The Millionaire Guide To Digital Security | Tim Smith | Skillshare

The Millionaire Guide To Digital Security

Tim Smith, Top Instructor - Tech & Money

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11 Videos (1h 13m)
    • Introduction

    • The Most Important Video

    • 5 Behaviors of People With Terrible Security

    • Why We Can't All Win

    • Lesson One

    • Lesson Two

    • Lesson Three

    • Lesson Four

    • Lesson Five

    • Lesson Six

    • Security Audit - Do Now!


About This Class

How does losing $225,000 sound like?  That happened to someone who could have gotten a great return, yet experienced a hack on all of his digital money.  If you have digital money, it is hack-able money, and others have not only experienced a loss, they've also seen a court rule against them in the loss.

Do you want to lose millions of dollars from a hacker?  I didn't think so.  In this course, we look at some security techniques that may help keep your digital money safe, while providing you with some absolute must-practices and encouraging you to build on these.  Like all my courses, this course will have monthly limited-time only content that is posted for people who regularly follow it.  Security evolves so a security course must evolve as well.

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Tim Smith

Top Instructor - Tech & Money

I am a regular columnist at FinTekNeeks.

I'm excited about explaining deep technical topics and cryptocurrencies in a clear manner. Many students, readers and clients of mine have noticed that both of these communities are full of jargon that confuses people who are new. These communities prevent new people from entering because rather than bringing the technology to new people, they encumber new learners with terms they don't grasp.

Should you follow me and enroll in my cours...

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