The Metaverse: Introduction to Virtual Real Estate Investing (NFTs, MetaMask & OpenSea) | Terry Winters | Skillshare

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The Metaverse: Introduction to Virtual Real Estate Investing (NFTs, MetaMask & OpenSea)

teacher avatar Terry Winters

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Metaverse & Virtual Real Estate

    • 3. Where is the Value?

    • 4. Decentraland

    • 5. Somnium Space

    • 6. Cryptovoxels

    • 7. Sandbox

    • 8. Treeverse

    • 9. The Commodity-Unique Index

    • 10. Buy & Hold vs Flipping

    • 11. Flipping Data

    • 12. The Art of the Flip (NEW)

    • 13. Thoughts on Buying

    • 14. Introduction to MetaMask

    • 15. Introduction to OpenSea

    • 16. Selling on OpenSea

    • 17. Tips for OpenSea

    • 18. Other Marketplaces (NEW)

    • 19. Researching the Market

    • 20. Case Study: Buying in Decentraland

    • 21. Class Project

    • 22. Conclusion

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About This Class

Similar to website domains, virtual land will serve as the digital ground for virtual malls, retail strips, casinos, and many other lucrative business models in the metaverse.

With this course, you can go from a complete beginner to a knowledgeable and savvy real estate investor by following a logical order of topics laid out in this course. All you need to do is follow the course from section by section as presented to you.

This course covers all the important aspects of virtual real estate in the metaverse, including:

- overviews of various decentralized worlds (Decentraland, Sandbox, Treeverse, Somnium Space & Cryptovoxels)

- how to buy

- what to buy

- investment techniques

- how to get started, and

- digital tools you'll need along the way including OpenSea and installing MetaMask

We will also have a class project where you can apply your learnings to conduct your own virtual land research.

