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The Magic of Imperfect Artistry

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

The Magic of Imperfect Artistry

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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5 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Enroll in The Magic of Imperfect Artistry

    • 2. My goal is to give as much as I can to you with the least resistance

    • 3. Less editing often means more money per hour worked

    • 4. Making a sustainable business as an artist is difficult and much easier when more of your creative w

    • 5. Thank you for finishing the magic of imperfect artistry

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About This Class

Enroll in this class to see the huge benefits I receive by being an imperfect artist online that honestly tries to share my creative work out into the world as it is!  You might enjoy the graphs I made in Microsoft PowerPoint which I attempt to use to show how this productivity system allows me to earn more money per hour of design work I do producing videos and how minimizing my time editing my video creations results in building a more sustainable business fast.

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in The Magic of Imperfect Artistry: thank you very much for starting the magic of in perfect artistry created here by me jury Banfield in perfect artist. What I'm going to do quickly in this course is show you the benefits off, making the best material you can in the shortest amount of time. So taking a leap of faith in your ability to create whatever it is, I will use these of the graphs I'm going to use in this to demonstrate my point. Using my own business on what I'll Do is show you the results of that also in my own business, with narrating audiobooks and putting out thousands of videos in the last two years alone using what I call in this course the gift of imperfecta artistry. As you can see here, this is a course not highly polished in the sense off. It's not perfectly edited, everything's not perfectly lined up, and yet for some reason it works, and that will be effective. I hope for you in communicating away toe work online that will allow you to fully get your creative art work out in the very shortest period of time to the most people, and to maximize the return. You get out of your business. Thank you very much for watching this and enroll in this course now to continue learning here with me. 2. My goal is to give as much as I can to you with the least resistance: thank you very much for starting the magic of imperfecta artistry. Here's the first key slide that I'll start discussing to make this make sense here with you . So what I've got here and I'll slide over just a little bit on the side so you can see this is a bar graph showing how maney five minute videos I can produce in one hour using different levels off editing, essentially after I do my creative work. So I'm doing my creative work right now. I'm narrating the video. That's my riel creative work. Then the question is, how much do I edit it and try and make it perfect after that? And then this graph shows the form of my final results. So in my businesses, I'll show you here over 2000 videos online, millions of views on YouTube, millions of dollars in sales, and that is based on the ability not to do better work than anyone else. The main thing is, it's based on the ability to put out more work faster than most anyone does on skill share . They recommend teaching a new class once a month. I put out a class every day every day, and this is the reason if you look at how Maney videos I can make in one hour, look at this in one hour of riel time with no edits. I can make 11 videos because it still takes me turning off the recording, turning on the next one and putting the file names in and uploading them. That means in 60 Minutes Aiken turnout 55 minutes of video. If I make minimum edits, for example, take out parts rice just justice to stutter and just can't say things right. Mess things up and lying butcher When I'm saying if I make minimum edits cutting out the worst mistakes, if I make minimum edits where I cut the beginning in the end, where I go and then try and click on the video. If I cut that part out, I have to render the videos then, which doubles the amount of time it takes. And this is what I used to do for my courses online. I used to just do minimum edits because that would allow me to get pretty good quality videos up in a very fast amount of time. Still, you see the big difference I'm doing no edits now wherever I can, because hey, I'd rather put up 11 videos in an hour than six does still you can see with minimum edits six. And you can translate this into whatever you want. Audiobooks painting, blawg posts, words written for a book. Whatever you want to translate this into, then if I go down here to fully edit it fully edited means something more like this course not where this course is actually fully edited, but that I took the time to produce things beforehand to set the course up, are then went in fully edited by literally rewatching the entire video, not just cutting my worst mistakes of the beginning in the end, but going down scrutinizing every single thing. Should I say that? Should I at what are we at now? Three minutes that three minutes and 15 seconds. Should I go in and say this? This and that, or would it be better if I went back through and took