The Magical Wonder: Learn How to Perform Magic with Sponge Balls | Elisav Bizau | Skillshare

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The Magical Wonder: Learn How to Perform Magic with Sponge Balls

teacher avatar Elisav Bizau, Close Up Magician, Cardist, Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Types of Sponge Balls

    • 3. 3. Production 1 : Particles

    • 4. 4. Production 2 : Fairy Dust

    • 5. 5. Production 3 : Invisible

    • 6. 6. Production 4, 5 and 6 : Instant

    • 7. 7. False Transfer 1 : The Classic

    • 8. 8. False Transfer 2 : The Pinch

    • 9. 9. False Transfer 3 : The Steal

    • 10. 10. Magical Effect 1 : Penetrating the Hand

    • 11. 11. Magical Effect 2 : Teleportation

    • 12. 12. Magical Effect 3 : Haunted Sponge ball

    • 13. 13. Magical Effect 3 : Splitting in Two

    • 14. 14. Magical Effect 4 : Color Changing Sponges

    • 15. 15. Ending Words

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About This Class

Hi! Welcome to my Skillshare Class on how to perform magic with sponge balls. In this course I will teach you 6 ways to produce a sponge ball from thin air, 4 ways to vanish (false transfer) them and also 5 wonderful effects such as multiplication, color change, teleportation and penetrationThese require a small amount of practice and will create an joyful memory for your friends (even foes!), family and everyone you choose to perform for. 

I've been doing magic for 11 years and had the honor of teaching magic to others in Paris, London, Stockholm and Madrid. I've worked with numerous magic companies, published books and performed close up shows in places I never thought I would.

It's all nice, but it wouldn't mean anything if I wouldn't share all of this with someone; with my spectators. This is the philosophy which has always guided my classes. Create a memorable experience for your audience while also creating one for yourself. Joy is abundant when shared, but first it must come from within.

That is why I've also prepared a class project to get you started.

This Class is suited for everybody who is interested in learning the sleights and principles that make sponge ball magic work. These principals can then be applied to other areas of magic (and self-development!). It is ideal for beginners who want to perform and practice this beautiful artform. 

The Magical Wonder is divided into 15 individual lessons that showcase all the sleights, the performance of the effect, the explanation of how the magic effect is achieved and the philosophy that comes with performing and practicing. It is simple and easy to follow with multiple angles so that you will learn it in the best way possible!T

There is no prior knowledge required! Everything you learn will be used to perform the effects I’m teaching. There is no age restriction whatsoever. Everyone can join this class even if your 8 or 90 years young.

I hope you have fun while watching and learning. Magic is just so wonderful :) 

Affiliate link to the Author I was talking about:

Sponge Ball Magic by Daryl :

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elisav Bizau

Close Up Magician, Cardist, Creator


Yo, my name's Biz and I love magic, cardistry and breathing. Breathing is the best, isn't it?

I've been practicing, playing and studying to become a magician for over 11 years now. I have had shows and lectures in Paris, Stockholm, London, Bratislava and Madrid, sharing with other magicians and enthusiasts my ideas and creations. I have been publishing original material since I was 15. Have worked with companies from Europe and USA (such as PenguinMagic, VanishingInc, Theory11 and more). 

From 365 Drawings a Day and 10.000 verses in a month, to 365 Hours of Magic, I love creating projects that test the limits of my creativity and dedication. Born in Baia Mare, ever since I was 17 I have been traveling around Europe teaching card magic to other magicians.&nbs... See full profile