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1. Introduction: Welcome, My name is Terry, and in this video course, I will teach you the fundamentals and exciting potential of investing in virtual real estate within the metaphase. My goal with this course is to give you all the information, tips, and advice you need to build your own virtual real estate empire in the metaphase. Most importantly, this will save you time going down the Google rabbit hole. And to help lead you in the right direction. With this course, you can go from a complete beginner to a knowledgeable and 70 real estate investor by following a logical order of steps laid out in this course. This video Costco cow is only important aspects of virtual real estate in the mid of us, including our reviews of various decentralized worlds. How to buy, what's a by the investment techniques, how to get started, as well as the digital tools you need. Along the way. You'll also take an in-depth look at the common mistakes that new commerce to real estate investing commit and insights on how you can avoid these pitfalls. At the end of the course, I will also have an invitation for you to join a private discussion group where you can share your current experiences and ask questions to me and others in the community. As an important disclaimer, I want to emphasize that information contained in this course does not constitute legal or financial advice and should never be used without first consulting a professional, determine what may be the best fuel individual needs. Always conduct your own due diligence and never invest more than you're willing to lose in the US case scenario. Okay, so there's a lot to cover. Let's move on to the next section and get started with investing in the mid of us. 2. The Metaverse & Virtual Real Estate: Before moving onto specific property destinations and techniques, let's first establish what it is we investing in and why we are investing in the multiverse. The multiverse, as you may well be aware, is a new digital environment more reminiscent of real life in terms of experiences and opportunities to learn, socialize open businesses and work. People talk about it as the next era of the internet and also as a logical successor to web two content platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. And also to replace 2D interfaces and centralized virtual role-playing worlds, such as Second Life. One other good analogy of thinking about the multiverse is that It's like being inside the Internet rather than simply looking at it from a phone or a computer screen. This will be made possible through AR and VR technology, but also the 3D nature of the multiverse, where rather than scrolling through a webpage, you are exploring digital worlds in first-person through an avatar. So instead of looking at 2D images of products on Amazon, for example, your avatar, we able to walk into a 3D virtual mall and try on the clothes that you want to buy. Well, flip through the book that you want to purchase or without having to leave your own physical home. At this early stage of development, there are primarily two versions of the universe in the pipeline. The first is a multiverse rich in user immersion, including AR and VR technology, controlled by large tech companies such as Facebook or central game developers, such as Second Life and fortnight. The roadmap of Mark Zuckerberg, for example, is to push virtual reality to the masses using the same laws of the current Internet landscape based on centralized governance and walled online communities. Now, while tech companies such as Meta, which is the new name for Facebook or Second Life, will govern and control the rules on what takes place. In these platforms, the user will be able to receive a more enriching user experience where they can explore a virtual world rather than scrolling through the news feed and change your friends via instant messaging. The development of AR and VR interfaces, we will allow individuals to use remote bodies called avatars for real-time communication purposes. And they'll also be able to walk and talk directly to others through their own digital avatar, which is a representation of their identity in the digital realm, they can also create their own games, art, and media in a 3D rendered environment. Now the second version of the multiverse is centered around decentralization as it built using Web three tools, including the Blockchain, cryptocurrency is non-fungible tokens and decentralized autonomous organizations called dowels. While these decentralized worlds were also likely support artificial reality and virtual reality technology. There'll be a much bigger focus on allowing users to own the virtual assets in these worlds and to also maybe take those virtual assets into other worlds as well. Now for investment purposes, it is the decentralized world projects that offer us the most opportunity as individual investors to participate and to claim our own part of the world through real estate acquisition is my belief and that of many others that virtual real estate investment will have enormous commercial potential in the multiverse. So similar to website domains, virtual land is going to serve as the digital ground for virtual Moore's retail strips, casinos, and many other lucrative multiverse of business models. And for serious real estate developers, There's also an incentive and a commercial benefit of owning interconnected and multiple plots of land called a states or districts. This is not just a lock-up valuable parts of the map, but to also create value and implement a shared vision. So by owning plots of land adjacent to each other, you can create these districts or states which are founded around a shared interest or a common theme, and then drive targeted users to those coordinates on the map. So entertainment districts, for example, they might be populated with VR, movie theaters, games, social meetups, music concerts and other live performances. If it's a sport district will then there might be a place where you can watch sport taken place in the real world, such as the FIFA World Cup, at venues from the real-world, having a digital twin in the multiverse. And there may also be special neighborhoods dedicated to a specific team, league or sport, as well as public venues for engaging as socializing around that common interest in clinic sporting clubs, and official Atlas showcasing a team's jersey and other digital merchandise. Some examples of districts that already exist in one of the decentralized Wells called decentralized and includes a dragon city in China city which promote Chinese culture, architecture and social activities. That is sports fan zone, fashion street, Vegas City Amusement Park, University and museum and much, much more. And these unique districts, they really allow visitors to discover an excess relevant content quickly, while also building a really high traffic and valuable asset for the developers into Central and for example, the leading real estate developer and invest it use Republic Rome. They made headlines in 2021 for land purchases valued at almost 1 billion US dollar. So as 900 million Republican realm, that quite sophisticated and they receive capital from accredited investors, the real-world to invest in these developing digital worlds. And so this allows their investors to joy the profits derived from appreciation of value in properties inside the central and the sandbox traverse and many others. Republic rearm their flagship asset is the Zhou Qu more, which is a virtual shopping mall found inside a central ADH, is actually inspired by Tokyo's Heroku shopping district. And in metadata, the avatars in decentralized combined digital products, skins, and other virtual goods. Republic realms, other premier investment is a collection of private islands inside the central. Then each of these islands are sold as an NFT. That can give you the Richard Branson experience of owning a private island, complete with access to an exclusive club, limited to those NFT owners and other major and notable landowner in a central line is DCL blogger or Maddie, who started flipping land in 2017. And then he eventually quit his job to focus full-time on trading in the decentralized and real estate market. So he's definitely a big solid in this space. And someone who's also influenced a lot of my ideas and interests in investing in virtual realistic. 3. Where is the Value?: Okay, In this section we're going to look at virtual land. Now, while virtual land is an exciting opportunity, with some observers proposing virtual land as the biggest land grab in many decades. It's worth mentioning the elephant in the room, and that's the infinite supply of digital land. If federal land exists on the vast cosmos, muscle the Internet and record it on a never ending block chain ledger. How can virtual land hope to hold value or Volvo and exceed the value of physical land? This is the big question and important head to swing over before buying your first virtual property. No different a website domain names. There is indeed no hard cap on the supply of virtual land available on the Internet. Some words such as essential and can intentionally limit land allotments, which might drive up their market value. But new virtual land would continue to be created in other worlds, and especially as market demand increases. As the CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney explains, just as every company a few decades ago create a webpage, and then at some point, every company create a Facebook page. I think we're approaching the point where every company will have a real live 3D presence through partnerships or game companies, all through games like Fortnite, Minecraft and roadblocks. So in order to give everybody an opportunity to participate in the universe more and more virtual and will be released. And similar to the value of website domain names, the specific content and traffic directed to that location, where intrinsic value will be generated in the fashion and more recently dot IO domain names supply for highly sought after virtual land will be constrained by numerous factors, including location, certain world's districts, and other central locations, which will have more valued due to their proximity to verbal places, such as virtual theme parks, popular games scenes, access to foot traffic as passivity. 4. Decentraland: In this video, I went to introduce decentralized, which is the most established and well-known of the decentralized virtual land projects. Essentially, I'm was originally founded in Beijing of all places by arithmetic and Esteban or Donner in 2015. At that time, they created a proof of concept for recording ownership of virtual real estate on a 2D grid of pixels using blockchain technology. This in turn provided the blueprints for developing the central land, which was released as a 3D world to beta users in 2017 and later open to the public in February 2019. The essential land world is divided into 90 thousand parcels of land. You can never go above 1000. That's locked into the smart contract. And these possibles are designated by x and y-coordinates on a two-dimensional map. The decentralized map consists of privately are impossible of land as mentioned, which is 90 thousand. There are about 16 by 16 meters in size, and there's also public lands that cannot be bought or assault, such as roads and clauses. The words, as you can see, I'm locked in gray on the central lines in game map. If a lamppost always available for sale, it will be shown as light blue on the map. Other large plots of land of applauses which are earned by the decentralized community and marked in green on the map. Each plaza has its own theme and the most central plaza on the map is called the genesis block Plaza, which acts as the starting point for our avatars entering the central atom. In principle, the closest land is to genesis block plaza. Typically the more valuable it is in terms of price value. Note there that you can also tell us what her location inside the central atom. So you don't have to trudge to the end of the map if that's where you want to buy land and set up a digital storefront, for example, your customers can automatically go there if they know the coordinates. Next thing is I own our private land parcel. You have complete control over its design and appearance with no interference from decentralized development team. Unless you do something that really upsets the community by say, building something controversial, something that really shouldn't be built in that particular district. To create content on your hands, you can use the decentralized builder or the decentralized SDK software development kit, which is a developer tool that allows you to code using JavaScript in terms of the essential ambivalence, it's really easy as I click and drag building tool, very similar to something you might find in the Zooms game franchise, for example. This means you do not need any advanced technical knowledge to build a modified content using this tool. However, there really are some limits to what you can create using the decentralized builder. For example, to create applications, games, videos, outbound links, buttons, avatar, notifies 3D things. You're really going to need the SDK. Now if you'd go down this route, you can install the decentralized STK on your command line interface. And then you can compile and preview. You'll seen luckily now into Central and linger. What does a scene? A scene as an experience which is built on top of one or multiple parcels of land. Remember, multiple parcels of land constitute a district, or if it's even bigger than maybe an estate. While players can walk freely from one scene to the other, the code for each scene is Sandbox from other external scenes. This means that elements contained in one st, one crossover into a scene on somebody else's possible, as each scene exists as early miniatures self-contained weld. This means that sound generated in one possible, for example, it can only be heard by player's position inside that possible note though, that visitors can turn off the sound in the user settings in terms of videos, scenes, there are currently two methods to display a video in a scene. One method is to stream the video from an external source by referencing a URL or a video file path. The second method is to solar video fall within the same as a dot mp4 IgG or a web m file. However, keep in mind that there is a memory limit of up to 15 megabytes per parcel storing a video fall and you'll land will contribute to the total size of the scene. And this will make the same slower to render when visitors enter your domain, you can then minimize video size by compressing the original VSL are two testing the same locally content can then be uploaded directly to