The Millionaire Guide To Hedging | Tim Smith | Skillshare

The Millionaire Guide To Hedging

Tim Smith, Top Instructor - Tech & Money

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5 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Do Hedges Exist - What Is Complexity Theory?

    • 3. Hedging Strategy 1

    • 4. Hedge Strategy 2

    • 5. Hedge Strategy 3

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5 of 6 students recommend this class
Tim is a top notch teacher and really knows his stuff about cryptos and contrarian style investing.
I've been following Digital currencies since 2012. I was expecting Tim's course to be a bunch of other peoples ideas packaged into a course. Instead, Tim's content is really unique. No one else is saying these things. I've gone through many painful lessons in the last 4+ years, and I can tell you Tim is on the right track with these hedges. Be sure to note the nuances, don't just dive into "other projects" (alts) when they are at all time highs, hedge into the other assets when they are out of favor. I've seen several cycles where Bitcoin is dead. Just 15 months ago Alts were "dead". It was absolutely the best time to hedge into them. Coins that pay out a yield, like Dash, are really helpful. I'm hoping to implement Tim's strategy of having coins that yield. I have a few coins that do pay dividends / yield / reward. I like that I can cash the reward out, and leave the underlying asset value in place. Thanks Tim!