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1. 1. Introduction: Hi guys, my name is base, and this is my first course here on skill share. We're gonna be talking about the art of sponge bombs and how you can make some really beautiful things with SpongeBob so you can make them vanish, color change, and we're even going to learn a couple of effects that you can do with one or more sponge box. Now, the spectator Matlab might not know that you're actually using one or more sparse balls. But hey, that's our little secret. Okay, so grab a couple of these masters, and let's start learning some magic would sponge box. Also? What's very nice about this along this or still in the trailer, right? What's very nice about these is that once you know a couple of things with sponge balls, you can actually apply them to other objects as well. That's a beautiful thing about magic. So, yeah, this is still the trailer. So I should probably say joke, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock. 2. 2. Types of Sponge Balls: So I've taken two sponge balls and place them on the table. One which is obviously smaller and the other one which is a lot bigger. Maybe not a lot bigger, but it is, it is bigger and puffier. Honestly, this one feels so good to touch. The other one is a bit more solid and it's very helpful when you're trying to do vanishes as it can hide much better in your hand. Whereas the bigger one, just because of its size, it might actually cover more space. So the risk of performing something and it being seen as much bigger though, why is it that one is bigger than the other one is smaller. This one has actually been watered. So I've put it under the sink and the faucet I'm sorry, not under the sink, further under the faucet. And then I drained into boil the water and then it became this puffy round ball. The beautiful thing about this is that when you open your hand because of its puffiness, it's gonna jump out. Let me show you what happens with toolbox. So we have to and they end up in the spectators hand. He doesn't know he has to he only knows he has one morning. He opens the just jump out and it makes them feel that that the other one has appeared in their hand. Whereas if you have two which are smaller, I've taken a green ones who's better seen and they open their hand, nothing happens. You see it just stays there in the hand. So the layer that it adds is not only is their size, but also the jumpiness. If you've seen that. So it makes people feel an extra emotion besides just the fact that they're amazed at the fact that the SpongeBob has arrived in their hand. Now, I would advise you to have one of these and one of this just to play around with them and get comfortable with both, with both sizes as well. And also maybe you will feel inspired to do something with the one and with the other. You know, you can make the other one transform in the bigger one at 1 after you get comfortable, some techniques, you might even want to switch out all the big ones for smaller ones and make a shrinking SpongeBob. As such. You know, once you have them and you get used to them, you can start playing around with them. And yes, that is it. I'm always so bad. Ending ending sections. How be honest, sober, and just move on. 3. 3. Production 1 : Particles: Let me show you a beautiful way in which you can make a sponge ball appear from thin air. We're going to actually collect dust from the mat like this. And out of all those, we're going to have a SpongeBob manifest. She doesn't wait for a bit. Then the SpongeBob appears in our left hand. For this production, we're going to be holding the sponge ball in our right hands as such. And we're gonna place or right thumb on top of the ball. And this is going to ensure that the ball is actually not going to fall. If we hold it like this. What we're gonna do is we start off in this position. The sponge ball is underneath our palm. So it looks to respect the as if we have nothing in our hands. And then as we raise our palm, we're going to move our thumb underneath the ball as such, and start taking invisible particles from the table and placing them in our left hand. Now, as you will notice, my right hand is actually in the same position, always from beginning to end. I've seen other people perform it as search where you're just placing with two fingers, particles your left hand. And then at 1, you extend all of your fingers in order to drop the ball in your left hand. But I feel is much more natural if you're always holding your right hand in the same position, all your fingers extended as such. And then you're basically always imperfect position of just dropping the ball in your left hand. And to the spectator. It doesn't look like you're doing anything. Whereas if you have your three fingers closed and then all of a sudden you have all of them open. It makes them feel like something's happened. Maybe they don't know what, but something feels out of place and it is out of place because up until now you didn't extend your fingers and then all of a sudden you extend your fingers. As such. I advise you to always keep them in this position with your thumb underneath the ball. And keep placing invisible particles in your left hand. And when you want to produce the sponge ball, you drop it. You'll remove the thumb from underneath the ball. You close your left hand on the ball. And then what I'd like to do is even place another particle and slowly open my hand. Just be careful not to expose the Spongebob to the spectator. This place it over there. As such, maybe wiggle my risks a bit. And then the SpongeBob would appear in my left hand. 4. 