your land inside the central end. To learn more about building into central line, you can check out the SDK one-on-one Guide, which is available on their website, all sorts for the tags decentralized or decentralized ECS on Stack Overflow. Now, moving on in terms of trading land, the land parcels traded pizza appear at market value over the blockchain, allowing people to buy or sell land to other users on both the Decentralized marketplace, which is on the website and the secondary market called OVN. See. The land can be purchased with FDA or with Moana, which is the local currency for the central node, is an Ethereum ERC-20 token that acts as the local currency, photo Central and you can buy minor and most cryptocurrency exchanges including coinbase cracking and finance. Interestingly, matter has a finance supply and a built-in mechanism to burn or apparently reduced to a supplier over time as transactions take place. So just keep that in mind as well. One other thing I want to touch on is the decentralized autonomous organization called the Tao. So holders of the manor token are also eligible to vote on issuing grants, importing changes to essential land, such as building height limits and content moderation. Users receive one vote for each unit of money they earn on the Ethereum address, they used it as a private land is central and also received 2 thousand verts per possible they hold and owners of a States received 2 thousand votes per parcel of land in each estate. This airflow gives landowners who have a high our financial stake, great input on the future direction and day-to-day running of the central land. Which really comes back to that idea of a decentralized world in terms of visiting to central learn, anyone can visit and traverse the map. However, only landowners or uses leasing land have the ability to create a monetized content hosted on their land to visit unexplored essential. And you will first need to sign up for a free account and customize your own avatar, including the sex, facial features, a hair color using the editor, which also includes a limited selection of free wearable and accessories. If you want to customize your fashion later, you can actually purchase some digital letter jackets and other wearables are from the Decentralized marketplace using manner. Then by participating in different events to receive or span manner, you will need a digital wallet, which must be what we'd recommend using metabolic. And you can find that at after installing metal mosque as a browser plug-in wallet, you'll be able to login to the central land. Not that you don't actually have to have any manager in your wallet to explore, spend time and attend events inside the central land. However, if you are going to buy manner using fiat such as USD or yen or another cryptocurrency, bitcoin. You will first need to purchase my own exchange such as Coinbase, and then transfer the funds to a minimum ask wallet. And you cannot buy cryptocurrencies directly using MetaMask wallet once you're transferred funds TO well, you'll then be able to make in-world practices inside the central atom. Next, why do you want to invest in decentralize? Essentially it has some variable pros and cons. First of all, it does struggle somewhat from a clunky user experience and it has a very modest number of daily active users. However, having said that the landmark on this platform has really been growing very strongly on the back of Finance supply. There's 90 thousand parcels and of course, some speculation. This in turn has helped to attract some media coverage and interesting in the platform, which is also aided by the fact that essential land is an early entrant to the diverse ecosystem. Some other things to note is that essential and still lags behind other platforms in regards to VR integration and use a stickiness, whoever it still remains a preferred option for the commercial partnerships. Major events and brand promotions cross them with powerful SDK, which makes it possible to create sophisticated events and in world experiences. To learn more about central line, you can join a discoid information that is only a website, or you can create a free user account that will allow you to explore the Central and from your web browser. 5. Somnium Space: Welcome back. In this video, we're going to check out the sun namespace, which was started in 2017 and launched in 2018. It is a 3D world where users are encouraged to explore and engage using VR equipment. This includes headsets such as the Oculus, HTC, Vive, HP valve, Windows reality headsets and other major headsets. Actually in late 2021, sodium space also unveiled plans for developing their own standalone VR headset, then moving into the hardware field as well, now, liked essential land, ownership in sodium space is recorded on the theorem blockchain and the transactions take place in a local currency cold cubes. Namespace is intended to operate independently as if it was an island nation in real life, hosting its own economy and history. In addition, uses can earn and accumulate column which represents their social status or how others perceive them. So Kiama levels a calculator based on a combination of factors, including how unemployment is, write them. So that might be weighted based on the comma of those other players. The total playtime, discovery, right? Land ownership, drilling activity, organizing events, and many other behavior based factors. This is my social status and sodium space is not found in most other worlds and helps to encourage an active community. And in fact, the users here on Sunday and space are very busy. They've even gone to great lengths to create a sudden num times, which you can find that some human, and this is the urn user-generated publication. We regulate newspapers of activities taken place inside sodium. Somebody space is German founder auto switch off. He's very, very active. He spends two to four hours each day and suddenly namespace, including attending virtual events and spreading his vision on podcasts and YouTube interviews are essential if it's worth noting is a former investment banker, MBA graduate, and a father of three children he, like many other members, create as does our own property in this world, but he still has to pay for land and assets like everybody else knows, key also works with a team of ten plus employees that help him with building out in the sun namespace world. And a special note, the Gemini frontier found a venture found founded by the Winkle Voss twins is also invested in the sodium space. We've Thailand and Cameron leuko Voss participating as official advisors to this project. Next, content creation as what other worlds introduced in this course, uses can buy land or rent virtual herms, create import and trading FTEs were the goal of creating experiences on their virtual land. There isn't actually a finite supply of land parcels and Sonya space. New plots are dropped based on actual user demand. This means the supply of land is not a scarce as its central add all the sandbox and prices are generally lower in comparison, land can be used to showcase 2D or 3D art, open a storefront or host other experiences. Game developers, for example, they're gonna whose game demos or even entire games on their land and live streamers can host their virtual studio within Sony and space after purchasing land on the platform or through a secondary market, like I can see, you can download the buildup onto your computer. This is I click and drag software tool used for building and uploading VR structures to the sodium space world. The Buddha comes to the high-level customization, including many modular building elements and color options. In each parcel of land is allocated a number of building credits set according to the size of the plot, which can be redeemed to buy elements such as a window or a door, for example, if you install a single wall that's going to cost you about two credits and that will automatically update on the onscreen credit meet up. Once built, all users can walk into your land to play games or enjoy other experiences by inserting the local currency, which is cooled cubes. Next, space is a scriptable world. This means that you can program and monetize virtual scenes on your land, including animation, video and body movement tracking, and also create digital assets as well. This includes full body avatars, cars, and world tokens, which are entities that can be placed on your land and you can upload and sell on the marketplace. This is all made possible using the sudden new Unity SDK. This option obviously is oriented towards more advanced craters with some programming expertise. In space also offers a fully programmatic via advertisement plugin, which I'm still learning about, and that can be used to capture and analyze engagement, gaze tracking and conversion rates. Lastly, it's put into note that sodium space actively predicts children from adult content such as gambling and discuss. Sonya in space allows an opt-in approach for user and age verification. So for instance, when you upload content to your apostle is automatically flagged as an 18 plus possible by default. And users who haven't completed age verification, therefore, be unable to see and experience when it's constructed on that parcel. All uses though, converting the virtual world without needing to complete age verification, why you should pay attention? Sodium space is an early leader in VI Integration and potentially in hardware as well. It's really rivaled only by Facebook horizon worlds and offers a social commerce school that encourages in-world activity. If community is robust and certainly an asset and encourage others to adopt VR technology and joints on namespace, among other decentralized user-generated welds explored in this course, Sony and space is slightly less talked about with wide it user adoption and maybe restricted by the need for the consumer hardware to really enjoy the full virtual reality and experience. 6. Cryptovoxels: Okay, Next we have crypto voxels. This is a decentralized virtual reality and voxel-based world. The project was originally unveiled in black and white in 2017 by its founder, Ben Nolan, who previously worked on the initial buildup of decentralized as a web developer. But the world is now available in full color. As with other virtual worlds built on the blockchain, virtual land is considered a non-fungible digital asset where each piece has its own ID and state and it's recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows for full ownership of your creations in the virtual world, which is different from other voxel games, such as Minecraft and verb blocks, where you only have the usage rights but no actual ownership stakes. Additionally, as fox with data is stored on the blockchain records, Logo creations will not be completely lost even if the virtual world is shut down in the future. Now, similar to sodium space crypto voxels is compatible with the Oculus Quest, oculus thrift, and HTC Vive to find out about the latest compatible web browser. You can also check out Web VR dot Empire. The main focus of crypto voxels is for users and developers to build on the platform. Whether that be a MMO, massively multiplayer online game, a game with crests, or to simply make some more buildings. The world consists of a city called origin city, which is the original Ireland. And this has straights and by the corporation and possibles purchased and owned by individuals. Owners of these puzzles can add and remove voxels, which are blocks and features on their parcels or assign their land as a sandbox possible, allowing other users to build on the parsable for free. In addition, you can practice building on a free editable space off the grid, which is fundable under the account settings. Coding skills are required to build as voxels can be put in place using the click of a mouse, but building or editing can only take place through a web browser. Next, crypto voxels office, a scripting interface that allows you to run JavaScript code on your own server and then send updates to your script or crypto voxel is possible. You can write scripts inside any feature of apostle and everyone that n does that land can then see the scripted view in terms of native token. Cruder voxels previously had the urn color token, as it's in-world currency, which could be used to add color blocks to the world, the token, however, it was discontinued in June 2010 to buy-back scheme. At present, crypto voxel uses F0 ETH for in-world transactions including land purchases. Land itself can be purchased as an NFT on open sea and import it using a compatible wallet such as banning mosque wallet and the Coinbase wallet. New land is also dropped on a weekly basis on open C. Okay, so why should you invest in crypto voxels? Well, while some people are initially resistant to voxel worlds, including myself, who didn't grow up playing Minecraft or roadblocks. Crypto or voxels is extremely interesting to wonder around the platform also has this slightly old-school fill, both in terms of design aesthetics. And the fact that you can find random Easter eggs in Garden City, which really appeals to long time gamers and helps to attract a highly enthusiastic and perhaps some would say close to coat like following also on the development side, crypto or voxels is similar to some new space and that it offers via integration and has a very active founder in band Nolan, who pays special attention to communicating changes and bug fixes on Twitter, as well as encouraging creativity and helping artists to grow their presence on the platform. 