that out? Maybe I should I shouldn't say that that's fully edited. Going back through in just chopping everything up, taking out every little deep breath. Oh my God, You should have taken that out. Jerry fully edited that deep breath wouldn't be in there along with that, either funny or stupid or somewhere in the middle comment, along with anything I just said and fully edited are stick straight to the material. We talk about what we're going to talk about, and I'm extremely stiff, and I offer no fun at all. And if I get fined for a minute, that's cut that's fully edited and you've probably watched a lot of fully edited courses, and you probably watched plenty of scripted and fully edited courses to now. Scripted courses require writing the entire material out beforehand. Every word that's said must be putting the script. And if you deviate from the script, we're gonna have to edit it and do another take scripted, fully added look at the difference with no edits. I'm doing this with no edits. Albeit I went made what you might call a pretty or an awful or somewhere in the middle graph. I wouldn't made that first, so that took actually 20 or 30 extra minutes. But occasionally I try and do something new, enhanced the quality anyway. Long story short, this is a no at its type of video here, using the background I've put up in this power point a scripted and fully edited videos, you can see the difference I can Onley do about Ah, fifth off those air, about a minute of finished, fully edited and scripted video in an hour. That means to do a five minute video for a course to take me five hours of actual time. A lot of people online think I work really hard. No, I work smart. They're looking, Oh my God, you have so many course up because they're picturing scripting and fully editing those out , man, you must work 80 hours a week to crank thes videos out, and I certainly don't scripted and edited videos. Take a very long time to do. If you want to do a perfect five minute video, it takes about an hour to write the script, and then it will take several hours to shoot at it. Do retakes do it again. You didn't read the script. Edit. The script produced the materials. The point is, it's a lot faster to do no edits or minimum edits or even fully edited videos that aren't done without a script. Now why does that matter what I'll do? A show you in the next slide? Why? This is so important. 3. Less editing often means more money per hour worked: Here's why this is so important. I literally all I had to do is take a drink of tea between these two videos and now it record again dollars per hour spent working on a five hour course that earns about $1000. So I'll put this in context for you really quickly. This graph is how much money I make per hour. If I make a course that's five hours long, and that five hour course earns me $1000 from most of the courses I've taught online. My average course actually earns anywhere from 2000 to 5000 plus within a year, and some of the courses have upwards, depending on the work, often taking longer and longer. So in other words, if I make a 20 hour course, that course will earn, on average four plus $1000. So this is the dollars per hour worked on a five hour course, earning $1000. So while I'm essentially doing this right now, this is a no edits, but technically made the power point some. It's not a perfect no edits because there was some set up, although in actually in terms of the video. There are no edits in the videos. These videos are all shot straight. No edits. So this is a no edits video course with prepared material, which adds about 30 more minutes, so slightly reduced dollar power. Anyway, bottom line is, ah, 160 plus dollars per hour. I earned doing it this way. Now when I used to make minimum edits courses, I was earning about $100 per hour. I'd work about 40 hours a week or so, and then I would make about 4000 week, which turns into about a couple 100,000 year, which is what my business profits currently looking at right now. So this is what I've found doing minimum at its videos, and I could throw this course even minimum, and it's and or some set up time significant set up time like a 30 minute to make a power point beforehand. So this work is in the in these 1st 2 categories. Now look what happens when you go down a fully edited and scripted and fully edited using the last slide I showed you. So five minute videos produced in an hour. What happens when you do these fully edited and scripted Feli edit? It takes a lot longer to make a five hour course. And even though the quality might be a little bit better, the courses and products aren't often sold, at least initially. And many of the sales aren't sold because your courses absolutely perfectly edit inside it sold based on other people want it. Many of the people's bought my courses, never even took the course. In other words, I could have just put almost nothing our total crap in the middle of the course. They didn't even open it to start with. Do you see my point? Better to be able to make so many more courses so you Onley get if it takes you much longer to make a fully edited course than your effective dollar per hour. Rates lower. If you can only make 25 minute videos in an hour, you've only produced 10 minutes of a five hour course in an hour, and that lowers your effectively rate. Teoh get a five hour course done into the thirties. Now, if you do a script in and fully edited course where it takes you a ton of time and energy