4. Production 2 : Fairy Dust: Another way in which can make a sparse model appear is by using some fairy dust. And I usually have some fairy lives just lying around over here. Just put it over here in my left hand slowly. And then just like that, sponge ball is going to appear in my left hand. For this production, we're gonna be holding the sponge ball as such in our right hand. As you can see, the thumb is closed in on top of the ball, so it won't allow it to drop down. This is what is called a classic part. We do it by closing in our pinky of it and then closing it our thumb and blocking the ball in that position. From this position, we can actually move the hand freely, making it as if we have nothing in our hand. So we start off in this position. And then what we do is we start placing this particles in our left hand as if holding the SpongeBob. Well, you can even do is start off with a small sponge ball. And then as you keep adding, it keeps growing and growing and growing until you have the size of a sponge ball. And in that moment, where you're going to do is you come over with your right hand. On top of your left hand. You grab with your left fingers the sponge ball, and then move towards the right to reveal the production of the SpongeBob. We have it over here. We'll just move on top and then we make the sponge ball appear. So we go 12. And then the third one, just like that, we make it appear. 5. 5. Production 3 : Invisible: More convincing way of making a sparse Paula appeared from thin air is by showing your left hand to be empty and then showing your right hand to be empty. And you take out from thinner Spongebob and make it appear. For this production, we're actually going to be transferring the ball from one hand to the other, concealing it in the process and making the space deter thing that we have nothing in our hands only to make a sparse while appear out of thin air. And we do this by using the classic poem that I taught you earlier. So we hold the ball in this position. We showed the right hand empty. And then what's going to happen is we're actually going to roll the ball from one hand to the other hand. And classic parliament in our left hand in the process. And then we can show the right hand to be empty. What I'd like to do is even close my left fingers for a second, show my right hand empty and then extend my fingers holding the sponge ball in that position and taking a sponge ball, an invisible one from the table, closing my fingers, wiggle my wrist, and then make the sponge while appear. Now a tip for the transfer would be, don't actually do the transfer when you're in the middle. Because if you do it when you're in the middle, the spectator is actually going to see a flash of red. And we don't want flashes of red in front of our eyes. So we have the sponge ball over there. And then we start doing the transfer actually in this position. So we place the ball already in the left hand. We close in our left hand fingers, and then we switch position to show our right hand to be empty. And this process, I'll also close my left fingers and then open them a bit later. A second tip and a final one would be to hold your fingers close to each other so you don't actually flash the sponge ball in your hand. So hold them close then shoulder, left-hand, empty. Start doing the transfer. Hold your fingers closed in one's more shoulder, right hand. And then take an invisible sponge balls from the table, close your hand and make it appear. 6. 6. Production 4, 5 and 6 : Instant: Here's a more visual way of making a sparse model of peer from senior. Just going to take an invisible sparked by this from the table and then instantly make it appear in my hand. Here is a more visual way of making a sponge ball appear in your hand, which is gonna take a sponge Bali that then make it appear instantly in my right hand. Also another way to make that sponge ball appear instantly is to go into air and just wave your hand and sparse will instantly appear in between your fingers. For this visual production, we're actually going to be using the sponge ball, which is water. So take a Spanish Bob to your faucet, put some water on it, drain it, and then come back and do it with it. Because what's beautiful about this Spongebob is that it's more snappy. So when you make it appear, instantly pop in your hand, whereas the other one is gonna slowly unfold. And that's not what we want. We want something snack. So once you have that Spongebob, all of the productions actually are based on a special fault. So what we're gonna do is we're going to fold the sponge ball in half once like this, and then spin it around and fold it again. Basically folding, getting quarters and making it look like the taco look or maybe like tulips. Once you have it in this position for the first production, we place it and our third, second finger and close them in, basically holding them in a finger, Paul, this is what is called a finger Paul. We have it over here. And we're gonna make the sponge ball appear by taking an invisible sponge ball in between our thumb and