7. Sandbox: Okay, next we have the sandbox. The sandbox is developed by a company called Pixel. They are very established gaming company, actually from Argentina. And the sandbox really does appeal strongly to game is, and this makes it one of the most promising user-generated content projects in the evolving universe. Before launching this decentralized version of the game in 2018, pixel developed mobile first virtual worlds for iOS and Android code the sandbox, which was in 2011, and the sandbox evolution in 2016. These games were competing directly with Minecraft and roadblocks in the user-generated content genre. Since the release of the sandbox in 2011, pixel has focused on creating an immersive platform where players can create virtual worlds and games. They have recent transition from a centralized UGC game to a decentralized UGC game. Now we're what's created as we've ownership of their creations in the form of non-fungible tokens. Moreover, the blockchain version of this game also allows players to have input as well as partial control over the direction of the world for a decentralized autonomous organization without a central authority, cooling all the shots by turning traditional, centralized, gaining on his head sandbox not only hopes to attract users interested in decentralized given project, but to also convert players from traditional gaming and disrupt the dominance of Minecraft and roadblocks in a user-generated content market. Now in terms of content creation like Minecraft and verb blocks, the sandbox world is a voxel-based environment. Voxels are 3D squared pixels similar to building blocks that can be edited and manipulate it to quickly create objects and virtual world environments. Players can build in the sandbox to using a free tool called Vox edit, which is simple to use 3D voxel modelling tool and NFT creation and package. The tool allows players to create an animated 3D objects, including humans, animals, vehicles, foliage tools, and other virtual items. At the time of recording, the voxel edit tool is compatible with both PC and the Mac. Once you create objects, you can then export them from Vox edit into the sandbox marketplace as an NFT game asset, which can then be traded Empire just by other players. The objects metadata including the creator and issue number, as well as the transfer of ownership or recorded publicly on the Ethereum. Blockchain, assets also possess different levels of rarity. There's basic rare, epic and legendary that impacts their value, will obviously scarce items typically attracting a higher valuation. In addition to Vox edit, there is the sandbox game developer which can be downloaded and use to quickly build it free 3D games using no code visual scripting tools. Next up we have the target tokens. So several things exist in the sandbox which helps to connect the players and the landowners and also the creators to carry out the smooth running of the virtual economy basis for transactions is sand, which can be purchased on a cryptocurrency exchange. We're going to finance and Gemini, the maximum supply of sand is 3 billion tokens, but the current circulating supplies well under 1 billion, which means that multiple organs will be released in the future. The l2 game tokens or assets, which is a token allocator. Two players who create and assemble user-generated content and land, which is a unique digital piece of real estate recorded on the theorem, blockchain land is captured for total supply of 166,464 plots, which together interconnected to form the sandbox map. H pulse was 96 meters by 96 meters, which is roughly an acre and the digital world, and we populate it with games assets, and other interactive content experiences. Land as the other in-world assets can be purchased using sand. If you go ahead and buy multiple adjacent lands and you can form what is called an estate and that can be used to create an host larger online experiences. You can even go further by career in a district which is foam to create unique regions of the map but must fulfill certain criteria. For example, they districts, land parcels must be adjacent, earned by minimum number of two players or to users, and a subject to community approval via a voting system. The Dow sand also plays a secondary role in the form of voting rights via a decentralized autonomous organization called the Foundation, whose role is to support the sandbox ecosystem. The foundation funds and incentivizes high-quality interactive content and game production on the platform through this grad program for creatives, these grants, partly funded by a fee capture model with a five per cent levy on all sand token transactions. The sand collected via this level is split evenly in 5050 between the foundation and what is called a staking pool, which provides passive revenues on staked lands in the form of Santa uses that are in sand, can exercise voting rights on key decisions in the sandbox, including foundation grants to content creators as well as feature prioritization on the platforms product roadmap. Now, why should we pay attention as an investor? First of all, from the graphics to the involved features, the sandbox really performs highly in terms of gamification and use a stickiness reflecting the craters roots in game development. The ability to build a high-quality single or multiplayer game experience on virtual land, it has the potential to draw an aspiring game developers and game is to engage in the platform for entertainment and development purposes rather than solely perspective and commercial motives, the slope of gradual blend of land release also has the potential to attract more people to become involved in the project. As a voxel-based world, the sandbox is likely become increasingly popular among verb blocks and Minecraft fans, especially among Gen Z gamers. The sandbox website and associated software tools are also available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which is quite rare among English language metaphors projects. And this really shows potential for growth in Asia. 8. Treeverse: Welcome back. Our next virtual world is traverse. This is a MMO, a massively multiplayer online social world that is set to launch fully in 2022. It will be released first as I browser-based experience and then later as an Android app, and eventually as an app for iOS. The tree, whereas weld is being created by a team of developers in Israel under a company called Looper phi, who are said to be focusing very heavily on making this one of the most user-friendly and feature-rich social worlds in the metaphase. This includes social chat features, pets, and MPC's non-paying characters, as well as an in-world marketplace, guilds, which are special communities, seasonal events, mini games, and also NFT locked regions. In addition, there'll be rewarded by participating in the ecosystem, such as moderating chats, reporting inappropriate content, helping your users to get started and so forth. So in a nutshell, the more you participate, the more you will earn in this particular world. Also, by gamifying the experience, traverse hopes unsettled traditional web to social platforms like Discord, clubhouse and Twitter. In the space for NFT chatter. The water itself is a 2D pixel environment. Very smart to RuneScape and the old Pokemon games. Like other virtual worlds, traverse has public land and also private land. The private land is available for purchase and sell as an NFT, which is also initially limited to 10,420 founder plots and can be purchased on open seat for ETH. Note that fan of plots are identical, which makes each land plot equal in value. And while you'll see different prices listed on Open see, there's no real reason why one positive should be more expensive than another. So best to pick one at the lowest price you can find. Also, unlike the central entry verse has no servers to connect private land. In fact, private land is not even on the map itself. Instead, you need to tell it what to your home or another plot, Ernest location. So what exactly is a fan is plot. I found that plot provides a home in solitary verse that you can customize, display your favorite LFTs, showcase your art for cell, and invite friends over to chat and hang out. While authentic plots are identical, if you own multiple plots in the tiers of 2, 5, 10, or 20, you can actually design bigger homes and even form islands. So there is an inbuilt incentive to buy more than one perhaps. Okay, so why should you pay attention to potentially investing in tree first land? The first is that this project is backed by Animoto brands, which is a very notable investor hand who also inquired pixel to purchase the sandbox game franchise and who converted it into a decentralized gaming projects. So they definitely little experience in this space. Next, tree verse has a very unique value proposition and that's based on the features that it wants to offer. And they really push them towards building a very social world. Also it lastly, decentralized. Well, Mattie, DCL blogger is a major landowner and traverse I believe he has about 80 to 90 plots in this world. So if he's already invested, that's usually a good sign. So while it's early days tree versus definitely a project that you want to keep an eye on and potentially look into investing in the virtual land available in this virtual world. 9. The Commodity-Unique Index: Whether you're buying and holding or sewing and flipping. It's important to understand what you are buying in the context of other land in the same virtual world somewhere else, for example, sell land as a commodity that goes up or down in value based on the overall market. Whereas in other words, it's all about location, location, and it's much more nuance in terms of knowing what land to actually purchase. To help demystify the virtual land market, I'll create an index that approximates the complexity and variance of a market based on a spectrum of commodity and unique. So on the left we have what is a commodity which is easy to value and hard to get a bad deal. In other words, you don't need to know too much about virtual real estate in order to buy or sell effectively. More than anything else. You're waiting for a good price to buy or sell. On the right-hand side, we have the unique end, where it's much harder to value virtual land. And while it would take more research, there are also more rewards for those who do their research and who have some level of skill or an eye for real estate. To see some examples, let's begin by looking at Traverse. Plots in this virtual world are identical and have no specific location. In fact, they are off the map, which means that you need to teleport to their coordinates. This makes traverse land plots a commodity. We have no real tangible difference between one plot and another. This is not a bad thing per se, but it means that the only way to make a profit on the sale is for the entire tree verse market to go up in value. However, in terms of buying, it is actually very easy. You should simply try to buy the cheapest land that you can find. Sandbox for the state is next, which is far more unique. Although sandbox doesn't have roads. It does have district areas or in by heavy hitters including Atari, Snoop Dogg, and the walking dead. While all individual land plots are the exact same size, you don't want to find I plot inside or hugging a district. And the more interesting your neighbors, the higher its value. In terms of bone on the sandbox, you can use a free pricing tool created by the Meta Game hub dao. This is a machine-learning pricing algorithm told that projects the expected market value of a given parcel at that given time. It's not 100% perfect. But by using this tool, you will get a decent idea of what properties of valued and is also handy for comparing the price of properties and seeing which one the algorithm thinks is worth more. Third, we have crypto voxels where we now start to see roads, which makes location more important. Having said that the value of crypto voxels land depends mostly on what island you are located on. For instance, land on origin city will go for the highest price. And those are ones that have been recently released will usually be a little bit cheaper. A blue-chip plots in crypto voxels thing you should focus on the main island. It's also worth buying based on an island name or a word name that you like or you think that others might like. Next we have sodium space. This world has four sizes of land. This means that there is no universal floor price for selenium space like there is for other worlds. Instead, you'll need to manually calculate the floor price for each size type of land. In general, land close to the water is more valuable and you can check out the sodium space map to see the value of land visualized as bars to get a better idea of the exact evaluations. In terms of fun, unique and valuable land. Generally, the larger the land, the better. And again, try to stay close to the water as you would be physical land to get that leg front view. And finally, we have decentralized, which I believe has the most nuanced in terms of unique value and variance between land plots. This is because to Central and shares many of the same physical features that we see in the real world. Including plazas, roads, districts, and the outskirts of a city. In terms of unique and valuable land, the best land can be found around the starting point oogenesis plaza. But you also find it very valuable land in popular districts including Vegas City and the odd district. Note also that roads are very important and some roads have even started to become well-known, including dragon road in the Chinese District. Note that there's also a distinction between single and double roads with plots close to a double root attracting a higher valuation than the same plot next to a single road. Also, it's worth noting that the corners of the central and also valuable. Although they are on the outskirts of decentralized, because there's only four of these corners, they do hold their value. And again, the more unique something is, the more value it can usually attract. Now the last feature that post essential and ahead of other virtual lands on the commodity unique index is that it's possible to rename your NFT land, which will display on secondary marketplaces, like I can see for all buyers to view. This is very rare. If you look at other virtual worlds, each NFT is named according to its location coordinates, and art collections such as the board apes Yacht Club or have their titles based on the issue number, however, into Central. And you can actually go in and change the name of your plot by paying a small transaction fee in ether, which is about US $30 and then rename your plot. For example, you might like to rename the plot based on its features, such as close to Genesis plaza or cheap land, et cetera. This is fantastic because like selling a product on eBay or Amazon, you can add some micro copy to an NFT and add some keywords that will make your land much easier for buyers to find while they are searching. In summary, decentralized offers the greatest spectrum in terms of unique land and the greatest variance. It is the world where you have to be the most careful though, because when it comes to buying and selling, there is a much higher margin for error compared to say, the sandbox. And newcomers can be easily deceived. Conversely, in the case of the sandbox, most plots are roughly even impress. Aside from those close to super popular districts like the Snoop Dogg district. For beginners, the sandbox and the traverse might be a good starting point because you can't go too wrong as long as you're paying close to floor price. But for those with a real estate agent mind and some experience selling virtual land, they decentralized is definitely a clear winner if you want to find a dominant in the rough and then resell it for a profit. 