to actually make the entire course. And this is what I see a lot of people doing trying to teach online, if you can. On Lee, do a five minute video once every five hours of work. And yes, I've seen lots of people and these air just rough estimates. I realize some people in crank a scripted five minute video out faster. I realize there's tools you can use these air. Just rough estimates. I've seen several people that have literally taken 2030 50 60 hours to make a little tiny course doing scripted and fully edited videos. The point is, it's you earn a lot more money per hour. You do creative work if you make minimum or no edits at all. If possible. That means if you're painting or designing something, just draw it, and as soon as you're done, leave it alone, Don't it every single little edge of it. Don't try and make it perfect as soon as you feel like you've got it. Same thing on the block post, right? The blawg post put it out there trying not to edit it repeatedly in the middle of it. When you're doing a video. This makes a big difference. Just talk. Just be honest and put it out there. So to me, this is a main factor that guides my creative process. I make a lot more money. If I do. Minimum edits are no edits at all on skill share. I'm trying to do as many courses with no edits is possible because of especially what I'm going to show you in the next slide. 4. Making a sustainable business as an artist is difficult and much easier when more of your creative w: This is a big reason why I try and do minimum edits and no edits. And this is why suggested. Also, this is the last two slides here in the magic of imperfecta artistry, these air, the last two slides I've put together into making a chart of a sustainable business and the time to achieve it and when I've attempted to do in this chart is include various things you might suggest, like you might suggest, Jerry. If I take time to script and fully edit my videos, they'll be of better quality. I'll be able to get more good reviews. I'll be able to make money faster, even though I make less courses. The courses I do make will make more money. Yes, that's possible, but it's not guaranteed. This graft attempts to take various things like that into account and make a rough estimate on how long it will take you starting from nothing to do creative work until you have a sustainable business, assuming you are showcasing your creative work on something like YouTube or eking it lots of free traffic and then you're using your free traffic to make sales. So for me, I use YouTube to get free traffic to then make sales in the form of sign ups on skill share in the form of course purchases on my websites in the form of audio book purchases on audible in the form of paid calls. And all of this is summarised into the amount of time it takes you to achieve a sustainable business. A sustainable business is one that runs itself financially. It's one that you don't have to borrow money or get investments to maintain. It's a business that makes enough money that it continues to drive on itself. A start up business is one that does not make enough money that you've just started or you're hoping to make sustainable. Your business is not sustainable if you can't handle a few bad months. Ah, startup business. Often if you have a few bad months or things start going well. But then, if they stop going while right away, you're out of business. A sustainable business is one like I have now. My business makes a consistent income every month, enough to pay all the bills that consistently month after month, makes a profit. Some months there's a smaller profit, some months, there's a bigger profit is taken. Me at least four years toe have a sustainable business online because I started off doing my creative work slow. I started off trying to make fully edited and scripted videos just like lots of others. And I also tried no edits and minimum edits, but I just was all over the place. This graph assumes you're making a business. You're basing it on the creative work you do, and how long will it take you to achieve a sustainable business? Now let's go over what exactly? Put on this graph now the blue at the bottom here is days to a sustainable business fast, and all of these are the same. These air all 90 days on all of these. Why? Because I think you have the potential if you're doing scripted and fully edited videos. And if you're doing minimal at its, I think we're Garlits of the type of videos you do. You have the potential to get lucky. You have the potential. Rather, you've put in 50 hours into making a five minute video to get it just perfect. A rather, you just recorded a five minute video like I'm just recording this here. I think regardless of how you do it, you have the chance to get lucky. Now the differences. In 90 days, you have the chance to get lucky a lot more times, and that's where the rest of these videos go. That said, though, if you make some video that for some reason gets locking goes viral and everyone loves it doing script in fully edited videos, you've got less chances. But I think each of your videos may not necessarily, but may have a better chance to get viral on Go out there because people are usedto watching polished, fully edited videos. And if you happen to do everything just right and get lucky, I think you can have a sustainable business and as little as 90 days doing any off these methods of creativity. However, I'm guessing you'd rather not just depended