first finger and then opening our fingers. And you will notice that the ball instantly unfolds, appears. And then I can take it with my thumb and show it. So once more, I'll bend it, put it in finger palm over here. Show the invisible spots ball, which I've taken from the table. Open my fingers and move the ball a bit with my thumb so I can show it appear in my hand. And this is all done by motion in your hand. So you can also make it appear by holding your hands still. Or you can do it by moving it back and forth a bit. So you have it over here and then you move it back and forth. Don't do it exaggerated that just a bit like a few inches over here. The second way of making the sphere using the same fall is by placing the sponge ball pinched in between your thumb and index finger as such. And from the front you'll notice that the sponge ball is completely invisible. So all I have to do from this position is actually open my thumb and the sparse ball will unfold appearing in my fingers in between my things. So you have the sponge ball folded and have to pay attention a bit when you put it, pinch them between the fingers. Don't put it like this because it's gonna flash from the front. So what you actually want to do is pinch it so it's hidden completely in between your fingers. And then you're not holding your hand completely straight. As such. They're actually holding it tilted a bit towards the spectator so that when you open your thumb and the sponge bomb falls, they will actually get a full view of the production as such. So you have it over here and then boom. And what I do is I like to blow on the fingers while doing this production, adding a nice magical gesture to it. There you go. For the third visual production, I'm basically doing the same thing as in the second method. But instead of doing it over here on the table, I'm lifting my hand in the year. Can ever separate all of my fingers. You can put two in the air and make a nice dog over here. They gave up. Put all three if you feeling brave. And then you open your thumb and your index finger to make the ball appear instantly. Don't be afraid to drop the ball because the sparse ball it is a sponge, is basically you want to stay in between your fingers. So as long as you open your fingers like this and you hold them relaxed in the same position, it's going to stay there. So don't worry about it falling down on the floor. And there you have it. The three visual ways of making a sparse model appear. 7. 7. False Transfer 1 : The Classic: In this section, we're gonna be looking at how we can transfer one ball from one hand into the other hand. Make it look as if we actually did it while retaining the ball. In the other hand, this is a utility move which we can use in a variety of effects. It can even be used by itself to create a vanish and then make the ball appear. So in itself is one of the main moves. There's going to be used in spawns power magic. So let's go into it. The following method is one of the methods you are going to be using at all times, is the basic retention vanish. And so beautiful because your right hand always stays in the same position. And it's a position that is very natural even for the spectator. If you would give them a nice SpongeBob and he just told him to hold it in their hands. There would probably hold it like this. If you told them to till their hand a bit, they will put their thumb on top of the ball and hold it in perfect position to execute what I'm just gonna teach right now. So even the spectator could be actually taught this in a few seconds. So as I said before, you place the ball right here in the middle of your fingers, your comment, your thumb on top. And then you're gonna pretend to put it in the left hand while keeping your right hand in the same position. And it's very essential to keep it in the same position. So it doesn't look like you actually did something because if you put it there in new instantly close your right fingers. It kinda looks like you stall the ball. And I'll come over here and then you close your fingers after second. That's different. And in magic, these small seconds mean alot. So we're actually doing, is you put it over here and you start closing your left fingers already. You remove your hand and then you keep your left faced a bit puffy. So you don't want to close it like this as if you are punching somebody because it doesn't look like you actually have something. When you give a spot well to somebody, they're gonna hold it in a relaxed fashion because you have something in your hand and it's very fragile, small thing, this patch bar. So you wouldn't really squeeze it in except if you would tell the spectator to squeeze it. But in this situation, we're now going to squeeze it. We're actually going to keep our hands puffed off a bit. And then once we make it vanish, We can close in our fist and show that it has vanished. So we have it over here or thumb goes on top. We close our fingers. Then we close the fingers on her right hand. And we showed that it has vanished. This, if we would like to do advantage, they usually we're going to use this for a false transfer where the spectators still thinks that the sponge ball is in the left hand. We've actually retain that end the right hand. So what I want you to practice is the timing of the two actions. The timing of when you come back with the right hand, and the timing of when you close the left fingers, because these two things put together is what's going to make this move very beautiful. So just do this a couple of times and do it very slowly. So it doesn't look like you're doing something that just looks like you're putting the ball over there. And that's exactly what you want. You want this move to look like you're just pulling the ball over there. You don't want to rush. You don't wanna, You're not running anywhere. You know. You just want to put the ball over there and then give it a nice squeeze and vanishing. 