10. Buy & Hold vs Flipping: Let's now have a look at how virtual real estate difference from offline physical real estate. While there are many similarities to investing in physical and virtual land, there are also many differences and in fact, benefits to blind property in the virtual world. Some virtual worlds, for example, allow you to teleport. This means that you can type in the coordinates of a location and incidently arrive there. However, in other virtual worlds, you may need to journey from a set studying a point like you would in the physical world at walking or running speed. This particular piece of information is volatile when it comes to buying land, as you would typically want to maximize proximity to the virtual world starting point. But this may not matter as much if the user can tell a port to a destination, which makes the exact location less crucial. The next major difference is the low overheads, which at present of very few. So for example, there are no land rights Pedro local council for public services, such as garbage collection, no mouth electricity, and no water bills. Also, unlike the real world, there are far fewer unexpected costs that may arise due to a myriad of problems, such as tenant issues, natural disasters, and poor building material quality. For the large part, there are minimum cost post-purchase of your property aside from potential construction costs. In fact, the biggest obstacle is likely to be an inflation of contractors, which are professionals and building caused by either wild currency appreciation or growing demand for construction services. In addition, unreliable or unresponsive contractors may cause some delays in construction. Now in terms of buying land, as we've purchasing real estate in the real-world, there are several investment approaches to buying virtual property. The two most popular methods or buy and hold, also note a very affectionately in the crypto world as hotlink, as well as the buy and flip method or flipping for short, which both applied to investing in reverse. Let's now explore the difference between these two investment approaches. First, we have buying flip. With the buy-in flipped method. You buy a property and hold onto it for a certain period, usually a short time, and then aim to sell the property at a profit. In other words, instead of buying a property for you to keep your purchasing it solely as a short to mid-term investment. Those who flip properties generally by distressed real estate property, and then sell them at a profit. In most scenarios, once a house is purchased, the new owner then has to get to work repairing and renovating it. However, this doesn't have to be the case. Sometimes the owner may simply want to hold onto their property and find the right buyer or opportunity to resell it. In addition to buying low and selling high bias, it typically aiming to sell a property within the shortest time possible, either in a few months or at most a year. However, in the virtual world, this rule does not strictly apply Jews, the infancy of their virtual real estate market and the faster appreciation of virtual currencies. Flipping virtual properties and a short period of time might not be a good investment decision unless you are trying to capitalize on a bull market. Nonetheless, there's still big advantages to flipping a virtual properties in a short period of time. The first advantage is the ability to purchase more properties using the profits generated from the previous sale. By cashing in on your gains, consisting of property appreciation and even currency appreciation, you can expand your portfolio of properties and less time. This theory only works if you're adding value to your property above the market rate for that type of plot during the flipping period, also on it for more than you purchase. For instance, if you saw an empty plot of land for $10 thousand flowing the sale, you can still only by one equivalent plot of land using that 10 thousand. However, if you create a business or a new venue on top of your parcel of land to add value and then stop at 20 thousand. Suddenly you are able to buy two new empty parcels of land valued at the market rate of 10 thousand US dollars. Secondly, if you're generating profits to invest in multiple properties, then you can afford to diversify across multiple virtual worlds. This reduces your alliance on one world, which may experience a moderate collapse due to user churn or otherwise of other competing in virtual worlds. Also, while the men averse and Web three is set to partially replace web to infrastructure. There are no guarantees on which manifests worlds will survive in this new exciting era. Given that you may want to flip our property or two out of profit while you can. Next, because we are frequently buying and selling multiple properties, you will obviously develop your purchasing obeying skills, market knowledge, as well as develop a personal network of virtual contractors, architects of Oxford designers and other virtual professionals. This means that you will soon have a network of people you can turn to for help and to sell more properties. The second method is the buy and hold. So as mentioned, flipping our property is not the only way to invest in real estate. The other approach you might like to adopt is the buy and hold strategy. Following the buy-and-hold strategy, investors hold onto our property by rinsing out to someone else or using it for their own use. Under this method, the mortgage is usually solely paid off from the monthly rent or other business income. The long-term plan is to build equity and allow the property's value to appreciate. The time from the purchase of the property to itself is typically around five years in the real-world. While mortgages are common in the real world as well, most buyers in the virtual world are paying the full amount upfront. Given the entry level properties can be acquired for about five figures in most virtual worlds, the most industry for virtual land is also not fully established, at least for the time being. If you're planning to create financial gains in the short-term, then holding properties might not be the right strategy. Flipping properties allows you to make gains in the short-term, which you can reinvest into future properties and flip them for even bigger returns. In a holding strategy, the property value greatly influences your returns. If the value increases slower than the rate of inflation or the project loses by interest, then you stand to make a loss. However, if the value amp paces the rate of inflation, then you stand to make a profit on the market. Lastly, when it comes to device in your property investment strategy, you should keep into account the native currency token, decentralized, and the sandbox, for example, offer their own in-world currency in the form of manner and sand respectively, which can be used to purchase property, pay for contractors, and purchase materials as a form of exchange. However, these worlds are also recorded on the theorem blockchain, including smart contracts that dictate who owns which properties as well as voting rights. This means that the value of your property will not only be exposed to the value of that particular in-world currency, but also the underlying blockchain. In other words, when you convert your fear into manner to purchase land into Central and you're not only making a bet on decentralized and its local Target, but you're also exposing yourself to the market value of a theorem in the form of f plus the price of gas phase. 11. Flipping Data: Okay, so coming up we're going to look at some of the trends in the NFT market and see whether we can apply some of these lessons to our own virtual land sales strategy. While not exclusively specific to metaphase NFT cells. We're going to look at the chain analysis 2021. And if ti market report, which provides some useful background information in terms of flipping FFTs, the secondary market called open sea. So the first thing to look at is that over 2000 individual NOT collections on open seat had a secondary sale. However, only 250 of those collections accounted for 80 percent of the total secondary sales. This means that people selling FFTs tend to focus on the blue chip or the most popular collections such as crypto punks and board apes. So as a multiverse land investor, this would also suggest that we should be focusing on the most popular projects which at this time is currently decentralized and sandbox and not, let's say super world and crypto voxels, which had been trading far less in terms of volume. Next, we can see that 20 percent of buyers account for 85 percent of total profits made through NOT flipping. So this is another example of the 80 20 rule. And this underlines that a relatively small percentage of people making a profit or flipping and they are far better at it than everybody else. In addition, the most successful NF2 flip is buy and sell significantly more LFTs than other investors. This partly indicates that successful NFT flippers have more upfront capital to purchase a large initial collection of NFT. And they are trading extremely regularly, which also means that flipping is not a passive investment pursuit. And finally, the top 5% of NOT flippers on average paid to point to eith above the floor price for the LFTs they later. So, so here we can see that the top 5% on the right, they are purchasing about 2.38 over the floor price. Whereas the other 95 percent of flippers, they're paying around about 0.8 a theorem above the floor price. This is extremely interesting and not something else directly aware of. I knew that bind FTEs above flow price, which is the minimum price on the market, was more nuanced, but I didn't realize how profitable it was, which actually makes perfect sense because it's far easier to find underpriced N of t is because the seller doesn't know what it's really worth in the middle of the market. And this allows us to pick it up for a good price. And then on the sell side, we can find somebody else who is perhaps unexperienced and willing to overpay for it. So for example, if we look at a lamp plot in the middle of nowhere, the central and then it's going to be very hard to flip that NFT for more than a few $100 above floor press. However, if we assign a plot in a district like Vegas City there, maybe we can sell it NFT for several thousand dollars above what we paid for it. Because this NFT elicits greater emotion from the buyer who recognizes that it's rare and potentially more valuable, but they don't know exactly how valuable it is. So in other words, the buyer knows it's worth more than floor price, but they don't know by how much. In summary, based on this report, I would suggest that most people are not qualified to be flipping properties for profit. A, you need to focus on the blue-chip Entity Collections like the sandbox and decentralized, and maybe also traverse and submenu space, which are not cheap. Next, you need to focus on the FTEs, which are approximately two, or perhaps even less or more, a theorem above floor price and not the cheapest N of t. So again, you need to have deep pockets. Three, you need to be buying and selling regularly, which means you need to have a lot of time to find the good at LFTs and then spend time talking to potential buyers on Discord or Telegram trying to get a good deal. So if you are comfortable with these conditions, then maybe you are qualified to focus on flipping virtual land. But again, you should never be overstretching your personal finances to buy these properties as the market is always volatile and there's the danger of hacking and theft. 12. The Art of the Flip (NEW): Welcome back. In this video, we're going to talk more about strategy in regards to flipping. Now, whereas the buy-and-hold is mostly a long-term play to find valuable property and wait for it to appreciate and value. The flipping method has a lot more skilled tied to analyzing human behavior following project news and exploiting very narrow arbitrage opportunities. In this video, I want to cover a few tips for flipping, namely understanding your fixed costs, following projects news, and also acknowledging different time zones. Let's begin with fixed costs. The first thing is to watch for your transaction costs. 3m transactions, for example, can cause $200 in order to transfer the NF2 to a new Ethereum address. This is one reason I like to flip real estate on Solana because of the very low transaction costs, which helped to preserve my profit margin. For me, if theorem is also super precious and I don't want to be wasting it too much on transactions, especially if those investments turn to lose value in the future. You can have a keep your theorem gas phase down by buying or selling on the weekend when there's less congestion on the network and therefore lower gas phase. Also, if you by using wrapped eighth on a platform such as open sea, the seller pays the transaction fee and not you. Conversely, if you sell at a fixed price in a theorem or another coin, then the buyer pays a transaction fee. So it is possible to set up your trade so that you avoid pain transaction phase altogether depending on the situation. In addition to the transaction costs, there are also a platform cost of usually 2% to 2.5 per cent on marketplaces such as open, see, it looks for it and magic Eden. And on top of that, there's also royalties to creators. The royalty is typically range from ten per cent and goes low as 2.5 per cent we've traversed and to central N, for example. This variation and royalties can make a big difference when it comes to flipping, which makes products with a low royalty attractive for flipping. So here we can see super world AND NOT world or 10.5%, 9 per cent respectively. And then it goes all the way down to the sandbox tree verse and the central node, which are 5.5%, 2 per cent, respectively. Moving on now, let's talk about news announcements. This is probably the most difficult aspect of flipping and that's keeping up with the news and community sentiment behind projects, which you can only really get a hold on by very closely following the social media discussion around a given project. This occurs mostly in Discord, group chats, but may also happen on Telegram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Now, following the news is extremely time-consuming because you also have to sit through a lot of newbie questions and general chit-chat to find out information or judge what the community is thinking. This research tactic in itself is worthwhile because you get to learn information about the project and plans for the future you otherwise might have missed, but just be prepared to spend a lot of time each day or two keeping up with all that social challenge. Moreover, if there is a sudden bear run or collapsing price and you have no idea why that's happening. You will usually find the answer