completely on luck and your subject material to get you a sustainable business. That's why the days to sustainable business slow is what I think of is a more accurate model for how long is going to take you to actually get into a sustainable business. Now this sustainable business slow includes the out of business phase so most businesses go under especially online. But generally, most businesses are out of business in about three years, in about three years or less. Most businesses are out of line in two years. Something like half of businesses are already out of business. So what I've gotten these 1st 2 here is the amount of time it will take you to achieve a sustainable business. And if you're in the gray area here, you're going to go out of business before you become sustainable. So these air roughly, I think you could end up falling anywhere in here. So if you're trying to make scripted and fully edited videos or just videos fully edited, I think there's about a 50 50 chance you go out of business before you even get to a point of sustainable. Here's the reason if your subject matter is not hot if you don't present in the exact right way. If you don't put your videos on the right place and I'm using videos because that's what I do, you can change this with art, music, any form of art that you can create. Blawg posts, books, whatever you want a substitute? I use it with videos because that's what I do. But you can put whatever you do in here if you don't line everything up correctly. It takes so long to just make enough things to hit critical mass that in both of these first cases, you're likely to go out of business before you kind of hit your stride. I think if you do minimum at its and no edits, especially that within I would say you're doing no edits are two years minimum. Edits You should have a sustainable business just because of the raw amount of things you've created. The biggest thing that stands out online is depth. Almost anyone can go make a video or a couple videos. People are sustainable. Businesses very often tend to have a lot more creative work because almost anyone I could go right now and draw something in Adobe illustrator Microsoft paint. I could draw something in photo shop I could use. Can va you see it be easy for me to go. Just draw something right now. The big difference is my drawings will probably stink compared to yours if you like to draw . But if you've drawn a lot, if you've done thousands of drawings online, I can't go. Just do that. You can easily go make a video just like I'm doing. You could probably pretty easily go put up a skill share course like I'm doing. You can't overnight go make thousands of videos you can't overnight. More than likely go make 50 or whatever skill share courses I'll have up By the time you see this, Having a sustainable business usually happens with depth, and the key thing you need with depth is giving to the same people over and over again. There's a good chance you're either here, directly or indirectly is a function to the fact that I've created things for people so many times that many people watching my videos have watched hundreds off my videos. If I am doing it, Ah, business like I am with minimum minutes and no edits, you can see the mo mentum it on. Lee takes then, ah, few 100 days of creating whatever it is you create to have the ability to have given the same person. For example, if you do drawings and your main business is drawing and you your final product is a finished drawing of something, and you just put it out for free. You could literally have given one person, Ah, 100 different drawings within a few 100 days if you just draw it. And don't try and make it perfect and edit it with books. If your main thing is books, I record audio books each morning. Now I have the ability to give one person Ah, lot of books within a year of recording audio books. If you try and do it exactly perfectly, you've got to essentially hope the one book you have or the one drawing you have. The one video you have is what people want. The advantage in doing minimum minutes and no edits is bruv bores. I have the ability to make videos on everything because I make them so fast. So if you choose doing a script in Feli edited video on the wrong topic or you word it the wrong way or you narrate it the wrong way or it's bad timing, you do something after everyone else talked about it. These are things that happen normally. The difference is the way I do My videos allows me to fail a lot. And if you look at this like a baseball game, I'm able to bat. Ah, bunch of times. I have a better shot at getting a home run because I'm swinging a lot when you do no edits and you see up here when you do no edits, you get a lot of swings. If ah 100 of my videos don't go anywhere and one does, it won't take me very long to make one. That does literally. If one out of every 100 of my videos gets good organic traffic on its own and organic traffic, allow me to have a sustainable business, then it only takes me about 10 hours with no edits to make videos that have a high impact. If I'm doing minimum edits, it only takes me about 20 hours. But if I'm doing scripted and fully edited videos and even if I buffet up to 2% because the video is so much higher quality, it's still going to take me so long to make 50 videos and to get one that actually does well on its own, then it's a much harder to make a sustainable business, so if you're trying to just produce things the way that is