8. 8. False Transfer 2 : The Pinch: Here's a beautiful version where you can take the bottom between two fingers. You put it in the hand, you close your fist and was just a nice little wave, the ball instantly vanishes. The following transfer loops. Very beautiful because the spectator sees how you're closing in your fingers on top of a ball. And then your fingers on your right hand are completely standard. And you're still showing your hand empty. And it's this transfer of moving the ball from finger, clipped this position where it's clipped between your thumb and your index finger as such. So this is what I wanted to practice in the beginning, is just having the ball clipped in between your index and middle finger. As such, moving it inside and then clipping it between your thumb and index finger. And as you will notice, I'm actually only moving my middle finger completely inside while my index finger is barely moving a bit less is because when you're doing the vanish, it looks much better if one of the fingers is going to be extended, whereas the other one is gonna go closed inside. So absolutely get this down. Having it clipped over here. I want you to put the fingers inside of your Paul, close your entire fist as such, and then take your fingers out. And if you wouldn't do anything, he would just look like this. Which is very similar to the second method that we learned. Or what you gotta do is as you're pulling it out, you're going to start doing this wave in motion. And at the same time, close your middle finger and your other fingers except for the index finger and clip it between your thumb and index finger. So you're over here, you start doing the waving motion, you closing your fingers, you clip it and you continue. This one looks very nice as vanish, where you can also use it as a false transfer and say it that a ball is now over here and then continue doing the magical effect that you're doing. 9. 9. False Transfer 3 : The Steal: Here's a nice version where you take the ball and between two fingers as such, you put it in the hand equals c and at all times but instantly just vanishes. The next method is similar to the third one, because the ball is being clipped between your index and middle finger, and it ends up in the same clip position between your thumb and index finger. So you're basically doing the same motion, but instead of keeping it clipped as such, where your fingers are neat next to each other. You're actually overlapping your fingers in this position as if you're making your boy scouts square, you know. So you're overlapping the fingers and your clipping over there, the SpongeBob. You're exposing your hand as if it were a stage, and you're putting your pause one on top of each other in this manner. And this point, what you gonna do is you're gonna close in your fingers. You're gonna close your fist and two things are gonna happen. So let's do them separately. The store actually be together, but we're gonna do it separately over here. My left fist is going to turn completely and move a bit forward, while my right wrist is got a third around in the exact same position. And then clip it in between my thumb and index finger. And if I do this together, you notice the ball escapes by Paul meant, and I've moved my left fist, which appears to still have the SpongeBob. So we're over here, we close the phased in. And now we're going to have to slide our left thumb alongside the index and middle finger because we want to be able to pull this thing out and then clip it. So we have it over here, reported them. We close our face, we start sliding the thumb on the upper side of those fingers. And then those two risks turn towards yourself. You close in your right fingers and you pull on it. And you'd have over here vanished. Now the thing is, it's all about, it's all about doing them together. As you can see, sometimes, I'm not even putting my my left thumb completely underneath my fingers is just an instant thing where I am closing my fist. I'm pouring a thumb already on top. And then I'm keeping my left my left fist very relaxed. My left fist is actually never in this position, is just relaxed and then open. So it's here, relax, boom. And then open. So it's over here. I'm closing it like this as if it's a bit puffed. Here. You bring it inside. And then that's the moment when I actually feel like I'm clenching a been a bit my fingers. So come over here, come the thumb over the untap, bring it and then boom. You have it vanished. This one looks very beautiful as vanish. But avoid nice as a false transfer, as the spectator sees it the last time over there. So it's a great retention vanish. And to continue on with the magical effect that you're doing. Just like doing it so much. I'm even going to do it one last time. 10. 