in the Discord or check group first. There will usually be somebody in there who can tell you whether there's a whale dropping their land. Based on, on China analysis. I'll explain that the project is about to launch a new edge up to landholders. Be careful though, because there's no filter for truth in these group chats. And you have to be careful what information you take as the truth. Lastly, if you see a lot of infighting and Fudd, which is fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the group discussion. Then you may need to reconsider your strategy and investment in that project. Lastly, I want to talk about time zones. So it most sales volume for N of t is, comes from North America, but there's also plenty of activity coming from Europe and also the East Asia times zone of Korea, Japan and Australia. Now, try different 24 hours cycle uses from these three major regions are only online at the same time during a very short window, which is usually daytime in the US, very late at night in Europe, and then very early morning in Asia, as people like me awake enough to check the price of bitcoin. Now for projects with low sales volume and we have sales occurring on a daily basis. So one or two per hour, this time zone factor doesn't have really much of an impact. However, when there's a lot of buying and selling on a permanent basis, the target I can have an influence on the floor price. What I've seen, for example, this is not just with buying land, but also with buying sneakers and other FFTs, is that there will sometimes be a massive Byron on NF2 for maybe six to eight hours. But then once uses in America go to sleep, the sales per hour drops significantly. Because you also have to keep into account that buys in Europe, I'd probably sleeping as well. And the time difference between New York and London is just five hours. This load, I'm implying can cause cell as an Asia, Australia and New Zealand to panic fearing that the floor has reached his top. This can lead to a sudden drop in the floor price with the combination of panic selling and also less total buyers. Then by the time buyers in the US wake up seven or eight hours later, they see a drop in the floor price. Amazon themselves to the fact that that Bull Run for a given n of t has now ended. And that will think twice before buying. So just be aware that the time of day can have an impact on the price of entities, but only for products with very high sales volume. Personally, if I'm looking to sell off at Bull Run that's less than 12 hours old. I will try to sell before the West Coast of the US has gone to sleep to lock in any gains. While there are not too many examples, there is sometimes an opportunity to bind N of t when North America escaping and insert 12 hours later and make a profit that way. This was a strategy I've used buying and selling shoes on stepping, but not something I've pulled off of land sales due to the high cost of muslin entities. I personally tend to follow a buy-and-hold approach and look for long-term value and avoid buying at the peaks. Finally, before we finish this section, I really want to emphasize that there is no ironclad rules and what time you should buy and sell virtual real estate. But it's definitely worth observing the sales volume over a 24-hour cycle to better understand the market and potentially use that knowledge in the future. And likewise, you might want to observe how sales differentiate or vary based on the day of the week. And you may find that the weekends, for example, is the best time to get a good deal. 13. Thoughts on Buying: Okay, Let's talk about buying. Now that you've assessed the market, you might feel ready to start purchasing properties. One of the first steps is to set up a budget and shortlist a number of properties you would like to bid on. In terms of deciding a budget, it helps to know what you wanna do with your investment, even find value where others don't. Moses Kagan, a California real estate manager, talks about constructing a differentiate lens. A different way of looking at the world. Specifically, a different way of looking at assets such that you see an asset that everyone else can see. And you have a way of looking at that asset that generates more return than everyone else does. Once you have a differential lens, like a kid in a candy store because you can just buy stuff that is on the market. So for you, maybe this differential lens is developing an exclusive venue that profits from being secluded and far away from the busy thoroughfares of virtual stores and public places, like a virtual Burning Man concert venue. Alternatively, maybe you're willing to pay more for a premier location because you are creating a business that relies on foot traffic, such as a gallery or shopping district. Other times, having a very small plot is perfect for what you want. Leasing out billboards, for example, when it comes to the actual buying part, properties are typically sold on auction bidding basis within restricted period of time when bidding on your first property and China are on the conservative side and B rating miss out on your first or second property offer. If you are buying virtual LAN on a secondary marketplace, it makes sense to put as a property at full price, the lowest price for that asset type, purchasing land the middle of the market. Meanwhile, it was more nuanced and susceptible to overpricing. So unless you've truly understand the market, there was more risk that you are overpay for that asset. 14. Introduction to MetaMask: Whether it's bidding on your first virtual property, receiving funds for a gig and the multiverse or barn, the latest avatar accessory. At some stage you will need to register a digital wallet. Additionally, you'll also sometimes need a digital wallet in order to login and collect items, experience or comma inside some virtual worlds. At the top of production, the most common wall of interacting with the theory and based platforms is I browser extension, will it called MetaMask? Using your minimise well that you'll be able to send and receive a theorem based coins including APHA, manner, cubes, sand, et cetera, to purchase and hold LFTs, as well as logging into a theorem based wills such as decentralized. Minimus is available with Google Chrome, firefox, Brave and edge browsers. To download MetaMask first go to minimum OS dot IO or your browser store, such as the Chrome Store and download the official minimum OS extension. From there, follow the setup instructions. When you first install an open mega mosque, it will issue you a randomly generated 12 word seed phrase. It's crucial that you store those 12 words somewhere safe. That information has the potential to unlock the full contents of your wallet. So it's very important that you make sure the seed phrase is safe and secure if anything ever happens to your computer or your minimise wallet. As long as you have your 12 words SegPhrase, there is no need to worry as all of your account details and funds will be recoverable. It's recommended that you write down and stole the SegPhrase and a safe place. Most people recommend something like a fireproof, safe and not safe. The seed phrase to a digital device which may be susceptible to hacking. Next, admit him osteo browsers tab in the top right. If it has not appeared there, automatically look for the fox icon in your browser extensions section or at by clicking on the three dots on the right. In terms of security, it's important to recognize the minimum OS is an online wallet or a hot wallet were just exposed to more potential security risks than hardware wallets and other forms of cold storage for storing your crypto holdings. Phishing attacks for non communications that appear to come from reputable source are one of the common risks facing mythos. Well, at holders holding coins in omega, most wallet is therefore not recommended for long-term storage. Please conduct your own research in order to best secure your digital funds. To load up your MetaMask wallet with funds, you can either send a theorem based coins from a cryptocurrency exchange, such as Coinbase, cracking, finance or Gemini, or from someone you know who has a wallet and who wishes to send funds to you, let's say for business work, donation or some other purpose. To receive funds for your MetaMask wallet, you need to show you was ENS a theorem Name Service which represents your theorem account and which also acts as your cross-platform web three username and profile. By default, the estimate consists of a 42 character hexadecimal address that looks something like this as shown on the screen. Note that you can also purchase your custom DNS domain at E and S dot domains for as low as zeros or appoint one a theorem, or about $5 USD as of late 2000 and 2001 per year plus the gas phase, which for the time being far exceed the actual cost of the actual NS domain. Note that you can also have one primary DNS domain per Ethereum account, which you can change at anytime. This means that while you can have two E and S domains, only one anus domain can be linked to your theorem account at one time and any other domains inactive unless they are linked to another, a theorem based wallet that you possess. Also keep in mind that you can buy and sell in estimates on secondary market places, including urban. See. Lastly, in terms of selecting a cryptocurrency exchange to purchase tokens, you'll need to factor in what coins the exchange offers as of 2020. One, for example, Coinbase does not offer sent and cubes. You also need a checkout, the eligibility requirements based on what country you reside or your texts location, and whether you are eligible to wire transfer fiat, such as USD, GDP, AUD, et cetera, to an exchange to purchase cryptocurrencies. In general, you want to avoid barring coins using a credit card due to the higher transaction fees. You'll also need a factor in exchange rates based on your preferred payment method and other policies such as security and also ease of use. 15. Introduction to OpenSea: Okay, So after setting up a MetaMask wallet or an equivalent wallet which takes a theory and based coins and not Bitcoin, you'll be able to make purchases on a marketplace of decentralized worlds or a secondary market like open sea. Open sea offers a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling virtual assets, including virtual land, art, overtime names, avatar skins in S domains and other collectibles, as long as they have been minted or transferred to your theorem blockchain or the polygon side chain. Open sea recently added support for polygon, formerly known as medic, which is a layer 2 scaling solution built on Ethereum blockchain, which is layer 1. So this helps to make buying and selling on the platform more cost-effective. Also, polygon helps to combat the high gas fees of using a theorem, especially during periods of high network congestion. In fact, the year 2021, Open C was actually the largest consumer of gas on the Ethereum network. To search for N of t is on open sea. You can type in the project name or a digital artists and check that it has a blue check mark to check It's a verified collection. Open C has a number of filters that you can use to search for items based on your set budget, as well as the purchase type, including auction, or by now, the block chain and the currency of the sale, you will typically find that most items on open C are priced in ether ET hate, but also sometimes price in a local tokens such as sand and not in the side chain polygon. While it's possible to add eith to open seat using their fiat to crypto currency conversion service. This option is typically more expensive than the same service on a cryptocurrency exchange and may not be available to users from all countries or regions. Note that you can also convert one coin into another, such as Bitcoin into ethe using the MetaMask wallet. The cryptocurrency exchange where you purchased and are currently holding coins. Or a third party platform such as Yunus swap and open sea, be careful to conduct a comparison of conversion fees based on the platform you want to use to convert your coins. If you're in can also be extinct from raptor theorem W E T H, which is used to beat an auction sales. A standard ETH was programmed for transactions we authorized immediately and not in the future. It can not be used to submit bids and participate in auctions on open C, standard ETH and other coins such as manner and sad, Can there be used to purchase N of t is an open sea using the byte now method, which is an instant transaction wrapped. A theorem meanwhile, is programmed to allow buyers to make pre authorized bids that can be fulfilled at a later date without any further action from the bidder. This time delay allows you to bid during the auction for a future transaction that may or may not take place, let's say several hours, days, or weeks into the future, which is not possible using standard ETH. If you do want to auction, the wrapped ETH will be sent to the seller. And if your bid is unsuccessful, the full amount of wrapped ETH will be returned to your wallet. Standard ET hate and wrapped, which are worth exactly the same value. So there is no price difference to our About standard. Eth is denoted by a black if you're an icon, whereas w ETH is donated by a pink, a theorem icon. You can conveniently convert standard ETH interrupt ETAs directly with an open seat or via another exchange platform for a modest fee after signing for the transaction within your MetaMask wallet. However, keeping one that's normally cheaper to convert 80 h into w ETH than it is to convert the vitiate back into ETH. 16. Selling on OpenSea: Okay, let's now talk about selling on open sea. So first-time cells listing an open seat must pay to transaction gas fees to set up this seller account, one to authorize the wallet to conduct so orders and the other to allow open sea access to the NFT item when a sale occurs, which are both a onetime fee and thus only paid once. And if t transactions made only Theorem network are also subject to gas fees. For fixed price items the buyer pays for the gas fee and for auctions or by a initiated price offers, the seller is responsible for paying the guest fee in order to accept. During times of high network congestion, gas phase can be very, very expensive, sometimes more expensive than the actual item itself. Gas also cannot be purchased in advance of a transaction and used later is only available at live spot prices. So it makes sense to Tom, you'll purchase perhaps on the weekend or at a particular time of the day when the network congestion is much lower. In addition, each sound urgency is currently subject to a 2.5% service fee, which is actually quite low for this industry. And also a royalty fee to the NFT creator, which is often five to 10 