common. I went to the CNN studio and they do scripted and edited videos. Everything they read is scripted, and they go through and edit the script and make all these things. And yes, now they do some things that are purely live. But most everything they read and do up there is completely scripted. And it takes an army of people researching and getting the script together and editing the script. It takes an army of people to produce one person sitting up there reading the news or ah, and then it takes them a huge army to get someone out in the field. It takes tons of people. You don't have a huge army. More likelier is just you. So what I try and do is focus in on what can I do to maximize the amount of my creative work that is available to you? I love Lor King. Good. Do you think if I had a choice per se, don't you think I'd love to sound just perfect and not say lurking instead of looking? Don't you think I like everything to be able to be put scripted. Feli edited to you that take out ah lot of me looking in perfect and that also kill some of the alive nous to what I'm doing. Having things that people can relate to helps out a lot If you want to have a sustainable business online, I think doing no edits and minimum at its creativity is the best way to guarantee that you find out exactly what it is people want you to do as fast as possible. Then once you've got a sustainable business, sure, go on, Try scripted, fully edited videos. Go and try creativity that requires a lot more work, because then you have a much better chance at putting something out there that people really like. In other words, before you write your best seller, don't try and write your best seller. First, try and write a bunch of books that will lead up to your best seller, and once you've got an audience buying all those other books, then go for the best seller, then added, and put that once you've already put together into a bestseller, that's my approach to it. The more I know about what you want the more I can edit and put everything into what might be a perfect product until then, I just want to create as much as possible to help you out there help you more often and less perfectly because then that gives me a sustainable business. Today. In other words, the cost of perfection, maybe failure. If you create to slowly, you may run out of money. You may run out of the opportunity to do your creative work online before you've got your threshold of people you've helped in that you've delivered to. If it takes you a week to write a blogged post and you've got a couple of years, you can afford to not work or you can afford to work on your blog's part time. You may not be able to get a threshold of enough readers in order to monetize your blog's. You may have to then take another full time job where you won't have any time to write. If you're doing videos like me, if I would have just stuck with doing pre recorded scripted, polished videos, I likely wouldn't have found out in time that people liked Facebook ads, tutorials, which then I built my business off, I would have probably went out of business before I figured out what it was people really wanted me to do. I'm here with you today because I'm willing the look and perfect in front of you. And I do that because I can give you 100 and perfect videos. Or I can give you one that's all scripted up a nice and polished. So I prefer to give you 100 videos straight from the heart, with the wrinkles and ugly parts left in and trust your judgment to avoid the ones you don't want to watch with the understanding that then I can have a video on almost everything. I know up. If I try and make everything perfect, I can't teach courses on all the things I know. Ah, literally learn things faster than I can teach them. I appreciate you watching this, and I hope this has been a helpful class for 5. Thank you for finishing the magic of imperfect artistry: thank you very much for finishing this class. To conclude this class. Would you please share what type of creativity you are currently doing in the form of a screenshot showing what it is you're making today and share your thoughts about what I've shared here? I think it will help me if you show me how you've reacted to this and show me how you're doing your creativity online and will help you to have some additional points of view. Because then when you're willing to share what you're doing, other people share and you might be able to find tips that are helpful specifically for you . For example, if there's a musician, it comes along and says, Well, I need my songs. I can't just do no edit songs, but I could do minimal minutes instead of fully edited. I could do less takes on recording a track I could accept attract. That's not as perfect as I'd like it to be in exchange for being able to make two or three tracks in the same amount of the flea edited one, and then you might be able to relate to that even better than what I've said. I appreciate you watching this. If you will enjoy this and would like to help me leaving a review on this is one of the most helpful things you can do to show others that this was useful for you and to help others like you find it. If you just hate the idea off, appearing vulnerable on being in perfect, you can leave a bad review on it to try and sabotage and punish my efforts to just honestly show the best of what's working for me. And then you can help other people ignore it. So thanks for watching, and I'll be have a great day today.