10. Magical Effect 1 : Penetrating the Hand: What's funny about these boss is that because of their soft texture, you can actually make them pass through your hand just like that. And there's nothing funny with my left hand. You can actually do it with the right hand is well, just a left tab and the barges passes through your hand. We're so we're gonna make a BAD penetrate our hand. And I think most of you have already thought about this one. We are going to be using two balls. One of them is gonna sit in our left hand and the other one is going to come on top with our hands on top of the ball and in this position with our thumb on Spongebob. And then as we clashed down on the ball with just the Palm flat, we're going to open the left-hand and reveal that the SpongeBob has definitely blast through. We're imperfect position to just close our fingers from the right-hand. Pickup, this ball, move it in our left hand, and then instantly do the next one. Now these things are gonna roll a lot, so you gotta get accustomed to them rolling. And they're now rolling by Rolling Stones. So it's going, you're catching the ball. And then you can repeat this a couple of times. It's just the more that you do it, people might actually understand that you're holding something in your hand. Like I said, they're gonna keep rolling. So have an opportunity here to do something that is committed. You can actually make it as a magical effect and then do it twice and it's enough and then mix it in together with other effects that build up towards a crusade them. Or you can actually do it many times, so many times that it becomes very fun. So play along, play with it, and see in which direction you want to take it. And that is the SpongeBob penetrating the hand. 11. 11. Magical Effect 2 : Teleportation: Let me show you guys something interesting happens when you touch your thumbs in other cottage where they touch fingers together. Well, this is a bit different. Now you take the ball and you put it in the left hand. And if you just just touched the thumbs like that, it vanishes from the left hand and appears back in the right hand. Cal duet again, watch, Put it in the left hand. Like that. Didn't touch the fingers yet. They don't touch the fingers yet, but Oh, exactly. When it touches, that's when it vanishes from the left hand and appears in the right hand. The God touch man telling me, for the transport, we're gonna be holding one ball in our right hand and the other one is going to be sitting on the table as such. Now we have both of our fists in the same position when we begin the routine is very important because if one of the hands is open and the other one is closed, it looks like we have something in your right hand. So by using reverse psychology, you can actually open your right hand and keep the left one closed. And people will think you have something in your left hand. As such, you can open the hand and take the ball. And then destroyed people's opinion and their beliefs and just open the hand. You know, there's many things you can actually do once you actually start thinking like the spectator and then play around with what they expect and turn it on its side. So let's continue back to the fact that was a small small thing I just wanted to tell you guys. So we have the ball in our right hand. We're going to take the first punch ball and we're going to put it on our left hand, like this, as we've learned before. So it's not actually now left-hand. We turn our fest with touch our thumbs, and then we open the left-hand. And what's going to happen here is we insert our thumbs in between the two balls and then use that to put the ball up in-between the index finger and thumb. So once more, we have it over here, it's inside. We open a bit older or thumb in-between the balls and raised them up, instantly closing our fingers back to hide the other SpongeBob. Again, we're going to put the ball in the left hand. And I want you guys to do it in the same way they did before. So you put it over there, close the hand and you do it. You might even want to show it a bit. You touch the fingers. And here's what's going to happen. Now you don't want to show the hand like this and say Watch, my hand is now empty because it, it looks a bit weird. So what we're gonna do instead, we're going to show the right ball and instantly open our left hand and go for the right ball. Because everybody's attention is gotta be now on the fact that the ball is in the right hand. So if we just take this opportunity, open our fingers, palmar the sponge ball in our classic palm position, and head towards the SpongeBob. People are now going to think again back to the left hand. And if they are thinking, they're already looking at it holding the other bar. So we can give this to the spectator. And while we're gesturing towards it, we can dump the ball if we're not too safe doing it with the BOD that is holding, with the hand that is holding the ball. You can go with the right hand and ditch this in your pocket. Meanwhile, we're usually once you know a couple of these routines, you're going to string them together one after the other. So this won't actually feel that weird once you're already having one of these, it actually feel very good because they're going to go into a different routine. So maybe from here you're going to take it, split it into two, you know. And then you're going to go into one of these. We're making the about cross on the other side. So, you know, once you know the basic method behind an effect, play around with it experiments like I said before, and have fun. 12. 