percent. When receiving bids from potential buyers, make sure that the beat is issued in the correct currency. As sometimes it's possible to beat in multiple currencies. One USD, for example, is not the same as 1 eighth in terms of value. Also, to avoid low bid offers, you can set a reserve price that implements a minimum purchase amount that must be reached in order for a cell to occur. Auctions are also extended by ten minutes for every bid major in the last minute of the auction, in order to avoid late ditch attempts to snatch and auction item. 17. Tips for OpenSea: Hi everyone, welcome back. In this video, we're going to look at some tips for using open C, Okay, tip number one, when you are looking at different NFT projects, It's good to see a high number of owners, which means that there is strong and diffused demand and we're not relying on several whales. Also, we want to have comparatively low supply, so that helps to produce scarcity. Next, you want to be cognisant of the multiple branches of volatility to owning LFTs. So this includes the market volatility of the NFT itself. Secondly, the volatility of the coin. So that could be ethos or manner. Then you have the volatility of the parent token. In the case of ERC, 20 tokens, such as manner and sand, they operate on the Ethereum network. In addition, unlike currency tokens that can be sold openly annexed change at market rates without the yes or no approval of the exchange. And if teeth are not quite as liquid, you need an individual buyer to explicitly agree to the sale, which may be difficult to find during a rampant sell-off. Next, you can usually receive a better price and avoid gas phase by submitting a bid in rapt eith, rather than clicking on the buy now option, where you as the buyer are responsible for paying the full price as well as the gas phase. However, this approach may not always work because the seller must accept your bid and it also takes more time for a sale to occur. If you are submitting a bid and erupt ether. Next, sometimes the seller will include their Discord contact details on their listing or even e-mail address. This enables you to talk with them directly on Discord or via email, which is not possible on an open sea platform. This way you can negotiate a better price as well as develop a buyer-seller relationship. So for example, after negotiating the protests of my land on decentralized from a particular seller, I was able to ask that cell are some questions through discord about booting an art gallery. And the seller calling offered me a free 3D gallery model that I could install on my land. Note that you can bid on NFT is listed in open sea that are not just for sale using wrapped eighth. After the NFT is sold through an auction or an incent purchase, it will be viewable on open sea and anybody can make a bid to purchase which the current owner can choose to accept or ignore. In other words, NFT such as virtual land or an E and S domain name does not have to elicit for sale in order for you to submit an offer to the RNA using your wrapped eighth. To look up the collection of other NF2 holders, you can enter their theme address into the search bar and open sea. Moving on, if the price seems to be too good to be true, then it's quite likely to be a scam or what's known in the industry as a rug pulled. So be careful also to avoid scams when practicing on open C, always check that the NF2 you are purchasing is from a verified collection with a blue tick icon next to the creator's name. 18. Other Marketplaces (NEW): Hi, so far I've talked about open sea as the place to buy and sell. And that is because for a long time, open sea was basically the only public marketplace to buy and sell virtual real estate in NFT form. Now, in 2022, the landscape is changing and we're seeing more options emerge, including looks red and magic a1, which I will cover in this video. Let's start with looks around. It looks red is a new NFT marketplace. They blasted onto the scene in early 2022 and as part of their launch, they add dropped. In other words, it gave away their own native token called looks to users who bought and sold NFL season opens c over a previous six month interval. The strategy of attracting and acquiring users from another platform is known in the industry as a vampire attack. Now, similar to open C, looks red, is a public marketplace where you can buy and sell. N of t is including the central entry versus the sandbox and many others. Looks red. Child is two per cent per cell, which is comparable with OpenCV, actually a little bit less, and they often run promotions to waive or refund listing phase. The base distinction though between the two platforms is that looks rare. Allocate some of his revenue sharing to users of the platform. Users who buy or sell on the platform can become eligible to earn looks tokens if the entity product they bought or sold is on disapproval list. So this is a fantastic bonus that you won't enjoy an open seat where the profits are distributed exclusively to vc investors and the founding team. So certainly it looks here, has a more egalitarian and Web three worthy ethos about doing business. The downside though, is that there tends to be less sales volume and you'll have to wait longer to sell. So it looks right, it might not be the right platform for flipping properties quickly, especially for products with low sales volume. Note how album that you can list on open seat and looks for a concurrently. So you don't necessarily have to choose when it comes to selling. Naturally with buying, however, you will need to choose one platform or the other. And in that regard, the floor price is usually quite similar. But if you want to check, you can jump onto Jeannie dot XYZ, which will tell you where you can find the lowest prices. For me, I personally prefer the user experience on open sea. I know the site crashes a lot, but the user interface is a little bit easier to operate and navigate for research purposes. For instance, the rankings page is very useful for obtaining a snapshot of the virtual land industry on open sea. And they have lots of other chats to see price changes, openness. It also lists more land and real estate products than any other NFT marketplace. Looks rather is good for earning tokens from buying and selling. And they also have a second option that I participate in. If you want to learn more about staking looks tokens on the books for your platform. You can review my monthly earnings and check out my Web three monthly income report on mirror. And the link is displayed here on the screen. So in summary, I like to do most of my research and open C and then buy or sell on looks redder and looks tokens. But oftentimes I just end up coming back to open seat because that's still where most of the deals are done. Okay, next we have magic Eden, which is a very different market place. So if omega is various projects deployed on a cylinder blockchain is definitely worth checking out this marketplace where you can find Solana base virtual worlds including Heaven, land and the soul stairs, surreal estate. Solana, it should be noted, is a different blockchain to a theorem and is known for its speed and very low transaction fees. Typically, you will find that virtual worlds created on Salina will release their land, sell first or magic a1, and then list later on urban see. Well, open sea has traditionally focused on the Ethereum network. In 2022, they have expanded to supporting the Salon of blockchain as well. Now what I've noticed so far is that because magic eating has less overall users and less sales volume, this means that when a virtual world like heaven land is listed on Open see, this has created a temporary spike in sales and a rise in the floor price. In May 2022, for example, floor price of magic agent for heaven land was hovering around three Solana. Then following the new listing of the Project on Open, see the floor price for land skyrocketed to about ten. This will happen in a very short period of time. And on the day of the launch, there was a major price discrepancy between the floor price on managing a1 and open sea, where there was a difference of one or two. So between magic a1 and open, see, this metric was cheaper to buy a magic a1 and then more profitable to sell an open seat. This price discrepancy between the two platforms, quickly Synchronized on a globals floor of about five assault. But for those who move quickly, there was an arbitrage opportunity there. I also want to share this case study with you because it hides the risk and returns of buying an open sea when land sales have already taken place on another marketplace, such as merging Eden. In this case, the winners were the investors who purchased on magic a1 in early 2022 and then sold during the first 24 hours of the open sea listing in May, after the floor price doubled without any real tangible progress or developments in the heaven land projects. Other than integrating with open sea and the temporary excitement and publicity that comes with it. Investors who sold during that short window with a clear winners. The losers, on the other hand, were buyers who saw this new metric Earth project manifest anode basically nowhere on open C and for a few hours, top the open seas sales rankings. These open sea buyers initially thought that was super early to the land sale because there was no previous sales history on open sea. Floor price seemed cheap at about 500 US dollars. This assumption, though, of course, was not correct. And the land came onto the market months ago and on a different marketplace. And thus, it was the early investors who Magic a1, who came out with the biggest gains that week. Okay, just wrapping up now, but one thing I want to add is that you can also sometimes by land through a private sale on the project website. This is the case for big time, which is a game co-created by the two Argentine founders of decentralized. And you can purchase land for their game using USD C, which is a stablecoin linked to the US dollar via their website. 19. Researching the Market: Next, research in the market before you even think about buying a virtual property, you will need to take a close look at the market. Here, there are a few steps to keep in mind during the assessment stage to help you make a decision. The first step is to research the market, look at what virtual properties are available in your area of focus by visiting them, if you can, and reviewing the specifications on secondary market places, you can find prices are available on the official website of each virtual world or on a secondary marketplace like open sea to find live updates into Central and you can check out the decentralized bought on Twitter, which pushes live updates of accepted bids and sales for parcels of land., forward slash Dc, L, AND BOT, whatever additional source used to find information, you need to find out the average price at which plots are purchased, as well as other fees such as design and construction. This may mean creating a spreadsheet consisting of recently sold and for sale properties in a given world and locale, taking the sale price of privacy. So properties, you can roughly work out a suitable offer price. Let's say that you discover the average sale price a properties is 20000. And while you're checking the average price is the lowest price point, happened to be 18 thousand. So you can make an offer at around that price range and perhaps not above 20000. Besides recent sales, there are also other considerations to take into account. For instance, in the physical real estate market, experts often advise you to consume that growth and property prices over time. The theory is that a mock it that shows steady growth means that at whatever price you purchased the property today, there's a high chance of earning a profit in the future. While this rule of thumb may apply to buying in the multiverse in the future as the market matures for the time being, at least, you can expect and most virtual properties to go up quickly and value. And also for major crashes to happen in the short to medium term, as well as the market is still in its infancy. There is low buyer conviction on what virtual worlds will survive and which local areas of these worlds will thrive. At the moment, value appreciation is wildly different by speculation, and investors are still discovering new virtual business models to sit on their land. However, naturally there will be volatility and bubble bursts either in a given world or potentially integrate a multiverse as cryptocurrency prices swing. Next, you need to decide whether you want to buy an undeveloped plot of land or move straight into an end product, so to speak, such as a boutique Island into Central and decision, we largely decided by how much time you have and your interests in virtual construction, as well as your available funds. In addition to narrowing down the type of property, you also need to decide on the area in which you are going to focus your efforts. Looking at an area with high at rental growth might present your opportunities, but that may also mean the asking price of that plot would be high. In other words, you'll have to invest a lot more to get that land. Typically, rent prices increase when there is rising demand for certain types of properties or areas, such as properties in a gambling or shopping district. This is why at buying land near say, and Atari plot in the sandbox or met educa and decentralized may make sense as these district RNAs may need to buy or rent plots in the surrounding area in order to expand that district. You may also want to double-check the Dow section of the platform's website for any recent or current votes to create or approved a new district in that world. While marketplaces will tell you how much the property is valued, you have more confidence in your plans if you've actually go visit the property. Therefore, once you know what you want to buy, you can start to find them and view them in the virtual world. When you assess properties, you can gain valuable information about them that can help you decide whether you'd like to invest or not. Why you look around. There are few things to consider. The first is foot traffic. Is your property located in the virtual wilderness? Or are there other avatars passing by regularly? This variable is important if you wish to create a business that relies on avatars dropping in and easily locating or Property Office ending up billboards on your land. However, given the very early stage development and most words, don't be alarmed if you only see a handful avatars or less in the space of an hour, What's impossible to forecast future user adoption? You can add a multiple based on user growth in that world. Interestingly, if you see more avatars in one location than another, that is perhaps a more reliable metric, or foot traffic. Also, you may need to test different times of the day as avatars will be logging in at different hours based on their geographic location. For example, you might see plenty of North American avatars or APM, but a few European avatars at the same time point. Next, you need to assess what is currently built on the surrounding land and who owns that land, as this will also affect the value of your property. At a high level. You'll also want to consider the overall level of engagement and retention among users in that world. You can do this by reducing the number of active contributors in a virtual worlds discord server. There'll be a link on their website to join include the number of people saying GM on a daily basis. Good morning. If there's been no meaningful discussion, including know GM's for several days at a time and no evidence of uses coordinating Zoom calls to discuss ideas and projects that maybe the project is no longer as active and popular. Alternatively, if you see a strong and ingrained community, then this is a good indication that the project will continue to grow from users adding new user-generated content and evangelizing the overall adoption of the project. 