The Mixing Process: An Overview

Aaron Carstensen, Keep making music

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8 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. What Is Mixing?

    • 3. Mix Prep

    • 4. Organization

    • 5. Levels

    • 6. Automation

    • 7. Buses and Sends

    • 8. Ozone Reference


About This Class

This class is an overview of my personal mix process and information on what the mix process is. In the videos I talk about what a mix is, how to prepare your audio for a mix, organizing your audio and using buses and sends. These topics will help you keep a clean project and hopefully help you get going on your very own mixes. 


- Some of the techniques in this class are ableton specific but there is lots of general information that is useful to all.

- This is an advanced class with lots of information so I will be brushing over specifics to paint a bigger picture. If you have any questions on specific processes I mention in the videos feel free to shoot me a message and I'll do my best to help out.