they're sure or if they want to change their mind. So if you ask them if they want to change their mind on they say no. After your trick is over, they're gonna be like, I wonder what would happen if I changed my mind or if they do change their mind on the after the trick is over, they might be wondering like, Oh, I should have kept my original answer and this caused this adds another layer off magic. So after they choose their card and you ask them if they want to change your mind or if they do or not, they selected the card. You can go approach the envelope, open the envelope and show everybody that there was a deck of cards inside the envelope. Double time on that. Nobody could have approached the envelope and flipped over one card in that. And so they will know this because the envelope was visible to the whole audience this whole time, you didn't want to take things old up out of the envelope and show them that the only card upside down on the deck is the card that Spectators shows that these last two performances are very similar, but they are my favorite because they're kind of creepy. So for the 1st 1 you can approaches spectator and tell them that last night in your dreams , they approached you and told you their favorite card. Now, when you woke up in the morning, you went to a pack of cards and you flipped over their favorite card or the card that they told you in their dreams. You didn't tell them. All right, What was the card that you told me in my dream? What's your favorite car? I'm not gonna say a random card. Maybe it's the favorite. Maybe they don't really have a favorite card. They're gonna play along and say a random card, and then you want to pull the invisible deck out of your pocket. And then from here, it's just performing the invisible death. So you're gonna go through the cards and you're gonna show them that the only card flipped upside down is their card, and they're gonna be really freaked out by this. This next performance is very similar to the last. You're gonna approach a spectator and tell them that you tried to perform a trick on them, but it failed. So you went back in time to correct your mistakes. Only this time you know exactly which card they're gonna choose. So you're gonna tell them toe randomly name and carted off the top of their head. And so they're gonna say card. And then from here, it's just a normal invisible deck trick. You take the invisible deck and show them that you actually did travel back in time.