20. Case Study: Buying in Decentraland: Let's run through a practical bind scenario based on market analysis. So let's imagine that we want to purchase a parcel of land into Central. And first, we can navigate to open C dot IO and search for the central and inside the search bar. And also look out for that verified cheque icon. Okay, good. Now, straight away we can see that the floor price for decentralized at the time of recording is 3.938, which is just under 15 thousand US dollars as of late December 2021. Next, let's suppose we want to purchase a parcel inside a decentralized district, which will be marked in purple on the map. As we think buying more rare plots, such they district plot will be easier to lease or sell for a higher margin sometime in the future. So what we can do is use the results search bar here to see if we can find any district plots. Open sea will next populate results based on a keyword district. And immediately we can see there are a few plots inside a district or very close to a district. Some of these plots are priced under 6000 manner, which is about 18 thousand US dollars. So it's high than the floor price. But remember, the floor price is for the absolute cheapest land into central add, district land is naturally worth more than the floor. Bryce. The next thing to notice is that there aren't many plots available that are actually inside a district. In fact, only for that we can see. So District land appears quite rare. However, let's go back and do a wider search of all DCL listings and see what else is available. We can do this by removing the key word we used previously. Let's now scroll down. Okay, nothing, nothing, nothing. And boom, there we go. We have found a district land here on the right parcel, 1862. And looking at those coordinates, we know the land is very close to Genesis Plaza, which is this world's central starting point and a very valuable location. In general, LAN coordinates close to one our ideal. But of course, there are many exceptions such as Vegas City, which is further away from Genesis plaza and still very valuable. Okay. Let's check out parcel 1860 to the current price is 4.58 or $16,740, which we can purchase now if we want to, as it's not an auction style sale, a couple of people have made some hopeful bids for less than four, which are below floor price. So the seller has obviously not accepted these bits. If we look at the item activity, we can see that this parcel was minted three years ago and was recently transferred eight days ago. As that transfer earlier had no exchange of funds, it was likely that the original bias switch the land from one wallet address to another wallet address they own, or maybe even among a family member or a friend's address. So we can surmise that the owner of this parcel has been holding onto it for about three years and basically picked it up for just about nothing at the time of the central lands initial land sale. This is important information as it tells us that the seller is an OG of decentralized. While we can't know for sure, the seller is probably a hod lot rather than a flipper when it comes to land sales, given that they have waited so long to sell. But let's also see what else they have in their portfolio. If we click on their name, which is NFT holder underscore, SO we can see that other NF2. So the owner has a Medicare N of t, which is nice. And well, they have a heap of land within that district we were just looking at. So they are in fact liquidating a very large holding. Now, if we scroll back up and click on activity, we can see their recent transactions. So it looks like they've been selling land in this district for between 4.5681. Thing that sticks out is that all the sales have taken place in standard Ethereum, noted by the black icon and not wrapped a theorem in the pink icon. This means the seller is not open to negotiation because only wrapped a theorem can be used to make offers less than that by now listing price. The seller also doesn't have their contact details included as part of their open sea profile, nor were those details available on the property listing page. Some cells will leave their email address or Discord ID that buyers can chat with them, answer questions and negotiate the price. But that's not the case here. Let's go back a couple of steps now and check out the pathway itself. So we know it's in a district, but we don't know the name of the district yet. We can also see that the parcel is also close to Genesis plaza in the top left of the map, Martin Green. Also. One problem with the land is that it's far away from the roads marked in grey, which is important for attracting foot traffic and does affect the market value time. Now to check out the property itself, we can do this by clicking on the arrow icon here with the open sea. And this takes us to the decentralized website. And then we want to click on jump in. Let's wait for the world to load. Here. Looks fairly desolate. This is not surprising considering this entire area has been owned by the one guy or girl for about three years. It looks like the US and amusement seen here. I can't read it sign. So we'll move on. Looks like there's a complex over here. And NFT gallery or two in the background. But really not much to see here. This is not too much of a problem as essentially that is still a year or two away from being built out. But it would be nice to see some interesting constructions, also notable landmarks that would make this part of the map more valuable. If we go back to the map, we can see that the name of the district is called Psi art lab. I'm not sure exactly what that means. And next door there's a district called central marketplace. And over here we have conference, university and museum. And also International. Nice. Moving on, we have two more steps. One, Let's research what this district is all about. To check that we can go to NFT and go to multiverse and then decentralized end, and then districts from the drop-down menu. And here we can see the various districts. And his sight Art lab. Okay. The sight Art Lab is a research and development lab for the open exploration of science, art, and technology. Okay, Interesting. Their community goal is to enable unconventional research and create a prototype in innovative and unusual ways. And there are links here to the original district plan on GitHub at discord link to contact the project leaders. Let's check out the district plan link here. We have the original posts from three years ago and the original vision for this district, unfortunately, based on our earlier reconnaissance mission, not much has happened in this district in terms of science, art, and technology, but still got to know what this district is all about. Okay. And lastly, let's go check the discord land group and see if anyone has posted information about this district. If you haven't already, you will need to first go to the de-centralized website and add the Discord group for the central lat. And then once you're in, you can go to the land server channel. That's where I am now. And we can see there's no information here about the area where buying and sometimes the seller will drop a link to a property they are selling in the chat group. But again, the seller is keeping a very low profile and is very hands-off when it comes to the sale. So let's now wrap up our research. We know that floor price for decentralized is 3.938. We know the district name. We have visited the district using our avatar. And we know that the current owner is saying a large amount of land in this area. However, we cannot contact them and they are very unlikely to accept offers below the sale price based on what has happened so far. Overall, I think this land is great value because it's only half an eith above floor price. It's very close to Genesis plaza. And within an active district, keeping in mind that some districts have been delisted but still appear as purple, but that's not the case for this district. There are also opportunities to sell this parcel at a higher price by changing the name of the property so that the district is included in the title, which will help by us to find this property. And we can add other words to attract buyers, such as rare district land on the doorstep to Genesis plaza. In addition, right now there is a large supply of land available for this district. But if we wait three months and then sell at that time, we may find that we have the only possible in this district for sale. And if we share a link and the discord land tunnel, we can probably find an interested buyer who is willing to pay one or two more than the floor price. We could also attempt to add value to the plot by burning on the land. But in general, that doesn't add much value right now, most buyers still buy based on location. So all in all, I still think this is a great property to buy at this time. From here we have a couple of options. One is to click buy now and pay the 4.5 and get the land instantly. The other option is to use erupted theorem and submit bids below for eighth and hope the Bible click Accept, it seems unlikely that the buyer will accept bids one because the price is already very close to the floor of 3.92, the owner has not sought other land under this listing price. 21. Class Project: Okay, Now it's time for our class project. The predict for this video course is to find a virtual land property for sale on open C dot IO that you think would make a good five-year investment as part of a buy and hold strategy. So to complete this project, you need to do three steps. One, you need to select a virtual world you want to invest in. Two, you need to find a property within 20 thousand US dollars. And three, you need to take a screenshot of that property listing and leave a few comments on why you think that property is a good investment and submit that to Skillshare. However, it's very, very important that you do not actually by this listening, this is just a hypothetical task and a research exercise. As a quick demonstration, you can navigate to open, see it dot AO. You can then check out the stats section by going to rankings. Then you want to go to Categories, go to virtual worlds. And that'll give you a selection of the major virtual worlds advertised on the open sea. So we have the sandbox, we have decentralized and towns stars. So namespace, crypto voxels traverse, and many more. So after choosing the world that you want to invest in, you can then go in and check out some properties listed for that world. Now keep in mind that there'll be properties listed for auction. And as by now, in order to find something which is under 20000 US dollar is easier if you just go to buy now because the on auction properties are going to fluctuate and price depending on when the oxygen is ending. So for this exercise, best as distinctive buy it now option. So I'm looking at the Buy Now. We can then check out some of these properties. So this one, for example, is 3.88, which is about 11 thousand at the time of recording. So you can see here, It's insight quite a large district, which in itself has some value. It's next to another district here. However, it's a little bit on the edge of the map at the moment, so perhaps not as valuable as other properties. So if you think this is a good property, you'll take a screenshot and leave a few comments about why you think you want to invest. 22. Conclusion: Okay, This brings us to the end of the course. Thank you for joining this introduction to investing in the mid averse. I have a little fun composing this guide, and I hope you're inspired to continue the journey of learning more about the new era of the internet. And while it's impossible to fully predict the future, you can definitely enjoy a headstart simply by being aware of it and acknowledging that the Internet landscape is constantly changing and evolving. After conducting more of your own research, one of the next steps is to actually explore the Midwest, while there's increasingly more interest in this space, a lot of the current discussion is just hype and talk. So there's very few people actually spending time exploring these virtual worlds and the metaphase. By spending time in the virtual world, you'll start to notice what's missing and they're in unlock new investment opportunities. After creating an account and spending time in the virtual world that you choose. You may like to look at getting more exposure up by purchasing virtual land and Acquiring voting rights in the multiverse as a virtual land owner. Keep in mind though, that investing in an emerging and artificial universe is not without risk and certainly not without danger. So before embarking on your investor journey is important to set principles that determine how you want to make your investment decisions. Do you want to hold forever? Do you want to buy and flip board? You want to build a diverse portfolio of small bets and one will return more than the sum of all the other bits put together should the rest of fail, you'll also need to be on the watch for scams and other potential changes. As multiverse catches on is likely to become a hotbed for bogus investments and Truman schemes, hacking attacks and over-hyped product offerings. Very similar to what happened with the ICO craze in 2017. If you'd like to reach out to me, you can find me at three winters at proton I also have an active Twitter account, had Terry reenters zeros seven. And you could also join the discord with the link provided on screen. Okay, thank you everyone, and look forward to seeing you in the metaphase. Okay.