12. Magical Effect 3 : Haunted Sponge ball: This one is such a beautiful effect because once you actually know the method behind it, you can do it with so many things that can be hidden your left hand, usually things that are a bit round and fitting your phone, a couple of them in your palm. You can actually do this routine with it. So the way that this happens is, let's split it into two segments. What the left-hand does and what the right hand does. The right-hand will always sit like this. 90% of the time will sit in this position where you're holding the ball in this poem. So it's concealed from the front. And you can actually come, show it, pretend to put it inside. And when you come back, people actually don't see anything. Because your left hand meanwhile, is producing the ball that it always keeps. So you're showing the ball, you're producing it. You're pushing it, showing it again. And as you can see, both hands are doing exactly the same thing. Now when you bring these two motions together, what's actually happening is you're pressing this sponge ball down in your hand with the spots ball from your right hand. So the spawn balls over here, you're pressing it down. This means you are going to open your left fist. So this Balkan go down. As such, we bring it, we show the right SpongeBob, pretend to put it in behind our back, and meanwhile produced this one. The way that I produce it is by putting my thumb underneath the ball and bring it up. You see, just comes up instantly. So I can come drop it inside. And instantly at this point, the spandrel is actually hidden from the front so you can't see anything. It's just my hands together in this position. It looks like I'm holding the Olympic torch, but I'm not. And this why? This moment it's blocked. So I'm instantly twisting my hand so the spectator can see the sponge ball. And then I am turning my left wrist towards the left side. So I will hide the fact that I have another SpongeBob SOM turning. I'm putting this inside. Boom, I Producer again, hide, turn. Put this inside, producing it again. Boom. Put this inside until the point where you want to actually drop that one in all. Or you might not even drop it, but hold it here and then take the last one, put it inside, or even keep it together with the other sponge bar. And then show they finally gotten rid of the spark bar. So it can be a nice haunted sponge ball type of thing that you are performing. You can have some music in the background and you can actually talk while doing it. It's a very nice committee bit that can be adapted to your personality. So play around with it, play with it, experiment with it. Maybe you want to put some other effects in there, but this is the basic method. I hope you enjoy it much low. 13. 13. Magical Effect 3 : Splitting in Two: Let me show you something very interesting that I saw in a video game. So in this video game, they could use their fingers as a swore. So I thought I could do the same thing. Let me just sharpen my Seward a bit here. And I tried trying it for some something that is easier to cut like a sponge block. And so I could just take the spot ball and just put it here and start cutting it like this. It will separate into that. That's all I can do until now. My mana is completely drain. I'll be honest. As you guys probably guessed, we're gonna be using toolbox for this. 11 of them is going to be staying right hand clipped right here in your three fingers hidden from the spectator. And the other one is going to be held in the right hand as well. Now I'm going to show you expose what's going to happen. We bring the two balls together and then we cut them in this way. So you're in this position, right? I've taught you both positions, so we're not going to go over these. But what is really happening is this ball is actually being brought inside and being pressed with the thumb from the side. And then I'm opening my fingers. So right now both balls are touching each other. And when I put them down, as you can see, my pinky finger is helping my thumb continue pressing so that they look like its just one single ball. And I instantly placed by index finger on that middle right here, so that it looks like I am just pressing down on one single ball. And then if I just start cutting them, they will appear. Or that motion one more time. We have it here, we bring it inside. We press for our thumb, open our fingers there, squeezed instantly. My index finger. I will begin the cutting motion. And I don't want you guys to actually do this very fast. I want you to actually put some acting in it and really make an effort to cut these pausing to. So when it really happens, the spectator is really surprised. And this is one of those effects that hits every time because people are not expecting it to happen. Another thing you can do is actually have more sponge balls storage in your right hand. Fingers clipped over there. And then we show one ball. We open our fingers, we bring this one inside, and then we actually just take those two. We separate them, put it down. Then we take another one. Again. We start squeezing it in, release with our fingers, so only one of them comes out. And then we're actually applying the pressure this time not against one of our right fingers, but it gets the poem, the left palm itself. So we apply the pressure. We put our index finger on the middle, separate the boss again. And then the last one, we just do it as we know. And we separate the boss once more. So play around with the method and try and see what else you can come up with. Experiment. Maybe you can put a butter yellow right here on 11 of the balls and have a yellow ball stored up so they can cut it and conceal the yellow spot on the bag. And just seeing that you actually split that part and made it into a sparse bar. So there's many things that you can actually do by giving some time to play around with the method in experiment. Experimentation is at the base of creation. It even rind, and if it rhymes, it's true. 14. 14. Magical Effect 4 : Color Changing Sponges: The color changing Spongebob, I love this one, honestly, color changes have always been so fun to me. This is why I'm going to show you this with my two favorite colors, red and green. Mallory, blacks, My favorite color. But hey, here's why I'm dressed like this. We're gonna be holding one of them in classic Paul. And the other one is going to be in this position at 1.19. Because if they're both in this position, you actually hiring them. So it's not really okay. Now we have the ball in our left hand and we're going to be changing it with the one from our right hand as such. So I'm gonna do this a couple of times in front of the camera from an exposed point of view. So you can actually see what is happening. So we're moving the ball from inside our palm to the exterior where our fingers are in order to do the change as such. You see? So it's happening in a sort of petting effect where I'm just padding the sponge ball and is changing. So the motion that we have to get down is this where you're holding the sponge ball in classic Tom, you're closing your fingers and then you're opening them while still holding onto the Spongebob. And then in this free space, your red sponge ball, it's gonna go and switch positions. What's beautiful about this is that your left hand doesn't do anything, anything. So the body is just sitting there. This one comes out and the green bulb can tax my palm. And I will already begin rolling it towards myself by coming towards me and then grabbing it. So the ball starts rolling and putting the green ball there. And then I am read, gripping with my left thumb the rot the red ball. As such. That's the only thing that's happening, just moving one inch, my thumb from right to left. So play along with this and just get a custom to use switching the balls one after the other in this mode. Now, the most important thing about color changes is making them look natural. So what you don't want to do is show the ball and then just change it like that. What I wanna do, what I like to do, you know, because you can do it like this for sure. It still looks very nice. It just come you pet it and it changes. And I've done this many times and it looks amazing. But what I found is very nice though, is do a nice motion before that looks exactly like the motion they are doing when you are changing the SpongeBob. So you're doing it once and then you are changing the Spongebob, you know, and it looks like you're always doing the same thing. There we go once and then you're changing the span pot. So play around with the different ways you can actually hide this. Maybe you want to have it there and then boom and just slamming it down and changing it. Maybe you want to switch it and not actually reveal it instantly, but then reveal it that it has actually changed. So once you have all of these methods and your natural and your comfortable with doing them, switching from one position to the other, doing that changes in the false transfers as such, what you can do is play around with all of them, put them together, mix and match experiment, make lots of mistakes because once you're just by yourself, perfect, it's perfect atmosphere for experimenting. Once you in front of the spectator is perfect atmosphere for actually performing well. So that is the color changing sparkplugs. 15. 15. Ending Words: So we've arrived at the end of this course. I hope you guys enjoyed everything that you've learned up until now. Practice the techniques and make sure that you have fun with everything you know. Because once you have fun, you can actually start using your personality inside your magic routines and make it fun for your spectators as well. Also, do not perform any of these effects before you can actually mastered them. So you don't reveal any of them to the people that have showed them. I'd like to thank very much to sukha DH Muji near the place where I'm actually filming right now is just Amazing. So if you guys are in Bucharest, do visit this place. This is the place to be. And I'll come to Romania. You gotta come here. I would like to thank Daryl and probably hundreds, hundreds of musicians that have helped this beautiful art for own sponge ball magic expanded what it is now. And I would like to thank you for being with me up until now. Just moment of pure gratitude. I wanted to stop there and just make it personal. So thank you very much guys, and I'll see you in the next course. Pisa.